: Not all the rewards are coming at the same time.
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Ratatouka (EUW)
: people are abusing clash's tier system
Story of my life. My personal experience: **Day 1** Diamond that solocarries 1v9 where all of his team went negative. Jax Bronze 1 that played a mechanically perfect match, had as much vision score as the support and participated in >65% takedows. Definitelly not smurfing, in my eyes. **Day 2** Diamond ADC that gets a "protect the adc" team comp and they take our nexus down by min 22. The rest of the games where hard fought, some won, some lost. But I see a trend here. Glad im not the only one. Rito pls fix.
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Xaring (EUW)
: They should attack whatever is nearest if zyra doesnt aa.
Here is another repro of the bug. https://plays.tv/video/5bcdbb7087073b3851/plant-does-not-hit-
: Yes, I think it's an intended feature that Zyra's plants target enemies she autoattacks
They should attack whatever is nearest if zyra doesnt aa.
Phyrz (EUW)
: Which ADC is better than Lucian atm ?
caitlyn.. And place lots of traps :)
: We need more complicated champions
Aurelion is actually one of the harder recent champs... Microing the passive and W(ant the transition between them) , as well as the E recharge, placing Qs, positioning... Its really fun to play, but he is not easy, not compared to many other champions.
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Tobazzz (EUW)
: Could you gift me 20 riot points so i can purshare one key ;)
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: Unjust loss of LP
Had this same problem.
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