: > Zhonya's got nerfed again (don't tell me 10% cdr can compensate for 30 AP and 30 seconds cooldown on active). You'd be surprised... It's not these changes that make it compensated... It's the cost. It's much cheaper and has a nicer build path now so it will be easier to buy and faster to buy which more than makes up for some lost stats (actually it's even more cost efficient now).
Yeah, but it's still 2900 gold. And if you choose to build it as first item (you're against Zed/Talon), you lose damage and mana = you're gonna have a bad time against your opponent. Also, 70 AP is pretty low for a final-build item... You won't sell Zhonya to buy something else with more AP since the active is still useful, then you will lose damage in mid/late game.
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Achmore (EUW)
: Want to see skins in champ select
Yes please, this way I can dodge instantly when I see a Battle Bunny Riven.
Sevre (EUW)
: Cleanse
> Why does Cleanse not remove Ignite ? ("Removes all disables and SUMMONER SPELL DEBUFFS affecting your champion and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds.") Actually it removes ignite DoT.
: Why did you accept his friend invite?
I was curious about what he was going to say. I admit I had some fun reading it, but the real problem is that there are people who don't have fun at all reading somebody raging at them.
Rioter Comments
: EUW Down?
EUW down? What a news, it never happened before! Okay, it's getting ridicolous. Can we fix EUW for good? I'm tired of having issues like twice in a month.
: So it's the server problem if you lag ... ooooookay
So it's my problem if EUW is down for ~3 hours... oooooookay.
I'm afraid Maokai is gone... Morello needs something to feed the fire.
: Riot Servers
I think EUW will die again. Tomorrow. 100%.
Rioter Comments
RabbidLnk (EUW)
: Victorious Skin Question
If you win at least 10 games with your team, you'll get victorious skin and your season 5 gold icon. Of course, loading screen borders are different for SoloQ and Team Ranked: you'll get silver border for SoloQ, and gold border for TeamQ.
March thread. I thought you sent it through Internet Explorer.
: The problem I see with this is twitch`s lategame, imagine he got stacks on 4-5 enemies and he kills 1 squishy, that means he can reactivate the ability again to deal 800+ damage to all enemies with just his E
800 damage??? Lategame E is not that good, to be honest. You won't still deal 800 damage to a single target, not even with 900 AD. Meanwhile, Kalista is allowed to do the same for no cd and like no mana cost, while having free mobility on AA. I mean, Twitch could really use a buff like this. He is squishy, he is really easy to catch (no mobility at all) and actually has a bad earlygame that allows you to destroy him.
Liszten (EUW)
: Azir and his state in the game
Azir is facing an identity crisis, as always. He is supposed to be a lategame APC, but he is a poke mage, a burst mage, a lane bully, and an auto-attacks-based mage too. Also, he has a stupidly safe laning phase that prevents you from shutting him down earlygame. Very high range on soldiers, his skillshots are really fast (try to dodge Q, good luck with that), he can easily avoid a gank thanks to his E and his ult makes him nearly unkillable. A good Azir has almost no counter. He can farm even if he is under his turret, he can poke you under your turret and he can remove your wards from 2000 units as well... And lategame, he will delete your team while remaining safe thanks to his ult and range. He is similar to Vayne... Supposed to have a bad early and a great lategame, but actually he is decent early and a lategame monster. Biggest issue? You can't even win earlygame.
: Again. We need 5 bans and 1 for each player
You are right. I usually ban Fizz, Skarner and Garen, but I also want to ban Vayne, Kayle and Xin. I mean, there are too many OP champions after 5.16, 3 bans are not enough. Nerf sated devourer or give me at least one more ban.
Kauski (EUNE)
: i think annie tibbers can do it aswell, game mechanics, nothin else. not broken
Annie tibbers can be killed/cc'ed. Azir can kill wards easily, and you can do nothing to stop him, except cc'ing him from 1500 distance. Good luck with that.
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Thats kind of the point tho i guess, it is supposed to be annoying, otherwise ppl would not care as much. I mean, you can already just do something else for 10min or so outside of league, but league is off limits during that time.. What i find a bit meh is that if we play a game together, i get the same treatment as you, meaning i cannot do anything in league during that time. (could be wrong, i only played 1 game with a person who had that LPQ ^^)
> I mean, you can already just do something else for 10min or so outside of league, but league is off limits during that time.. Sure that I can spend 10 mins doing something else, but if someone writes "hello" in chat, I can't even reply because muh window block. >What i find a bit meh is that if we play a game together, i get the same treatment as you, meaning i cannot do anything in league during that time. (could be wrong, i only played 1 game with a person who had that LPQ ^^) Almost forgot! You are not wrong and that situation is annoying too. A guy with LPQ can make 4 people wait for 10 mins as if they have LPQ...
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Maslacak (EUNE)
: please , learn to read.. only the target he kicked takes the damage , the squishy you kick the tank into wont take the bonus damage - so not the champion the target collides with... the target you kicked! "Every time the target collides with an enemy champion, the** target**"
Please, learn to understand. >Every time the target collides with an enemy champion, the target also **deals** 15/18/21 % of their bonus health as physical damage. "The target DEALS", not "the target takes".
The TabIe (EUW)
: CertainlyT didn't give mordekaiser dashes
Yet he called Mordekaiser "unhealthy". {{champion:429}} {{champion:157}} I mean, better gut Morde's solo laning and leave Kalista the way she is... Too much fun laning against her, definitely.
: R change is simple : reward good plays instead of flash R engages. If they lower the base damage of the R bad lee sin's wont 1v1 you everyday without damage items. Good Lee Sin players however will get rewarded for aiming a champion into another champion and considering the damage on R is taken down, you will need to kick the right guy at the right time in the right direction. Also using R like that doesnt allow you to kick squishies into your team which is the most important aspect of lee sin as a jungler with crazy mobility to pull that off. During team fights however you now can elect to do damage to squishies by kicking the tank into them. As long as the damage is tuned correctly it shouldn't be game breaking because you need alot of luck to be able to pull that off.
>Also using R like that doesnt allow you to kick squishies into your team That's the point: now you don't even need to kick people into your team. You can randomly kick a tanky champ on the enemy ADC and still deal an insane amount of damage. >As long as the damage is tuned correctly it shouldn't be game breaking because you need alot of luck to be able to pull that off. I don't think so. During fights, if we're not talking about LCS, we have a frontline and then we have carries behind. Kicking someone from frontline is not risky and with this new buff Lee can deal a lot of damage with a single, unavoidable spell.
: The buff is only rewarding if he hits a tank in a squishy which is not easy unless you flash for perfect position and the enemy team lags and doesnt move at all and even then if you needed to flash wouldnt it be better to just hit the squishy anyways?
Nope, now you can just kick the Sejuani with 4k hp into the enemy team, hit a squishy target with her and deal something like 3/4 of the squishy HP. It just makes no sense... He doesn't need buffs...
: now even more ppl gonna play him... having to face him in 2/3 games wasn't enough
He was considered overloaded for years; he really needs some buffs. :( You know, Riot Balance Team.
: But that is only when you hit a tank which isn't your target, you want to get the carries out of position and they don't get bonus health.
But still, does Lee Sin need a buff? I don't think so, he has always been picked in LCS. No matter what meta is currently dominating, Lee is always there to make you cry.
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The TabIe (EUW)
: Annie needs buffs
I also propose to make her stun you if you hit her with AA when her Molten Shield is up.
Rioter Comments
: xD I love Riven hate. People can't handle her mechanics xD
Yeah, hard mechanics based on animation cancelling, which is actually a sort of "bug". Typical Riven main detected. Do you already own Battle Bunny Riven?
: Riot, please give us more than 3 bans each...
Or let me ban items, so I can finally ban Devourer and not Shyvana/Kayle/Jax. Seriously, with this new item I need at least 6 bans.
: Please help with Tahm Kench's Devour/Regurgitate combo trolling on allies
It should work like Thresh's lantern, Kalista ultimate and his own ultimate: he opens his maw, you right click, gg he swallowed you. If you don't want to stay there anymore, just right click. But you know, Rito...
: well and trolls and infinite new beginning full of squishy and crispy new victims.. I mean if you behave well.. like nothing happens, then its okay, but if you proove you didnt change, banhammer comes down with a force so, I would assume this works that way to avoid kinds "burner" accounts only for trolling that get made and discarded fast
Wait: if you have never flamed on a new account and you have 60+ games without a single report/warning (I don't really want to ruin new players' games), I don't get why ban for 14 days instead of just giving restrictions for the first time. On my smurf account, I flamed a smurf who believed he was too good, while he was only getting fed playing against new players and harrassing me for playing "the noob champ katarina", because in his opinion "i'm not even able to play that noob champ". He flamed as much as I did, but he just started saying "report kata pls", and that's k, that I could get some kind of warning or a few games of chat restriction. But nope, they did nothing with him, yet they banned me for 14 days. Just why? Because i flamed a single guy in a single game? Or perhaps because they really track IPs? As I said before, I don't want to get unbanned, I want to know why there are so many 14-days bans in these days. After all, I've never seen so many bans in 2/3 days... Maybe they are really changing policies or punishments.
: The story of either an angry rioter or a very unlucky and coincidental tribunal failure
I have been banned too for 14 days on more than 2 accounts in 2 days. On my main account, I've got a message about how my behaviour was getting better despite the fact I've got 2 chat restrictions this season (35 and 75 games), but then I had a really bad game with a bad Ezreal, and I flamed him. I don't think I don't deserve punishments, I don't just understand why a 14 days ban and not another chat restriction. But the funny thing is that, after this ban, I wanted to get lv 30 with my "smurf" account. I played some games, and I had a bad attitude in one, the game that got me banned. I have never had warnings or punishments on that account, yet I was banned for 14 days with a single game. I was thinking about IP tracking or something like that, but I've never seen cases like this in more than 1 years of playing. So, I would really like to know what is going on. I'm not a saint, nor an angel, and I'm really sorry for my bad attitude, but I want to know if there are changes on policies about toxic players. But this is EUW board, I doubt we are going to get some attention from Riot.
: Pls fix euw server-.-
As always... When did we have our last issue with servers? A week ago? This is getting ridiculous... Fix these servers, it's really frustrating how they actually work. Ghost games, connection issues, random dcing... I don't even remember how much time ago I saw a thread about connection issue on NA boards... They almost never have similar issues...
: An Irelia balance discussion
The real problem for me is her passive. Lategame, when she is tanky and she can oneshot squishy targets, she has almost no counterplay because if she builds Zephir/tenacity boots, she has about 75% tenacity and you can't even counter her with CCs. They should lower the percentage of tenacity when she's close to 3 or more champs... It's just stupid... Also, her 2 seconds stun is one of the longest and easy to land, 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5s would be a good change.
Sdars (EUW)
: Why doesn't Annie throw the bear?
I think they have to nerf Veigar even more. His new stun is way too unhealthy. But hey, let Annie deal 800 aoe damage and aoe instant stun with a single bullshit spell with ~60sec cd. "Buy banshee's veil!" Oh, she can also flash+W+R and still win the fight. Oh, do you want to talk about her cooldowns? 2 seconds on Q with 20%cdr? Or maybe about her scaling, or base damage? Everything about Annie is getting ridicolous. She can be 0 6 0 at minute 8, but once she hits lv 6 she can destroy you with 10AP. Don't even forget about her lategame, when she can literally kill squishy targets with no counterplay only by pressing F R W. Give her ultimate a cast time already.
: Disconnect Issues 19/6
99.9% uptime guaranteed, they said. Fix EUW already, we have issues twice a week...
Yeetº (EUW)
: Sinful Succulence Morgana rework/update
Say it to the magnificent Twisted Fate... 1820 RP, no effects, a bad texture... But I agree, that Morgana skin is just horrible... It isn't even worth 520, maybe 390. However, they should consider a rework for some old skins... There are legendary skins currently worth 520...
Petsho (EUW)
: Maybe someone on your team actually drophacked if the mid fed really bad :o
We were 7-11, not too hard for a comeback, so I don't think someone drophacked.
Petsho (EUW)
: If it actually is a ghostgame you obviously won't get LP loss, because the game doesn't exist anymore.
Yeah, I see... It doesn't even exist in my match history. Maybe it is not that bad... Our mid was feeding too hard. :p
Rioter Comments
: Server problems?
I can't reconnect to my ranked game... It says there is a firewall problem... Wtf?
Susîe (EUW)
: Considering it is her ultimate, no it's not a problem. Think before you shitpost. It wasn't really about veigar being strong overall, it was to introduce counterplay for a low CD spell (for AOE stuns).
Well, she can do it even with her W, which has a stupidly high base damage, an 85% AP scaling and a 5 seconds cooldown with 30% CDR. She can literally delete people with R + W, just flash in and press two keys of big-aoe spells. Are you going to fight? Annie will flash from fog, cast W (for someone who has banshee), charge stun and then press R to deal 9765876+ damage to everyone and cc an entire team for 1.5 seconds... Or maybe, not an entire team, ADC is already dead after W Q.
: Ekko passive retarded?
I don't understand why both a movement speed bonus and a slow... You can't just run away from him because of this OP passive... It's kinda frustrating.
SilentK (EUW)
: I hate LB but I think 1 second on her W might give too much window for her to be killed, meaning she would be forced to keep it for all-ins or escape, gutting her damage. I think a 0.5 sec window is more than sufficient for the normal player to react, you can see when she's travelling from W, giving you enough time to react and trade back. W/e the case, as she is now, she can Q W your face all day long and there is nothing you can do about it but wait her mana to finish, which is a retarded "counter".
>W/e the case, as she is now, she can Q W your face all day long and there is nothing you can do about it but wait her mana to finish, which is a retarded "counter". That's why I was thinking about a little rework to her W, making her a better "deceiver" and for sure a less annoying lane-bully. This way, my favorite champ will just be Kassadin 2.0: nerfed to oblivion because of her kit. A delay on W recast will probably gut her, considering she is too squishy and can be stunned with ease without W. You poke Lissandra with Q W, 0.5 seconds are enough to snare LeBlanc, cast E+Q and deal her a lot of damage, also because early game LeBlanc doesn't have low cooldowns.
: > [{quoted}](name=xImaginaerum,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JpFo4twO,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-06-07T13:38:50.388+0000) > > She is one of the most squishy champions in the game. Give her the Zed treatment, and she would be unplayable. You can't go back for 1s? Then Annie will just R W Q you for free, or you can also get a free poke even from melee champs. It's called counterplay, she can out-trade anyone within this window except perhaps Annie. The opponent actually gets to trade back damage isn't making her unplayable it makes it fair like every other champion. She's as squishy as every other mage except has a low CD passive that usually leads to escaping especially since the buff to it. You're calling Zed unplayable, maybe in bronze/silver as they have no mechanics but Zed is still insanely strong. LB is constantly banned as she takes literally no skill, give her opponents a chance to harass her back so she can't freely bully out of lane by pressing QW while not taking any damage.
I didn't call Zed unplayable, I said that LeBlanc with the Zed treatment would be unplayable, and this is why: in one second of cd, you are literally TOO CLOSE to your opponent to be a ranged assassin... In 1 second, LB can be damaged for more than the damage she dealt, and this is just not worth it. Imagine LeBlanc against Lissandra or Ahri: Q W, you deal 300 damage, then you will get cc'ed and gg, you got 350 damage. Worth? Not at all. And if you have to clear your wave, what can you do? Just stay inside minions' wave and wait your cd to go back? Free minions harrass.
: She simply needs a cooldown on going back to her W this just makes no sense.
She is one of the most squishy champions in the game. Give her the Zed treatment, and she would be unplayable. You can't go back for 1s? Then Annie will just R W Q you for free, or you can also get a free poke even from melee champs.
: Lulu
She is decent in solo-lane and she can counter a lot of hated assassins (for example LeBlanc or Zed)... As a solo-laner, she has a decent damage, good lasthitting and a lot of utility during fight; she is also really hard to gank, especially after lv 6. As a support, I don't know. Her latest nerf made her really hard to play in bot before 6... But she still has a lot of ways to save her ADC.
Rioter Comments
: Perfectly balanced? stop the crack.. I prefer her a support anyway. Also her dmg was insane 30ap in the bot and i could 3hit any adc except graves lol..Morgana aswell i'd love it if they made her a full support by buffing her shield and redusing the ratio on her Q maybe make the W a slow aswell .Could be a nice little change.
Are you really saying that Karma is... op? She has only one real damage spell (Q) and a shitty W you can break with one right click. Also, she is a skillshot-based champ... You can avoid her Q damage pretty easily in lane.
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