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Sffc (EUW)
: Elo Hell x) Okay, now seriously, have you checked the league tab, is it also 13 LP?
Yup , but hmm Maby bc I dodged today twice . I mean I have that AIR Client bug from time to time . And Since I was at 0 LP It can't be MINUS . But never the less i got 13 LP. yes at League tab is also 13.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi guys, I believe this issue is known, your rank is safe and you are not "unranked". I'm not sure whether the games played recently will still count or not, waiting on an update on that one :-(
Op.GG , shows that I gain LP . I wonder if it's automated or not. But I got LP there. Just don't see it at client
: Have the same thing
But you where Ranked restricted also ? or your rankeds only gone for no reason ?
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: Tribunal is there, just without player intervention
So I will give a shoot and Report Him to Player support. Expecting get automated response but will give it a try
: 1. Screenshot. 2. Dodge, retry to reach promos. 3. Send screenshot to player support, saying you couldn't report because you preferred o dodge than have a game whith such a person.
You know. I jus't don't belive in player support. Now you gonna ask me why ? 2x I send SS with ppl who Drop Hacked a games. 2x I got the same automated response. Sometimes im loosin a faith. and there is no Tribunal
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