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: Just fix creep blocks....
They can't. The entire game is coded around creeps. Jarvan IV's ultimate for example is actually multiple creeps that have been recoded to look like walls. Not even joking, it's been confirmed... Soooo yeah, that's how bad the system is.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Aatrox Rework (An Aatrox player's interpretation.)
: yi deserves a nerf
Shame they didn't listen. He's getting a buff.
Joetri10 (EUW)
: I'm convinced Riot are struggling to balance (Example; the Soraka "nerf")
We knew this since the beginning of season 5. After that it's been downhill. Down a very big hill. Down a metaphorical MT. kilimanjaro.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Aatrox Rework (An Aatrox player's interpretation.)
He's been mentioned again in another post, so just bumping this.
: Riot, I think the Patch notes is broken. I dont see Guinsoo´s rageblade anywhere.
Well, I've seen this before... "We presume gangplank is op though he see's no play, so we will ignore the playerbase and nerf EVERYTHING about him apart from what might actually help. Which the playerbase has made many posts about. Completely gutting him, but that's okay maybe we will buff something else 64 nerfs later. "Let's nerf Graves because he is extremely overpowered, but we won't even bother nerfing him in the way he should be, so he retains his power and still dominates everything." Rito don't own rito anymore. Riot used to listen to the playerbase when its playerbase was in the thousands. That day is long gone. Instead this is the new big money called operation farmville.
: Nautilus Q visual is VERY unclear.
No worse than blitzcranks grab going through minions and then making a 90 degree turn to grab someone. It's called poor designs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xa3k,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OHvaAEuo,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-03-06T23:48:04.088+0000) > > Do you balance this game? From that statement I can tell that someone with the same mindset does... > Not the point, it can be, and regardless if it isn't it still inanely counters any melee champ that wants to trade with him. > > "Guys let's have this spell that does seven hectillion damage to everyone in it, but it's okay, it's just a small spot that you CAN POSSIBLY walk away from, so that makes it balanced guyz" Nodaddyithurts fixing balance since 2016. You were crying that stuns don't stop his E, but a stun gives you a chance to just walk away. How is that NOW balanced? Of course it deals a lot of damage, because you don't just get a full spin on somebody and it needs to feel rewarding. You are just a biased little boy, please accept what others tell you instead of ignoring it and saying that your opinion is the only one that is correct.
Okay, so by that logic Katarinas ult should be the same. Problem solved. WE have no achieved a balanced state. Good job there are adults contrasting my childlike opinion.
: Yeah. Because a small aoe circle that can't move is such a threat
Do you balance this game? From that statement I can tell that someone with the same mindset does... Not the point, it can be, and regardless if it isn't it still inanely counters any melee champ that wants to trade with him. "Guys let's have this spell that does seven hectillion damage to everyone in it, but it's okay, it's just a small spot that you CAN POSSIBLY walk away from, so that makes it balanced guyz" Nodaddyithurts fixing balance since 2016.
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: Please for the love of God, BUFF JAYCE ALREADY
No place for skill based champs this meta.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Nice ping rito.
So I log on today. And the ping is exactly the same. Only difference is the lag is twenty times worse and rubberbanding all over the place. Rito are that bad they can't even program an honest MS display.
: How to balance the dmg of tank champs
How to balance tanks - Delete free fucking scaling off Resistances and health. Done. Tanks be tanks. Damage dealers be damage dealers.
Cola Cao (EUW)
: same problem man
But who gives a fuck about us! Rito don't own Rito anymore. Money money lcs cash money have a free Annie skin guyz.
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: Jayce and other underwhelming champions
Sorry to say, but this meta doesn't have a place for high skillcap champions anymore.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Jarvan IV PBE
Pointless bump.
: I would ridicule your salt, but honestly man, this is the first time I've ever said this, but atm the game is becoming very un-fun. Balance changes, I'm sorry, Riot, are too slow. Having to wait 1+ month for Kog to be unpermabanned is not fun, meanwhile APCs are clinging desperately to the gates of hell along with Twitch and Urgot. I miss the days of solocarry. Back then if you were a skilled Riven, Diana, etc. you could carry your team if they at least went even, but now, nope, better hope your jungler went Devourer and managed to get sated before 20 mins (which means getting lucky kills somewhere along the line). Also better hope your ADC completely demolished the enemy ADC, also that the enemy don't have Malphite, because there goes every teamfight, also Graves, goodbye duellist champs, and fucking JAX.
Don't we all miss that, it is how I have continually said for the last few years. League is becoming a TV show. Everything about it is balanced around what brings in VIEWERS, not players, because they surely make considerably more money from Esports than us players. Regardless if WE made it happen, if WE made this game big. IF WE CAUSED THEIR SUCCESS. I mean seriously. who else misses the times when league had a small playerbase, where nearly everyone knew everyone else. A time where no one got stressed and flamed, a time where the forums consisted of a conglomerate of constructive idea's and RESPONSIVE developers... A time of fun. On a side note. Yes. Fucking Jax. I'm genuinely tired of seeing a games ending become solely dependent on Jax. Take C9 vs CLG; Rush was an absolute god among players that that game, with a very high, mechanically skill based champion that requires meticulous thought at all stages of the game, a champion that has had nerf after nerf after nerf. Yet he persisted. Only for ALL of his hard work to be wiped clean at the end of the game because one guy decided to pick that one champion who pressed those two buttons then that third button to win any fight regardless if he is against one, two, three, four or five players.
Pokku (EUNE)
: This mode wouldn't work, though, because everybody would sit at their fountain and get healed. {{summoner:17}}
And how would they gain experience?
Cosmick (EUW)
: Can't really disagree on any of the points in comparison with Vi, the two champs are similar to many of their abilities and proccs, yet one is higher in tier than the other, for no other reason than one being sub-par to the other.
Aye, I find it's the same across other champions too but couldn't be bothered to mention them, Vi is the primary mirror champ who does everything better, probably since she is newer. But it goes across the board with other champions that have similar goals yet are considerably stronger 'Just because'. That 'Just because' Is probably more of a 'We nerfed Jarvan over and over again several seasons ago which placed him in the bin, yet never changed anything as the seasons progressed so as to adjust his gameplay to perform better.' Frankly I'd love a response from riot telling us why there is such a huge disparity between the two champions. {{champion:32}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:154}} Are just a few examples of champions that are considerably better junglers and even laners.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Jarvan IV PBE
Rayz01 (EUW)
: First of all, this has been the case for as long as I can remember. Second, you know there is a 3 minute delay for these kinds of things right?
I did not. Glad you said so though! So in afterthought: Because rito doesn't want you to watch games for free.
: Every skillshot is now global. Who will you main?
The guy who I currently am... Jarvan IV. {{champion:59}} Gank botlane? Sure.... EQ. Helloooo boys! Also Jayce would be pretty amusing. {{champion:126}} {{champion:79}} barrels rolling to their fountain. {{champion:89}} Best support ever. {{champion:127}} "I'll be there in a second." {{champion:64}} Insec from the fountain. {{champion:267}} Surfs up dudes. {{champion:76}} 10 second first blood fountain to fountain spear every match. {{champion:48}} Interupts karthus ult from toplane. {{champion:6}} Would just sit at base all game. Basically... We need a mode like this on april fools.
: Why we cant spectate ranked games anymore?
Why? Because it's simple. You spectate your friends game, who you are also on skype with. You have access to mapwide information across both teams and can tell your friend in an instant.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Aatrox Rework (An Aatrox player's interpretation.)
Xa3k (EUW)
: Jarvan IV PBE
: Lux was op for 5 months, since World Championship
I have no problem laning against her with any champion. Regardless if they are designed for midlane or not... But then again you must be new here.
: Also, just when a good, balanced, working item kit seems to settle and everyone learns to use it they change every second item, especially regarding jungling items. Of course, when something turns out utterly OP at the first day of a patch (Xin...) we'll have to wait 2 weeks until it gets fixed and just waste a ban on it every game. Not to mention how half of the champion pool is simply unviable because their kit is simply BAD (Taric, Yorick, Ww, you name the rest), well, let's just rework perfectly fine champions instead because hurr durr bigplayz. How long has been Yorick banned from the free rotation because of his unhealthy kit? How many champions has been reworked since then? Yeah, lovely metaphor with the "pet dog's shit".
Yeah I completely agree with you on every point. I guarantee that there are more champions that are completely unviable than there are those that are viable this season. Where as in the later stages of season 4 (God I loved that season, as did everyone) It was the complete opposite. If I had time, I would list every champion I deem unviable. But that'd be a lot of champions! On a side note, thanks, it's a variation on what another board goer said, it sung to me like a melody, so I took it for myself.
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Goofle (EUW)
: Because the way Riot nerf champions works like this: - Check winrates in Masters/Challenger. - If winrate is too high we roll out a big nerf, if winrate is slightly high, we nerf slightly. - Check which champions are being played the least. - Buff them to the maximum only to nerf them a few weeks later. The game is constantly in beta, so you can't really call them balance patches. Picking OP champions is the only way to go.
Actually that's wrong. The way they change champions is based around the contents of their pet dogs shit. Some champions get 2 extra damage, others get "insert overloaded ZOMG kit here." Because they want to feature a new champion on the big TV they have that vends out free Dolla bills every time someone tunes in to the lcs.
Omnus (EUW)
: So I played Lucian for the first time yesterday and...
Welcome to one of the few champions Rito did right. (Eventually) A champion who's design is simple yet effective, who's playstyle is set in stone and his objective is always the same, yet remains fun to play. Who can kick arse, yet remains fun to play AGAINST. Who's kit isn't overloaded like majority of new champs are... Honestly, If lucian was created now his dash would make him invincible and his W would be a hard CC if the movespeed was triggered. Regardless, glad you're having fun!
Xplor (EUNE)
: It's interesting, good point through. I've seen Jarvan IV beating me insanely, but i wasn't with panth / fiora or jax. Shortly, Jarvan have some hard counters. What about Renekton?
Well, Panth is probably the worse one to lane against. Since his passive completely cancels yours, his W completely cancels your Eq combo. And then you're left with nothing. Considering the skill cap difference between the two champions I'd say this is a pretty poor design, but unfortunately we just have to live with the fact that one easy to use auto aiming ranged stun overrides two skillshots used in unison to CC someone. Renekton is renekton. Biggest lane bully as bullies go and will get fed and carry without any problems until really late game. His only counters from my experience would be anything that can't be bullied and good co-ordination from your jungler, since he pushes the lane every time he uses Q.
: So...Tank Akali...
Irritates me to shit. Everyone going around stomping everyone shitless in lane and lategame because one youtube guy said one korean guy had success with it.
: Please fix Poppy's E
I completely agree with this. Many times have I had a poppy use it WHEN I'M BELOW HER... And we dash to a wall above us... I've even had it where she uses her E and only I move into a wall, where she just stands completely still. Where it his an invisible wall that isn't even there...
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Xplor (EUNE)
: Renekton or Jarvan IV, TOP solo Q
Never pick Jarvan Iv top in any form of draft pick. Because the opponents will pick Pantheon or Fiora... Jax... And others, that inanely counter you to the point you're useless.
Faca4 (EUW)
: There is no meta atm, there is just.....
Because the game is dying. The players hate riot and are leaving by the day because of this. Rito makes money from Esports now. They balance the game on what is FUN TO WATCH. Not what is balanced. Would people watch cs go if a player took 326 bullets to kill and matches lasted two hours? No. People want to watch quick matches which are filled with "oooooh O.o" Moments, when jax jumps in 5v1 and instagibs 3 of them. Not carefully constructed teamwork and extended fights.
Sevixys (EUNE)
: Everything that makes it easier to stick with targets is positive.That's why I'm pretty often taking exhaust to lane(against those damn autoattackers {{champion:23}}) However, remember that the current aatrox e already has a slow.. :P E, currently, is a pretty strong poke tool with slow AND magic damage. Aatrox is built around supreme splitpusher and one has to remember that. Removing his poke tool will surely affect his laning phase negatively. I'm fine with aatrox's current state and I'll take on everything riot has to offer. I'm not an innovative champion designer myself so I can hardly help with this..
Yeah exactly my point, I was thinking maybe the ability to re-activate it after the slow wears off at double the health cost and half the damage output.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Who said i couldnt play him, he was my main back in my early league days. The fact that someone got to diamond promos still doesnt mean that he is Viable. A guy called Vertigal pretty much only plays Ahri. He had a secondary acc where he only played Ahri no matter what role he got. That doesnt mean the Jungle Ahri or ADC Ahri is very viable or as good as the other real junglers/adc's, just because some guy got Diamond by playing it.
I've won a huge amount of games playing blitz toplane. Don't see that in the lcs though do you.
LA Losty (EUW)
: "We've temporarily disabled Aatrox due to an ingame bug..."
Very true. Might have something to do with me making this: Guarantee they will disable the interaction between his W and devourer. Which will just make him unplayable in the jungle.
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MrVon 0 (EUW)
: (i play him only in top coz i have found that he is petter in top lane than jungle, but i do main top lane and am not an jungler.) *It isn't all that difficult to have a full blood well when you get into an team fight. And with the current system he has that attack speed lasts quite a bit longer than what you made. * The problem i see with the 20% current hp cost is that it is a lot weaker in early game do to its high hp cost. But you need to win early game to have an impact, but if you make his early weaker then he cant get ahead as well as he can now. And you limit his early game aggression. At 1 k hp the cost would be 200 hp at 2 k hp it would be 400 hp and his other abilities also use hp. That is a lot hp you need to get back. With this20% current hp cost you punish anyone who builds hp even more. You can't just build pure ad on Aatrox with out any tank items. You need to find the right balance between tank and offence. For me it is 4 offensive and 2 defensive items. Right now the name of the game is early game not late game. * If you max W first you can have it at lvl 8. When you build devourer on him witch gives him no life steal and no ad only attack speed. In jungle you get less gold then you do in top lane, witch mean less items. And if you get a second item like a bork or hydra you are a very fragile class cannon. * Yi, trynd, kayle, xin, jax the initiate the fight. With aatrox is is not the best idea to be the initiator but rather to be the one who cleans up the fight or the one who def the carry depending on the situations. * He is quite strong right now if you know what you are doing. Carried myself to diamond with only top Aatrox.
I can understand that, and I value your input. I too prefer him top, which is why I'm adjusting a few things to even out his power level. Think about it this way. You have access to both abilities now Simultaneously. So build up your W passive. Attack the enemy with the active and heal simultaniously. Problem solved. It has to be a high cost to warrent the ability to use them simultaniously whilst still keeping it so the passive DOESN'T outheal the actives self damage in the early game and keep it THE SAME format in early game. So they cancel each other out when used together. Else it will be extremely overpowered being able to heal to full health whilst dealing increased damage. Well, maybe I ought to rethink when it ups itself and stick it to a level orientated buff rather than rank.
: Too little Game modes other then ''aram''
I've started playing 3v3 to get my by the tedium that is 5v5. But unfortunately, 9/10 games people just spam poppy jungle and get a free win. But rito will probably delete that too to free up more server space. To put it in perspective, other companies like Hi Rez for example are openly embracing their community, they just added a new map not long ago and have completely reworked their 3v3 joust map AND enabled ranked on it... AAAAAAAND they have a DAILY ROTATION of game modes, ranging from urf like modes, to one for all. Or limiting the god pools to select religions, starting with 99999 gold and so on. You're never waiting for a game to start in that mode. And of course dota has custom matches and modes. Heroes of the storm has a random rotation of maps with different objectives that they are constantly adding to. And just added a battle arena based mode. And then there's rito. Deleting 1/4 of the game. Makes sense doesn't it. Gotta be unique at any cost! Where's magma chamber? Where's showdown? Wheres my dominion?
Limath (EUW)
: A nice idea, I envisage the blood price will work like ashes q so you create stacks which decay very fast when your not AA'ing. This way it takes skill to manage the burst and have it up at the right moments. My only concern is the untargetable dash, which since he is now doing burst damage is pretty damn OP, especially with a 2sec spellshield out of his passive. I think if your going for an ability with such high damage with a very low CD such as this an untargetable dash is too much. However, I do like the idea of the new burst damage in combination with his current dark flight, it gives the enemy supports a small window to counter his engage, if they fail he is going to slow your team and burst down your carries, while lifestealing like a boss :D
Why thankyou :) I thought about it, but I wanted to steer away from that kind of thing, as I want him to have access to his kit from the get go yet remain a champion that should in no way stop fighting! The dash is more a work in progress, I did want some form of reset for it whilst in battle, but that would make him too much like Kha'zix. But since you have mentioned it, being able to dash in invincible, die and become invincible (Though I reduced to stasis duration to 1 second, to allow for more counterplay on both sides.) And then dash out invincible again, after it's reset... is pretty overpowered. Ergo, I've had a quick think and adjusted it for better usage. And yes, again, I want him to be solidified as a champion who is either all in, or all out. One who relies on meticulous thinking to take advantage of the enemy, if successful, he can change the tied, if unsuccessfully he can be taken down quite easily. Exactly how you stated, a small window for a great play, if he messes up, his only withdrawl involves the expenditure of his passive!
Sevixys (EUNE)
: You have made progress! I suppose this is your second iteration? As a fellow aatrox main, I fear that his kit will become overloaded in yasuo-zed-lee style. E is perfectly fine right now. However, If you are going to turn w into ranged ability, e could become a debuff?
Thank you for mentioning that, I did forget to add in that his W would still be a melee range, single target ability. So he can still be countered with a good pick and bullied out of lane in his weak phase. And yes, that's the last thing I want. I want to solidify him as a champion that is either all in or all out. One that requires meticulous playing and positioning to succeed, and whose only second chance is his passive. I was contemplating making his E a toggled ability that makes his auto attacks slow the opponents movespeed at the cost of his own health. Or something along the same lines. An ability that keeps his target near him, but deals no damage. But then I wouldn't want to give him no other options to engage an enemy at a distance other than his Q. How would you feel about something similiar, trading the damage for more utility and more uptime? And yes! It certainly isn't my first iteration I've probably thought up a multitude of idea's for this champion alone!
MrVon 0 (EUW)
: The passive at least the part where he only gets auto attack speed for 2 sec is not as good as it is right now, in my opinion. Don't like that blood thirst takes 20% of current hp way to hight of a price. With the chances to blood price he would probably run a mock in top lane with the triple heal and heal every 2 auto's is way to strong, at that point only way to kill him is to insta burst him or cc him so long he can't sustain other wise him will just out heal the enemy dmg and that will inevitably lead to his nerfing again. In my opinion his passive is not that bad maybe increase the auto speed boost a little or reduce the decay out of combat. W needs just a little number chancing as it is already a good ability. Like the chances to the ult.
I disagree to all these points. Let me explain why: * The passive attack speed is exactly the same, just used in a format that INSTANTLY rewards the player for using his abilities and spamming blood price. Without having to wait UNTIL you have a full meter before it is fully effective. Which is exactly the buff you just stated you want? I'm pretty sure that with one attack speed item, you can get three attacks off in two seconds. Cast blood price. Refresh the attack speed, rinse and repeat. * 20% of current health (Note it's current health) would be less of a health cost than it currently is when you have several damage items (later in the game) but still creates a a risky laning phase, where the player should feel on edge and be forced to use his abilities thoughtfully! Having it scale with current health no longer hinders someone for building damage on a champion purely designed to deal damage and reduces how much it costs the lower health you are. As it is currently standing in a terrible position, the more damage you build, the more you kill yourself, the health cost doesn't even reduce the lower you are health which completely nullifies the damage he can deal. Which is why people rarely use it outside of laning phase, as it currently scales off a flat rate AND 25% AD... My format, instead, funnels them into building damage, rather than stacking health. I made it that high because as stated, it's meant to scale into late game, not be this amazing ability that carries him through the time where he is supposed to struggle, and because he can now use blood price and blood thirst simultaneously, as stated, it will punish him if he uses it incorrectly in lane in a scenario where he won't be able to heal all of it's cost. However, In late game, this health cost will be completely offset by the fact it can now work the bonus healing from the passive component You can't say that "He would heal too much." and then straight after state that "The health cost is too high." Because they nullify themselves at a later stage in the game. It's designed to punish him for being too greedy early game, and rewarding him for getting through it successfully. The same as every other late game carry. * in continuation; The blood price/thirst changes were designed to be balanced (from my experience) for simultaneous use, as stated above. The reduction in attacks needed for the passive side would only take effect once he reaches around level 11 if he were to max his W first. Which is when the laning phase starts breaking down. Again, having experience building Sated devourer on him, I in no way feel overpowered healing every second hit. * And finally, tell me, what is the difference in having to burst him down or control him to kill him in comparison to any other attack based carries? Yi? Trynd? Kayle? Xin? Jax? Olaf? (Without his ult nullifying the control side) Even some of the more bruiser based champions like Garen and Darius after their reworks. Who remain tanky, heal alot, and still deal TEAMWIDE damage. Aatrox is a single target duelist. Who should excel in picking off lone stragglers and team players out of position, just like the counterparts mentioned. Which I have a meticulously compared (and played) in order to balance my idea's.
: I dont think you should really go deep into thinking how to rework him. Riot will do their thing still. Like shen for example, many shen players didn't like the new Q but still got it. No one asked us if it's good or not. All you have left to do is pray rework is good.
I know, I do, it sucks that we can only hope they don't screw him up. But I enjoy creating things like this so it's no skin off my back either way.
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: Gangplank nerf
It's just as I said on the previous post that a load of us gangplank players created. Rito doesn't know how to balance a champion, they nerfed gangplank wrong the first time when they added a delay to his barrels. And because that nerf didn't fix what was wrong about him, they nerfed him again, and again, and again. It's the same story as many other champions, once they finally read the forums and learn what US ACTUAL PLAYERS say is wrong with the champion, they do that, and then give him buffs to compensate for the absolute gutting they did beforehand,
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