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ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Cho'Gaths Ultimate does 650 (+50% AP) (+10% Bonus HP) We're going to assume he has 6 stacks and the following build: {{item:3111}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3083}} {{item:3001}} That is a total of 3210 Bonus HP. Activating {{item:3193}} will increase that to 6420 + 1934 from base health = 8354 Bonus HP. Cho'Gaths Ultimate would then do 650 + 835 = 1485 True Damage. That looks a lot, but remember this is at **Full Build**. Something that rarely happens due to the short duration of most matches. If we trim the fat and assume he doesn't have {{item:3083}} {{item:3001}} yet, then his Ultimate drops to 1255 True Damage.
Why doesn't the active of {{item:3193}} reduce his damage like it says it does?
: No oneshot, he auto attacked first {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
I saw that he attacked first but the point is, why is that damage even allowed? I mean, even as a marksman with 10 or even 13 stacks I can't do that kind of damage.
: Maybe watch the pros when they're playing vs chogath. Even then a few tips would be:. 1. take % health damage items like {{item:3036}} and {{item:3153}} 2. pack hard/slow cc like a Morgana Q, Sejuani E/R, Ashe W/R, Rumble E, etc. to cc him and kite him. 3. ban him yourself if you or your teams are struggling to play against him. 4. pick him yourself....? Your comp doesn't really have the above but then again Xerath could use his E stun vs the chogath (instead he ultied in that fight). Shen already used taunt (and missed) and blitz used his cc. Chogath didn't even have flash to gap close because he used it to get over drake pit wall at the start of the fight. I didn't even see you used your Q either to try and get away.... also im not entirely sure why your flash was down just before a fight. Not to mention you're team is trying to contest a drake while behind and against a Chogath with ulti... Given the map situation i'd say run it down mid with the massive wave there or run at baron (with your own mountain drake) and try and burst that down with the 2 adc's instead of trying to contest a drake which is 100% not going to be yours and will likely get your team caught vs an alistar Also you're playing kindred - a weak jungler given the current meta - if you were playing something like a gragas or sejuani you could easily disengage that fight yourself and your team lives.... lets also not forget that when playing vs a katarina - hard cc works just as well. This is more of a team draft issue but even so you can only improve your own play so hopefully these points will help :) I'll also be streaming later today - currently doing a silver to platinum climb as support but i'll go over general things in the games as well which might help you climb and improve :)
I wasn't talking about our comp although I very much appreciate your input. I like playing champs that I like, not really what is in Meta right now. It doesn't make sense to me to have to pick from a pool of 20 when there are more than 100 to choose from. Perhaps I'll never make it to gold but at least I can have fun where I am. The funny thing about this game was that we were far in the lead. A problem with being in the lead at the beginning is that the team gets cocky often and I guess I didn't realize that Cho could do so much damage.
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Xanieron (EUW)
: Mastery Emotes
I didn't say spamming. I simply want to know the rating of toxicity before and after. Of course if Riot is a true company it will not reveal that simply because it doesn't want to look bad if the rating is higher. But also they may have not thought to consider that. An easy, but indirect method of determining that is to consult the number of toxic reports before and after the establishment of Mastery Emotes.
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Scandee (EUW)
: It is true yeah.. But evreyone makes it a steriotype that Solo que is 1v9.
HAHA! I never thought about that. But I did recently discover that most "solo" players are actually playing "duo". So in this case it would be 2v8 LOL.
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Drakthaar (EUW)
: Kindred
This happens all the time. I am actually going to make another discussion mentioning some bugs.
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CLNinja (EUW)
: Snare yi early and stun warwick, problem solved. 5v1 Garen...penta kill?
Stun warwick during his ult? Ok but what about when he can regain 3/4 of his life with one q, or every hit heals him and all he needs is tank and attack speed items. That would take a crap ton of stuns. He's not unkillable, just broken and so is Yi.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xanieron,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=29AkBQxe,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-09-10T21:09:50.354+0000) > > Still I have to ask myself what is REALLY going through the minds of the developers when thew make/ adjust these champs. I mean like seriously... mmmm, teamplay I guess... one just cannot beg for nerfs after playing soloq, where is low team-work and low counter-picks.
Hahaha, This comment is in direct opposition to Akalith who states it's about personal performance and not team work
Encrux (EUW)
: So basically, you almost explain how to climb the ladder by yourself already. But then I don't get why you ask me how I was able to climb the ladder. I'm gonna try to make this as clear as possible: climbing the ladder =/= becoming a better player What this essentially means, is that you **have** to lose games in order to get better at the game. You're not going to correct your mistakes if you don't do any(or in most cases, pretend not to). This goes especially for learning new champs, or in this case learning how to counter champs(which is the same in some cases). The most difficult part about this is probably the patience you need and the ability to endure a 5 game losing streak. And yes, you may even get demoted from your division/league. How did I climb? I didn't always have a 50% winrate. Most of the time I played ranked, I pretty much always had a winrate just above 50%. Something like 52-54%. I often reached a point where I was not able to climb any higher, simply because I felt like I wasn't good enough(at the beginning I also thought it was my teammates' fault). Now I reached Diamond5(already dropped from Dia4, because I wanted to learn new champions), which most people in a similar situation as me would probably call "elo hell". At the moment people are as good as me, which basically means I have to improve before I can advance. To the teammates aspect: I don't wanna explain all of this over and over again, so I'm taking a different approach this time. nomoiman did a full explanation on why it's your fault you're not climbing the ladder. He took a mathematical approach to this and if this doesn't make things clear, I may even be out of answers: > [{quoted}](name=nomoiman,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=UYEgFM0I,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-10T18:36:53.091+0000) > > Here's why it's most likely your fault why you are not climbing and why you cannot blame your teammates for losing games. > > In every game you have 9 variables and 1 constant.You are that** constant**. So if your winrate is below 50% that means you are doing something wrong. > Because if you did everything right you would win more than half your games. > > Why? > > Because if you don't afk, rage, or feed that means the enemy team has a bigger chance of having someone who does this. > You see, the enemy team has 5 potential afk while your team only has 4, since you know you will not afk. > The enemy team also has 5 potential ragers while your team only has 4, since you know you will not rage, > and the enemy team also has 5 potential feeders while your team only has 4, since you know you will not feed. > > It's true that luck plays a part in soloq, but as long as you make sure that you don't afk, rage, or feed you will automatically have a bigger chance of winning than everyone who does at least one of these things. > If you do any of these things in a game and then lose, you can't blame anyone other than yourself. Sorry but this is the truth. > > I just feel like not everyone has realized this and believe that is why ''elo hell'' is a common belief. I am open to critique and would love some opinions on this. > > ------ > > > FURTHER EXPLANATION BELOW (NOT NEEDED) > > Ok, too explain this further, let's flip the scenario. Let's imagine there were 9 constants every game and only one variable. This time you are the **variable**. > > Let's pretend **everyone except you** fed **every single game**. And you only fed sometimes. > > That means **every game you didn't feed**, 80% of your team would feed. And 100% of the enemy team would feed, **because you aren't on their team.** > > Now, if the whole enemy team were feeders, and all your teammates were feeders, you could easily carry because you would be fed as a stuffed turky and would destroy the enemy team 1v5. > In other words, you would have 100% chance of winning that game. > > However, every game you **did** feed, 100% of your team would be feeders, and 100% of the enemy team would be feeders. This means you would be equally matched and you would have a 50% chance of winning that game. > > Basically, > **if you always fed**, you would have a **50% win rate** and never get anywhere. > **If you never fed**, you would have a **100% win rate** and never stop climbing. > Basically you would be [Fabbbyyy]( > > What this proves is that although you could (with a little luck) get to diamond by feeding every game, the only **guaranteed **way to get to diamond would be for you to be a good player. Which means, if you rely on luck to win your games **you are a bad player!** So if you read through all of this and you're still of the opinion that your teammates have such a huge influence on you climbing the ladder, you better come up with some **really** sick arguments. Looking forward to your reply, Akalith
I think you misunderstand me. I have no lack of comprehension on your opinion and that of nomoiman, I simply think, well for starters, the statistic used is quite skewed and, just in general, the logic is flawed. What you are attempting to explain is the ability of one player to win an entire game alone; that is quite literally incorrect. This is especially flawed when you consider that the entire game is based on team play. Even the ranking system is based on team play and has no bearing on individual performance. It is true, however, that, considering you are the constant, you can increase your chances by following the advice of nomoiman. However, your rating and my rating and so many other players ratings, are proof that this advice, coupled with a lot of chance, cannot get your win/lose ratio too much higher than 50%. This is a problem. How can a game, so focused on team play have such low chances of winning? And what's more, your logic or nomoima's logic seems to focus on the individual, which means that the game is assumed to be an single-player game, but it is not. Therefore, the key to winning is self-improvement, in tandem with team play. In most cases of Elo-hell, team play is absent. Indeed, it seems as though people think of self, thereby following your advice, and thus lose team play initiative. Did I make that clear? It cannot be argued that the team plays an extraordinary role in the winning or losing of a game, regardless of how fabulously you played. As someone who is very self-critical and always seeking to improve, I constantly analyze my performance and check to see if there are things I could have done better. Yet and still, I have a 50/50 win/lose ratio, this means there is a flaw in the above posted logic. This means that my chances of winning are just that, chance. Is it any wonder that the chances of winning are higher, significantly higher, in pre-made teamplay as opposed to solo-queing (by team I mean person pre-made)? These are the statistics that should be looked at. But even in this I do not deny that self-speculation needs to be done in order to prove individual performance as well. It is a relief to see you mention demotion, however. I just started ranking and I was ready to abandon because I would progress so far but then lose five or six games in a row; and I just got knocked down. I know sometimes I have bad days but this is ridiculous, I don't get worse overnight when I am dedicating hours on end trying to get better, reading articles, watching gameplays, asking suggestions on play styles, champ builds, runes and masteries, etc. Indicating that all this hard work will only give me a maximum 50% win ratio is, quite frankly, ludicrous.
: {{item:3075}}
Only good on someone who has enough health to back it up
Encrux (EUW)
: Yeah I do think that people with lower ranks don't know how to climb. I mean, it's pretty self explanatory, don't you think so? About half of the posts on this forum look like the one you wrote, talking about OP champs, bad teammates and so on.. If you really wanna improve, it should be common sense to assume that blaming your teammates doesn't make you play better. > [{quoted}](name=Xanieron,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=11gP7A7N,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-10T23:13:19.288+0000) > > I admit that I am not the best player in the League; although I am an excellent support if I am with a good ADC...which is kind of hard to find anyway This sentence tells me that you are not an excellent support player, but a decent one who plays well(doesn't tilt) if paired with an excellent adc. If you're an "excellent support player", then you should be able to play excellent even if your ADC sucks. And to come back to your main topic: There is tons of information out there that tells you how to beat those "op champs"(Yasuo isn't one of them FYI). It's up to you if you chose to be the one working on yourself or if you want to be the butthurt diamond player stuck in whatever because he's getting held beck by external factors all the time. I've been in your situation, thinking about quitting because I felt like the community was making me sick. OP champs and toxic teammates and such things until I realized what tilting means. If you start a game and play against Yasuo the game is basically predetermined to go in the enemy Team's favour since you decided to think he's broken. This game is actually more about your mindset and less about your overall skill. And since many people on the internet think you get everything by doing nothing, this forum is flooded with rant posts like these where people hate about riot, their teammates, op champs and everything else there is to be hated on this world. I'll give you that though: I also think my argument is not relevant, since I was stating the obvious and therefore making my post rendundant. I do think however that most people are too blind to see the obvious, which makes me want to open their eyes and maybe even change their minds. But that goes back to my talk about attitude. > [{quoted}](name=Xanieron,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=11gP7A7N,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-09-11T14:51:45.999+0000) > > Nice try though...
I feel that this reply ^ was more informative and less toxic than your previous;thanks for stepping it up. I believe that you may be reading too into words and not enough into meaning but I will admit that you are correct in that the game has a lot to do with mindset; It can be the determining factor in winning or losing a game. In my opinion Yasuo is broken, so we will just have to disagree on that matter, although even a broken champ can suck in the hands of a wrong player. > If you really wanna improve, it should be common sense to assume that blaming your teammates doesn't make you play better. It's not so much about improving as much as increasing in rank. I am always objective when it comes to things I did wrong or at least could have improved; but that does not make you win the game does it? It certainly helps but it is not a sure fired win. So tell me, if you are an awesome player, you rock your lane, and you are steadily trying to help gank or support and your team continues to fail, is that your fault? Does this mean that you deserve to lose the game and get stuck in the ranking? What about if your lane get's counter-picked? You play safe, but can't farm, you are calling for a gank for 5 minutes into the game but your jungler refuses to gank for one reason or another, consequently you lose your farm, lose a turret, and/or lose your lane. Is the refusal to gank on the jungler's part and causing you to lose your lane your fault? The obvious second question is a follow-up. What if the enemy is ganking every minute preventing you from farming, but your jungler still refuses to help, is that your fault as well? None of these scenarios are hypothetical, they are all real. So tell me Akalith, I see that you have an almost 50/50 win/loss average similar to me. How many games then, did it take you to get to diamond?
Raentwo (EUW)
: Take jax mid and wreck him. He doesn't really have a counter for jumping on his face, stunning him and smacking him about. Early sheen and he'll be dying pretty fast, and you're a Jax so you can go tanky but still do decent hybrid damage. Two trades and Yasuo will have to back or risk dying. Plus if you lose lane and he dives you you have a reliable stun. Riven mid also works. If you want a conventional midlaner then take Leblanc, can easily dodge his q and if he rushes you, you can just combo him and either follow up or back off. Also makes it hard for him to use windwall as her only slow moving blockable skill is her chain. This game is a lot about counterpicking and helping out your teammates.
Those are good suggestions actually. As I am a beginner in the ranked leagues simply because I saw no use in it, I am learning about counter picking. I like the teamplay aspect but solo queing in bronze, silver and even gold, I hear, is almost void of that. I was thinking of a system that is a hybrid of team and personal performance. This way, one does not overshadow the other.
Encrux (EUW)
: -.- .... Another one who thinks **SOLO**queue 100% about your teammates. League is probably the most balanced game at the moment, and something like op champs and stupid teammates are an excuse for people who reached the elo they belong(aka. the "elo hell"). If you keep up this mindset you won't find any success, in **any** MOBA. How does looking at your teammates make you play better? Answer this question for yourself.
I've had great success in DoTA 2 and Heroes of Newerth (at the time when it was good). I think your opinion of the elo that one is in is indicative of your lack of understanding the system in general and therefore not worth any more effort on my part to make a comment. As for your question about looking at teammates; this may be an elementary concept to you but most people learn by watching and doing... So Akalith, I'm not sure your argument is relevant on any count. Nice try though...
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Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
I mean, you're right Dardasim. Garen makes no sense. He is as broken as Yi and Warwick. Warwick takes 3 or more champs to stop him! There is no balance, but I imagine finding balance between champs in a game like this is insanely difficult. Still I have to ask myself what is REALLY going through the minds of the developers when thew make/ adjust these champs. I mean like seriously...
Mikeman007 (EUNE)
: Ryze Redesign
I don't think the rework is bad but his skillshot doesn't fit him. It's fun when farming or 1-on-1 but when there are a million thing around to hit like minions or ghouls or well anything he becomes useless. This is especially so during a team fight when there is minions, for instance in the base. None of his other spells even do close to the amount of damage his q does do when there are minions around the opponent simply hides behind them and wastes Ryze. He is the only mage that has this disability to my understanding.


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