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Perilum (EUW)
: So you want a simple % damage multiplier for AA's? No thank you, that is a uncreative and bad idea.
One Question: What is the Critchance today? Right an pseudo random 200% AA dmg multiplier.
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Viavarian (EUW)
: If you know Lee Sin can oneshot you from brush, you shouldn't facecheck when you know Lee Sin is around. With all the vision on the map it's easy to keep track of the general area of each enemy champion. I also think people understand the importance of the heralds, it's just risky because the enemy can see you are doing herald and it's relatively easy to steal. But I do wonder if people get the importance of the ghosts, because many players never kill a single one.
The problem is that, when you dont know where lee sin is, you cant just walk around, cuz he can be right in the next brush and you dont have enough blue trinkets to reveal all brushes. In normal Summoners rift, you have atleast vision over 1/2 of your jungle, cuz your jungler was/is there, in HotBM he can be every where.
Afelers (EUNE)
: I figured using teleport is more efficient as i can use it to get behind enemy lines and 'backdoor' some spirits. Too bad most of the time i get silver/gold non-support mains and have to remind them to use their trinket :D
Ok, nice. Gonna try that
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: Ugh i hate that dog, just let that thing rest!
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TeeTohr (EUW)
: An item that can buff an adc at a long long range for less than 500 gold ? No way to balance an item like that, it would be way too op on some champs ! AND that gives the support the opportunity to be level 6 before everyone in the game ? If your jungler clear botside, you just stay in lane, push hard and use this 30 seconds window to collect the EXP. ----- Trying to change from the 1-1-1-2 meta is insanely hard ! Good luck if you try more things, maybe some can work
As i said my concept isnt perfect right now. The Buff is only for surviveability. Of course you should have an Adc who can farm under Tower. How does the Support would be lvl 6 before everyone? You can change the way the normal jungler gets the XP. For example: the Support Jungler can left Ghosts from the Monsters, so the normal Jungler dont have too much time for something else. And yes new rotations would be possible, but only if there isnt " the best" Rotation. Trade-Offs must be included in a concept like the Support jungler, so when there isnt a trade-off think off one. -Xipiz700
Allosen (EUW)
: > alone ADC in Botlane thats not good, he cant farm because he wil get poked to deathunless its caitlyn, or he will get killed with too much cc for 1 person. --- > how it gets boring that LoL is 1-1-1-2 Maybe you can play without jungle, 2 top, 1 mid, 2 bot, like in the "lvl 1 to 8" games. but even then, th enemy jungler will be fed af.
Thats why it gives stats that allows him to farm and sustain, while having no kill pressure. There must be always an option to counter it, so picking Lanebullies is the go to tactic against it. Im not the one who think its boring, but IMO their can be much more variance.
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IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: The concept could work, as long as the spirit couldn't go too far from the body. Sort of like a reverse Orianna. Otherwise you could just leave the body in a safe spot and fight with the spirit without risk. There should also be some delay when reentering the body so that you'd actually be forced to protect it. Maybe abilities as both body and spirit would be similar but using the spirit form would let you cast them from long range by walking up to the enemy. The spirit cannot be killed but if damaged it loses MP, and if it runs out of MP it can no longer protect the body. Relevant issue: what happens if Illaoi grabs the disembodied spirit or the empty body?
Yeah it would be necessary that the Spirit cant go to faar. There is definitely the Need of somesort of delay when switching forms. I think 2 different skillsets would bring more diversity to the feeling of the forms. Also that when the Spirit runs out of its HP it reentered the Body with a noticable delay. Relevant Issue Answer: It connects with only 1 of the disembodied Spirit or the empty body, but when the Spirit reenters the Body it connects with the normal form. Alright ty for commenting my Concept! :)
: Personally I don't think the idea itself is too bad, but it really doesn't fit league of legends imo
ok, what exactly brings you to your opinion?
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Terramos (EUW)
: I don't personally think this kind of pet should be an innitiation tool. It is weak compared to you it is more like an opportunity spell like the current version of the Ult. I tryed to give Riot and the community a clear noticement how this champion can and should be thought about. In the Lore He slays thousends and not rely on anyone or anything at all. He only rises his army to have them as numerical balance mostly. A surce for the lore of Mord in a nutshell:
Yeah as i said im not someone who played Morde, so you are the ! who can decide which is better. Sry i cant watch the vid now, cause im a Akali main and have to think over her changes. Hopefully someone from RIOT will see your opinion!
Terramos (EUW)
: IT must have the movement speed tho. Annie have the funky tanyk tibbers with slow speed, Yoric have his damage soacing summoner maiden. This Children of the grave is more like Shaco's clone on speed. I didn't mentioned his attack speed but nearly everything can be balanced with the speed of its attacks. if it is in a "vessel" it gains buffs and so on but I didn't had the patience to write every little part of it down. **I made mistake by not mentioning the 2 min cooldown**
Yeah it needs the MS, but the desicion he have to make shouldnt be like: Ok i have a pet, i use it. He (Morde) have to wait for the perfect seconds to summon his pet. I think the pet needs mechanics to gain the MS, so it is able to engage. I mean: Give Morde Options to both using the pet for engage or to finish, but in some Situation 1 should be better and so... you know what i mean?
Terramos (EUW)
: Rework Concept [Mordekaiser]
Definitely better than the shit he is right now, but im not a morde main, so............, but i think youve done great work. The Ultimate is to strong, it will be better when the Pet is remarkable stronger, when it haves the Body from someone.
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: Pick or ban shouldn't be the be all and end all of the game... you should be adapting throughout the game at everything that happens. This has been the case since league was released, you have to adapt to wards, plays, and everything like that. Dragons are no different you should have to adapt how you approach each one (and in fairness it's not like your put on the spot, you have 6 minutes). So if you pick a late game team comp you do so in full knowledge that you will give up dragons and during the game you have to adapt how you play based on which dragons spawn which is no different to reacting to getting ganked or anything that the enemy team does... the things which random dragons cause is things which happen every game anyway, there is a reason all item builds will have situational items.
Ist true what you say. BUT for a team a Lategamecomp is a bigger risk, cause when 3 Infernals spawn they have to contest and when they cant the Enemy is as strong as the Lategamecomp in the Late. I know that you have to adapt all the time, but when a decision in Pick & Ban decides which Team wins its bullshit. And so teams cant Pick a Full Lategamecomp in Esports, cause their Enemys are good enough to fully denie (dk how to write) 3 infernals. For the Earlygamecomp its a random Wincondition, you have to kill all Infernaldrakes, cause you dk which Dragons spawn.
: But having them be fixed creates two major issues. Firstly it creates a meta. Say one drake, let's use infernal for these purposes, is stronger than the others... then let's say infernal spawns around the change over between early and mid... champions who both can utilize this drake and spikes at the right time so they are the strongest when they need to be will be able to take them very easily and spike even harder... this means the meta shifts to champions who can match this description and suddenly the meta gets smaller than a random dragon ever will. Secondly the idea about multiple of the same types spawning is they counter themselves... if one team has an ocean drake then if the other team gets one then over all neither team gets an advantage. By having them be fixed this counter play becomes impossible, only 4 drakes can spawn over the course of a given game... one per type. This means no duplicates which also means this counter play which these drakes where built around would become impossible. The drakes would also be underwhelming... they are designed to be stacked so you need to make multiple plays over the course of a game to secure all 3 of a type to actually have near the power of the old drake system... that means that the Dragon buffs will need to be buffed immensely to have them worth contesting, which in turn means that there is a greater chance for imbalance which goes back to my first point. So it's not a perfect system but the downsides of a random system is a lot better than the downsides to a fixed system.
I know that they counters themselves, but i think the random factor is the big Problem. When Riot creates a System where Dragons where choosed in Pick and Ban it would be a lot better.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: 3rd infernal dragon multiplies your team's gold and stays forever enabling to win multiple barons afterwords. Contest anything in game. It even pushes your gold limits pass full item builds. It also multiplies your baron buff. :) just in case you didn't know, although baron is mainly about minions, not stats. Infernal gives more stats for carries. I'm not saying dragons are bad system. I'm saying that infernal stacking is a win condition, when it should be just additional power-grab as you are currently implying now. Just that 24% is way too much when something like 18% would be more than enough, imo. There are more problems with infernal. It forces losing team to make plays while it allows winning team to play passive. It's a death-timer ticking, and I don't think it's healthy for winning team to win by simply outlasting rather than pushing for victory, because some early/mid game decision alone. Sure, these should matter, and they do, but they shouldn't be critical point of victory on their own.
Barty (EUNE)
: You're right with your statement but I think you're wrong with your solution. Taking 3 infernal dragons takes much more coordinated effort than randomly taking one after a won teamfight - I don't feel like 2nd and 3rd should be weaker. But maybe showing which dragons will spawn **/in champ pick lobby/** would add another layer of complexity into picking team compositions...? I still don't get why Riot - after actively removing RNG factors - implemented random dragons. Because you're really right what you're stating.
Yeah maybe it isnt the right solution. All what Riot have to do is to negate that massively randomfactor. The can nerf the drakes themselves, but that makes them useless. I feel like, when Riot let peoples decide which Dragons spawns (Champselect) it would be a massive upstep. I know they have to create a good System, but when they have succes the Sytem wouldnt be a Randomfactor
: I was thinking of a scenario where one team takes drake, the other Tower(s) and CS.
I know, but when 1 Team have such a good early in comparison to the other Team, they have randomly the Chance to get even more ahead. Its true its all about the macro, but sometimes People just cant do anything beside to hope that not a Infernaldrake spawns.
Petrichor (EUNE)
: Accessibility
look at, with the new Client comes a Option to scale the Client.
: A team doesnt have to contest a drake when they can take towers instead. It's about making meaningful decisions and trade-offs.
Thats true, but i think some Drakes are to strong in the Lategame, so the active Team always take them, no matter what, cause taking Tower and Drake, but loosing some CS is worth.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Well, I like the idea that team who got a lot of dragons have additional win condition to their tool-set. But I don't like stacking one of the elemental dragons is a win condition of it's own, when others aren't. IMO infernal needs needs nerfs. Other than that it's cool.
Yeah im not vs. the System itself. I feel like having 24% mor AD and AP is too much. I think when they nerf the 2nd and the 3rth Drake to like +6% and +4% so when you kill all you have +18% its ok.
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L Xpecial (EUNE)
: Guess you didn't get the point of what I said. It's their fault for not having a mic (sometimes it might be money problems, yes, sometimes it's just laziness or idk), but Riot would give everyone an option to use voice chat and that's already fair... And I strongly agree with Najns > [{quoted}](name=Najns,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=G0urPxGY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-01T08:16:18.904+0000) > > But if they give everyone an option to use the voice chat, and if they know it will help them, it's their fault for not using it. > Just like with pings. Everyone can use them, but is someone doesn't wanna use tme, it's not their fault, and you shouldn't take away the pings from the enemy team if you don't wanna ping.
Ok i agree with the pings, but i think sometimes you just wanna relax at playing League and dont wanna speak with random guys. Yes Riot can only make Voice Chat in Rankeds valuable to create more Competetive Feeling. Yes dont have a mic is theire fault, but not the fault of the Team and they suffer about the fault of their Teammates. I think when 1 dont have a Mic. its ok, but when all Enemys have a Mic. and using the Voice Chat and youre only 3 or 2 ist already a lost game. My meaning is not to punish the mates w/ the mic.. I want to Balance such Matches. And yeah ist shit when you have 2 w/o mic., but better as an lost Game. You agree?
L Xpecial (EUNE)
: What? Hell no dude. Are you playing only League? All other games who have voice chat is meant for your team, and nowadays, most of the people have a mic, and if he can't use voice chat, he still has his regular chat which is a downside for him, not for anyone else (maybe a little bit for his team but still) Voting to use voice chat is stupid... Me, as a csgo player, will tell you that sometimes when someone doesn't have mic, it gets tricky to communicate with that guy since you can't write and shoot. But CSGO is different than League, you have to tell your teammate when to ult, when to switch focus etc. But other things when you're not in combat, such as Warding, taking a objective such as Dragon, nashor, turret etc., is easy to write it just like we are doing it right now. Also, there are some kids who don't want to use their mic (even if they have one) because of their tiny voice, so if you would 'vote' for voice, they would usually vote no...
But when Voice Chat is valuable all matches and you have a kid without a mic, the Enemy have a advantage. And the Vote is to make the Matches balanced in the communication. Its like when you playing alone with random Mates and the Enemys are a 4 Premate, You will say:"Thx Rito". I think in league we have a Lot of Kids w/o Mic
Najns (EUW)
: > but it would be unfair when One Team is using Voice Chat and the Other not. But if they give everyone an option to use the voice chat, and if they know it will help them, it's their fault for not using it. Just like with pings. Everyone can use them, but is someone doesn't wanna use tme, it's not their fault, and you shouldn't take away the pings from the enemy team if you don't wanna ping.
But to use the Voice Chat You Need an microfone. For the pings only a keyboard. And i think there is a big difference from pings to a Voice Chat. When you want to use the Voice Chat, but your Teammates dont, its not your fault.
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