Hídon (EUW)
: Possession Champion
It's an interesting idea but there'd have to be serious consideration given to balancing such a champ. An ability that actually let's you *control* an enemy champ would have to be very short and probably high cooldown, most likely an ult, since such an ability will turn any teamfight into a 6v4. Perhaps as a lesser ability they can hide inside other champs but still be susceptible to damage (a second health bar for the possessing champion) forcing the enemy to choose between leaving you alone or hurting their teammate in order hurt you.
: Switch reports with...
Not sure I like this idea. Your honor shouldn't be something in the hands of the toxic members of the community. At present the worst they can do is *not* give you +1 honor and make a pointless report that doesn't matter as long as you haven't broken the rules. Under your proposed system however, toxic players can obliterate your honor progress. Your toxic adc decides he doesn't like you because you aren't ganking enough? And what's that? He's in a 2+ premade? Goodbye checkpoint for no justifiable reason.
: cant start a game
Are you running an AMD FX series CPU perchance?
: AMD FX users and others experiencing issues loading into game or unplayable FPS
I'm also running an AMD FX-6100. Now the game blue screens me before i even hit the loading screen. Was this a change from the last patch?
Seems like you have an attitude problem. It's clear even from reading the title. Even if your ban was unjustified, it's unlikely anyone will believe you from the way you word your posts.
: Permanently banned.
I've spent a fair amount of time on these boards, I've seen what must over 1000 posts of this type. In all that time I've only ever seen one where the OP might have been banned unfairly, backed up by evidence. My point being : the system is effective, and it's not impossible to get your account back, but massively improbable.
: How's League doin?
Started in S4, played on and off since then, many big breaks in between. Currently I main Supp Taric (previous mains = soraka, zilean, morgana, tahm kench) Current state of game? 8/10 for the actual game and balancing etc, 5/10 for the community (improving but it's got a long way to go) so 6.5/10 overall, i'm still enjoying it.
: It's a huge different between me calling them words and them trying to get me banned and talking smack about my mother... Read the entier thing before you talk shit about the situation. Everyone seems to wanna speak on this but no one actually reads what i type.
You seem to be struggling with a profound misunderstanding that everyone is 'just too darn stupid/ignorant to understand your side of the argument'. We do understand, you're just wrong. Severity of insults means little in this scenario, who cares if what they said to you is more harsh than what you retaliated with? Problem still remains that you seem to think that you being flamed = bad, but you flaming them = a-ok. What if I told you that these people flaming you have most likely never actually met your mother and are (drumroll please) lying to provoke a reaction that you gave them?
: But neither muting is the way to go.
I beg to differ, if somebody insists on yelling at you for their own amusement, walk out the room. They have two options at that stage, shut up or continue yelling to themselves. Same applies in game, snuff out the fire, don't pour gasoline onto it.
: See this is what I mean. I can't believe that you people actually think you become a winner from laying on your back. Muting them would have made me lose the game. You're not a winner if you lay on your back/run away as soon as trouble appear, that's some PC bullshit. I knew people wouldn't have any good advice. Using "Bad words" isn't a crime it's just kid stuff to get offended by words. This was just a waste of time as all you people seem to recommend laying on your back when bad people appear.
>it's just kid stuff to get offended by words. > . >They were calling me noob and such things because I was playing a new character so I called them "french %%%s" and things like that. > So if you flame someone and they get offended, they are childish, but if they flame you and you get offended you're being grown up and manly?
: Got suspended 14 days for standing up for myself... THX RIOT!
> Is this kinder garden or WTF is going on? > *Entire argument is based on 'but he started it'* The irony
: my 1st ban was a chat ban which was 4 years ago, i do not really remember that well enough, I just did not perceive this as toxic, ye sure, I was agitated and irritated but not toxic, i said %%%%%% which i did not find to be toxic. The i want to %%% you is nothing but a pun directed at my friends, I just am flabbergasted by the perma ban. I never wanted to be toxic or offend anyone in the game.
The automated system can't detect sarcasm/satire i'm afraid.
: PERM BANNED, not right , please help me
Your previous bans should have been warning enough.
: Didn't Get RP Really
2 rules you need to follow with stuff like this: Rule 1: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is Rule 2: See rule 1
: Can I apeal for perma ban?
>u are the one getting banned trust me ;] > https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/thumbor/qpKFxhcDIPw-1WVpERbAjjbbHXw/fit-in/1024x1024/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2016/02/09/783/n/40038730/33f6149f_7._You_re_so_wrong_it_hurts_at_least_do_some_research__25f83fc011d39c2a401a1b16511fd608/i/s-too-expensive-eat-healthy.gif
Kyber (EUW)
: Disable auto-Away status
Can't you just sit in a lobby without queuing?
Chilli Jam (EUNE)
: I wish there was a freedom of speech in the game
You actually can curse. Exclaiming 'oh shit!' etc is totally fine iirc as long as you're not insulting someone. Unless the rules changed when i wasn't paying attention
Leviit (EUW)
: Banned out of context (need a rioter)
This is one of the few posts of this type where the OP might actually have a valid case to get unbanned. Best of luck to you
: please nerf mundo
Maiziea (EUW)
: It's likely those are new players... believe it or not but this game is pretty complicated the first time you try it, many people forget about their first experience, but losing to beginner bots is quite normal. I highly doubt people would sit behind their computer while botting, as far as I'm aware they're done in groups run by the same people that just sell those accounts when they reach level 30, so that'd be really inefficient. And in case it was just a new player that just makes you a troll and toxic, leave them alone they're just learning the game, towers hurt and you can't just ignore the minions and play pvp all the time, took me a game or two to realize that myself (though be it a couple years back by now). Then again it's possible what you said is true... but I'd suggest being open minded because it's likely you ruined a game for someone by doing that.
I get what you're saying but i'd say very unlikely indeed. Botters are predictable in their playstyle, it goes beyond playing poorly they always: * wait at fountain for ages * don't take reccommended or even a viable first buy * stay *far* behind tower every time (almost always mid tower) until minion waves meet then rush straight into the enemy tower, they won't just do this once or twice (enough for even a first timer to know it's not going to work) but consistently until they are 0/20+ within 15 mins * refuse to speak, at all * also after they jump out of tahm kenches mouth they stand there, idle for usually a solid 3-5 seconds (which is a long time to stand doing nothing in this game) which might explain the bot re-planning where it's going since it has just been thrown a curveball and isn't where it thought it would be, this I will admit is just my assumption based on an observation. So although I appreciate your point I always look for these telltale signs before just haphazardly assuming someone is botting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also as a few sidenotes: * In the game i mentioned in my prior post I told the botter that i knew he was botting and he admitted it and begged not to be reported. * Also I never flame, I've never had a punishment since S4 when I started, ever. And proudly own all 5 icons for all my old honors Edit: For your scrutiny https://i.imgur.com/NW0raLM.png
: Same. I will also never understand why everyone tells me, you need to play Ranked to fully experience League. Its not like just putting a Rank on me will suddenly improve my Gaming Fun. I honestly think it would be degreased because of the added, unneccesary Stress.
Snap, playing since S4, never finished my provisionals. The moment everyone starts taking the game super seriously is the moment it's no longer fun for me. http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/ba/ba407a6ab587fafedb3d7d3c47c7a730568a2c78bce9eee22e0ff44fc7884b7a.jpg
: 3 Years RIOT Still cant catch and ban these "people "
The problem here is a lot of people botting are still at their PC just running league in the background. I've used Tahm Kench W to stop a bot from feeding in an AI game before and annoyed the botter to the point of coming to the keyboard to flame me.
: Oh so lesson learned for today - if somebody beats you, don't defend yourself, let them beat you to death. Cuz if you try to defend yourself, you get banned (killed or i dunno how to put this) for trying to defend yourself.
"Debaters invoke a straw man when they put forth an argument—usually something extreme or easy to argue against—that they know their opponent doesn't support. You put forth a straw man because you know it will be easy for you to knock down or discredit. It's a way of misrepresenting your opponent's position." i.e : You didn't have an adequate retort so you tried this old chestnut of a counterargument. Problem is that it doesn't hold up logically.
: Oh so you think I was just talking to the air? That way nobody is ever toxic to anyone in the game and talk to themselves, therefore they get banned for yelling at themselves and calling themselves names. Amazing logic there
You're missing the point. Even if the other player(s) were twice as toxic as you, you were still toxic. The 'but he started it' argument doesn't work in kindergarten and it certainly doesn't work here.
Sexolis (EUW)
: https://imgur.com/a/j8BRx
There are a few select phrases that can get you an instant 14 day ban (or perma if you've been banned before) and you said two of them : K^Y^S and R^etard , these are classed as extremely toxic.
: > [{quoted}](name=PreemptiveMuting,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uvcArz9y,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-23T11:09:13.174+0000) > > are you aware that mundo is considered trash tier at the moment? say that to level 7 mastery main mundo players who stomp you
Isn't that undermining your own argument? If your problem is level 7 mundo mains then the issue isn't the champ, it's the skill of the player.
: What champion is the best for learning how to jungle?
If you're wanting to counter-jungle and deepward, i'd give these a whirl and see which one you prefer: {{champion:79}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:29}}{{champion:28}}
: Why ban people for chat issues instead of chat restrict?
A lof of toxic players will show their disdain through trolling/inting if they can't do it through chat. Also permanently removing chat for someone makes it harder to discuss tactics in a game where teamwork is key. So all things considered there are only 2 solutions for toxicity, reform or get banned and start again until you do reform.
: 3 times. Rétard, fág and kýs Sorry, but this is extremely immature behavior and very much on the extreme end of the toxicity scale. Just one of those things (especially the last 2) EASILY justifies a ban and all three of them combined even more so.
Humpelstilzche = B& :^)
: How do you call a handsome and dominant Master Yi main?
Which botlane duo has a severe drinking problem? {{champion:202}} + {{champion:44}}
: RIOT permaban my account when i have a int feeder in team !!!! WTF is this madness proof!!!!
Being banned isn't a competition where only the worst guy in the game gets punished. *You* break the rules, *you* get punished.
: okay , I m done
I can tell you exactly what 3 letters got you that ban. The word begins with f and rhymes with bag. It's a derogatory term for a group of people therefore it gets classed as hate speech. It might sound ridiculous to some (i'm personally on the fence about it) but Riot have stated in the ToS that they take discrimination very seriously, like any company does nowadays, it has become standard practice. If you go to work and call your gay co-worker that word *boom* straight to HR
saijang (EUW)
: whats wrong with saying ill report someone lol ? I didn't wish permaban on jhin, this guy was wishing me ca n c*r so I told him he will get perma for that. I dont think this is a reason for perma Lol, you kidding ?
Because telling a douchebag you're going to report them does absolutely nothing except pour gasoline on the fire. The fact it's a permaban and not a temp ban tells me you've been banned before.
saijang (EUW)
: I have been permabanned for no exact reason .
Your chat logs were fairly toxic, if it makes you feel better it's one of the least toxic chatlogs i've seen posted here. However if you got permabanned for those chatlogs you must have a history of toxicity and not reforming, you also kinda type way too much.
dumdum736 (EUNE)
: Riot answer me please
People take note, proof that the ban system works
HiperNinja (EUNE)
: i want my money back riot!
Terms and conditions friend Riot owns your account and everything on it, they always have and always will. You are legally entitled to nothing
Felacxs (EUW)
: Riot are you drunk?
Did i overlook something? I don't understand the problem
ZhaoYhun (EUW)
: Dota2 > LoL
Played both, prefer LoL by far. Honestly don't care which one requires more skill
: Easiest champion in My opinion
Razorex (EUW)
: No they aren't go watch my match history, theyr're 90% of the time on my team. I'm not the one being 0-6 in every single of my game.
Think i've found one of the problems. A lot of the time there isn't much tank your team.
Razorex (EUW)
There is a constant number of feeders and inters in this game yes. However they are just as likely to be on the enemy team as on yours. If you span your teams progress across a large number of games and you don't like what you see then the problem is probably you. Since you are the only constant in your games, unless you play every game with the same premade.
: I need help with a player.
tl;dr Deserved + naming and shaming so you're still breaking the rules
: You are not entitled to ganks
I totally agree. I'm sick of people who get outplayed going for the kneejerk reaction of 'I am awesome, it's somebody elses mistake I lost'
Xxadc100Xx (EUNE)
: unban my account
: Perma ban
What I don't get is why people feel the need to be toxic. I've never had so much as a warning or a chat ban. And i'm not some sort of zen master of patience, if someone is acting like a jackass in one of my games I think to myself "there's a real jackass". But trying to enter a verbal jousting competition with these morons isn't going to help in any way. Why risk your own account and the money you've spent on letting idiots know you think they are idiots?
: I was kind of hoping for some jungling tips or maybe a few xin tips as I play him a lot
As Xin your sustain is great and after you have 1 or two items you can make very quick work of camps. Keep a close eye on the minimap for the enemy jungler ganking, if he's close then counter gank. If he's far away, steal his camps and deep-ward. Once you've deep warded you won't even need to wait for him to gank to know when to steal his camps, especially if he overlooks a control ward. If he gets behind keep ambushing him in his own jungle, even if you don't manage to escape when his teammates turn up the enemy still has to abandon lane to come get you. If the enemy jungler isn't behind and is still doing well, use your vision on his jungle to know when to gank without the risk of him counter ganking you and just play *around* him by avoiding him. Don't forget sweeping lens, control wards and oracle trinket upgrade because if the enemy jungler has warded his own jungle well you'll end up feeding. Also : If you want to knock your gank target further towards your own towers don't e to him, e to a minion behind him instead before you ult.
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: > [{quoted}](name=Komodolai,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=0eQfeL46,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-26T22:07:37.062+0000) > > Someone say 'Makyo?' > > https://static.tumblr.com/d9971557e188d0ae20810f623bcefad9/gxwtuy0/WI9njyqnl/tumblr_static_tumblr_static_5kzfg1jm3wsookg4occgw4sos_640.gif huh?
I thought it was a dragonball reference. http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Makyo_Star
: Team Makyo LF ADC/TOP/JGN/SUPP for a serious competitive team (high plat -diamond players )
Someone say 'Makyo?' https://static.tumblr.com/d9971557e188d0ae20810f623bcefad9/gxwtuy0/WI9njyqnl/tumblr_static_tumblr_static_5kzfg1jm3wsookg4occgw4sos_640.gif
Rismosch (EUW)
: I disagree with that statement that healing Supports like Soraka take "skill". What makes Soraka difficult? Landing the Qs? Come on, you can't tell me this is that difiicult. Or is surviving difficult? Something literally every squishy champion needs to do too? Soraka is easy, period. However on a way more important note: It's true that other Supoirt like Nami and Sona have drawbacks and weaker healing, but more focus on other abilities. This inturn makes them **not** broken.
I suppose Soraka is still mechanically easy. But grievous wounds hits her probably the hardest, unless you try an alternative build her Q doesn't really hit for much, leaving only her e to be useful.
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