: > [{quoted}](name=Xkøha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gq2Z2j6l,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-06T03:46:38.658+0000) > P.S - It also doesn't hurt to turn a blind eye to people who are just being a little bit toxic, If they aren't saying racist/sexist/ hate speech related stuff or aren't saying anything else than the normal "go end your life" or something about your mother than just ignore or mute them because like I said in the post we are all human and rage is a human feeling so in my opinion let it slip. And honestly if you get offended by someone saying something about your family than yes I would recommend uninstalling league of legends and any other online game, maybe uninstall every browser you might have on your pc because the internet is clearly not for you buddy. It doesn't matter if they use soft toxicity (depends what they say) or hard toxicity, toxic is toxic and there's no place for such a thing. Sure, you should expect that when playing a online game, but it doesn't hurt to use common sense, srsly. Sportsmanlike behavior is the key like in IRL sports, but it's not a thing here for the biggest part, sadly. I can mostly agree on the rest of your post tho. However, people aren't only leaving because of the community or the "unrealistic way of thinking", they're also leaving because the game simply became boring for some players. For example: - Meta champs are there for ages and it only changes from time to time. And if it does, only a few champs are affected - Damages are too high and you get killed in a matter of seconds (They're already working on a fix for the next 2 patches tho) - Some champs are staying in the shadows/spotlight for months and aren't getting any buffs or nerfs from riot (Hello {{champion:427}} !) - Players trolling, inting, flaming and botting in games which affects especially low elo players - Reworks - (insert more here) These are only some reasons I got from the NA and EUW boards, and they're not really lying. In fact, it's the truth for the most part. But I think it won't be there for too long. They removed gold funneling which was way too strong, so they can also fix other problems easily, hopefully. ~~I mean it's Riot we're talking about~~ PS: The automated ban system isn't really the best one. People can intentionally feed, flame hard without the K word and go AFK for days... no, weeks and they don't get punished.
I don't know if you remember reading it but I explicitly stated I have only been playing for a about a month. That's why in this post I don't mention anything about the game itself because I don't think I know enough about it to make a well constructed opinion because the only game modes I have played so far is CO-OP Vs AI , ARAM and a couple of normal games here and there, there is a lot of things I don't know about the game. I do realise that the community isn't the only reason why people are leaving , you just have to look at the boards and you see over 10 posts in the front page complaining about the game. But I appreciate your explanation on why they are leaving due to the game because i'm learning with it so thank you. PS: As you can see in the title, the post is clearly directed to the people who are leaving due to the toxic community. So it's only but natural to assume I won't be talking about the game itself. Have a nice day!
: > [{quoted}](name=Xkøha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gq2Z2j6l,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-06T03:46:38.658+0000) > > > P.S - It also doesn't hurt to turn a blind eye to people who are just being a little bit toxic, If they aren't saying racist/sexist/ hate speech related stuff or aren't saying anything else than the normal "go end your life" or something about your mother than just ignore or mute them because like I said in the post we are all human and rage is a human feeling so in my opinion let it slip. And honestly if you get offended by someone saying something about your family than yes I would recommend uninstalling league of legends and any other online game, maybe uninstall every browser you might have on your pc because the internet is clearly not for you buddy. That would mean Riot would require their players to have a working brain, but they made it clear over the years that they don't care about that, so get used to people inting without consequences but getting chat restricted as soon as you call them out on it
I'm not sure what to say to that but.. have a nice day! xD {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: You have been missled. People are quiting because game become COMPLETE SH*T. Hear me riot? Every aspect of your game now, is piece of garbage. Well, maybe design is ok. Lore was good before they copied Marvel Infinity stones, those are being world runes. Cmon, are you kidding me? The balance is THE MOST %%%%%%ed thing league players have ever seen. It is so not fun to play, even as a competative game. I love hard to win games, i even ok with loosing a really hard game. Now its just battle royale. Nothing more. Games are filled with toxic %%%%%%s, complete morons, SJW and other victims that i just did not exist at all. EVERY game there is a %%%%ING IDIOT that does COMPLETE SH*T. Just now i played with Tryn that was building AP-Tank-Atackspeed and feeding. And i can't say to him that i think he is a %%%%ing not even a human being? Free speech is covered by some mythical hate speech that this SJW Riot Game~~s~~ cought. Damn you Riot, you are misserible exuse for a game company, damn your game. You ruined it.
I'm not sure if you are being serious or not but I will answer you seriously. I have not been misled in anyway, because it's a clear fact that a lot of people are leaving due to the community being toxic, and that's why I made the post right? I know also for a fact that people are leaving because the game has "issues" but since I'm new to the game and since I don't have much knowledge about that matter I didn't write anything about it. To put it simply, people are leaving left and right because of issues with the game or because of the community or whatever, I decided to speak about those who leave the game because of the community. I hope we have come to an agreement here. Just because you have the right to free speech doesn't mean you have the right to be toxic towards people in damaging ways, words can be very destructive, and some people can be harmed/offended by them, I'm not saying that people should be punished just for calling someone a c!nt or a sh1thead because I personally believe that if you get offended by simple stuff like that than you should probably not be on the internet or playing a online game because all people do online is calling people names like that. And that's why I said in the P.S that maybe people should turn a blind eye to those kinds of situations and not report it, however harassing people by using hate-speech, racism or sexism ect should not be tolerated in anyway and honestly I think a 10 game chat restriction is not enough to punish that. Because sure you have the right to say anything you want but you do not have the right to use that free speech for harassment. As for the rest that you have said I won't reply to it, it's your personal opinion and I respect it even though I disagree a bit with what you are saying. Have a nice day and thank you for replying!
ChocoParis (EUNE)
: I am always sorry for intelegant players who are leaving the game. Even if I am disagree at some points I should admit that what you have written is accesable to everyone who wants to understand it. To be honest all team orientated games are like this, sometimes player's desire to win and prove how good they are is getting out of any control. This is why before starting a MOBA or whatever genre attached with a team-playing you should be sure you are able to do it correctly. I don't know have you ever heart of Smite but this is the first created MOBA and was really popular before 6-7 years. They have a 1v1 mode which is the most played mode in the entire game. Even though there are arround 5 others and one of the is the regular 5v5. If there is a possibility for making a 1v1 mode in League this can make the players who tilt easy to go play it. We won't have that many quits and hopefully toxicity will get less. Sure, Riot knows a lot better than me how their game functions so probably they just don't wanna split the community. However, I hope you will get back to the game one day. Have a nice day!
You might have interpreted the title as me saying that I am the one leaving but that's not the case! By saying " Dear Mr/Mrs. I'm quitting LoL because of the community." I am trying to direct the message to those people who write in the boards that they are leaving because the community is higly toxic! I love the game and I am not leaving anytime soon, and honestly even if I didn't like the community that would not be a reason for me to stop playing. Because like I said in the post, there is a way to deal with toxicity and trollers and that's by searching for full parties. Oh I love smite! I have played it a couple of times, and I totally agree with what you are saying a 1v1 gamemode should be added to league of legends, although i'm not sure if the toxicity would be less, because people would have more to brag about. But it would be refreshing for the community for sure. And have a nice day yourself!
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xkøha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gq2Z2j6l,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-06T03:46:38.658+0000) > > Do you really think the rift is going to be filled with butterflies and roses? No, but that would be amazing! *** > [{quoted}](name=Xkøha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gq2Z2j6l,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-06T03:46:38.658+0000) > > The issue is not the community! The issue is your stupid unrealistic way of thinking! https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/cardfight/images/9/92/He%27s_right_you_know.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151003212955 *** > [{quoted}](name=Xkøha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gq2Z2j6l,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-06T03:46:38.658+0000) > > It also doesn't hurt to turn a blind eye to people who are just being a little bit toxic, If they aren't saying racist/sexist/ hate speech related stuff or aren't saying anything else than the normal "go end your life" or something about your mother than just ignore or mute them I have to disagree on that. We shouldn't turn a blind eye to toxic behaviour, regardless of innocuous it is. The best part is the system determines if you are, let's say eligible, to receive a punishment or not. No one will be punished for 1 minor offense, so "one bad day" won't have much of an impact. However, those that start to drift into the "dark side" need a shake up to put them back in line, which is usually a 10 games chat restriction. That said, I go against my own rules regularly. I usually don't report trivial stuff like "u suck" unless it's abusive behaviour (spam). It depends on my mood really. What I don't ignore is those that dare to say "gg ez". It doesn't matter if you don't type anything else in the game. If you use those words... BAM! ######Which probably doesn't do anything, but I really hate unsportsmanlike behaviour. Banter/trash talk is fine as long as within reason. *** I sincerely hope you stay around for some time, at least until you've tried most of everything. I know how frustrating the game can be sometimes, but don't let that sway you. League is a good game. In the worst case scenario you can always play against Bots. Oh and btw. That premade thing you mentioned: > [{quoted}](name=Xkøha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gq2Z2j6l,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-06T03:46:38.658+0000) > > Get enough people to play with so you can always play with a full party and than.. OH LORD WHAT A MIRACLE!!! THE TROLLERS ARE GONE! **Really good advice.** https://tinyurl.com/yc8bzfml
I'm not leaving league of legends anytime soon, I'm having so much fun playing and sure I do get irritated but nothing a cup of tea won't fix! Thanks for taking your time replying btw! Have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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mucr0 (EUNE)
: Advice from an older player
Everybody that plays league of legends should take 5 minutes of their lives and read this post. Honestly nobody could have wrote it better than this gentleman. He is so right that it's just mind blowing. I bet a lot of people would change their salty attitude by reading this. Next time I jump into the rift i'll be going in with a different mindset for sure. I'm surprised I haven't stumbled upon this post earlier since it was written 2 years ago. I wish this post would be on the top of the boards from now on, so that new players and veterans could read this post and maybe change their behavior. Well done sir.
: sorry for the loss lol
There was nothing we could do, and I don't blame you! I still had fun and I'm looking forward to play more games with you in the future! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: watch youtubers Glacier and SoloRenektonOnly , they are Top laners and have some begginer videos. There you can see some tips for mechanics,freezing a lane,when to tp to help,builds,when to defend when to push and etc. They helped a lot to others. If you ask for specific champ build,try to make from mobafire site, there are builds even pro players looking in (just type "what champ" build and mobafire site will pop up) because builds can change from patch to patch.
Alright will do! Thanks a lot for helping out! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: It really depends on what champion you play. As a general rule of thumb, tanks will want to build health/armor/magic resistance whereas bruisers prefer to build health/attack damage. In general, the "recommended items" tab for your champion gives you a pretty good idea whether your champion is geared towards tankiness or damage. For bruisers, good items usually are black cleaver, ravenous/titanic hydra, deaths dance, GA, and Sterak's gage. However, you can throw in tanky items like Spirit visage or deadman's plate in there depending on your opponents and the game state. For tanks, good items usually are iceborn gauntlet, abyssal mask, warmogs, spirit visage, randuins omen, thornmail and GA. Again, adapt based on recommened builds and opponents. For runes, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to copy them from a website, since you should be adapting your runes every game based on matchup and teamcomps. What I'd do is check out websites to get a general idea what the best items for a champ are and then adapt them each game based on your needs in every situation. You shouldn't worry about counterpicking. Noone ever should unless they're pro, tbh. Focus on getting good on your favorite couple of champions, and you'll most likely fare much better than if you tried counterpicking enemies by taking champs you've never/rarely played before. When you're the one getting counterpicked, it can be a bit frustrating, but most of the time your opponent is inexperienced on that champ and you can still beat them. (Well, unless you're riven and pretty much everything counters you these days cause riot just wont give her any buffs...)
Thanks for sharing your knowledge, I guess now all I need to do is gaining more experience on the rift and I'll be able to figure things out. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: 1) Find a few champions per role you love. The community hear is rought(And thats an understatement) and you may not always get top. So instead having a few champions you can play in any role is good. Some champions even overlap (Irelia can be played top, mid and jungle. And it has seen increased play in botlane) 2) Builds seem to be dependent on enemy team in this game. If you have say teemo and kai'sa in enemy team and you are playing a tank, it would be good idea to build ninja tabi{{item:3047}} and {{item:3194}} against them. It gives pretty good damage reduction against both parts of their attacks.(Boith deal physical and magical damage. If their team is full of squishy assasins, you need quite a bit of health and armor against AD assasins or health and magic resist against ap assasins. if they have both, you build to resist both and as a damage dealer also deal damage. You can't always build the same items. Also, every champion has core items. HOWEVER, even those change on situations. Against heavily tanky team, as marksmen or any other carry dealing damage over time, taking %HP damage and armor or magic penetration(depending on which damage he deals) early on can be quite effective. Since champions like malphire and leona get high armor and hp early, that item makes sense to be built. Botrk is also a core item for ashe and vayne. Then there are also basic mechanics. ** Like attack moving ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56oan7GNopQ and on some champions(Riven mainly, but also annie garen and ezreal) **animation canceling** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-3erbIP0Ng ** and most importantly smartcast/quickcast. ** http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3943133 This is especially true for riven or any adc player. --- Then there is cs. The first thing you ever have to learn in this game is how to last hit, when to last hit, when to push(and when pushing last hit as well) and when to freeze. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zd0boZQkyuo Autoattack canceling also plays important role in success. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zi4AlSwEfrQ --- And last but not least: adaption. You need to adapt to situations. You can't always go agressive or play passively. --- This place also has quite good videos for beginners as well as anyone who is stuck in bronze. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=leaguecraft
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, It will be very usefull! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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