: - Asks why he doesn't enjoy the game. - Gets answered he probably is exhausted from being hardstuck after almost 1k games in the same elo (which is probably true) - Gets annoyed. Yeah, okay. My bad. I beg your pardon, sir.
Anyone teach you about tone? How to speak to people properly? I'm not arguing your point to the discussion, I'm just saying you're being an arse. Your patronising response just then sums it up really, I hope you aren't an adult for your own sake.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Quit hockey. It takes a lot of time an money to keep up that hobby. With it's gear, it's entry level price is higher than most other sports too. Stop pouring time and money into that void that you'll never get back. Out of all the sports why hockey? Even if it's a sport it's bad for your health. It forces your body to adapt to unnatural movement patterns. And it's toxic, you can't measure your own performance alone, if your team is bad, you'll lose and that causes stress and anxiety. I understand that some people like team sports, but if you waste your time, then pick one that is not bad for your health. Hockey has one of the highest serious injury rates among all popular sports. Have the courage to take back control over your life and do not waste your time and effort on something that will not give you anything but broken bones. -------------------------------------------- Sports, training and physical activities in general are very important. Nobody is going to seriously argue that. They improve both your mental and physical health when they are done right and ideally they should be a fix part of anyone's life. But you act like sports are the only way to get an endorphin boost and especially video games can never provide you with that level of enjoyment. This might be true to you, but there are hundreds of millions of people who are not like you in this aspect. Just as there are lots of stories about how sports changed someone's life, there are also stories of how games saved people's lives or improved their quality of life significantly. Also the way you wrote it, you are up against people who enjoy hobbies that are less physically demanding than sports. Painting, writing, singing, reading, hanging out with friends and family and so on. They do not include more physical actions than a video game, so similar endorphin release is not present there, but i'm still sure that you enjoy at least a few of these too. No, games and traditional sports are not the same, but that does not place them over or under one or the other. Surely enough, dealing with people at work can be draining too, but just as you said that games and sports are not the same, i'll have to stop you right here too. Just ask anyone who works in retail, customer service or tech support or any other truly draining job about their experience. LoL at it's worst day is a mild breeze compared to a stressful workplace. Plus at the end of the day, it is just a game, a hobby. Just as you do, people can quit without risking their livelihood or their future, unlike a job. League is a way safer and milder environment for this kind or practice and self improvement than a workplace. >No matter how you look it at though, if you are going to play video games, LoL shouldn't be one of them. The competitive nature ruins the point of relaxing, and doesn't offer a fun environment for its players. This is again, highly subjective and i'm not even sure that you'd agree with it if you think it through. After all, team sports are the very definition of competitive activities, and this does not seem to hinder you from enjoying hockey, right? Is it possible, that some people just need a bit of competitiveness in order to enjoy a hobby? Others might simply find something else in a competitive activity they enjoy. And for another group, the experience of the match, the aftermath and the night after good competition can be relaxing. Your point just does not hold up for a lot of people. Finally, what you experienced after quitting is simple: You had more time and effort to put into things you enjoy. League is not truly bad for basically anyone. It's just not what you need. What you feel now is the same as breaking up a relationship that didn't work out or leaving a job or a career you didn't truly enjoy. It is a great thing, and i honestly encourage everyone to do what you did: evaluate their lives and think about what it has now and what they want from it and make decisions and actions. But just because your ex wasn't the person for you, doesn't mean that someone can't be looking for exactly them. Just because your job was horrible to you, doesn't mean that it isn't the dream of someone else. There is a small, but key difference here. LoL was bad for you, but not because it is bad. And you'll encounter a lot of things in your life later on that are good, but just not good for you. And that's what you have to consider.
Can't argue with that, some people though do need to realise that they don't enjoy it though, and that's what creating a discussion is about, getting people thinking so that they can evaluate their own situation and ideas. If I just helped one person that's good enough.
Zanador (EUNE)
: You sound exactly like an individualist who found himself in a team based environment and realized that instead of the individual, this place is about the team. "Drop the short term pleasure, take back control, start a productive hobby, this is a void of time and money." Basic "motivational" speech, it can be used for basically anything if you want it to: a job, a relationship, a chosen career path, a dream. Anything, regardless of it's value to someone, this argument just needs your subjective disapproval. Don't get me wrong, if you want to quit the game because you don't enjoy it or don't find your time spent here valuable, then do so. This goes for anyone else who upvoted this thread too, without any hostility or negativity from me: find something you enjoy, that's the point of a hobby. If you didn't find what you were looking for in LoL, then i'm sure there is something for you out there. But with all due respect i disagree with you on basically every point you have made here. For example, League didn't sink my money, since i didn't really spend money on it, and i'd be hard pressed to find any other hobby that costs so little over 9 years. You said: "Its toxic, the gameplay is horrible as it causes reliance on other people to have enjoyment, this only brews stress and anxiety." This is true, if you only find enjoyment in victory or the match itself instead of self improvement. You start your speech like a coach trying to motivate his team, but lot of hobbies are based around teams, and if you pick them up, you can't choose all your teammates either, you just have to fit in or quit. Basically everything you said can be said about sports like football, basketball, volleyball. Are those toxic too? And there are lots of things one can learn and improve from a game like LoL. Where you found toxicity in reliance, others learned teamwork. Where you experienced stress and anxiety, others practiced patience and keeping their head clear and focused. These things among many others are valuable outside of the game too, so those who stay are not all here because of some kind of addiction or because they can't drop a bad habit. Often far from it. I'm writing this because you and others might be looking for what you need in the wrong place now, but it is also possible that a few of you just didn't notice what else you could gain here. Sometimes what you find is not what you have been looking for. Have fun with your next hobby.
I play hockey with a team its far different. You see people face to face and not people behind a screen. Sure people get angry at times but you're talking to real people, and also playing an actual sport is far different to a video game. You improve on your physical fitness every time you play a sport and the release of endorphins you get from physical activity makes it far more enjoyable than any video game. So no, video games and sports aren't comparable. If you use LoL to learn about patience and focus, then I don't know what to say. You can learn that in any work place environment and dealing with people day to day. However, on LoL you deal with a lot of children that are very hormonal or people having a bad day looking to vent, it isn't the best environment, even if you remain calm, due to empathy you're gonna start to feel the emotions that they feel which can upset your day for no purpose. A lot of people do sink their money into the game, obviously not everyone does, but I'm not posting this directly at you. Also this is a discussion, not a speech. Also, there is a reason why you can use what I said for any basic motivational speech. Its because its true and a lot of people just need to be reminded. Its easy to lose control of your life by giving in to reliefs like video games after a long day of work, a stressful day of school or whatever you have going on. Sometimes people just have to be reminded that these are short term, and they won't have fix your situation and will eventually add to it. No matter how you look it at though, if you are going to play video games, LoL shouldn't be one of them. The competitive nature ruins the point of relaxing, and doesn't offer a fun environment for its players. On another note, I've already quit the game, for life actually, 5 months ago now. So its not really a decision, I just felt that it would be selfish of me not to tell people that my life has improved drastically since, and that for most people they will see the same results because biologically, LoL is bad for you. Your brain is like chemical soup, if you keep putting shit in the soup, stop complaining when it tastes bad.
: Ive never had so little interest in playing league since season 3.
: Uugh, I'm getting addicted to whiners :' Didn't insult anyone but a guy who stated he's gonna troll tons of games because he got trolled himself. You're saying you're getting bored playing League yet you played 800 rankeds this season only, I repeat. (**Which is a lot**) Perhaps playing so much exhausted you. Also, have not improved in so much time your rank could as well make you feel this way. _No hate._
"Uugh, I'm getting addicted to whiners :'", then you say that you don't insult people? Then you put no hate as if it's okay. People post on the boards for a discussion not to be berated.
: Open letter to the community and Riot
Just quit, this game isn't worth your time, or anyone's time.
Rioter Comments
starkrye (EUW)
: Anime
An animated series would be cool, but please, anime is Japanese and garbage at 24fps and with awful animation, if Riot Games is going to make something it will be to a quality standard like their other animations. Riot Games is a lot bigger than the Japanese anime companies, and so can afford to do this, the question is, however, would be if this is profitable, and I really don't think it will be since people playing this game mainly just play for fun with friends and don't care for lore or even read the patch notes. So I don't see this happening anytime soon. I do however see them developing their Universe more and giving us more short animations and comics as well as stories to keep us invested in their great storytelling. I'm not against the idea of a series, but as a company it has to be profitable, and with something that will cost so much to produce, it seems way too risky, especially when the game is going through a lot of changes recently, how it has become more accessible for new players for example.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >These kinds of things like lack of confidence and social anxiety are direct symptoms from addiction They are not and they are completely irrelevant to one another. Just play.
But they are and most people who suffer from addiction get these, don't just post things without knowledge, thanks for your thoughts though.
Four Star (EUW)
: Dear TSM.....
They are yanks, this is the EUW forum, go talk where people care about those people.
Febos (EUW)
: I seriously doubt you can see microwaves, unless you're a cyborg. You're assuming I don't know anything about physics and you couldn't be more wrong. Also, there's this: [Colour Blindness](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_blindness) > Color blindness, also known as **color vision** deficiency [Colour Vision](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_vision) > Although the human eye can distinguish up to a few hundred hues, when those **pure spectral colors** are mixed together or diluted with white light [Spectral Colours](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectral_color) > A spectral color is a color that is evoked in a normal human by a single wavelength of light in the **visible spectrum** [Visible Spectrum](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visible_spectrum) > The visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to the human eye Colour Blindness - Visible Light. https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/014/711/neckbeard.jpg *** I'm curious though. How can you see microwaves with your own eyes?
It is funny that you can't see microwaves, go to your kitchen, and tell me you can't see a microwave. They are pretty easy to see so I'd be surprised if you have an eye issue where you can't see them, that's very rare, maybe you can be on TV.
: 5 ranked games, lost 3 out of 5. Guess why
You got an afk, so will the enemy players get the same amounts in their games, yet other people climb, just get good enough to acheive a 60% win rate due to you always winning your role and then climb slowly. It is cool if you felt like venting though, we all need to vent sometimes.
Rioter Comments
Eveninn (EUW)
: You could say that in a more considerate way... \*sniffs* :'( Idk, I feel like 'free' is a very vaguely defined term, so everyone has to decide for themselves how much they need. I don't feel like Demacia would be any less 'free' than nowadays' societies. But even then many consider those to be oppressive and not free at all too. x3 I just like symbiotic relationships. But depending on who you ask those are part of freedom or are not free at all. x3
You tried and that's all that matters c:
Real Mojo (EUW)
: why riot? give back my lp
they're a support main riot, you have to help them out so that the queue timers aren't longer
Eveninn (EUW)
: The sweet smell of propaganda on a Monday.
I'd rather be dead and free than not free at all, but each to their own, some people would rather sell their soul for comfort I guess, that's just how it is. I feel bad writing something so serious here, therefore I should write a joke, you're good at poetry... :)
: I'm currently having great time with Dark Harvest {{champion:51}} on bot. Carefully - i'm silver, and i only play normals, so not sure if it's actually that good.
it's not :)
Ezzeldine (EUNE)
: Kindred need a skin!
Elderwood skin series can fix a lot of these skins, Kindred, Shaco, Ivern, Kayn, Ornn. Just make tree people easy money. If they really wanted to they could make Camille a tree, but I don't see Kled being a very good tree. Rek'sai can be a tree, they should just make a ton of trees, release them on some planet day or something, make some event for helping trees, honestly I don't care I just need a Kindred skin for my one-trick and many others need new skins.
onlyall (EUNE)
: Rio's Banning system
I agree completely, but until they change the summoner's code we just have to deal with holding it back, I mean we did agree to it, so its only by nature we have to stick with it. But god damn do I want to go ham on those two afk pricks in my promos.
: This is actually getting annoying
I play a game in my gold 2 promos to gold 1, and I get two afks, autofilled adc and a soraka one trick who feeds somehow even though that is literally all they play. My teemo top was the only good player but he went afk after seeing our bot lane go 3/17 and our mid sol go 0/6, I ganked the sol twice which is why he was 0/6/2, but he somehow didn't have any lane priority even though he was against yasuo, its like why are people playing champions they can't play and going afk in my promos ahh, ye but people are complete garbage in gold and even early plat when I play against them or have them on my teams, the only way I win games is when people to me, to win you have to pretend you team are just your pawns and make them do everything you want them to do macro wise to win the game. I force people to get towers and come drake and to roam, when they listen they get ahead like teemo in this game, but sol never listened to anything and bot was constantly dead so I couldn't do anything there. I couldn't steamroll teemo because he went afk, so after that rant, gold sucks, get used to it.
Rioter Comments
x Akali (EUNE)
: How league helped me
I'm pretty sure that that is how they get people off of heroin and stuff, get them addicted to something less harmful and then you break away from that. Nice job on breaking your addiction though c:
Eveninn (EUW)
: Heh, who remembers this? *very late monday morning hug*
You are posting this in the English section of the EUW boards, therefore, Tea will always win because it is simply the best drink and the rest of the world is blinded by its magnificence that they accidentally keep drinking coffee.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Dude, you are actually blowing my mind right now on how you think these 'downsides' outweigh the positives. -'Except that when you have been subjected to toxicity prior to the usage of the mute button, it doesn't magically get erased and everything returns to its prior state.' Are you telling me that after one person says f**k you or something like that, that your morale is completely crushed and now you have been 'subjected to toxicity', you act like the person is some sort of victim. In the same way that you could be walking down a street and hear someone swear, that doesn't put you in a bad mood you just filter it out. Your argument is ridiculous to make in this sense because the mute button solves the issue and removes it, and hearing toxicity once, unless you're some kind of snowflake, doesn't do anything. -'In theory it works like that', it does work like that because your counter argument made little sense, which was 'that sets some dangerous bad habits'. Even in primary schools they teach you that if someone is screaming to just ignore them because it solves the problem, it does, they get nothing from it and no kick, and if it's an angry scream if anything, them screaming to themselves lets them vent out their anger. There is no downside to this. -'I've listed plenty of downsides - inability to listen, not knowing the language, muting after the toxicity has already occurred and team spirit destroyed, inability to verify toxicity reports in a timely manner'. Let's break down these 'downsides': -'inability to listen' then you have the same scenario as you would have in a normal game of League of Legends which you argue is perfectly fine. Just because someone can't listen at the moment or has an inability doesn't mean that the majority of the team should be penalised because of it. If they feel left out then maybe they should only play when they can listen or not play at all, and to be honest the amount of people that would leave the game due to that is so insignificant compared to those that would love the voice chat feature its irrelevant, because the number of people would be less than a hundred. -'not knowing the language', same as in other games, then don't listen to the voice chat. If my CSGO team is all German and they don't know any English then why would I listen to them? I don't I simply mute them, that doesn't put me at a disadvantage but it gives the other members of my team an advantage, so why wouldn't I want that? -'muting after the toxicity has already occurred and team spirit destroyed', if your team spirit feels destroyed after one bit of toxicity then mature please, if you have no tolerance of other people then how can you expect others to tolerate you. Accept that the person is toxic and mute them if that bothers you, it doesn't affect team spirit if you don't let it, it just depends on how fragile you are to a single comment. -'inability to verify toxicity reports in a timely manner', I mean Riot Games has an awful method for the normal chat so they just use bots, if they have to actually manually listen to recordings the better, then fair punishment can take place. If they don't have enough staff then they can simply only listen to a person's recordings depending on the concentration and amount of reports that person has gathered. Which should be many in a short amount of time if the person is very toxic, this way the majority of toxicity which is too much to bare can be eliminated allowing simple, easily muted and hopefully, even for snowflakes, not too toxic after one line people to be easily ignored whilst maintaining team spirit and maintaining the great strategic advantage that voice communication would offer for players on the rift. -Also, I just found this really funny. 'But when the dust pile under the carpet rises...' Like what's gonna happen, is someone gonna sneeze xD, and it also has no link to what you're talking about, because players can't unmute themselves so that dust is under that carpet for the rest of the game which is all that matters.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
That's exactly the point, a quite valid one too. Someone cannot be toxic towards you if you cannot listen to them and thus the problem is solved. That's pretty basic logic and not nonsense at all. The aim of removing toxicity is to improve the player's experience. Surely despite whether a person is typing something toxic or not is irrelevant if they are muted since in both circumstances the player cannot hear or read their toxic communication and thus their experience is unaffected by their presence. The point of my comment clearly isn't that muting removes toxicity anyway, even though this is the case. My point was stating that a voice chat publicly in the game can only lead to an improved experience since toxic behaviour using the system won't be heard anyway and thus it can only be used for a strategic advantage, hence why premades have an advantage over solo players. If I ever voice comm with someone else and we are both bot lane for instance, that offers a huge advantage over not doing so. Entire team communication within solo queue would greatly enhance not only strategic play but teamwork due to having to tolerate other people to win, and if you can't do that you can always mute voice communication where there is no harm in doing so. All in all voice communication has no downside.
Thaaboom (EUW)
: also nerf Irelia, Master yi, Fiora, Taliyah, zoe, Kaisa.. and conqueror.
Fiora feels weak atm imo
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
CSGO is far less toxic than League of Legends. The voice system helps this and you can test that with a bit of practical science. What you do is flame people in chat and watch people respond to you, and then continually flame in voice chat or play songs, and see how many people mute you. When you are muted the toxic behaviour is reduced. Thus the voice chat helps to not only encourage team play and make things far easier to communicate but also reduces toxicity.
SerSerych (EUW)
: Kindred
Another possible buff for Kindred mains would also be a new skin? Please? Elderwood Kindred anyone?
: Small list of facts about League Of Legends
This was a really cool list and made the game in general feel like it has been cared for a lot with all of these Easter Eggs, despite the recent idea that the game is dying due to Riot Games. This post has changed my mind slightly, that they aren't so much of just a business looking for money but actually care a little for the casual player (non-esports player).
Kendee (EUNE)
: From Honor 4 to Honor 1 in 2 games....
Same except I was honour level 2 (no idea why I got a ton of honours all the time just no progress) two games of people spam pinging me and me telling them, quite rudely, to go away. I deserved the chat restriction despite not telling anyone to die or anything discriminative. Its been a couple of months now and not even one checkpoint yet despite me getting key fragments telling me that I'm getting far more honour than the average player. The system really sucks for those trying to regain honour despite that they said they made it easier. The punishment doesn't fit the crime.
: Why yes, I've always wanted to go back to Bronze elo
If you're not bronze then you won't fall back into bronze c:
: Can't Say I Understand Matchmaking Anymore
Same problem except kind of different as in I don't get higher elos. Hardstuck Gold 3 just demoted from Gold 2, but for some reason my mmr is really low even though I'm getting +20lp. I'm matched with Gold 5 and 4 players who I'm assuming have high mmr. This is awful because they either win hard or lose hard, they don't listen and care too much about cs. I play Kindred so I'm quite team reliant early game, and only 50% of games do I get a good support who helps me secure marks or wards or listens to when I ping the enemy jungler is ganking bot lane. People in this elo have zero macro and it makes it very hard to carry but I'm almost back to Gold 2, I'm hoping that soon I can get back to an mmr where people listen and play properly but not too high because hey, I've never been higher than Gold 2 so I don't want to shoot up suddenly against people 10x better than me.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The original summoner icons should be updated or removed
Nooo way, my four favourite icons are the Arcade Ahri, Wolf (Kindred), Ice Elementalist Lux, AND the tree, I love the tree because it was my first icon and apple trees are awesome. I don't want it to be updated because it will lose that nostalgic and simple feel that I love about it so much. If you don't use it then there shouldn't be a problem with it. What I'm saying is, is that if it doesn't cause you any harm but causes other people joy then why change it for variety sake for other people that won't use the updated icons anyway.
: Greetings UK players!
So if you edit stuff, then aren't you just going to be able to answer questions about editing? I'm not really sure if you can answer questions like when's the next Kindred skin? Or will you nerf Graves and Xin? Maybe you can answer this question though, for Riot Games, which version of the game is the most important to them, making a game for eSports or for your everyday player?
neviss (EUW)
: I am sad
1) Don't play ranked after losing a ranked game, that's it for the day. 2) Watch tips online and use them, don't just feel like you're learning but actually learn. 3) Make sure to dodge properly, look up how to do that, losing 5 minutes and 3lp is better than 20lp and 30 minutes. 4) Be proactive and make the decisions, don't hope your bot lane wins, if you play Katarina look for roaming plays or where the enemy jungler is and see what you can do around the map to actively win the game. 5) Don't play to win, play to improve. You won't always win, that's a fact, but you can always improve. 6) Play for fun, if the game stops being fun then take a break, video games are for fun, don't get worked up or sad about them, go play some ARAM or some other game or whatever if you're really getting sad about it. 7) Actually follow these tips and seek more as you climb higher, don't ignore these and just read them and all of a sudden jump into a ranked game feeling motivated. Watch some mid lane and Katarina tutorials and play the game tomorrow with a new mindset. Climbing is a slow process and a hard grind as you learn more, however, it is even longer if you have the wrong mindset, mindset is everything in a game like this and doing things like blaming your team shouldn't cross your mind, when it does and you begin to become tilted, don't play another game.
Rioter Comments
: Looking for Competitive [Silver/Gold/Plat/Diamond] Players To Start Teams [ Can be Sponsored ]
radetari (EUNE)
: and pay for online services?
They don't make you pay for online services, this isn't PS or Xbox, this is Nintendo lol. How much you normally pay for your WiFi or mobile data or however you connect is how much it will cost. Nintendo is a company that truly cares for its players, they even added Ridley to Smash bros for crying out loud xD
radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
Guys upvote this post because this dude is just looking for suggestions yet salty people are downvoting his post because it's against LoL, I hate salty kids like this and this dudes post is perfectly fine.
radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
Get a Nintendo Switch, get lost in the Breath of the Wild, also play Smash Bros when it releases in December.
Rioter Comments
: 54% win rate in the jungle. She needs her jungling power nerfed.
singed 53% graves and xin 52%, she should probably be nuffe slightly but they'll over do it and pull an ezreal, not making her viable in the jungle ever again
Rioter Comments
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: ***
Yeah, I got my chat restrictions because I flamed some guys who were spam pinging me two games in a row, I should have muted the pings but they were also using their pings constructively and I wanted to win, so it was just them pissing me off. I'm pretty sure I must have got some of those fake reports when I went 4/19 in my ranked game by accident, I've gotta not feed and play well as well then, not just not be toxic xD
Rioter Comments
: You were talking about jungle camps and ad items... I was referring to those.
I already answered that
: The Irelia rework made an event, that was a change. Making changes every two weeks attracts the younger generation with shorter attention spans due to technology, younger people are more likely to pour money into a free-to-play game.
> [{quoted}](name=XrayNinjaa,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y4Bn0YNp,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T19:16:02.292+0000) > >Making changes every two weeks attracts the younger generation with shorter attention spans due to technology, younger people are more likely to pour money into a free-to-play game.
: They can do the events without the changes and generate the same amount... Don't get me wrong - I also dislike the changes - since s4. But I still don't get it how the changes are making them money-grabbers.
The Irelia rework made an event, that was a change. Making changes every two weeks attracts the younger generation with shorter attention spans due to technology, younger people are more likely to pour money into a free-to-play game.
: Help choosing a main
play what's fun, there are one tricks in challenger, tf blade loves akali top, no one else seems to win on that yet he's done it to rank 1, find your main or a small handful of champs in the same role and play them depending on the match up. If you like jungle, try to pick champions that can compensate for the team. I main Kindred, but I've learnt Nidalee and Rammus in case we need ap or a tank. I like these champions though which is the main part. For example from your list, you main Yi, but if you need a tank you play Zac and ap you play Elise, learn those three champions. Of course you can learn whatever champions you want, this is just an example. The number one rule is to enjoy the champions. Tf Blade plays Akali for his main, Irelia for ad and tankiness and because he is in challenger you never see him play a tank because his team has his back, but he has learnt Shen just in case his other champions are banned or whatever the scenario.
kriegnes (EUW)
: the more champs and items there are the more imbalanced the game gets. lol will and can never be completly balanced. thats why there is something called the meta. with the devs trying to balance the game out the meta changes and tbh i kinda like it. (even tho i hated the tank meta)
they don't try to balance the game at all, they deliberately make stupid changes to change things up and create new problems for the sake of change, infinity edge and the zeal items were perfectly balanced, now with the changes champions like yasuo and kindred are ruined when adcs were supposed to be the target, the balance team is actually a business team looking how to keep people hooked for money
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