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: "you have disconnected. please check your internet connection and try again"
I am getting connection problems but its in the champ select screen or clicking accept for a match. I swear they have packed so much pointless updates that they've messed up their own servers or something.
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: >Why are you so triggered? Am I? I feel like i'm giving you a few counterpoints to your post. I hoped that wouldn't be much of an issue really, cause it only seems fair to also point out some stuff from the other side of your stance. >You don't have to feel entitled to question whether or not a company will reward loyal players. Do you? I feel it is entitlement when you use a free product and then ask for more. You seem to put a lot of emphasis on loyal players. I just don't see how that benefits riot. Are longterm loyal but non paying players just as valuable? What kind of weight or worth do we hang on "Loyal" players and what constitutes one. What about paying players? Are they worth more? >The truth of the matter is that almost every major online game that isn't part of a series, rewards long term players. We have a saying here. If you jump into the cannal, should I as well. "He did it as well" is something scourned in topics about bans for instance. Why would that reasoning be legit here as well? Because others do it doesn't mean they should as well. And to a degree they already do, have and probably will do. >It's a sign of respect. You're playing a game from a company. If the game doesn't appeal to you anymore, you leave. If they do not give you a base sense of respect by exploiting you or cashing out on their integrity, you leave. They lose **potential** paying customers in their pay model. The only thing they need to keep you here is give you a good product, and some mental trickery that invoke a sense of investment and want for their premium stuff. Which they already give in different forms of rewards. >We respect them by playing their game for so long, and buying their products. I somehow doubt that the mayority of the player base respects Riot. Maybe it's a vocal minority that makes this known actively, but I wouldn't be surprised if most people simply don't care about the company behind the product. Do you respect them and is that why you buy the product? Or do you buy the product and try to play that off as respect? I'm not saying it's not possible. But it's unlikely that it works that way for MOST people. >Like with most games, giving people a simple banner, title or something like that is a great way for Riot to show they appreciate their long term players. Remember that mental trickery and sense of investment they try to bestow on you for keeping you around as a potential paying customer? Besides, league already rewards you for playing a miriad. How much do you want until it's enough? Which is basically most of the crux of the story, starting at the sense of entitlement that you brought up at the start. How much stuff do you want and for how many reasons, until it's enough? Also, they give a ton of stuff to loyal players all the time. Example, the recent emote with the sword(s), helmet and shields. Every year they also reward sportsmanship and active players with stuff, being around longer means you went through more of these cycles. So, my 3 points would be: When is enough, enough for all the rewards you are already getting. Everybody can give you a miriad of reasons and everybody will always want more. People are just never content. Riot is already rewarding loyal players, so the premise is kind of already moot. I have a ton of free stuff, from every year of playing. Events, bonus stuff I just got etc. Free stuff Riot gives you is banking on giving you a sense of investment. Making you want to keep playing league because you feel you are invested in it. Means you are more likely to pay again. Basically even giving you free stuff is playing mental trickery on you, for stuff you don't need. Other companies do this as well yes. Sharp of you to notice. I feel however that it isn't a very consumer friendly practise. It's a bit shady, but with their paymodel I somewhat understand that they'd do it that way. But still very much a moral gray area. And you are indirectly advocating to wanting to increase that. Knowing or unknowingly. >I have 47 skins in my loot category, most of them being rubbish skins, not that it matters because I never get orange essence unless I want to get rid of half of those skins anyway. As for the 47 skins and essence. The point is there is no reason for me to sit and exchange all those skins for essence considering I am a long term player and own all the better ones anyway. Then what are you even getting at with that? I have a ton of good skins, I have a ton of stuff I could get for free that normally costs money. But it's not about entitlement. This is a shitty thing to say, but between you ignoring all my examples in the first post. And me basically making a post restating most. I feel that there's a lot of difference between what you say, and between what you do. It's just a blurb about wanting more stuff, distinguishing yourself from other players, on basis of a non existing uniqueness. Yay. You played a free game longer than most people. You've reaped all the rewards from the moment you started playing. You're such a great boon for Riot, and the community as a whole?? I guess??
If you want a response to that then shorten it. There's no way I'm going to sit and read all of that.
: >Will there ever be proper rewards for long term players? I will state this until everybody is sick of me saying this. Why are you playing this game for the rewards rather than for the fun it gives you. Your priorities on why you're playing league are backwards. Do you somehow feel you are entitled to free stuff because you play a free game? Do you feel you are entitled to free stuff because you gave riot money, and in return actually got some stuff back for it? ( I see buying RP as supporting first, and the skins you buy with them as a reward for supporting, rather than the goal itself) oh and you already got an emote for having an old account. It's the one with the helmet, shield and sword(s). >I have 47 skins in my loot category, most of them being rubbish skins, not that it matters because I never get orange essence unless I want to get rid of half of those skins anyway. Are they rubbish skins, ergo turn them into orange essence, or are they not and you can't get orange essence? Bit of a weird I don't want to have my cake, but I don't want to eat it either scenario you've got there.
Why are you so triggered? You don't have to feel entitled to question whether or not a company will reward loyal players. The truth of the matter is that almost every major online game that isn't part of a series, rewards long term players. It's a sign of respect. We respect them by playing their game for so long, and buying their products. They respect us by giving us little rewards for sticking with them. Most of these rewards do never change any form of gameplay. Like with most games, giving people a simple banner, title or something like that is a great way for Riot to show they appreciate their long term players. Why shouldn't long term players be given something to show they are appreciated? Especially since new players are being given a much better reward system whilst long terms members are currently being forgotten about, which is not a good way to run any business. As with any business, bringing in new people is pointless if you lose your most loyal ones but forgetting them. As for the 47 skins and essence. The point is there is no reason for me to sit and exchange all those skins for essence considering I am a long term player and own all the better ones anyway.
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: someone help please.
How are people like you so naive or so dumb that "Oh maybe I'll check the exclamation mark at the top" and see that it says they are working on a fix doesn't enter your thought process?
Noezholio (EUW)
: That defienetly looks shady but i am quite curious what kind of file that thing is. And if its size is really just 1 byte in whch case it can't really be that harmful.
I assumed it is more for revenue purposes. You know those sites that pay you per download. Before I stopped using LoLKing the first time round there was a period of like a week of which, when you clicked anything you would get a new tab or a popup add, and that's with me having adblock on my browser and on my AV. It's like they hyperlink the entire page and because you click it bypasses ad blockers. Overall the site should be taken down imo.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, you should disable automatic downloads for your own safety.
I don't think Opera has that option although I only just switched to it last week so will need to try find out. Still shady that the site does things like that when it used to be pretty popular.
Sceizer (EUW)
: Can you remove the image tags you added to the image it makes it so you can't view the image
Did it pretty much after I posted it.
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Procuels (EUW)
: My Shop and it's complete random Skins
I too got skins for champs I rarely play, but what makes it worse is the skins that I got are all low tier skins when I already have higher tier skins for those champs.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Riot you cheeky little bastards
Lucky you. I'm also a support main and got all support skins (although Veigar and Galio is a bit of an curve ball). I got Hextech Galio but already have Enchanted Galio which I like more. I got Steel Legion Lux but I already have Star Guardian and Elementalist Lux I got Maruader Alistar but Alistar is one of the few supports I don't like I got Iron Solari Leona but I have Project Leona which is better imo I got Blackthorn Morgana but I already have Ghost Bride morgana. Bought Blackthorn anyway I got Bad Santa Veigar which isn't a very good skin imo but I might buy it just coz of it's limited availability. Overall low tier skins. Thanks riot :/
Gojiraw (EUW)
: No. You would agree to get less LP if you win against a player that went AFK? Because that's basically the problem. You create an advantage for some players for a random reason, like is someone going AFK, but you don't apply the same advantage for opposite team.
Well if that's your only gripe then yes I would agree the winning team should get less LP for the win. The losing team does not deserve to loose a full amount of LP and the winning team does not deserve the right to win the full LP. I wouldn't care if I was on the winning team or losing team. Either way a 4vs5 game should have some sort of LP affect.
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MynadarxCZ (EUNE)
: Trolls never get banned, only flamers since that is easy to judge who is flamer -> chat filter...
Chat filter should be made to pick up certain phrases. Like most of the time the admit they are going to troll or throw in pre-game lobby or in the game. So if someone says "ok I troll" or something along those lines the the system should pick it up. Overall I think Riot needs to open up about bans. I honestly don't believe intentional feeders get banned despite there being a report category for it. Riot should also be more specific about how many games a person can afk for in a game before they get banned. I've had people afk for 5 mins every 10 mins but are active when the game finished. Imo that counts as afk yet I doubt they get banned.
: People that make you dodge queue "I GO TROLL" before game even starts: how do I report them?
I do what someone in another recent post said. Just let them troll and report them and hope they get punished. I think Riot need to be clearer about peoples bans though, like tell us how long these trolls are being banned or what their punishment is to make the 20 mins of hell worth it. But I'd rather sit through 20 mins of hell and hope they get banned than dodge and let them get off completely. You are giving them what they want if you dodge.
: Fiddle is not a bad support, his harass can drive away the farmers. That said Riot could add a brief 30 sec period before bans to allow people to bow out without dodging if they don't like what they see. Also this cynical use of the word 'cancer' doesn't make you better than that lucian.
In what way is my use of the word cancer cynical? I'm sure a large majority of the LoL player base, at least the non-troll portion of the community would agree that this type of player behavior is like a cancer to the game. It is killing the game like a cancer and it should removed aggressively as cancer. Are you just extremely PC to the point of ignorance just to get brownie points? Using cancer as a metaphor is a pretty widely used and accepted form of a metaphor.
: Honor players that did well in a game.
I normally honor people after the game (even though few people do it back, even if I carry), but there's one thing that can make me go from honoring you to reporting you. If we win and you say "ez". I can't stand sore winners anymore than sore losers.
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: You can mute pings in general in audio settings..
Which then renders pings completely useless for the rest of your team who use them properly.
: There's already a punishment for ping spamming, it's called being unable to ping anymore.
Which lasts for like 30 seconds. Then you can ping again. That's not much of a punishment in a game that can last up to 50 minutes at times.
GLurch (EUW)
: The problem if you were able to mute pings would be: It's a team game. A team game requires you to exchange your tactics or the enemy movement with your teammates. At least, like this you will have a higher chance of winning. And for that, you need at least pings. As you said yourself, people using ping spams in a way to harass others, do exactly that often too. They harass others. Harassing is a punishable offense.
It shouldn't be too hard to mute only 1 players pings and leave the rest of your teams pings visible. All I want is the ability to mute a trolls pings and only his pings. His pings are not useful for team tactics when he is using them to abuse his teammates.
Crounty (EUW)
: > Do people get punished for ping spam? No
Well that sucks, you should at least be able to mute a certain person's pings as well as chat. Lucky for me most people who abuse the ping system normally troll in some other manner. Such as in that game our Alistar support refused to go bottom, so he came mid and took my farm until I had to go bottom.
ShinChen (EUW)
: ARAM Reality - Bots Infested EUW
Posted about this a long time ago. I completely stopped playing ARAM and Twisted Treeline because every game had at least 1 bot on each team. Someone told me it's to do with mmr and wins, and if I kept playing and winning I'd stop getting bots. I played ARAM for 3 days straight, winning most of my games and it didn't help at all. ARAM was still infested with bots.
Adi Swidan (EUNE)
: I am sorry to read this. I suggest first of all to stop using swearing words. because it is not acceptable to many of the players in this game including me. = the ban system is perfect.
Please explain to me why there is a feature to disable the swear filter if you get banned for using curse words. There is a difference between using swear words in a way of saying "omg how the fuck did that just happen" and using swear words to flame. Yet you can still get chat restrictions for the example I just made? How does that make sense? Why allow us to remove the filter in the first place?
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: Thank You League Community.
Always said League has the worst community I have ever encountered on a game. Constantly get people who throw matches just because they got autofilled. Half the time they don't even ask to switch. Personally if you aren't willing to play the odd autofill role which is either adc or supp 100% of the time then you shouldn't be playing ranked. You should know how to play both of these roles by level 30. They aren't difficult. Shit, people even throw for getting their second choice? Are you telling me there's level 30 players who only know how to play 1 fucking meta?!
: This system is what had been in place before the current automated punishment system; it was called the Tribunal. Problem with this is that it took way too long before these incidents were taken care of. I also believe that Riot found it kind of useless. The automated system works almost instantly, so feedback period is very short after someone got reported for valid reasons. I just assume the size of the player base and thus the sheer number of reports made it necessary to change to a robot system and improve it.
Overwatch seems to work pretty well in CSGO since if you are correct in your ruling you are later rewarded with XP bonus. Riot could easily do the same with an IP bonus. CSGO player base can't be that far off the LoL and the two are currently battling it out for top dog in eSports industry.
: i have been playing since season 2 and never once got banned.
Been playing since Season 4 and only ever had a temp chat ban after getting baited into an argument by a racist. Other than that if you get actual permabans for things like afking, trolling or intentionally feeding you deserve them. End of. You are not just throwing your game, you are ruining a game that lasts at minimum 20 minutes and ruining scores for 4 other people. If you are that inconsiderate you shouldn't be playing a team based game.
Kian987 (EUW)
: Revenge is so good
Sounds like everyone lost. Ever heard of the saying "you cut off your nose to spite your face"? If not google it, because it's exactly what you did.
: Is the report system working properly ?
What Riot needs to do is implement a system like CSGO has. When someone is reported a certain amount of times they are sent to "overwatch" and other members of the CSGO community get to watch footage of a game they were reported on. If the majority of the overwatch users decide the suspect is guilty then it's like a majority ruling. I believe even the game Runescape has something similar for players using bots or scripts although I haven't played the game since I was a kid. Griefers were only getting small 30 min, 2 hour etc bans, which is the same as if you were just to get kicked (which can happen even if you do nothing wrong just because premades don't like you). This was annoying the community so recently (last month) Valve has changed the punishments for blatant griefing. If you are found guilty of griefing you are given a temporary ban which stays as a mark on your account for a certain length of time. If you are found guilty again and you have a previous mark on your account you are permanently banned. 2 strikes and you're out. I'm not saying their accounts should be permanently banned completely, but they should be permanently banned from ranked matches at least.
: > [{quoted}](name=WPG Wulver,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UzmfZpyN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-10T21:34:33.642+0000) > > There is a pretty big difference between bad players and deliberate trolls. > > I'm focusing more on people who purposely go out of their way to throw matches. Tristana purposely threw the match. Leona quit the game to eat, which imo is like throwing. Saying you will troll because you got autofilled into a role you didn't choose etc... Imo there is a huge problem,not only with that kind of picks but about behavior. For example,today i got Miss Fortune support 2 times in a row.No sightstone,no support item,ignite instead of exhaust and more.It's a common sense that you don't pick champions played at LCS lvl if your team doesn't want. You can't pick non decent champions when your adc simply doesn't feel comfortable. As for jungle,i got an ap kwg mao who did nothing than farming and dying vs enemies alone.These guys are just trying to copy pro players,fail so hard and then ask you to shut up. Personally i picked Shyvana support only once cause i thought i was playing jungle.I asked for switch and apologized but i had to play like this.
Before pre-season started at least 1 in 10 games you'd run into someone who would get autofilled into a role and go crazy. The problem is the community on this game is so cancerous that instead of simply asking to switch they automatically rage and throw the match. They don't even bother to ask for a switch. I had a game last week in which the mid laner had not declared a champ he wanted to play. My common ban atm is Yasuo so I banned him. Next thing I know the mid laner is spamming toxic crap at me for banning Yasuo, flaming, being randomly racist and saying he is going to throw and instalocks Janna on mid. He doesn't declare he wants the champ, then rages super hard when I banned him as if I'm supposed to read his mind (I wasn't even first one to ban so he had time). Instead of realising his mistake of not declaring or saying something he blames me and throws. That sums up this game's community.
GLurch (EUW)
: You are complaining about bad players in bronze? It's like if you go to a jail and are surprised, that there are criminals.
There is a pretty big difference between bad players and deliberate trolls. I'm focusing more on people who purposely go out of their way to throw matches. Tristana purposely threw the match. Leona quit the game to eat, which imo is like throwing. Saying you will troll because you got autofilled into a role you didn't choose etc...
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Yamon (EUW)
: Well didn't see many bots on my Level 30 Account, but when i switched to my level 5 Account I was the only human in an ARAM.. The game was just over after 8 minutes. At first the enemy Bots was just standing behind their turret at exactly the same Point and waited for their first tower to fall. I don't know who scripted this shit, but I think in the end it doesn't even matter. (No problem for the earwig)
I'm level 30 also but I think my problem lies with what CyberRage said. I haven't played League in around 6 months, ARAM for around 8+ months and Twisted Treeline for 1 year+ so my ratings for them is probably non existent which I why my games are packed with bots. I wasn't even aware they had a rating system since I thought they were designed to be chill game modes.
CyberRage (EUW)
: Once your ARAM rating becomes high enough you stop seeing them. But it's still a problem, especially in Twisted Treeline.
Ah. I might just force myself to play with the bot accounts then until I get my rating up. I used to like ARAM for chill games.
Leptyx (EUW)
: i was kidding, calm your nuts :o
Wut? At what point were my nuts not calm? Someone saying maybe you can't spot something doesn't mean they are agitated lol. Don't be so sensitive
Leptyx (EUW)
: Never saw a single bot in like 2 years, maybe your account is flagged as "let's put him with bots" lol
Or maybe you don't know how to spot them? Go play Twisted Treeline. You are guaranteed to run into them. Very bad players, never talk, usually fight till the death, sometimes even sit under enemy turrets, and a lot of the time they have no runes.
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Sereinn (EUW)
: Drophacker or bug ?
It seems to be a bug or server issue that has started with the new patch update. I get the same issue and posted about it here http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/Bvd7A0EA-anyone-else-getting-the-odd-disconnect Seems like a lot of people are running into this problem, yet no one has any explanation to why. Who knows if Riot even knows it's happening but people are getting temp bans for games that crash.
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