kroncriz (EUW)
: ***
That's like telling players it's ok to behave like that, and it is not, and it would make the game experience shit. Sorry you can't wish people diseases and dead family members, kid.
quibstab (EUW)
: i would like to know what makes someone stop playing and start typing toxic comments
For me it's people with bad intentions, people that start insulting you in champ select, then straight up lie in all chat so people report you, it gets on my nerves but I still don't type anything because I know that that's what they want. Worst part is that they won't get punished at all for that. Otherwise I think the system works just fine and this is coming from someone that has been punished by it several time, I would change some things but it would require human interaction by Riot's part and they are probably not interested in that, even tho I don't know if the system now includes human judgment so.
: Maybe it didn't sync yet? Give it a day and log in again. If the issue still presists, I suggest writing a ticket to Riot Support.
I will check today, thank you.
: improve your gameplay by 300% today
You are a true scholar and an intellectual.
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WhiteDeath2 (EUNE)
: I would really like to buy new parts not used,because just for safety and because in the past i got scammed..
Yeah sure go check the videos I mentioned, I was saying used parts because I have no idea were the dude that built mine got them but I doubt they were new at the price I bought it and it's been 2 years or so and it still works just fine lol.
: Riven broken? no shit
TF blade NA rank 1 player said she wasn't worth learning because other better champs exist. She can be annoying and be strong at some periods, but that's it. If people complain about her I wanna see people crying about Yasuo, Irelia (after 3 nerfs she is still viable, just saying), Lee Sin. All these champs can do so much but you have to put in the effort to learn them unlike vladimir for example wich easy and can roll over your entire team. Look at Hashinshin, he thought Riven was so easy and free challenger, he picked her and didn't go too far, 3 games in wich his team tried to carry his heavy ass.
WhiteDeath2 (EUNE)
: Your pc that you recommend me is not that bad.But its kinda expensive and i want to build now just a potato PC but i wanna have the ability to upgrade it in the future.
Just find used pieces or someone that builds cheap computers. I bought mine for 175€ the processor is kinda old but I can play LoL on max settings, also other games like OW, WoW, Dota 2, etc. Can aslo stream LoL. Intel Core 2 Quad Q67000 @ 2.66GHz, GeForceGtx 650, 8gb RAM (even tho the cards were chinese and they didn't work properly so I had to replace them), 150gbs. Also there are tons of youtube videos that show you how to build a very cheap pc for gaming, like it turns out mine shares the exact same specifications as the pc one big tech youtuber built on a budged.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Greed, greed happened. Also don't let people tell you that what they wrote explains and justifies this because everyone who thinks so either did not read it or has no %%%%ing clue what they were reading about.
It's just too little man, it's 100RP less for 5€. Right now you buy one skin for 10€ before you bought the skin and had some spare RP to buy small things or for the next time you purchased RP. I was thinking about buying RP but the amounts suck right now, I was used to the standard prices we have had for years.
: Nice system Riot
I'm interested in your logs, show em baby
RaiChuú (EUW)
: OMEGALUL the reason why tanks are op is simply that they get their powerspike with their first item while others need more items. nobody can stop tanks till late game (or at least 2-3 items) till u bought penetration and stuff and thats the only reason. If tanks get their first item they already deal tons of dmg and are tanks and can snowball extremely. if they snowball too hard they can end the game before anybody can buy any sort of penetration soooooo{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Tarolock (EUNE)
: all of a sudden? this is not the first time and they announced it more than a month ago, they even gave you extra rp if you bought it before this change...
I wasn't informed good sir, now I know.
AIexander (EUNE)
: im going to jail
Yeah I think I will play LoL all day, ignoring all responsabilities. Then when my dad comes in my room to tell me I should stop playing and look for a job I will punch him in the face until he drops unconscious. How does he dare give me crap right now, I just lost 8 freaking games in a row!!!!! He had it coming. The games fault by the way, not my fault, the games fault, yes, league made me do it...stupid game! But for real man, hitting one's parents is one of the most scummy things you can do in this life, no matter what. Edit: I will pretend my post is a joke too {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Shamose (EUW)
: Read the news post about it jesus.
Can't we all just cry together?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: The money value changes
But I'm as poor as before duh. But for real, in some regions were their money has much lower value they get to buy their RPs for much lower prices. Anyways I just wanted to share this, because the prices haven't been touched in years and now all of a sudden they changed.
m3dyz4 (EUW)
: Scream of my soul about racism!
Your people is infamous for being toxic and trolls, just look at other games like Dota 2 and CSGO, also it's the internet stop being so sensitive, they (we) all hide behind keyboards and type stuff, you chose to be affected, I tried Dota 2 and oh boy, it was just funny how much people raged and insulted me for being a noob lol, just take it easy dude.
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: mecha kha'zix evolved r visual bug
Happened to me using base skin yesterday too.
FixFlix (EUW)
: twitch prime capsule - can't link accounts!!
Are they going to ever fix this? I specifically activated Twitch Prime to get the loot and the promotion only lasts until 12th december,how long do we have to wait?


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