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: I will never understand the point of these posts. Its like you are leaving your girlfriend and you secretly want her to say "PLEASE DONT". But she doesnt. So dude, if you want to quit this game, just do it, or dont, its up to you, but dont seek any attention, because nobody here actually cares xD
> [{quoted}](name=IIIIlIIIlIIlllIl,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=30PHnixU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-27T15:08:56.278+0000) > > I will never understand the point of these posts. Its like you are leaving your girlfriend and you secretly want her to say "PLEASE DONT". But she doesnt. So dude, if you want to quit this game, just do it, or dont, its up to you, but dont seek any attention, because nobody here actually cares xD "Just wanted to vent a little to be honest" :)
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: Looking for people who would be interested in joining a "Youtubish team"!!
: **Depending** on the support you (HAVE TO) choose, one or more of the points below will be valid: 1. Not dynamic gameplay 2. No direct contribution to the game outcome 3. Low skill floor - Low skill cap. 4. No or lesser contribution to teamfights. 5. Not enough action. 6. Strong performance limit. 7. Limited strategy options. 8. Limeted build options ( including slot limitation ) 9. Limited amount of resources. ... This list continues, but lets point out the following: This position (bot lane) , requires good communication and teamwork, and you can find yourself at the wrong place, when you have premade on voice-chat against you. The advantage (as coordination and reaction time) is enormous. Another reason is the lower elo. Bronze to Gold, you can find people who are not skilled enough (or lack game knowledge) to perform well in duo lane. They are just incapable of adapting in short time, so a connection between the adc and support lead to positive results. And last, picking the wrong champion is harmful. You cant expect that getting agressive adc, followed by pick of agressive support will lead to positive results when playing defensively against team with high attrition damage(poke). Please read the guide for bot lane, some of the reason you dont want to be there in the role of supporting champion are understandable by common sense. (You can see runepages of the sort: "FUCK, Y SUP AGAIN", I have one of thouse at all my 30 lvl accounts)
So you're saying supports have non-dynamic game play like a lot of other champions in EVERY SINGLE ROLE. Or that a Janna/Nami/Braum ult will have NO EFFECT in a teamfight. Or that playing support takes NO skill when it is apparently THE hardest role to play. Or that they have NO strategic options or build paths, so I don't have to get specific items against/with specific teams/champions. Or that supports should just have the most gold on the team to make their utility unstoppable already in the early or mid game. You need to check your logic.
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: The reason i dislike playing support isnt cuz its a boring role its cuz i hate duo lane since i dont trust my teammates unless i am playing premade.Altough supp is more fun to play then the adc.
And if you go mid/top and then your entire team sucks and loses anyways. So what's the difference?
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: > won fight = a won game The problem with support for me goes hand in hand with the problem with this statement. Because you don't win a game by winning fights, it's not team death-match. You win by pushing **objectives** and as a support, you just can't do that. If your team is completely retarded ( which happens every now and then ) and they wont listen to your calls (which happens A LOT). You're just screwed in a game where you're never gonna win unless the enemy team is really damn bad as well.
You think it would be any different if you were the mid laner and your team was that bad?
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: because of the stupid brainless champions called "assassins" that literally everyone plays.They can jump and dance on you and you're dead in less than 2 seconds.And about keeping everyone can u do that when you can't keep yourself alive for 2 straight seconds? So....Everyone chooses the skillless brainless way of playing the easiest champions in the game (assassins) and get free wins.
You've never played Janna if you've never kept yourself alive.
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Durfain (EUW)
: Hello Riot, I found a mistake in your patch notes
As if the pros would let that happen. Every single time a champion like Vayne is being messed around with on the PBE, all hell breaks loose and the pros just turn full spoiled brat mode about it. Even though the champion they're babying about does need a nerf.
Kageryu (EUW)
: > And trying to 1 v 1 a Vayne is... painful. And stupid. "Teamgame" Ever heard that term? Its interesting.
Ever not seen an ADC solo farming a lane? If not, I would recommend playing with your eyes open cause playing with them closed, is stupid.
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Geohh (EUW)
: question, are you using wireless?
No I switched to a wired network long ago and haven't had any problems till now.
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: Riot has stated that being human is acceptable in League of Legends.
Doesn't seem like it. Since I still got a chat restriction. Because pretty much every game I get flamed before it even starts, I end up going 0/3 in the first 15 minutes and say: "Sorry team, it's my fault we lose. Just surrender and report me after." Literally how I feel most games I play anyways.
: Immediately mute anyone who is flaming you and report them at the end of the game. Don't give them ammo to use against you. If you're feeling negative/angry/moody after the game; then stop playing and go do something fun.
That's the sad part. I have nothing else to do other than League. Literally almost no games work on my computer except for League. So I'm pretty much forced to play it all day.
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: Well anivia wall can also mess your team up or be used for troll... so can trundle pillar, and j4 ult. Bard isn't the only one with this problem and its still not an excuse to rework it, it's supposed to be high risk high reward. Shen's W getting health scaling, maybe, but definitely not the Q. That's what is wrong with sej, she has a spamable ability which scales with health. That's why she can kill carries so putting that on shen is a really bad idea.
Still it's an unfair part of the game. Just saying people would more likely pick Bard just to troll. I'm thinking mostly about the people who troll with Bard.
: I disagree with the eve one... a good eve will mess people up (I've had eves who are pretty much omnipresent and only exist to mess the jungler up), if you can't get good results with her then you probably just need to practice with her more. Bard is honestly fine. He has a high skill cap and honestly his ult isn't that bad. You just have to learn what it should be used for and practice aiming it. Kass I would be a little sceptical about. No one wants another kass reign of terror so buffing him would take a lot of care to do. He is also a monster in the late game so buffs could make him overbearing (I think he is in a good place atm). Shen doesn't need much of a rework, more like just buffs. He isn't far off the mark and he is gaining popularity recently so nothing drastic. The other's, yeah I agree there. So long as riot doesn't go over the top I will be happy.
Well the new jungle eats Evelynn alive. I was maybe thinking an armor buff again and maybe a bit of health regen should fix her. The reason why I said Bard's ult needs a change is mostly because people can screw it up so easily or that people can use it to troll. Maybe if allied champions could exit the stasis it would be better. And Shen having health scaling Q and W would be an amazing buff for him. That's why I mentioned it.
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: man ur talking about shen, how strong he was in season 3 and u started talking how u loved playing him except for u wanted to change 3 of 4 abilities scaling and how they work i dont see any logic in that
I was saying changes to his Q and W. Read it better before talking bad about my opinion.
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: So Bard has two passives. Will Ashe ever get at least one?
And Alistar? Tiny amount of aoe damage after using one of his mana heavy spells. Or Sejuani with her little bit of extra armor in this new jungle when she has someone/something slowed. Yeah there are some champions that need passive buffs or even a passive to begin with. Just those champions aren't really all that important. That's why they won't really get attention.
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: GD is dead. A new Off-Topic has begun.
What is GD anyways? I'm not exactly on the forums or boards a lot.


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