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: Listen dude. Skins come and go. I personally am a collector, got more than 1 skin on every single champ - but lemme tell you what, these victorious skins are MEH at most. 90% of the champions have a better skin option than their potential victorious skin would be (used graves once, maokai not even once - I prefer maffia and meowkai). The border - I told you about the "border on the go". Raise your MMR now, and in pre-season, get around P3 - so you can start P5 when the season begins, while winning 6-7 out of 10 provisional games. You will INSTANTLY get a border, of your CURRENT rank. Previous rank will be basically irrelevant - only the MMR will come into the equation. I'm telling you, nothing's lost. Season 9 will bring some pretty cool features, when it comes to ranked - you'll see :)
Oh ok man thanks for the information, where did you find all that information tho, cause the border during playing is pretty dope, never heard about it
: Oh lol. 4AM atm, Last time I failed this hard at maths I was semi-tipsy after graduation day. Excuse my error ! Still, keep a positive attitude, and try your hardest. LOL isn't a 1season commitment, your account should be important to you. Honor level or not, even if you fail to get it, the account is there, LOL isn't going ANYWHERE ( don't listen to the lol-dead game memes ) , you'll get it next year. They are implementing a "border on the go" feature anyway - that shows your current border. So previous achievements won't have that big of an impact any more. I really wouldn't worry about this that much. Play for fun, enjoy yourself, and keep a positive vibe - don't act against the TOS, you're not only hurting others, but messing with your acc, and yourself. Cheers
4am here too ;p but its fine, appreciate your comment and it's true what you saying, but i worked hard to get platinum, feels so bad to not get the platinum border and probably a skin =(
: Might be possible. Usually takes around 2-3 weeks / checkpoint, you need 4 more. In around 10-11 weeks the season should end. So basically you need to stay active on a daily basis, and be SUPER positive + perform well, so you get honored a lot (that's kinda how it works). You should be able to pull it off, but it'll be a pretty close call. Good luck !
Well its basically 5 more points? Im at Honor 0 CheckPoint 3 so next one will be Honor level 1, then i need 3 checkpoints + honor level 2, so in total i need 5 more lol. Literally impossible. I remember i managed to get from Honor 0 Checkpoint 1 to Honor 0 Checkpoint 2 within 11 days, but still, i really dont think i can do this ;S
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: There is no right answer here as that's going to change at each individual game, and it's all dependent on your interactions with other players. Definitely acknowledge when other players do something well though, even (as you said) a "Good job, we can win this" when you have a good team fight and you're behind can start to adjust some peoples attitude - or even if you're ahead for that matter. Positive encouragement and just all around being a good person is all you need to do. I like to crack jokes or make puns in my games too to lift the mood a little bit. It's just whatever you can do to make your team mates feel like you're a team, and not just 5 random people typing whatever to each other.
Ya but its cringe afterawhile if i gotta sit like that for every game for a half year to earn back my honor 2, and then one mistake in one game can make me redo it all, if u are toxic in one game out of 3 its obviously bad, but if u are toxic in one game out of 500 it shouldnt be a big deal, but it is due to their lovely system
: If you can play well with a positive attitude, it is definitely possible. Remember, youre more likely to get honored and have the system recognize positive behaviour if you encourage your team mates and be supportive with a positive attitude! Not typing can also work, but will be slower progress (in most cases). Playing on Summoners Rift gives more honour overall if I recall correctly, but I dont have the source available with me right now (fun and joys of being on an unfamiliar tablet - I miss my computer so much right now D: )
Do you have any tips what i should type during the game? "Good job, we can win this"? Or what would u recommend? I feel so demotivated, cause to 99% i won't even have time to reach that honor level 2 before the season rewards comes.
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