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: perhaps name her something more Demaciaic? idk :P tbh i think she would work better as a void champ? she could have the same sort of abilty look as vel'koz?
Haha, Demaciaic is hereby a word. As I said, it's not my art but I'm going to try and find something that fits her a bit better.
Łykán (EUNE)
: I did see it but I didn't know it was you :D Thx for such a nice concept to share with :-) & that shirt is really cute !! :D I'm guy but I'll still wear it tho :D
: i think since her name is Y'ara, she should look a little more 'voidey' like Morgana?{{item:3512}} great idea tho
I've chosen the name Y'ara to give it a more mythical meaning to the name, not necessarily void-like. But now that you mention it, I do realize that only void creatures' names contain apostrophes.
: *"And sometimes you just want to play top and not jungle or supp, or whatever."* This exact mentality keeps a lot of players in Bronze =)
Yeah, for that exact reason I put the following in my topic: >Pick Order is one of the most common sentences you'll hear during Ranked. The higher you are in the team, the higher priority you have on calling your lane. This doesn't mean that if you're first pick you should ignore everyone else and do whatever you want though. Talk to each other, find out each other's preferences and work something out that makes everyone in the team happy with what they're doing. Don't stick with just one champion. One of these days that champion is going to be banned during a match, or somebody else on your team takes that lane that you always play and you're left with nothing. Get some experiences doing multiple things. Even if you hate playing support, give it a whirl. Who knows, you might actually like it, and even if you don't it will have given you an insight into the play style of supports. It's good to be able to look at things from different perspectives.
Wasabi375 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xaladon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lWrcBAzY,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-02-13T21:03:29.823+0000) > ***Report Feeder*** maybe rename it to *Report Flamer not Feeder*. It feels like a better name. +1 I really loved your text. Great advice. My only concern is that the people who should read it, will never see it because it is too long for them to bother :/
Good point, thanks, I'll go do that. And I know, like I said, I just hope this post will become popular somehow and people will actually know this exists and read it.
Łykán (EUNE)
: Project *Any Champion* would be a bad ass !! :D & 1 more thing .. I love your T-Shirt :D
Have you seen my post on the fanmade Project: Quinn? Also.. I think I might have a pic of my shirt... If I do I'm adding it to this post. (BRB) Edit: Added.
Dame (EUW)
: I don't care about down votes(they're just like flame, everyone have opinion, too bad, I don't give a fuck about it). Since you write those long post, you probably doesn't understood yet, that I just troll, I don't read long texts, but imao you probably don't even know what game are you playing, speaking from "teamwork" is like a fairy tale. > If someone is losing they're usually losing for a reason Feed/0drake/no gank or counter jungle/no push The first reason feed, the rest are useless team(well the 3th one basically afk), the missing "teamwork" doesn't even bats an eye, it's natural(unless with premades).
I know you are a troll, that's the whole reason I'm throwing facts at you to show how wrong you are and to point the prove I'm making with this topic. I've had plenty of matches where teamwork has one the game. People like yourself having a go at me for losing my lane. But guess what, the moment I politely asked them to stop and they actually did, I suddenly won my lane. > I don't read long texts Yet you're quoting me. If you like being a troll so much, at least do it right.
Dame (EUW)
: Well that topic just proves, that that's the game, where being toxic actually worth it, since you can make loots of sad faces/ragers&flamers/QQ players/QQ topics. Also I never said that I'm toxic in game, and since I never got any cr, rr or ban in game, It's very unlikely that I'm toxic. There are much fails in your post. First usually my "teammates" ruin my games, and with that they try to ruin my fun by being not only useless most of time, but also feed the shit out from every lane, from my point they're toxic. Also to play a "teamgame", you need players who worthy being called "teammate", but sadly most of time they are missing.
You need to keep in mind not everyone is a professional and that's the whole purpose behind ranked. You might call someone a feeder when they're simply not so good and aren't dying on purpose. It is then your responsibility as their teammate to help him. If you lose, you lose and you both lose LP. But if you're better than that other player, you might win your next match and he will lose his. In the end, better players will be able to be more valuable to their team and reach higher tiers. If someone is losing they're usually losing for a reason, that being their opponent is better than them or their team is assisting their teammates better than your team is. All in all, they earn their victory and that has nothing to do with your teammates being 'useless' as you call it. You say you are honorable, but honorable players accept defeat fairly and won't call their teammates worthless. Toxic doesn't mean someone is 'feeding', it means you are showing improper behavior towards your allies. Also the fact you have downvotes shows that people disagree with you.
Xaladon (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Y'ara, the Pulsing Archmage
I've made a fair couple of updates to my post including a little bit of tuning and I've added a changelog.
Dame (EUW)
: I'm a honourable player, yet I find fun being toxic.
I'm sorry but if you enjoy being a toxic player I don't think league is the game for you. It's a team game and if you enjoy ruining other people's matches then this post was made exactly for people like yourself. I hope you will understand and reconsider your behaviour. We should all be having fun, not one person enjoying ruining other people's fun.
: Report feeder! Little story to that one. I played Teambuilder with my friends yesterday and got a plat duo botlane against us (my friend was B2, i was S4). We saw that plat player having a diamond icon from S4 though, so we were kind of scared at first. This duo was pretty good and we farmed at our tower constantly. After 2 or so deaths from the ADC (i played support) our toplaner started complaining about him feeding. We told him to shut up and concentrate on his own lane, we got enough problems with that higher skilled players on bot and did not need a flamer. If he had continued flaming we would have lost in an instant. Instead he really stopped and we managed to hold our t1 tower for about 15 minutes. We even got a few kills on them and their jungler. In the end we lost, but I am sure that we improved a lot in this game (especially because this enemy graves poked the hell out of us every time we misspositioned). TL;DR: Flamer -> team will lose and won't improve based on mistakes made No flamer -> even if you lose you learn more than with a flamer
As I mentioned in my post I have similar experiences but I didn't want to go into too much personal detail. You're definitely right though. Flaming only makes it worse and when you actually stop and work together is when you have a far higher chance of winning matches.
Coltzanos (EUW)
: Nice idea! but honestly i feel like the instability passive needs more tuning, having to get 100 autos down before an ability sounds hard, maybe 25 - 50 stacks maximum? just my opinion I'm maybe wrong here
If you read more closely you'll see the following: > Each auto attack grants Y'ara 2 (+1.5% of AP) charges of Instability. If Y'ara has 636 AP, each basic attack will grant Y'ara 11 charges of Instability. Charging early game will be rough but charging late game will be a lot easier. Though you are definitely right and Instability will need tuning. Perhaps it could diminish over time and make it a bit stronger early game. I've also made it so that Resonance doubles the Instability gain whilst it is active.
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Łykán (EUNE)
: I hate Vi but these 2 skins must be added to the League !!
Vi is one of my favorite champs (I own a Neon Strike Vi T-Shirt that I wear as much as possible), though I wouldn't be extremely hyped for these 2 skins. Jade Fang looks nice, simply not my cup of tea. Full Metal Vi I find a bit too streamlined. Vi is a rough champion and this skin just doesn't seem to do her right. The idea is cool, though even if the skin were fine tuned a bit, you'd still have Neon Strike, which is fairly similar. Full Metal also wouldn't really contain the lighting on the armor, so it would edge more towards a 'Project: Vi' title. I do think it's bad ass though.
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Karmoon (EUW)
: It looks brilliant. But it'd be best as "Project: Quinn". Mecha tends to be used for skins where they are completely robotic - like Aatrox, Malph, Kha'zix. Full metal is when they are totally encased in metal, as in Mantheon, Rammus. But yeah, great skin idea - and that picture would make for a brilliant splash art.
Oh, very true, I completely forgot about the 'Project:'-skinline. I'll edit that in.
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