JeHugawa (EUNE)
: Nerodius the red? really? That's just straight up red saber... but otherwise sounds decent but kit sounds a bit overtuned and overloaded
Red saber? From fate? Didn't even realise when I made the concept. Oh well, would you mind telling me what you think is overtuned about her kit?
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: Ultimate Skin Idea: Warring Kingdoms Taliyah
While I like this idea I don't think Taliyah needs an ultimate skin as there are many other heroes who I kinda wanna see them get skins since they haven't in a while. Looking at you Xerath.
Timikyu (EUW)
: Complete Kindred Rework concept
Why in the world do people go for the duel form? We have enough of those, I like Kindred I main them. I just think they should rework Kindreds passive into something thats actually achievable.
LeonidPower (EUNE)
: imagine that
Honestly no, league is an old game but its character design is not that bad, often it is generic but its for lower end pcs as well where as a lot of games now days don't compensate for that. Accessibility>Exclusivity. Plus Honokai has inferior waifus compared to other games so good day sir.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Arcane Surge: In order to reach those stacks in any sort of meaningful way you need to have low CD spells anyway, so the extra CD won't really matter, this literally looks like a rune only ryze would really use, most other mages have long enough cooldowns that getting to 5 stacks is just going to involve a lot of waiting > Overcontrol Seems way to anti-tank, you forget how much CC some of these champions actually have > Apocalypse Just what we need, an army of tryndamere's that don't even have to remember to activate their ults because they just won't die for twice as long, also 2 seconds is a long time for a vayne to delete people for example, you put it in resolve but remember if its super strong then people will use it on other champions > Grand Impact Won't really see as much use as you think, its mostly just for tanks who are already tanky enough for this to barely even matter in the first place, 15 seconds is also way too long > Chronomaster Considering there is a rune that reduces the cooldowns on active items i see this ending pretty badly > Omniscience Only useful for supports but even then i'm not sure i would want this over something like Aery or Comet
I am very happy with your thoughts on my ideas thank you for your input. For arcane Surge I was thinking for characters like Karthus who is a control mage but rarely has his wall out. As I said I am not 100% sure on the numbers might be say 10 seconds before you loose stacks or something because every low cd type hero has that one ability of theirs with a much longer cooldown than the others that isn't their ultimate thats kind of the logic that went into it. For over control I was thinking this was more useful in the sense of certain supports like Morgana or Annie with a jinx or someone doubling up on cc against someone, I mean I get that some heroes have a lot of CC and this might be a bit too strong but at the same time the few heroes I actually see it benefiting are tanky'ish heroes because they are the only ones who most likely have 2 hard forms of CC to combo with themselves. Also the main reason for this keystone is that CC doesn't stack so there is no reward for hitting someone who is under crowd control when they already have crowd control. So now there is a reward but chances are getting it off means losing CC for other enemies and thus the *Tank* is still doing their role by absorbing CC for their team. 2 seconds is basically nothing compared to Trynda's 6 second ultimate the only difference is that during that state most CC would be kind of not effective, I mean this is less for dps characters and more for tanky characters that get cucked by that 4th jhin shot or that zed R. 2 seconds is pretty much only enough time to cast one spell and I can see this being pretty strong on a dps character but like you said investing in resolve can hamper your damage so yes that vayne can deal a lot of damage but because she is say missing some runes she might not be as much of a problem as she would normally would be. And yes 2 seconds is a lot of time to turn the tables but its only really powerful when you get to a point in the game where you heal for more damage than you take. Then yes I see it being quite broken but until that time you can virtually make the person that has this pretty useless just like tyndamere is in the current meta. I guess my thought behind this was if Malphite decided to R into the enemy team he would get some additional bulk for his effors on making a good engage. Plus whats better than heroes with lots of bulk, heroes who can increase that bulk and take what little there is on say a bruiser or adc etc etc. But yeah 15 seconds is too long tho its the average amount of time a teamfight lasts so that was my reasoning on the timing should be shorter. Kinda hate that rune that gives all that cdr instead of a real utility passive like the rest of inspiration hope riot changes it but yeah with that will be very very strong. This one was a bit random for me wanted to also add in the wards being able to debuff people that destroy them too on top of that but wasn't sure if it would be fair since there is so much that rewards dewarding to get punished might be counterproductive. But I guess the main reason behind it is that people who play support often more than not dont ward and its infuriating being the jungle and having to waste your wards on dragon pit when I usually ward top and mid when their wards are on cd and so on. Or if I take lens instead but still cant tell whats going on at objectives etc. I was just thinking it could help positional play because arey and comet are nice but supports dont just peel they provide the utility the team is missing at times which is something that people who do play support forget.
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: Xayah's title is The Rebel
Oh boi now I feel kinda stupid but thanks for telling me
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: Your concept is very interesting, kit is interesting and lore have an aura of mystery, but I'd suggest several changes to make kit fit better with lore and be more balanced. First of all, you need to specify numbers on her passive's stacks, because they are the backbone of her whole kit. You will need to balance between recurrent damage from auto-attacks and burst damage from detonation. Let's set their maximum amount to 5 for a time, damage amplification to 1%/1.5%/2% per stack and equal lifesteal bonus against marked enemy. Q: Pulling soul out won't work, sadly, because it is one of Illaoi's signature moves and any ability, which looks too similar, will most likely be denied. I can suggest this as a replacement: "Soul hook": Opal swings a hook attacked to her knife and throw it in a straight line, ripping out part of soul of first champion hit, lowering their spd for 20% for 1 sec and gaining decaying shield for amount of damage dealt. W: Towers are completely out of place and will have to be removed. Opal is a sneaky little assassin, not an engineer or an undead mage. Possible replacement: "Spectral dagger": Opal throws a low damage dagger in a straight line, applying death perception stack on first champion hit. (Dagger's cd is less, than stack decay time.) Hitting enemy, that has max stacks on him with this ability will cause them to explode, dealing heavy damage to single target and applying 2 stacks to enemies around it. E: Evading enemies, while also auto-attacking them is a bit too op, while applying stacks on enemies, whose abilities you've avoided sounds impossible in case of not targeted abilities. Instead it could be a medium range dash, that applies two stacks on enemies Opal passes through. R: good in general, but making her invulnerable to later make her untargetable is too much, while reapplying all detonated stacks sounds simply unfair. After 0.5 channeling Opal can just run her enemies through in straight line, dealing increased damage based on amount of stacks they have. I hope you will find my suggestions useful. I like your idea and would like it to fit well in League.
I have taken what you have said into consideration but let me just counter on why I dont like some of your suggestions. I dont specify numbers unless its duration because my abilities are not full blown designs just drafts to give people a basic idea of what the champion will do, so they dont go thats too op or thats not op enough etc etc. Secondly I dont like the idea of lifesteal because her auto attack is a finisher type of ability and she relies more on her abilities to do damage than her autos, its why none of her kit has on hit effects other than her passive unlike most assassins in league currently. I would rather prefer her to heal based on missing health for said stacks detonated as it would be better for jungle especially in earlier stages of the game. I also dont like the idea of damage amplification which is why I rather prefer flat damage on stack detonation so they are a survival tool more than an enabler of her kit. I mean not every champion has a unique gimmick that is their own, and honestly for Illoi its more tentacles attacking from awkward angles than soul pulling being signature. So I dont think it would be too much of an issue to not have. Secondly the abilities you suggested for q and W are literally the same, they both work in a line and have no synergy, it feels way to generic for what I want for this champion so I definitely reject those ideas almost entirely. She is an assassin but nobody said she had to be a sneaky one, she doesn't even have stealth as an ability so using a tool to enable her kit is not far fetched so I see twin towers being a pretty viable ability for her to have, plus the passive effect on it is very very important and almost integral part of her kit and I see it as her primary gimmic to be able to engage on anyone thats being stunned so I definitely cant retcon that. As for her E its entirely possible to apply stacks if you code it that area of effect abilities that pass her sprite as she evades will cause stacks to appear on the people who caused those effects so no I dont believe its entirely impossible, as for attacking while evading its a very short ranged evade so she would only get one hit as she doged. I mean I get that the R is a bit awkward so maybe making it a short channel before untargetable and damaging all enemies in her wake based on the stacks they have and reapplying them is plausible. And thanks for your reply it means a lot to me.
: No clear theme,you're talking about a champ focused on chaos.but they're about...disengaging? Nothing about that portrays chaos. Also half of his abilities make champs useless,like Lulu and Sona. I keep thinking of Glacial Augment with this slowing field passive you're pushing too. Sounds cool though. The champ's got a nice name and whatnot,but the abilities have lacklustre synergy to make your ult work,and some of them need tuning because they're borderline OP.
The chaos comes in with his slowing fields and technically he has music theme'd abilities. But I get your point though what is it with synergy is needed now days, Can we just have a champion because we have one not we need this champion to have a repetitive as %%%% combo that can be boring in less than two minutes of play. I thought champions were interesting because the player is able to use what he is given and not be expected for the abilities to carry his whole thought process.
: He has no obivous theme to his kit. He has some damage, but that doesn’t have a main part in his kit, as he doesn’t seem has that much. He has support in his kit, but his q makes no sense with the rest of the kit. To fix this I would change the Q to fit the close-range support style the rest of his kit seems to have. You could also cange the W to fit this more but that isn’t necessary. If you _realy_ want to keep the current Q you need to change the rest of the kit. Overall, let me know about any changes you make, because otherwise this is a good concept. _Bye for now_ _Crablobster10_
Its a poke, just like Braum's Q, his theme is to be the ultimate disengage support, so that he specializes in keeping enemies from getting close to his allies while also poking and offering opportunities to re-engage. Sort of like a less offensive Rakan, his job is to create space between his enemies and allies as far as possible.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Would make Lulu worthless.
Not really since lulu doubles as a full ap mage has better disables and her Ulti is the best sustain ability in the game but to each their own.
: Zed mini rework concept
I do not think Zed for one second needs a rework and honestly this concept just seems more like a strait up nerf than a decent mechanical change. Sorry but thats the truth.
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: Champion Idea: Opal The enigma
And thank you guys for looking at my concept it means a lot to me.
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FMSonto (EUW)
: if you're saying that there are great similarities between Yasuo's kit and Mika's, you'd be an accurate reader. On top of that, between Fiora, Yasuo, Aatrox and Master Yi, the swordsman fantasy is already achieved in the LoL roster. Getting Mika in there will be difficult as it seems this champ already exists.
What we need is a duel swordsman since we dont have that other than kata but those are technically daggers
: New Champion Idea Mika
Problem is her kit is basically an upgraded yasuo go rethink bra
Ahwu (EUW)
: This will likely be my last comment on that matter due to your stubbornness and incapability to look at different opinions on your champion and the game itself. First of all, you cannot come up with arguments that cannot be derived from your text, as you did some times in the comments leading up to this one. He is right with the 100% scaling, as your primary text states that W deals 130+(50% AP) damage PER SECOND over 2 seconds, resulting in 260+(100% AP). I don't know if it is intended this way, this is just what your text states. So maybe fix some issues with your description before flaming other people. You countered yourself, btw, describing his abilities as one with assassin thoughts, a poke spell, some CC and one "serious healing" spell. Look at the kit again and tell my which design pattern he fits into and what role he's supposed to fulfill. Right, it's none. Because the kit is so damn awkward and the champion lacks identity. There are better champs for anything special, he succeeds at nothing particularly well except for his way too high scaling. His ultimate is really weird, since any other ability that impairs you gives you some kind of reward for it or uses it to retain its power. Yet your ultimate has a self-root for some reason, yet to be rewarded (e.g. compare with Xerath, who gets a massive range advantage, same for Caitlyn). You also didn't answer any of the points given but instead answered in a general way, leaving critical points left open and thus the champion design in a weaker place. Telling people they make flaws but not countering them in a objective manner is really but style, and you just seriously reconsider posting your ideas in the forum if you reply to critique in such an offended way.
No you are really not understanding a thing please go learn some league then come here again because clearly you dont understand how the game works
Zekutsu (EUW)
: Make Nasus get stacks even by destroing objectivs
He does get stacks from objectives if he gets the last hit
: Champion Idea: Calvaros the summoner
Oh that was a lot of typing be sure to leave a comment
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xezary (EUNE)
: sounds good maybe in future may come true
: U know u could have edited in to the post as a voice line dont you
Yeah I was lazy so meh but you are right
: Henry: The Twisted Mind
Oh I almost forgot his best quote. "Here have some death!"
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: Phoenix Anivia
Because its to obvious a skin since Anivia is a cryo-Pheonix, however Electricity or wind could be something new
: I like this idea but 35% of max hp for only 0.5 secs of imunity isnt worth, can u save ur life with this? maybe 20sec cd and a large mana cost. But the rest is fine.
Yeah but remember if you combo with her q you could end up healing for more than the hp cost depending on how many enemies she passes through during her q but it makes sense though a high mana cost on an assassin might be more crippling than than hp loss
Berimdur (EUNE)
: In lore he sounds like Arcann From SWTOR(he killed his twin brother)
Wow, I never knew I played SWOTOR 2 but not 1
Aragøn (EUW)
: OHHHHHHHHHHH the wording was very confusing. It would have made more sense had it said "an enemy **who has** high attack speed". So that makes more sense now - shes an ADC killer then?
She is a mage counter, the reson why I added this Niche ability is that she has low hp so I was thinking to balance only adcs can keep up with her blinks so I thought she can make a key play and reduce an adc's damage output greatly, like for example as a twitch ultis etc. Though I do admit its very situational especially since lethality is the meta, but a bumch of attack speed from an adc thats ahead cant hurt can it?
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Ahwu (EUW)
: No, it didn't. He pointed out obvious mistakes when it comes to scaling and the general power of some abilities (e.g. W). And he is definitely right with his opinion on the ultimate being his weakest ability. While we're at it, writing down flat numbers, without ability level scaling and no CD is never a good idea, because you cannot say a lot about those if you have no context. Imagine an ability dealing 1000+(200% AP) damage but it costs 600 mana and needs 2 seconds of channeling while staying in 100 range of the enemy. You know what I mean? As of the general concept without the numbers: The champion lacks character, a clear concept of what he is capable of and what his main purpose in a game is. He feels like an awkward mid laner to play, with, apart from his mines, no abilities that work together in a rewarding and good-feeling way.
No he wasnt justified in his arguement about my W because I say its 50% ap scaling and he keeps saying its 100% where is he getting that number from. Secondly yes the ultimate does seem underpowered in terms of scaling but what team that is already zoned out by mines would try to counter engage without getting half healthed in the process look at his kit again, the mines last for 60 seconds and in a drawn out engagement that makes for some tricky treading for assassins, his W is just a crowd control trap to help him escape, his q is basic poke and harass, his E is a good way to bait out enemies so he can get some serious healing, look I am not trying to smash your comments but its like you arent reading what I wrote and instead drawing your own conclusions, oh that is op, this is op, yet your reasoning is half out of place and you cant expect me to be simple and shut up when I see someone obviously making a flaw they they themselves dont see, I do see the flaws in my kit dont get me wrong but you critique has no solid ground in terms of reasoning, if you can give decent reasoning then I will budge but if you have to take a look at my previous designs people do give honestly good reasoning where as the only thing I am getting here is that the R scaling needs to be higher yet its AOE can go up to 700 units which is about as big as redemption and it knocks up all enemies hit, thats in itself op and doesn't need as much ap to be effective.
: Dude, this screams op from the lungs out.
Sure...just give a reason why next time
GGWPizza (EUW)
: Isn't siphon of pain mordekaisers q or something
Its his E and yeah I need to change that
: > [{quoted}](name=XxninjaPANDAxX,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Wcwxn35A,comment-id=000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2017-09-15T20:35:15.725+0000) > > Okay how long has it been since you played league man the game has changed. 1stly the passive scaling is neccisary and remember the mine only effects the hero that stands on it oh and I forgot to mention the Q removes the mines, so its a choice of either burst or cc, the w deals 50% of ap every second meaning each proc of ap damage is vs magic resistance, meaning if you count the traps full damage then its vs double magic resistance. The E is just so he has some sustain since he has no mobility and it also means he doesnt have to buy liandrys torment, the R's scaling is 80% of his ap are you blind look again lol dude if you're gonna make a champion concept please don't moan at people who give good feedback and didn't just say "oh wow amazing why aren't you working for riot" - I noticed a lot of issues with this kit too so don't get me started on what I should suggest :P but good attempt
I did reply to him apologizing, I dont need him to say that I need to be working for riot its just reading his comment made me feel like he really didnt read what I wrote because alot of what he said contradicted what I put down and I was just fishing if he was a troll trying to tilt me. Thanks for your comment upvoted
: > [{quoted}](name=XxninjaPANDAxX,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Wcwxn35A,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-15T15:32:55.222+0000) > > No he is the Tactician Tactician? More like bird brain
: Firstly, played about 30 minutes ago. Secondly, >the w deals 50% of ap every second meaning each proc of ap damage is vs magic resistance, meaning if you count the traps full damage then its **vs double magic resistance**. That's not how that works. It's still two ticks of damage against the guy's MR. it doesn't magically double the MR because it ticks twice. Anyway, his E has 30% AP scaling on the heal. Late game with say around 700 AP gives 210 hp per proc from an AoE ability. That's bloody insane. And yes, the ult has 80% scaling, but his Q has 90% on a shorter cd, his passive has 70% on 3 instances with seemingly no cd, his W has 100% scaling from both procs. His ult has, on paper, lower presence than his Q in a fight and only marginally higher base damage coupled with a massive combat handicap in the self root. Thirdly, don't insult someone that is giving you critique. It makes you come off super defensive and a bit of a prick.
Sorry didnt mean to insult you its just when I read your stuff I am reading something different than to what you are trying to root. His W has 50% ap scaling why do you keep saying 100%, I havent even stipulated the width of the line of damage of his Q for all you know it could be as thin as victors death laser and go only 300 units far so saying it has a bigger presence just because of scaling is incorrect, like syndras w has a higher scaling than her ulti and the ultimate still has a bigger presence because base damage is still a factor, His E only works if he hits his opponents with his abilities and in terms of a teamfight that will be difficult and conditional unless he lands his ult he is only going to proc one at a time. The passive understand that the mines will have a collision of say 50 units so its safe to say its easy to avoid them their purpose is to serve as a zoning tool to prevent initiation, remember the mines land at a random spot 300 units from the target when they are hit by spells any person with right click physics can avoid them it will just make other abilities like his ultimate easier to land to also couple up with the fact that the orb from his ult can go far away from him means that the root is only a handicap in terms of assassins.
: If u say so
Dude I am looking at the lore page right now its not saying anything about being the leader of noxus just that Swain is a tactician that worked hard for his rank
: I think there are some thinks that can be re-thought but I really like the main idea of this champion, would definetily try of riot released it!
: Swain is the leader of noxus in the lore
No in the lore Swain is the main Tactician of Noxus not the ruling sovereign
Rismosch (EUW)
: Swain is the emperor of Noxus, isn't he?
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Mocton (EUW)
: Blaze the forgotten wind master
An ad champ that gets ad for free that has no balance no
: An idea for a champion
Be hard to play well since Leagues difficulty curve comes from Mechanics adding Micro Management ontop of that and well you might need a bigger keyboard and another set of hands but its very creative and I like it!
SkybladeX1 (EUNE)
: Thanks for the feedback. Yeah , he gains quite a bit of AD , but only if the conditions to evolve abilities are met. He's quite weak otherwise. Getting 200 CS may not be that hard , but getting 3 towers may prove quite difficult. Killing (or assisting in killing) every enemy champion will likely only happen if there's a huge teamfight and it goes in your team's favor. If your team already won a big fight , you'd likely win the game too soon afterwards , so the evolved ability might become redundant. I don't think he's that OP. Especially because of his Ultimate. It's ... I don't know how I should put it. I thought of many ways of including that ability and this is what it came to. Other variants were way too overpowered. An example of how I believe it could be used : your jungler is in the river and the enemy laner just took a favorable trade and is close to your tower , but can't kill you if he dives you. At this point you press R to buy enough time for the jungler to get here and leave the rest to him since even though you lost the earlier trade , you probably still dealt some damage. Another way it could be used is if the enemy team is doing baron / dragon and your team wants to steal it , you can be over the wall and ult their jungler , essentially removing Smite for 10 seconds.
True but the channel time is gross, and really this champ is either borderline broken or useless which is really bad in terms of league, its good to be creative but think of your champs from riots perspective, it offers heavy late game scaling and a disable that is easily countered meaning 80% of the time useless which is a problem
: Hmm quite an interesting kit though the amount of ad he gains is ridiculous even more so than zed but then there is his ultimate which is good but easy to counter so I could say he would be an interesting champion but well the scaling in terms of ad into late game is a bit high makes him sorta like vayne where when you hit lategame nothing can stop you but I think it could work I just think his ultimate is a little too niche especially for a teamfight when you compare it to bard or other disabling ultimates they are usually instantaneous and dont last nearly as long making this guys engage potential non existent but its a cool design though I am not sure if he is a support or assassin or fighter to be honest with the way his abilities work
Oh and you said you wanted to look at another of my concepts I made this one recently but I didnt put much thought into it anyway here ya go
SkybladeX1 (EUNE)
: [Champion Concept] Minato Arisato
Hmm quite an interesting kit though the amount of ad he gains is ridiculous even more so than zed but then there is his ultimate which is good but easy to counter so I could say he would be an interesting champion but well the scaling in terms of ad into late game is a bit high makes him sorta like vayne where when you hit lategame nothing can stop you but I think it could work I just think his ultimate is a little too niche especially for a teamfight when you compare it to bard or other disabling ultimates they are usually instantaneous and dont last nearly as long making this guys engage potential non existent but its a cool design though I am not sure if he is a support or assassin or fighter to be honest with the way his abilities work
: ivern is riven mixed up also xin has that heal effect
With xin its not based on max hp and with xin you dont build him tanky you build him as a fighter this guy however is a bit different
: Names do not always have to be special or unique in some way, sometimes names like Kim or Dave will be enough, as their pure simpleness makes it already unique in a champion pool filled with guys called Skarner or Xerath
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