: Yuumi is the best champion design ever
I bought Meowrick solely because of his ultimate {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: New champion leak 'Yuumi'
It's a frickin cat. YES.
Nxether (EUW)
: And now imagine gettting S rank with swain
Your match statistics are essentially irrelevant to getting an S grade. You are compared vs. other Kayle players stats in other matches - how you stack up against your teammates and enemies in a particular match is irrelevant.
: Someone to talk of our problems
When you say bad habits, are you referring to toxic behavior? If that is the case, I don't think finding someone with whom to sympathize will help your 'bad habit' - it could potentially make your bad habits seem more justified.
: When will the new champion be revealed and released?
Tomorrow will be Sylas' 3 month 'anniversary' (released 1-25-19). My guess is that the champion will be teased in May and released in June. I would be surprised if it were any earlier than that. Although I was surprised they released Sylas so quickly after Neeko... Time elapsed between releases... Sylas (1-25-19) & Neeko (12-5-18): ~**2 months** Neeko (12-5-18) & Pyke (5-31-18): ~**6 months** Pyke (5-31-18) & Kai'Sa (3-7-18): ~**3 months** before that it was every 2 or 3 months, and infrequently less than that, but Riot have announced that there would be considerably larger time gaps between champions from now on..
: This community is so great!
Sorry to hear that - never nice to have to deal with these rotten people. It's just some angry dweeb typing the meanest things he can think of, nothing more. I'd actually recommend fanning the flames even more - antagonize them even further by responding with complete nonsense or by making it clear that you don't care one iota about what they have to say. Make them even angrier to the point that they are shaking with tears in their eyes :) Serves them right for trying to get nasty & personal over a video game.{{champion:17}}
Noctiss (EUNE)
: That escalated quickly
He is probably mad cuz another cat ate his kibbles
: ***
I'm not complaining about Zed - I'm doing the complete opposite. He does exactly what he is supposed to do.
: I know tanks aren't supposed to be as untouchable as they were in Season 6 but... I don't know, if I'm a Ornn with Frozen Heart; and Zed who has Duskblade and Youmus' ults me; I still die?
As per your example if you only have one item, I guess you are around level 6/7, and Zed already has 2 items, Yoummus + Duskblade, then I would say that is possible. However if Ornn has Sunfire Cape, Randuin's and Frozen Heart and Zed has Yoummus, Duskblade and Black Cleaver, and you're both lvl. 11 let's say, then it's a different story.
: Lethality has to go
Lethality is a means of punishing those who don't build armor for being unprotected or out of place. You say these champions do their jobs better than {{champion:238}}, but actually Zed can delete squishies with very little exposure to any danger when he has his ult. I was a fed {{champion:80}} in a recent game, and an underfed {{champion:238}} deleted me with his ult and there was zero opportunity for counterplay whatsoever. Was I mad? No, because I had not built armor and it was my fault for letting him kill me like that. Zed's purpose is to do exactly what he did there. Also if you removed lethality, then the meta would just change and you'd have something else oppressive. You have to realize that itemization/classes in League is essentially Rock/Paper/Scissors. Of course the Scissors will complain that Rock is op... Do you want the tank meta to come back? I found that much less fun than the current meta personally. And there will **ALWAYS** be a meta. Go build your lethality on {{champion:254}} or {{champion:120}} or {{champion:80}} and then go and take on a top laner like {{champion:114}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:122}} equipped with even just 1 solid armor item and tell me how it goes. You will get completely shit on, assuming the skill levels are around the same and you are not considerably more fed than they are.
: I don't do a full first clear I do red>raptors>blue then try to look for a gank or track enemy jungler what can you teach me about yi? I beat a yi with a silver of health left twice in a duel as wukong and it felt so satisfying
The thing with Yi is that he will always be focused first because of how much damage you deal and your killing potential. This means that you have to keep track of what abilities are used in a fight before you go in: timing is incredibly important. Timing of your abilities is also crucial because you have to use your Q to dodge abilities and decide whether you will need to use your W Meditate for reducing the damage of an incoming nuke, resetting AA, or for a low HP heal while you get focused and your teammates deal the damage around you (you can surprise enemies with your increased healing at low HP + dmg reduction). The more organized and skilled your opponents get, the less viable Yi is for these reasons, as they will always be prepared for you since you pose such a big threat. The best tip I can give you is that you should only really use Q for dodging abilities, repositioning, or gap closing, or dodging turret shots, rather than seeing it as a primary source of damage (you have your auto attacks / E for that). Another tip: when the front line engages, it's often better to start shredding the front line rather than diving the backline as soon as the engage occurs. It's very easy to get destroyed quickly if you try to jump straight onto the backline at the wrong time (you'll just find yourself in the middle of your enemies, and they WILL focus you and destroy you in the blink of an eye). Additionally if you're running conqueror, and/or have {{item:3124}} , this will allow you to quickly build stacks before deleting the squishies. Last tip which I picked up from Cowsep - when you are engaging your enemy, first activate R + E and {{summoner:4}} onto your target, **instead of using your Q to gap close**. They will not be expecting this and you will catch them off guard as they will expect you to use your Q to gap close. Then when they immediately try to use their abilities (starting with CC abilities usually) as soon as you {{summoner:4}} onto them, you will still have your Q off cooldown to dodge incoming CC/nukes or to reposition onto a different enemy champ. Last thing is {{item:3140}} is your friend.
Bondyè (EUW)
: Strongest 1vs1 Champion?
{{champion:92}} is one of the best for a 1v1 match but is probably not a viable option for you if you are having to ask the question in the first place. She is known to have a very high skill ceiling. {{champion:114}} could also be a good bet, and is overall easier to play than Riven. As someone else mentioned, it does largely depend on what you're up against, but I would say mobile fighters such as these, as a 'middle of the road' option, are a safe bet. Also would be wise to take into account current meta picks.
Madnasher (EUW)
: Why, just why?
People who intentionally smurf do so simply because they enjoy smashing players below their skill level. They might be tired of getting smashed in their own ELO, so they make a smurf for some 'relief gaming'. It is fun for them to get ez quadra kills and BM tilted players. Yes - it is cowardly and immature, and they love every minute of it. This morning I watched a Youtube video of a Xerath streamer "Number 1 Xerath World" (unlikely, but still smurfing in a big way) vs a Silver Yasuo **AND** they also had their own jungler to camp their lane, so the enemy Yas got completely stomped and the Xerath snowballed and wrecked everyone. The Xerath was spamming all the emotes and laughs and BMing the hell out of the other team. It made my blood boil. But then you have to also remember, these little punks are often pretty young and immature, so it's to be expected in a game where there is no _enforced_ age requirement. **Possible solution: I think Riot should make it so that the journey is longer before you can play vs people.** You have a longer grind before you can start playing vs people. And then their MMR should also adjust much more sensitively (quickly), so they can only get a small number of games vs weaker players before they are once again playing vs their own skill level again. I think if Riot implemented these changes it would significantly reduce the amount of smurfs out there: **make the effort required far outweigh the reward.** If someone is new to the game, it wouldn't feel out of place for them to play a certain number of games vs easy and then intermediate bots before they can play vs people. Plenty of games are like that.
: Why no more quinn jungle?
I saw it played about 2 months ago and the Quinn jg carried hard. I think part of the reason is that people are meta slaves.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why do people surrender so easily in normals?
I very, very rarely agree to a surrender. The only times I will agree to a surrender is when: <>The entire team is arguing and flaming each other whilst being severely behind (no one is paying attention to the game itself at that point) <>Your teammates are tilted and refusing to group or play smart, and refusing to listen to teammates, and are instead playing solo/inting. That being said, if I am still managing to have fun or am learning a champ, I will decline the surrender vote. It is incredibly annoying when people start spamming surrender just because they are tilted from losing lane or the game isn't an easy steamroll victory - but you can be sure those are all immature childish players throwing their toys out the pram. It's pathetic behavior. But then you gotta realize, there are **tons** of childish players (or players who are actual kids) out there.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: So funny
_20 seconds later_? that seems a little on the speedy side - you sure it wasn't from another report you issued?
: Unban
Let's strike a deal - if you can get Obama back in office, then we will unban your friend :)
That's odd - a cursory look at your match history would indicate that you have played many games this season.
: Suggest me a nickname for Zed main
: Hah, i love it. That being said redsmite yi slices through rammus, rework the dirty champ :(
That's true, especially with new wits end our dear friend {{champion:33}} would struggle! That being said, there are plenty of champions out there (and Yi's nemesis {{item:3157}}) who can really ruin Yi's day :*(
: Be sure to update us here how it goes! :).
I got a (two, actually) super nice response from Riot JayJaDanga who said this: > Hello XL BENCH PRESS, > > Thank you so much for your Snowman Master Yi > > I’ve added 4 Riot Points to your account so you can purchase Snowman Master Yi in your shop, > Please keep in mind that they may not display properly until you go to the store and try to make a purchase. Remember that we might not do this again in the future, so use your points wisely. > > Enjoy your new purchase! > If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to reach out to us again. and > Hey XL BENCH PRESS, > > No problem, I'm glad we could help you ^^ > I hope you enjoy the skin as well and I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed making the picture :) > > If there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to reach out to us again. I can certainly say it was worth every minute making the art which I actually enjoyed doing anyway! I hope it gave some boards users a few chuckles here and there too :D Thanks again for your recommendation of putting it in a ticket or they might not have seen it!
: I need 4 RP for Snowman Yi so I drew a lovely picture :)
Hey! A quick Update! :) I had a response from Riot JayJaDanga who said that they loved the illustration and were happy to award me 4 Riot Points for my hard work :D Pretty awesome of him and Riot. It feels great to have such a personal touch from Riot - what a great company that they find time for individuals like that :D They said it is a one off which is completely understandable, I am just happy to have my Snowman Yi skin now (although I haven't had a chance to take it for a spin yet!). Thanks to everyone who upvoted and gave me such nice feedback about my picture - I almost feel like making some more of these just for the lolz :) Have a good weekend people :) {{summoner:39}} {{champion:11}} {{summoner:39}}
: Isn't that skin a legacy skin? I bought it on its release and assumed it was limited time.
I think it is a legacy skin, but I can personally confirm it is available through the shop. I guess you just have to make sure you have all the other skins if you want to increase the chances of getting it (I am only missing 2 of his skins now).
JuicyJuju (EUW)
: Over here in germany we call such people like you "Ehrenmann"
It sounds awesome (then again, so does pretty much every other word in German)! I just googled it and it says 'man of honor' - A title I will gladly accept {{sticker:garen-swing}}
: Art at its best! i love it!
Thank you! You can't beat good old fashioned MS Paint art :) And the Yi isn't too bad I guess, considering :)
: It's beautiful!
blitzprank7 (EUNE)
: New Old Kata Idea
I too am not mechanically gifted enough to play her. I could probably learn slowly, but life is too short :) I do miss the days of facerolling multi kills with her - not gonna lie :) QEWR PENTAAAAA
: Magnificent. But you're better off submitting this in a ticket to support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us)
Thank you ^_^ I will certainly do that as well!
Rioter Comments
Wolferk (EUNE)
: AATROX is an unplayble garbage (fix him finally)
Aatrox is not very strong at the moment, he was dominating a few months ago but they nerfed him pretty hard. At that point, he was in almost every game, but I haven't seen him for a while now. Meta exists for a reason.
: nah man, you need pretty kitty rengar XD
That is true. I need allll the cat skins.
: it's a sign, GOD WANTS YOU TO SAVE YOUR MONEY! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
That's what I thought haha. I wanted to buy a Meowrick, though, which I am pretty sure God would want me to do {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I mean, have you seen the Cat ultimate??!?
Rioter Comments
: true but what if ur team gives him early kills EKSEEEDEEE
Then welcome to league of legends {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
SoloAkise (EUW)
: sick and tired of zed
> ill keep this nice and simple **proceeds to write essay** but yeah he is super safe and is a low elo nightmare. one of the best tips i have been told when playing vs zed is roam if you can't kill him - whatever you do, don't give him any early kills... seems to work well. yeah he can still all in you, but is way less dangerous if you don't give early kills
Skyper340 (EUW)
: Matchmaking is a very fun expirience
You have several options. In some ways it is good if you get camped, especially if you are expecting it. Essentially all you need to do is ward and don't overextend. Or for example, if you ward and their jungle comes and clears it, then you know he probably wants to gank you, don't go past the midway point of lane unless you are certain you can escape or 1v2. Also helps if you pick a champion that can 1v2 early like Illaoi or Darius or Riven, but that's by no means necessary, you just need to lane smart. You should try to waste the jungler's time, that way your jungler should be able to exert more map pressure overall. It also makes counterganking a little more predictable if your jg sees what's happening. Just keep your HP up, don't trade if you're not safely positioned or don't know you can win the trade. Worst case scenario, farm under tower - nothing wrong with that - makes it easier for your jungle to gank then. I always see top laners complaining that they are getting camped, and then I look on the map, and they are still under the enemy tower while they are 0/3, whilst blaming their jungle for not ganking their lane (for a jungler its a big sign saying DONT GANK ME, I AM TILTED) You can definitely play it to your advantage :)
awwww that's cute {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: My account
komochek (EUW)
: VEL'KOZ MONTAGE - Best Vel'Koz Plays 2019
Having just watched a couple of your montage videos, it's clear that you play on numerous accounts, probably because you are smurfing. Keep smashing those Irons and Bronzes dude, hope it makes you feel big!
: Toxic players always seem to have a reason to harass others with report threats. It's sickening. The word "report" is one of the things I dislike the most from this game. And the misuse of the word "inting" is another thing I find disgusting.
It is pretty funny though when people claim they are 'being inted' by others. 'Stop inting me', while they type from the grey screen. lol
: Nasus vs Darius is easy match up doe... All you need to do in that matchup is max E and spam E until Darius can't stay in lane and then Q minions. Nasus actually wins that matchup. Darius has to play tanky after reaching lvl 6, since he can't fight Nasus after first buy.
You make it sound much simpler than it is in reality. Darius will force Nasus to farm under tower. If he is worth his salt he will know how to deal with your E poke, which is not hard to do. And E poke is your only shot, in a 1v1 scenario with no junglers. The only chance you will have against him is if you get your jungler to camp you until you are strong enough to fight him. Besides, it was just an example to illustrate that tough match ups exist where you won't win without getting help.
Hansiman (EUW)
: No, I don't think anonymity is actually that important. Just go on Facebook, and read the comment section there under posts. People behave exactly the same, but under full name linked to their profile where you can often find family members and contact information. Same applies to comment sections in online newspapers. There are some newspapers here in Norway that require you do confirm your identity and post under full name, yet toxicity is still pretty normal amongst regular posters. --- > do you think all those players would go face to face and tell you to get cancer and kill yourself? Having your name public is not the same as going face to face. Communication still happens online, infront of a monitor.
Well that's true, there are bound to be exceptions - some people will still be toxic even when their identity is known. But there are still many people who will behave in a far more egregious manner when their identity is anonymous in comparison to when it is known. Hiding one's face makes one believe they are more likely to get away with commit crimes, so to speak. 'Sir Prepuzius' has hit the nail on the head as far as to the notion I was trying to get at, which is that people are far more susceptible to behaving in a way that they wouldn't in real life when safely behind their computer screen. People are more afraid of other people than they are of getting a permaban in a video game. With regards to your point about Facebook: actually if you compare Youtube comments sections to Facebook comments sections you will find that Youtube comments sections are immensely more vile, because the majority of accounts used for commenting on Youtube are entirely anonymous. You could argue that Facebook comments sections are a little more regulated, sure, but the fact remains that people who comment on Youtube will take advantage of being able to say anything without any prospect of personal repercussions.
: Assuming that all League Players are Male
I think it doesn't matter. If someone said wp girls at the end of the game I wouldn't bat an eyelid
: >There are many reasons why players are toxic. The main ones are ANONYMITY and IMMATURITY. COMPLETELY false. The main reasons are competition and reliance on others. Anonymity and immaturity are literally the ones with the lowest amount of impact in toxicity.
The reason people are toxic is because they rely on others and because it's a competitive environment? That is a totally weak excuse, and is just the excuse used by toxic players. There is no justification - sorry. Abide by the terms of use, or go away until mature/responsible enough to do so - plain & simple.
: > [{quoted}](name=XL BENCH PRESS,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=fUTw2EtP,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-29T08:15:26.298+0000) > > Interesting, mirrored Qwer sounds quite nice - makes sense to have your Q on your index finger lol. My ward is on A :D > > I guess I just gotta git guuuud :) Cheers! yea, had the same thought as I started league :D I was like "why would i use the strongest finger for my least using spell and my weak finger for my most using spell... so I mirrored it and I'm much more comformtable with that..
I'm really tempted to try it, but I just know that it would be a nasty learning curve lol. Lots of misused ults and ???? being pinged all over me {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hjärta (EUW)
: Why League of Legends is Toxic.
There are many reasons why players are toxic. The main ones are ANONYMITY and IMMATURITY. If you combine the fact that there are so many young players in League with the security of being anonymous, then the end result is what we see on a daily basis. The average 15 year old brat who types nasty stuff to strangers in every single game would not behave the same way face to face, in real life. Any little twerp can type stuff when they're sitting in their pajamas in their mum's house while they drink a glass of milk with their cookies. These same kids probably mow the lawn on the weekend for $10 pocket money. Something I always have to remind myself when I see people being toxic in game - you just have no idea what kind of person is on the other side of that champion - and neither do they. Really the primary cause is immaturity though, I would say. I doubt there are many players at all over the age of 25 who rage in game, unless they are complete and utter losers ofc :)
: How the hell do I play Akali into a Fiddlesticks?
You can't play anything into anything. Like Nasus vs Darius, you're gonna have a rough time. If you're mid, then I would suggest roaming where possible and focusing on not feeding your lane, just like with any hard matchup
: > [{quoted}](name=XL BENCH PRESS,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=fUTw2EtP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-28T14:34:20.504+0000) > > Sweet montage. I've always wondered how LS players Ward + W so smoothly - you got that on a macro or something? no I don't :) You just have to place the ward and jump to it.. I don't know how to explain that in another way xd Well I use 5 for wards and mirrored qwer since I started playing back in season2.. so I just go quickly for 5 and then e
Interesting, mirrored Qwer sounds quite nice - makes sense to have your Q on your index finger lol. My ward is on A :D I guess I just gotta git guuuud :) Cheers!
: LAINKDRIZZLE Diamond Lee Sin Montage 2
Sweet montage. I've always wondered how LS players Ward + W so smoothly - you got that on a macro or something?
: Turretshot disappears? (@Vi Mains!)
Looks like a bug to me - your icathian rain removed her shield, albeit post death, but its normal for spells activated before death to still have an effect, so muyst be bug
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