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: Am I the only one getting Fps problems ?
😂😂😂😂 Can relate
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: Ay that's wonderful, too bad it doesn't really fit the rules about IP tho, I might still throw it in if there's room tho cause it's so cute
: [EUW] 1380RP minimal art contest
https://ibb.co/6Wd6Dfg Here I preset my Defently not a minecraft refferance ziggs :) Even if I dont win or get anything I hope you enjoy the meme
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: What if Kayle and Varus swapped Passives?
same thing with ahri's passive she is a non full human vastaya why does she need mouvment speed when she has 3 dashes I think when they reworcked her they just did this pasive because they didn't have any ideas it would be cool that ahri had a evolution pasive like kayn or an extra update with one of her abilities like kha'zix like if you hit 30 charms in a game you get extra range or 3 things like khazix's W evolve

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