Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I never flame if people do badly I give them tips and I'm friendly to them :) we are talking about retaliation. Is when u flame people who insult u
Riryz (EUW)
: permanent chat restriction is not a good punishment. it lowers the possibility of winning greatly. you are not able to communicate properly because of the restriction. yes it would eliminate toxicity but it would also drag positive players down by not having a way to communicate whenever they want.
Yes true, but that's their punishment and I don't think chat is too important in solo que. There are players in high elo who do not communicate at all because they carry the game or because they split push and cause an impact regardless. Also I think pings are a great way to communicate, it provides a lot of information of what your intentions are.
: IMO, no. Permanent bans aren't just handed out. Either you must've said something absolutely off limits to immediately get a permaban, or you have gotten two chat restrictions and a 2 week ban before that permaban. These should be enough indication that you need to reform yourself. While I understand the idea of permanent chat restrictions, I don't think these will help. Flamers will find another way to ruin games (intentionally feeding, following someone around for the whole game, ping spam or just end up afk) because chat restrictions apparently aren't enough of a wake up call for these players. Permanent bans should not have to be necessary. However, clearly the behaviour of players makes it so they actually are needed.
hello, thanks for replying, I think if they start to troll or feed or affect the gameplay in any way, they should get ranked restrictions or then get banned because gameplay toxicity can have an influence on the outcome of the game (win or loss).
: yeah ,after they flame a lot and got perma ban on account let's unlock them maybe they will do something good ,after they flame so much now they can't anymore flame or to say something ,what you say, i say that they will going troll ,and you will be responsable for this S**t ideea
I don't believe most flamers would troll, their intention is to win. If they are trolling or intentionally feeding, they should be punished and maybe then get banned because the gameplay toxicity can actually have an impact on win or loss. I they don't say anything, they can still win games.
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: Forcing somebody to take role what i cant play and then report him. I hate everyone who do that.
And I hate people like you, if you talking about ranked games Is very selfish of you to not able to support/adc and take any interest or doing research on how to actually play them. ADC's require kiting, macro and position (just to mention some) . ADC's who cannot kite at least are EXTREMELY useless if nobody protects you, depending on your elo, you might have a janna trying to flash into the enemy carry and make 'plays'. It looks really stupid. But you have to learn ALL 5 ROLES if you want to climb higher, look at diamond elo, every single diamond player can perform at least decent at every role. And you just play 3 roles. basically you are very selfish if you rely on your team to play adc/support for you.
Mavnorian (EUW)
: Is this sarcastaball field?
: did you also call them retards and noobs and idiots? be aware that i am silver 3 because of people like you
Why did u assume that I called names, I never do that to new players or people who play bad is just wrong. And the reason you're silver is because you haven't improved enough to reach gold.
: You really dont understand. Toxicity spreads around LoL community like a disease. We are exterminating everyone who has turned into a flamer/toxic. Thats how LoL community is kept less and less cancerous. Dont act like "you did nothing wrong". If you didnt, this thread wouldnt exist :)
If retaliating and standing up for myself is what's considered wrong then I guess I did. But this community is too ignorant to see past my retaliation and understand the situation itself
: what kind of tips are you providing for new players?
Back when I was silver, there would be some unranked players who would play ranked. While my team would flame them, I would advise them what to do, such as buy that, stay back, I would roam to their lane just to help them
: We understand why you get mad and feel the urge to let off a mean comment. This is completely normal, everyone gets mad at their teammates or the game in general. We usually try to avoid further arguments and relax in these situations. What we cannot understand is why you did not want to change your behavior. You've had warnings and punishments before. For some reason you ignored them and just continued with your behavior. Did you think the permaban was not going to come ? I don't get that, you should've really thought about your behavior and the consequences at some point.
I never get mad at my team mates, no matter what someone does, be it feeding, performing bad, going afk, losing a teamfight, is when you get people who wish you death is where I start to get emotional, because I was bullied a lot through my secondary school, I did think a lot about suiciding and when I say to this community that I'm standing up for myself and retaliating, im suddenly just getting downvotes and some hate, try to read my post till very end
RageFuel (EUW)
: > You see, I'm a very friendly person 1 line later: > fuckbags {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yes, I'm getting emotional when somebody wishes you death and I call them fuckbags, you want me to call them angels? I'm a friendly person if you get to know me, but you can go continue being judgemental like the others players here. Justice is real.
XaxaWoW (EUW)
: Perma banned <3
I just wanted someone to understand or sympathize with how I feel, but if you want to judge me and downvote this, you go ahead.
LordJohnP (EUNE)
: Well another banned for chat. Come on this is stupid. Ban the feeders, the intentional ones. I'm sick playing with such. They actually ruin the game. Toxic speech does actually nothing. You can just ignore it. But try to ignore feeders .... if you can. Well instead of doing stupid bans for a few words that does actually no harm, ban the real scums. RIOT you are idiots.
I understand you feel very frustrated when someone intentionally feeds but it doesn't affect you emotionally right? When somebody flames you, you get emotionally damaged. IT IS real damage to your ego and this is why I retaliate, as for intentional feeders, they don't affect my ego. Don't get me wrong.
: Tell me, how exactly does this: >but I have said lot of bad things that I prefer not to share ...and this: >You see, I'm a very friendly person, I'm extremely kind and I wouldn't be so 'toxic together? --- >when someone really is being so hurtful that I just lose it The actions of others don't justify your own, and neither... >Besides I can't show you the chat logs of my most games, in which I was being friendly right? your nice games change the fact that you were toxic in others. Being nice to people in some games, doesn't buy you a freepass to flame in others. >And what does it work? Muting? forcing me to mute Noone is forcing you to mute anyone. You are required not to be toxic in the game. How you achieve that, is your business.
I do not want to share what I said, but it doesn't mean that what I said is as bad as you think it is. I've said a lot of negative stuff and is personal, I do not want to share. How do they fit together? I'm a friendly person. Just imagine me in a game where my team is feeding or I'm playing adc and my support just feeds. What you expect me to do? Flame? No. Wrong, I would try to boost their moral and try to find out what went wrong. I'm never salty about it, we all have bad games, we all once were new players. You assume I'm toxic now aren't you? Because I'm a human and I have emotions when somebody makes you feel worthless and wishes you death. I'm toxic if I stand up for my self? I'm toxic if I don't let people walk all over me. This compare might be stupid too, but you are also considered evil if you let another country declare war on your country and you're trying to defend it.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Is not a very good comparison but you get the point. Ego affects the way you play, and for me, who I'm emotionally unstable, ego can make me feel very horrible and just letting people walk all over you, is just the most degrading thing.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: You need to realise that: 1. You don't need to "defend" from anything. 2. Retaliating doesn't bring you anything (apart from a ban) 3. Those guys who flame you don't last long, if you got caught, what stops them from being punished too?
Because sometimes the team would agree with the toxic player, kind of like in a school where everyone sticks up with the bully and is just me reporting them, as if it means anything. Or I'm not even bothered to report them or I just forgive them. Forgive someone who wishes you death threats.
: ***
Have you read my post? because you clearly didn't. I know there are lot of players they get banned and they don't want to admit that they were flaming, but I only 'flame' if u want to call it when i retaliate or stand up to myself. Flaming is more used when you blame your teammates because you are losing or because they are playing badly, which I never do because I was once a new player and I also have bad games.
: >You see, I'm a very friendly person, I'm extremely kind and I wouldn't be so 'toxic Care to post your chatlog to prove that? >Is like walking down the street, getting stabbed by someone with a knife, fighting him to defend yourself and the law says you're perma in jail for fighting back. You are allowed to defend yourself against an attacker in a RL situation because it WORKS. Flaming back to people in an online game DOESN'T WORK.
I'm not going to post anything, not because I do not have proof, but I have said lot of bad things that I prefer not to share, and I only say bad things when someone really is being so hurtful that I just lose it. Which is how I got banned. Besides I can't show you the chat logs of my most games, in which I was being friendly right? And what does it work? Muting? forcing me to mute just because someone is being toxic to you and is not even effective, thats all im going to say, I know i sound mad, but you could try to understand, I had enough
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: no i'm not, i'm just proving how oversensitive this entire community is #FACTS to every hater, thank you for your attendance :3 you were good little pets, i'd give you a present for xmas, but I'm broke now maybe next year if you are still good :D
meowsuo (EUW)
: Don't think too much about it, they just want to get to you. They would say anything as long as it makes you feel bad. Boosted and Ebay account are just "IN" right now, i would say. Just forget them and concentrate on the good things in League. And if you feel like you can't play another game, just take a break, League won't run away. You can always play later when you feel better and when you got these goofs out of your mind. Good luck with your next games. {{champion:157}} meow
meowsuo (EUW)
: They just want to flame you. How they do it and what they say doesn't matter for them as long as it insults you. Don't try to reason about stuff like this, you won't get far. {{champion:157}} meow
thanks, im actually so tilted right now, it makes me play even worse even tho my usual performance is really good
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: ***
I can tumble out of leona perfectly but you can't just farm and let Caitlyn auto attack me for free, her rework makes it even harder
Emillie (EUW)
: Implying Vayne has counters. lol
She does have counters early game, but late game she can 1v1 anyone i guess, except draven probably
: > [{quoted}](name=Stell,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=mbFWOvgb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-11-19T12:13:05.910+0000) > > Everything's easier said than done. > "why you have 4 deaths and only 40 farm in 10minutes" > How about you take in consideration what has happened in this game so far instead of just looking at the stats and compare them to the optimal stats on paper. 40 cs for 10 minutes should trigger Leaver Buster leading to temp ban for AFK.
I was being zoned, do you read english?
: So you told nami to wait till you get items, so you can start farm? How do you get thouse items without farm , LOL:)
ok, bro, I should have gone greedy for farm and donate myself to caitlyn and leona, nice one, ur a troll
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: Most people dont actually complain, when mid champion takes enemy tower, instead of following their opponent. If that is the case , report the flamer. However, if you just stay at mid and just farm, while your opponent is roaming, you are really really bad. This type of bad, that you have no place in the league, or in any other teamplay-based game.
Im playing Veigar, i think farming is quite important here
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