: I need some real life advice.
Sup Hailey, Sorry to hear you've had a rough experience at home etc. Does your dad hit you? If things get out of hand, go look for some professional help. From what i understand, he wants you to work (as a student maybe?) like in the weekends or something which is why he told you to pay him rent, so you can find a way to live on your own, make money etc... the fact that he didn't kick you out by now since you racked up such a big debt tells me he wont kick you out anyway. Your dad maybe just doesn't know the correct way, and thats fine, dont blame him or get angry at him. If he does kick you out, im sure your mother will pick you up again, if not, there's always another option, so dont be scared about that either. As far as your service in the militairy, how long does it take? If its just a month or so, i suggest you just push yourself. I wish i could do that too, if only to make me a much stronger and disciplined person. It will work out in your favour in the future. Otherwise, isn't there an option to pay money instead (like in turkey)? Its rough at the moment, i can understand, but never forget that its only temporary, you'll get through this, i know you will. Hope it helps a bit, best of luck to you! GunSmith137
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Icepaw (EUNE)
: Stop being toxic, stop being banned.. stop leveling new accounts
stop assuming things, i didn't get banned and im definitely not toxic, i mute everyone in game instantly. I started a new account to play on when i get tilted.
: Best way to level up without buying boost is: 3 vs 3 coop vs AI and you should collect friends that is leveling up like you, because you need to avoid bots that loses games makes it take a long time to win 1-2 vs 3 bots. Even if the IP and XP gain per game will be small its Worth it (atleast if you find friends to play with) since you can spam a lot of these games in short time and the better you and your friends get at killing bots the faster it will go. There is a limit at 7 (i Think) if you finish a game faster then that then you wont get XP or IP so dont hurry to mutch. Find a champion that is easy to kill bots with (its not the same skill as killing players). Generaly dashes and burst damage is good since the bots seams to not consider dashes. But these might not work all the way to level 30 since there botgames give less xp the higher level you get.
haven't tried 3v3 yet, an apart from that, is aram second best? Thank you
Hamze2011 (EUW)
: Just play blind pick...it's so much more funny :D
yeah i just made up a smurf account, for when i tilt i just grind it out, maybe ill even reach a higher rank than my main lol
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: as jungler you can achieve that with a good map awareness. the problem with support is that they're most likely dead when it comes to lategame and they start to roam :-))))
Yeah true, thank you for your help btw, i appreciate it
: Well if you have a good map awareness, then Jungle might be a good role. I also claim to have good awareness, but as main support it is generally hard as you are very much team-dependent. That's why I prefer to DuoQ with my ADC.
Yeah, i unfortunately dont duo q, i want to test how far i can go solo, my friends hate me for it, but its weird to explain, i dont want to reach gold and suddenly hear from my duo q partner that if it wasn't for him i would still be in silver you know? I want to reach my goals on own :p
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: https://media0.giphy.com/media/yoJC2K6rCzwNY2EngA/200.gif#0
: Well then you figured out already one thing to improve :-))) I have that with Leona as well sometimes that I go in at the wrong timepoint and then I'm dead. So, that is something you could focus on. Don't care about gank requests; _there is no birthright to get ganks_. All laners first and foremost need to get along on their lane for themselves. And don't let them blame you if **they** go 0/5 in the first 10 minutes. When I play duo bot with my premade, we are **happy** when we get a gank, but we don't **expect** or even request it. Leona pre 6 is also a bit boring. Warwick I could imagine the same. And many more. The other way round: figure out your strengths and go from there. Then Diana would probably be out.
Yeah indeed, i think one of my strongest points is map awareness, which i found out by playing soraka which got me to silver 1, played not too bad with shen either. Roaming champions as well, maybe i should start maining kata or tf or something. But yeah, whenever i play solo lane, i also don't expect ganks either so i do agree with that as well
: Looks like you're in a tunnel..... I know that; noone wants to drop (me neither). However, I also would say, the goal should be to improve. Reaching Plat2 from Silver is very high stakes. And losses cannot be avoided. There's a couple of Youtubes which say - don't play to win, play to improve - stop playing ranked for the day after 2 losses. Looking at your games, I'd say - your enemies **always** have way more team assists than your team. Means they group more/earlier and create the pressure (which is a common problem in my games as well, specially after minute 25...) - IMO you play too many champs. Reduce your champ pool and focus on one role (also a main topic on Youtube). A player who has 100 ranked games on one role **must** be better that another one who has 100 games in 4 roles.
Yeah i hear those tips a lot as well, i only think there is a problem with that. I have about more than 140k mastery score on diana and i feel comfortable with her, thing is, she emphasizes one of my biggest weaknesses, which is decision making. With Diana, if you go in, you have to commit, since other than flashes or your second R you have no escapes. What happenes with me is, i tend to overestimate her burst (sometimes) which leads to me dying, or i go in, but go in too ham and suddenly i get gangbanged by another guy and i die. I also feel like her pre 6 is too weak to carry, in my elo, laners die before level 6 so much, they keep pinging to gank etc knowing that i dont have my powerspike yet, they end up flaming, blaming and whatnot, and before its level 6, i cant do much since there are most likely already some fed enemies etc... At this point, im not even sure which champ i should play/main and what role, not to mention that diana unfortunately is also very boring to play pre 6, i only love her mid/late game
Joeyyy (EUW)
: Your Goal should not be to get to ELO or Division "X". Your Goal should be to improve and get better at a certain role and the game in General. If you want we can do a free session over Skype where we check out your strenghts and weaknesses. Where you should focus and where to improve on. Heads up Buddy, everyone started from the bottom and had his highs and lows.
Hey, thanks alot i appreciate it, and yeah sure, if you add me on League, we'll talk further there if you want Summoner: XxGunSmith137xX
Gojiraw (EUW)
: No one cares what rank you are if you do quality content. Even for how to's or tips, no one gives a damn if you're Bronze or Diamond. The content matters. There are coaches that coach professional teams and they are Gold in SoloQ. For montages with plays or gameplay commentaries, you're not gonna have a great viewer base because there are many games played, at the highest level possible and you see great plays there. I mean, I can watch Faker on Twitch, why would I watch an unknown Diamond player when I can watch the best players that play this game. But for content related to LoL, you can have views, but your personality and the quality of the videos is more important than the division you are in. Do you think that Dunkey's videos would be worse if he would be Bronze or much better if he would be high Diamond? It would be the same content. And there are people that want to see bronze plays, but depends on how do you deliver. "Best bronze plays with Dubstep", yea, you're not gonna gather any viewers with that. But good montages with bad plays can be fun.
Yeah, thats actually very true. But for some reason i still want that as my goal lol, i dont know why, i dont have this feeling with a lot of things, but i only remember having this feeling with basketball, where i wanted to play with the better players. Its a bit the same with league, i want to train so hard that i can call myself the top x % of millions of players you know, i think thats pretty cool. I do agree 100% with what you said though, just didn't look at it that way
Adama (EUW)
: im plat 3 dammit I want to be high elo xD
haha well, you are almost there :p lets say you're high elo as well :D
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Well, what's the wrong thing it can happen? You reach Bronze 5. Does it really matter? It's a game, you don't gain anything special by ending Gold compared with Bronze people except a skin that you're never gonna use and a border. I mean, it's a game, that's all. Some are good at it, the majority are not as good. That's all. Being Plat means that you are better than over 90% of people that are playing ranked. That's huge and you shouldn't feel bad if you are lower.
Yeah, for me its just a bit more than that, first of all im a very competitive person, second, this is also tied to one of my lifegoals, which is to become a popular youtuber, in order to increase my chances at that, i need to get better since no one wants to watch a bronze play the game. I already have some montages but barely any viewerbase etc, i think thats a big reason why i feel this way when losing at league
Adama (EUW)
: why precisely plat 2? Your friend at that rank or something?
No, i just think plat 2 and above is considered 'high elo', plat 5 still seems a bit goldish if you know what i mean
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Looks to me that you're trying to fix something that isn't broken. You have positive win rates with Soraka, Corki, Morgana, but you don't play those champions too often. Don't try to change your role or champion after every single loss. Pick 2-3 champions and spam the crap out of those. Forget about your LP gains or your division. Just put it in a drawer and don't mind about it. Play whatever you like playing, find a champion that you really enjoy playing, spam him over and over again and just have fun. Wins will come.
yeah, i got to the highest division i've ever been (silver 1 60+lp) from silver 3 all with soraka, however, i started to go on a losing spree and realised that i couldn't really carry them, thats why i switched roles in hopes i could carry my team. But you're right, i think i have to pick her up again. as far as forgetting about lp, how do you do that? i cant forget about it even if i try, even if i just focus on improving, it still sucks so hard, especially if its a losing streak
GLurch (EUW)
: Maybe you shouldn't set yourself such high goals. Maybe set yourself Gold V as a goal or just to climb as high as possible. If you set yourself such a high goal and you aren't able to reach it, you might just get more and more depressed and feel worse the lower you drop, resulting in you dropping even lower. When losing a few games in a row, just be honest to yourself and how you feel. If you don't feel so good or if you feel annoyed, just go and play some other game (like tetris!) or some normals. Or just do something else that distracts you.
Yeah, thats very true, i was hoping to get to gold, but i was literally 23 lp away from a promo and now im 3 divisions short, even that is very demotivating. And yeah, i do play some arams since i enjoy those most when i feel tilted/agrevated, but if i feel better i still have that fear lingering inside me (knowing that i was on a losing streak and that i dont want to lose again) it doesn't seem to disappear. (also, thank you for replying btw, i really appreciate it)
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: you have alot of deaths and regardless of what your team decides to do.. there are many ways to end the game besides baron as you could split push and apply pressure in enemy jungle etc. but having a +8 deaths is a major warning signal and that should be the start and not your ''team''. if you focus on what others do you wont ever get started on the root causes. work on the decisions that cause you to die +6 times and that is really the corner stone. with less deaths, you prevent enemy reaping gold and you also have more time to farm and gain XP. so Dying is a major contributor to losing and thats where you start. second key factor is ''Farm'' no matter how good you are.. more farm = better item = more useful. with just 1 Half a item, it could be the difference between 1 shotting enemies or a scrappy fight. so basics are core, ignore your team and focus on what matters. if you get swept away by your team than you wont ever work on what needs to be done.
: play around item powerspikes and level powerspikes, dont just go for kills. but try roaming bot and getting it there and ward your lane for ganks. work first in normal games on goals 1# making ganks on you very hard <-- warding and awareness <-- very important. there is no value in gain if its always all lost. 2# work on cs focus rather than kills <-- It is a more consistent income and doesnt risk you dying for same 300. If you get a free kill take it.. but do not go for 50/50 chances as you will gain 100% from farm. 3# learn to trade <-- hit while they are csing or are out of position or have abilties down <-- aka out of focus enemy attack. 4# Learn to freeze wave just infront of tower and out of its reach that it doesnt kill your minions <-- also learn to farm under tower. 5# when you are finally level 4/6 learn to roam and get free kills on squishies, even punish enemy jungler <-- deep ward. <-- roam when you push midlane wave to enemy tower, that way you lose less minions and your tower is safe for some time. 6# learn to make good decisions in all your game <-- decisions is the highest importance above mechanics. <- when you die accept and understand it and dont repeat it. practice each 1 by 1 and make each good and than your a stronger player. Value decisions the most and look carefully that you look around u, before u make a play. always Think ahead What objective each play will get you. Lets say i head To gank bot.. than my Goal is 100% to get tower and not just kills. I want to maximize punishment for each gain, i get and thats carrying. practice improving on all things consistently and don't forget that improving is the goal and not win/loss and u will. **being currently good or bad doesnt matter, progress matters** I used to coach :P anyway goodluck.
I know this is going to sound 'stubborn' or something, but i actually am aware of everything you said, I only dont deep ward often (more defensive wards) and my decision making is absolute shitty. But at the same time, when we win a fight and kill 3 people and i call to go baron or something, usually my team doesn't follow, so thats something thats hindering me from improving on that aspect as well
Rendigo (EUW)
: There is a difference between unintentional feeding, intentional feeding and playing bad. Intentional feeding: Intentionally dying to enemy champions with no intention to kill them. Unintentionally feeding: Getting caught out a lot, warding a bush then die to an ambush from that one bush, underestimating the power of the enemy champion, not seeing the enemy jungler then die to a gank, etc. Playing bad: Focusing on getting kills instead of focusing on objectives or survival, etc. Not intentionally dying to enemy champions with no intention to kill them.
Yeah lol, i NEVER intentionally feed, even if its just because im scared of getting banned lol. The problem with me is that i die trying to save a caught out teammate who i know is gonna die but i go for it anyway, taking bad fights against someone who is already fed, thinking i can still kill him etc... just really stupid decisions sometimes, but im working on it
: 30% i have seen worst. try to look at what you are actually doing wrong and dont focus on win/loss. repeating same thing over and over just tilts a person. hop into a normal and just have a few fun games, and than have a few serious normal games and look at all your mistakes. ! good luck
Hey, yeah thanks, for some godly reason, you can even check it, but whenever i play normals lately as katarina, i tend to play really well, but somehow i cant do that in ranked, i kinda just need motivation to do so lol, otherwise i might quit ranked for a while which i hate to do but yeah
Rendigo (EUW)
: 7 game losing streak? I'm including normals, hope you don't mind. I recently ended a losing streak I had that lasted 8 games, all Normals. I even had a win rate that was less than 20%, well, lowest I've seen was like 18%, and that was on my op.gg, before I won two games, then back to losing. I take a break after I lose a game so I have time to calm down (I usually take the rest of the day off). If you're getting tilted after a game, **TAKE A BREAK**, it does not remotely help you or your next team if you join a game tilted. Joining a game tilted causes more issues and problems than joining a game in a good mood. Being tilted usually causes the team to play worse because someone's flaming at them because of a mistake that happened at the previous teamfight, or because someone didn't do something that was expected of them, etc. When people flame at you or you get tilted by the chat, _/mute all_ is your friend. If you tilt by what other people do, then don't focus on what they're doing. Don't focus on what your team IS NOT doing, don't focus on what kind of crap your team is doing, focus on what you are doing and come up with ideas on how you could do something that you did in a better way, could be a way that produces better results, could be a way that helps you improve at playing the game, could be a way that helps you improve at an aspect of the game. Some of those things could be: 1. I should play more {{champion:17}} Teemo Top assuming the enemy Jungler focuses their attention to me more frequently hence I should focus on improving my map awareness and warding. 2. I should play more {{champion:19}} Warwick Jungle or a champion that is more of a counter jungler so I can improve my counter jungling. 3. I should play more {{champion:5}} Xin Zhao Jungle or a champion that has an engage ability but lacks in a disengage so I can improve on when I should gank a lane so I can help my team snowball and improve on when I shouldn't gank so I don't help the enemy snowball. Those are a few examples of ideas that I can use in my own games where I can use a champion's weakness to help me improve the game. It would mean I lose more games because of those weaknesses but I can use those weaknesses to help me improve. Also in some of your games, you die quite a lot. I understand that bad games happen, I even say that I get bad games frequently, probably because I'm in ELO Hell or have a really crap skill level, or both, probably both. One thing I highly recommend is to put survival at a higher priority than kills. I had games where people go for kills and most of the time die while getting those kills. I recommend going for kills if you are 100% certain that you can get that kill without dying. Sometimes, if you are certain that you can get a kill without dying can result in dying without getting that kill, that happened to me a few times, by either lack of vision, underestimating how much lifesteal the enemy had, not knowing the enemy champion well (not the player, the champion).
Yeah definitely, i totally agree with everything you said, even the putting surival on a higher priority (believe it or not) was my thought process the last games since i knew i die alot and i also know when i die. I normally die when trying to save a caught out teammate even though i know he's 90% dead but still end up taking bad fights (lower level than him, or no vision etc) thanks
Lyroit (EUW)
: the worst loosing streak i've had was 90% lost games. That's when the matchmaking hates you and gives you better enemies instead of worse. But well, that's normal game matchmaking for me: it hates me - I hate it. But if I'm on a loosing streak I just start a bot match with beginner bots, choose some high dps champ and one shot everyone. It really helps me to get rid of the frustration.
Yeah lol, the funny thing is that in normal games, i tend to play SO well with katarina etc, but then i enter ranked and everything is a disaster lol
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Hey XxGunSmith137xX, Have you tried relaunching the client? If relaunching doesn't help, i think you just have to wait for few hours.
Yeah relaunching doesn't work unfortunately, im hoping that this will be fixed in a patch or something
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CoopA826 (EUW)
: Statistically you gained more LP through AFK players on the enemy team than you lost .... Without this fact you probably would be a couple of games short of your promotion ..
yeah this is also true, assuming you dont afk yourself :p
: Dera riot, my promo
Yeah i understand, but the best thing to do ESPECIALLY in promo's is to just play it out, that braum mid might've actually not been that bad, i had a yasuo support once and he did very well tbh and we ended up winning. so never dodge in your promo's and just report them and describe why you reported them and thats all you can do, you'll get back to your promo's
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Sefi (EUNE)
: try playing a bot game real quick and see if that helps, or try to launch the legacy client.
JustMayes (EUW)
: ***
Yeah, i have done that, but still doesn't work
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Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=XxGunSmith137xX,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2Nc0IEAd,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-10T21:04:17.367+0000) > > bro, if the placements are THAT harsh, im not gonna play ranked lol, im just silver 2, which means that i will get placed back in bronze 5 or what? The best you can get placed is 2-3 divisions lower than where you end after preseason. So Silver 2 at the moment means the absolute best you can get is silver 4-5. How you play in placements will also affect it. You could end up back in bronze tbh.
: Well Im dv in solo and first match was mostly plat and dia players. Got plat iv after 6/4 placements
Adama (EUW)
: its not his fault, if ur unlucky in these placements you will get bronze.
bro, if the placements are THAT harsh, im not gonna play ranked lol, im just silver 2, which means that i will get placed back in bronze 5 or what?
: First day ever in bronze, after 2 years in plat... and i have already seen A WONDER
meanwhile im sitting here trying to figure out how the hell you could've gotten from plat to bronze? what the hell happened dude?
Praes (EUNE)
: Ahh, yeh I forgot every player can only place 3 wards and a control ward, that's plenty enough to ward your lane, isn't it? that makes a total of 8+the jungler and midlaner.
Euuhhhmm last time i checked you can only place 3 wards INCLUDING your control ward, lmao and btw, the 2 normal vision trinkets last 60 seconds and have something like a .. what was it called? oh yeah, a cooldown
: indeed they are broken, but if u know their skills and think what u can expect next counter them with ur skills, that changed my game big time. Outsmart them :)
xShirayuuki (EUNE)
: Can someone tell me why am I playing Flex with/against Dia when I'm S2?
The game is in a bad state at the moment, alot of trolls, bugs, OP'ness etc... so i think you will just have to wait, dont play ranked at the moment
: Silver 2 = gold 5 believe me. As long we are not D2+ our knowledge is almost the same lol. No problem can happen. Maybe you haven't seen Maokai or Poppy with this mastery yet. Or you play vayne since vayne is IMO one of the few champions that can say "Idc" about the tank mastery. As ADC it is really hard yea, but I can only put you a champion with mobility to heart or someone that can fight from all distances. Something like Jhin or Lucian. Draven is alright too and Tristana also. Atleast if you are a solo player and don't trust your teammates. As ADC your tank or support should peel for you so they don't even get to you. If you do however believe your team a bit, GA is always helpful and steraks again is also good. You don't have to go full tank action but just one or two defensive items will help, especially if your team don't peel for you.
Thanks for that, and yeah i played Kog and Cait, with Kog i just shredded tanks, alistar was using that redemption item or something but i didn't really face too much difficulty, with cait it was a bit harder but i still managed, but then again, haven't encountered a poppy or maokai lol... and yeah maybe tristana would be a better choice for me
: ***
Vekia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=XxGunSmith137xX,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xKzVlXgP,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-10T12:23:24.553+0000) > > ok i quote &#x27;_If you&#x27;re that nearsighted, then there&#x27;s no hope for you. Have fun feeding assassins._&#x27;. Dont even TRY to tell me that this is respectful, this is talking down to someone, pushing someones buttons/disrespecting, like come on man you cant defend that and dont get me wrong, i was in the wrong for saying that, but lets just cut the crap and dont make me to be the devil here lol, this guy disrespected me so i disrespected back, eye for an eye You disrespected first. Don't expect respect after you start insulting people.
Wow, im not sure if you're a really good troll or just a complete nutter, do us both a favor and dont comment on here anymore, im not worth your time
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