: Fizz is your third most played champion in ranked {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I didn't even realise xD but its still a discusting champ
: Fizz's Taunt
People who main fizz are discusting. the champion alone is broken.
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Leptyx (EUW)
: About a year And you need to earn 20 honors per months
No? xD don't know where you got *that* information from. You technically have to play games and no be negative to the enemy or your own team and your behaviour will improve and it will be lifted
: I really don't see why you are crying over your account if you yourself are saying you deserved it.
Because, I spent all my time on the game, money and Effort towards the game to be all deminished
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: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8RQRawynH4 TF beating a fizz, this is in challenger elo. Tell me again how unbalanced fizz is :^)
TF and Akali are different champions.
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: And when you are a tank jungler ( {{champion:113}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} etc.) you need to protect the adc and the assassins.
You can also get Drake with bot or Herald with Top or Mid.
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: yay and is there any dream job of your is in future?
Actaully yea i want to become a concept artist for Riot Games {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: what's your real job? is it strestull?
My real job is working as a Waiter/Clean around the Cafe :P only 16 so what can i do xD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Oxorius (EUW)
: Girl Playing Violin To Lunar Revel Wukong Login Screen Song
I Would LOVE to do a collaboration with you! I play violin too and I'm grade 5, I know not perfect xD but I would love to collab sometime! PM on league if so! :D
Perilum (EUW)
: But don't worry, at least the health care is free in Europe.
omg... best comment ever xD
Soarburn (EUW)
: Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on in the new season?
I don't know.I was in Bronze III and I won 5 and lost 5. Bronze V.... WTF!
: I am verbally vulgar towards my teammates and their plays in a lot of lol games. However I don't get banned as I guess it is justified when I do it. Back when I was silver/low gold I got a number of bans I think. The difference is silver/gold are all noobs. You are simply not justified to use bad language when you are so low skilled, because there is 100% certainty youre playing badly too.
Most of the time my score is okay/good but sometimes its bad but even in the good games i do realise i blame for no ganking because their jungler has ganked over something like 3 times. Now that i see that i will try to be nicer
: you're lying. no human can be diagnosed with any kind of personality disorder until he/she reaches 18. you can tell the personality traits, but diagnosing a personality disorder on a minor is illegal in all EU, US, Australia, Canada, Russia and the Arabic states. stop lying to get attention, mercy and an eventual excuse from being banned. you won't get one. i didn't find a "quick online", i just work in the field
Im not lying. I got diagnosed with BPD back in early december when me and my parents were both worried about my mental health. I book an appoitment With my GP and he reccommended that i would go to CAMHS to help me cope. And no its not illegal. Dont know where you found that.
Is4mu7 (EUW)
: At this point, I strongly recommend you to not type anything at all that could remotely be found offensive, even "gg". Just stick to the intel in game, like "no mana", "ward here", "baron/drake", use pings, etc ... Keep anything related to your personal opinion **STRICTLY** to yourself. **ESPECIALLY** if people are flaming you for whatever reason, just ignore it completely, don't say anything about it, and report them at the end of the game without any notification to them. The Punishment System is very well programmed and will watch your chat logs every game and any single **VALID** reports has high chance to get you perma banned. So always : "**STAY LOW**".
thanks will also keep that in mind! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: you can't be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder until you're 18 years old.
well that's bullshit. im 16. I've been consulted for BPD so obviously that is a lie that you quickly found online and thought you comment here.
Mavnorian (EUW)
: Stop focusing on others' mistakes, be polite and kind, dont threathen others nor accuse them of losing/buying account/different things. Be positive. Remember being salty doesnt make you cool, it makes you a duchebag. Do not retaliate, mute flamers and report them after the game. The last point always satysfyes me, I tend to whisper 'enjoy your ban, a**hole'. Keep the negativity far from your keyboard.
thanks ill keep that all in mind! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: probably the best tip is to not think that your team is bad. Just think that your opponents are good. That will save you from flaming. Also going afk/leaving or assisting enemy team in any way is a bad thing to do. Do not ask your or enemy team to report someone. Report calling is also punishable.
i always avoid going afk and i never assist the enemy team, i'll try to stop report calling and ill try to think that my opponents are good and my team isnt bad thanks for the advice {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Luis Sc (EUW)
: these sort of posts seem to get plenty of attention/upvotes so might be phishing ! and "$100 down the drain"... hmmm yeah...
how is it phishing? im asking for help on my negative behavior?...
Endellion (EUW)
: So...are you banned for two week or just have a chat ban? Because a few minutes ago you said you had a 14 day ban.
i have a 2 week ban and i don't want to slip up and end up with a perma-ban.
: you have been playing for 6 years and you don't know how to behave? you're lying
I am 16 now and i started league when i was 10. i was diagnosed with BPD and it's harder to control my emotions including anger most of all
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Ymir (EUW)
: Upcoming Upgrades to Chat Restrictions
I love this game. But im scared im going to slip up and get perma banned. I just got my 25 game chat ban. and im going to be really depressed and upset if i do get banned. it would be 6 years of playing league and over $100 down the drain and i don't want that to happen :'(
Oxorius (EUW)
: Thank youu! I agree with your comment though. Any suggestions to help my violin stop doing this, new strings perhaps or something as you play? :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Usually its something to do with the Rosin, try using the Rosin more or a different brand of rosin :3 if not change your strings, most recommended are Dominant :3 hope this helps
Oxorius (EUW)
: Girl playing violin to Season 6 Login Screen
She is good, but the her violin sounds a bit scratchy :3 but still really good. I play the violin myself! :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
azyr (EUW)
: My first outplay this year
Wouldn't really call that an outplay. Sorry! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
J3Rik0 (EUNE)
: Zed is a shadowy figure so blind doesn't apply, I didn't agree with that theory from the beginning.
Zed is human... but he has the power of the shadows... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Sona in Teaser
she's clenching in pain..
J3Rik0 (EUNE)
: Finally cracked it!
Okay. Everything is just wrong. You have no evidence of any kind. In the background of Varus concept. It's a building. Not a person. And they said that Diana's next skin is going to be a team fire/ice skin. And where did you find information on star-guardian Irelia... And Ao Shin? They said that they stopped working on him about a year ago. The new champions name is "Jihn, the deadeye" most likely. You can find this in the coding? And for the darkin theory, high unlikely. Jhin = Djinn which is a Muslim/Arabic can't remember. And djinns are known for giving favours but put a malicious twist on them. {{champion:238}} - Zed got the power he wanted. But ended up getting consumed by the shadows. Causing getting shot in the eye. {{champion:37}} - Sona got to play her beautiful melodic tune but ended up not being able to talk. Causing getting shot in the throat. {{champion:86}} - Garen wanted to have a worthy rival. But he ended up falling in love with her. Causing getting shot in the heart. {{champion:254}} - Vi got to join the police to protect piltover. She can't get over he lust for battling. Causing her gauntlets to frail off. Don't believe a single word sorry {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: "I Only did 400 damages to him, and this is level 4. " Damn only 400 damage at lvl 4 to a 600HP champ
he didn't have 600. he backed and his first item was a Ruby crystal with a Long sword
: Shen Rework Theory
Here's what i think. I thinks its NOT a Shen rework but a new champ called Jhin. Each champion is him using his abilities i think. Zed: Q. i think it will be is an empowered AA that roots them in place and deals a percentage of their health Sona: W. might be an ability that damages over time and something to do with wind Garen: E. might be like a Caitlyn Q but with crystals? Vi: R. Unknown. Probably an ability that aims for their heart or chest
Eeten (EUW)
: >Keep in mind I don't usually creat posts like these but.. http://imgur.com/kC5EJeW
And keep in mind, I was asking about riven being a noob camp because i play her Top. I wasn't saying she was broken. The Varus mid was why everyone was calling Varus mid a troll. Devourer jungle is about Diana jungle which i play Diana devourer. The tankiness is like this post. And the account suspension was an accident sent to a few odd players and the 2 week ban was for toxicity. As you would think. Only the Garen one and the Tahm ones are the "don't usually post stuff like this" part. And the Diana noob champ one. That was when I got called a noob champ by player I won against by going Diana Devourer. Read the posts before judging what they ACTUALLY mean. as for the toxicity ban that was when i used to be more toxic as i am now.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Shouldnt happen when he activates Q you E the damage is blocked when he lands the hit.
I did that, when he would activate his Q I would activate my E to stop the damage. That alone took away my whole shield then his e would take my down to half
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Musquid (EUW)
no you can't... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: Awkward Moments 42
Not gonna lie. I loved this moments video but the Sona with Riven combo made me go "woahhhh!"
: I'm using a Gaming computer with Windows 10 and i get low FPS?
Sorry. I forgot to link the GPU to the computer and it ended up using the in model one causing the FPS drop. Sorry Currently getting 20 ping and 170 - 200 FPS :D :P {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Northmund (EUW)
: Not noob champion, but easy to play. Just Q A Q A nothing special.And you get for that more than you should(snowballs to much from 1 kill).This is not that high skill cap champion and reward for her is fcking insane.And those champions like Yasuo,Zed,Draven are insanely hard to play and u dont get that much for mastering them.Even if you are 3/1 as Zed there is a chance you can lose a 1v1 if enemy is udnerstanding Zed.Yasuo have the same problem. (need tons of farm,items and etc.) "In Riven nerf we believe."
She isn't easy to play. More than just a Q aa Q aa Q aa combo. there is much more than just Q Q Q
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: Having a non-targeted dash (or 4, hey Riven) has been the main complaint about certain champs for a long time. However, complaining about Vayne having non-targeted dash and adding Lee Sin and Nidalee as an example of champs who need skill.... lol. Not like Nidalee has a non-targeted dash. On short cooldown. That can go through walls. And costs 0 mana. Or Lee, having "almost" non-targeted dash (you need to practice 1 or 2 times to be able to wardhop, i give you that). And another dash on his other ability.
With Vayne you have to use your Dash a lot to kit or to condemn someone in to the wall to save you or a team mate. I maid Syndra mid and yes she is a challenging champion to play. If you fuck up your Q W E combo that can meet betweens life and death {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: > and you know everyone flips out every now and again You know, I always have to smile a bit when I read this. Want to know why? Because pretty much every flamer who complains about his punishment says that and they are the ONLY ones who say that. It's really funny how consistent this concept appears in this kind of threads. It simply isn't true. Most people never flame. Being frustrated in LoL, hell, even getting angry in LoL is perfectly normal, everbody who is even a little bit competetive can relate to this. But processing this anger by flaming other people, thats where "normality" ends, most players do NOT do that. Thats why only 5% of the community ever get punished for toxic behavior; thats the what distuingishes the average player from a flamer: The way you deal with frustration and anger. > I don't know I just feel like I could be so nice to one person and then after the game its "you have been reported for offensive language" So what? It's just a pop up. Even I got it twice, for no reason at all. Whoopdeedoo, who cares? I even like to get this message because I know that the jerk who just reported me for no reason lost some report value and brought himself a bit closer to be being punished for abusing the report function. If that isn't a sweet feeling of justice, I don't know what is. And thats why I like the report/punishment system: As long as you are not toxic and as long as you know how the system works it's actually enjoyable because you know that every jerk move has it's consequences. And knowing that all this anger, all this disgusting hate, all these unjustified reports against me are completely useles and that these jerks basically press a useless button like trained monkeys...i don't know, call me a bad person for being sadistic, but knowing this makes me kind of happy.
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKKEVAkPQLw
Omg xD im dying xD{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
antcarosa (EUW)
: Riven buffs?
I know. I started playing Riven top. And i forgot how weak she was after they nerf her about a year ago. i love playing her top but after the shield nerf and that she wasn't the same.
Diego555 (EUNE)
: Ahri skin
Challenger <3
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