Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't think these should be added. Now you need to check through your opponents, how many of the given champions they have, and you can count it that way how many are left in the story. If this gamemode relies so heavily on RNG, at least this thing should stay, because it adds to the skill factor.
The only thing I disagree with is the item RNG, its so bs, you could end up with barely one item but your opponent has shiv and guinsnos. Thats something that needs to be fixed end of story, either garuntee at least 1 item drop every creep round or make the gold you get actually worthwhile instead, instead of just 1g you should start with at least 3g because you don't get nearly enough to compensate poor item rolls.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=RIAklIEk,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-08-12T13:05:14.239+0000) > So having his own origin would be highly possible too. How about Poppy then?
Poppy is already in
kriegnes (EUW)
: also how do i know if spell damage is actually make the spell stronger? i used rabadons on kha once but i didnt feel like it changed anything
With Kha zix it boosts its Isolation damage, so if the enemy is alone, otherwise the damage is physical. Besides there are better candidates for Rabadons
Timikyu (EUW)
: Thought blademaster because she does call her feathers blades
Yeah but another ranged blademaster is kinda scary since draven exists. Also yes they are blades but I still wouldn't see her as a blade-master, especially since ranger would benefit her skill so much more.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: well it's the glacial % proc still but 4 glacials and you can perma cc lock if you give mana to sejuani
True but getting Sej in the first place is also hard not to mention they hard nerfed her ability, it deals less damage and cc's for less long.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: the chain does freeze thats why you need rfc if you want voli to be useful
Hmm ok, I guess you are right since I did test it. Still tho its not a surefire thing.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: or giving him deathcap and seraphs so can 1 shot the entire team from the 1st 3 seconds of the fight along side with shojin if somehow there are left survivors glacials are effective against targets they can hit correct BUT getting sej with mana items and a feeding a voli and suddenly you have team wide spread glacial ccs overlapping constantly correct for gnar but if you have wilds or shapeshifters gnar is one of the most valued units even if 1 starred you just have to protect him till he ults agreed fro leona her ult is op cho is pretty good even after the nerfs even as a standalone thats the point of items so you can stack 1 unit to be your carry pyke isn't that good kat akali and zed even rengar are better than pyke even if he has double shojin the hype is overblown the ability is useless against rfc and his dps isn't that good rangers gunslingers deal with pyke with ease aatrox is busted if you can build him up elise is only good if you start winning early because she puts a lot of pressure on the pace of the game if you don't start winning with her she is a dead unit id argue against that comps are a lot more valued than items getting full 2stars and great econ > many many item drops in the early game items eventually even out and even if they don't you have like 1 or 2 item discrepency which won't decide your game
Nonono buddy Pyke is really good, his stun is long, and with two sojhins as soon as enemies come out of their stun they are stunned again, I have seen Pyke solo carry because of that, its not overhyped its busted, Zed on the other hand always ends up being contested so get that 2 star early on with him is not that easy. Getting Sojhins on akali is stupid since she only needs 25 mana to cast so having just a tear is more than enough for her to spam. Kata benefits from spell damage items more than she does from physical damage. As for Sej and Voli, Sej is a 4 gold unit, Voli is a 3 gold they are very uncommon, I mean if you are going glacial you might have a chance if nobody else is going them but otherwise you never get them early and you never get them with the items you want when you want them. Also Glacials apply the freeze with their main hits voli's chain doesn't freeze, not that it matters because he dies just as he activates it most of the time but he is worth the item investment if you end up getting a lot of him. Elise just needs bloodthirster and some attack speed and she will never die in her Spider form, now that she is a 1g unit getting her to a 3star and benefitting from items is a lot easier, but mainly thats an issue to league's drop tables as 3g and 4g units are a lot more rare than 2g and 1g, and this is because levels add less chance, in most other autochess games 3g are only slightly less common than 2g and getting a level 2 4g isn't as hard as getting a level 2 5g. No items are way wayyy more valueable, having 2 star units is great but having 2 star unit with good items is a lot stronger, varus one shots in the best cases, Lucian and vayne can almost never die, garen and daruis are pretty much busted in comparison to Mordekaiser etc etc. The comps help but like they are a cherry on top with good items a hero can do all the heavy lifting on their own. Even a 1star gnar will last long enough to transform if he has red buff as an example. Items are too strong and make units much stronger than they need to be. The shrink sword, Guinsnoos, Gunblade, sojhins, rabadons are all way too strong and boost people's damage by far too much. Those two items you mentioned on A sol will allow him to carry even if he doesn't have mage synergy. Kassadin as an example doesn't benefit at all from his synergies and is solely dependent on item choices. The only time classes actually help him more is if you can re-class him with a spatula. Thats kind of the truth sometimes item drops will determine what synergy you will go. Also the gold you get early on is not enough at all to compensate for item drops and thats a fact.
Timikyu (EUW)
: Our Vastayan Rebels in TFT?!
Don't see Xayah as a blademaster. Probably hunter is better suited.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: mages demons glacials chogath gnar very few items are worth stacking and usually there are better alternatives
Mages are usually the ones who stack items, and no there are not better alternatives, an Aurulion sol with two sojhins spears is busted as hell as he just uses his ability every 3 seconds in a mage comp its busted. Glacials are primarily effective against the front line, the backline not so much and even less so after the Sejuani nerf. Gnar is pretty bad at 1 star and is difficult to get to 2star since he is a desireable unit, almost never worth going you could argue that Leona is much better in that regaurd. Cho gath also got nerfed and is only good against the backline once he is with the mage synergy. There is too much setup required to counter units with a lot of items and even if you do manage to those items can turn a pretty generic unit into a power house, Vayne, Varus, Pyke, Aatrox, Elise. Etc items hold way more weight than comps and stacking items is pretty bs, an assassin with two infinity edges, any ranger with two guinsnoos its strong and there aren't better alternatives.
: Assassins.
Assassins do shit vs a varus that one shots them as they leap on him, not to mention you can just bunch your units a corner and cause your assassins to only attack the front line, which defeats the whole leaping onto the backline. Not to mention lucian exists who can dash away if an assassin gets close so no assassins are not a counter for item stacking.
: With the mobility of the champs nowadays Udyr indeed faces a lot of hardships, even while melee. Lux is lux.... she's like a 1 round bolt action high caliber riffle. If you hit the run, it's over. If you miss tho, you're pretty useless. I don't feel that any of the two are unbalanced or un-fun to play with/against.
I don't think its a matter of balance its matter of how generic he is. His passive to say the least is the most underwhelming in the game, most of his kit revolves around stances which rely fully on his autos, he is a juggnaught who can be a melee god but even Olaf does his job better just by having a tiny bit of ranged poke. When I say rework I don't mean change who he is which is a melee oriented hero because that should be the primary thing thats preserved about him but he does need some quality of life improvements such as the ability to counter poke ranged opponents, to allow his diversity in terms of building, ad, ap, tank to be more streamline and not cause him to lack in certain areas, (Ad lacks defense from spells, ap takes a while to come online, tank offers no zoning potential), this doesn't mean Udyr is bad its just simply he needs a kit that functions as he does now while giving him better utility as he scaled into the late game, he doesn't need stealth or super left abilities but he does need a bigger impact inside of a teamfight or he will not survive outside of solo que. Its why characters like Amumu are used to climb as you get that satisfying quick jungle clear speed along with massive teamfight presence, udyr doesn't have that because of this he gets cucked on so many areas where he needs to succeed as a jungler.
: Dear Riot Its been 4 Years.
kinda hard to make a new skin for Udyr as people are afraid the same thing will happen as they did for Ezreal as when they gave him new skins literally every one was better than his ultimate skin, so Riot is probably afriad to give Udyr a new skin out of fear they make a better skin than Spirit gaurd Udyr
: Hmm.. you're right. I'll think about something new, because he might be too weak for a 5g. I'll look at it tomorrow. But next to Azir, do you like the new ideas or is there something you see missing?
I like the ideas but I don't think the Ascendant thing should be a justification to use these units, like what if I want nasus for Knight Synergy and he ends up being mediocre without Ascendants etc. I mean usually synergies just improve upon what they are already good at but yeah, I guess it works in a sense but its hard to justify considering its competition but otherwise I like the idea.
: > [{quoted}](name=XxninjaPANDAxX,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=inwLYzPU,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-07-08T16:18:26.915+0000) > > Its because of us they got to live this long so no thats not how it works. Did you get your parents, your pediatrition, your local butcher, etc. a gift for your 10th birthday? Cause without them it would have probably been a hard 10 years.
You keep pushing this logic toward a person. This is a game, a franchise, it only exists because of its customers, thats why whenever a store or place has a sale they give out more samples and discounts to keep supporting them for another year. Because the customer are what keep it alive and could end it in an instant. So if you were religious on your birthday you and your family will thank god for letting you live this long, in the same respect we are the means that allows this company, this game to exist. Don't try and humanize a company because at the end of the day they are just a company thats getting rich off us.
: The point that you made about Morde in comparison to Nasus is valid. As a 3g Nasus should have a stronger ability, even early on, than a 1 cost. What I think I'm going to do, is change up its damage, but keep its scaling, so it doesn't make him extremely powerful lvl 3. And as for Renekton, I can see the point that you're trying to make. I'll think about what's better for him, because just a single target stun might indeed be on the weak side. About Amumu, yes it puts himself in danger, but he's tanky and is supposed to disrupt the backline. What I want to point out, is that Amumu can already be ascended when there are 2 and 3 costs in the shop. Even though 1 costs are supposed to carry you into late game, almost every has 1 or 2 1costs at the end of the game. Amumu is the same, if you want to build an ascended team. By removing his bandage toss, you remove all originality to his kit again, so maybe instead of latching onto the backline, you can make him latch onto the front line. This way you can put him in the corner, so assassins jump on him, but he bandage tosses into the front line, where he is supposed to be, tanking. In order to make him sorcerer, you already need to waste one of his item slots to give him a spatula. Next to that, Aurelion sol is the same in that case, because he does even more damage than Xerath, and is **_Already_** Sorcerer. But yeah, if that's too strong, they can lower the scaling per level a bit, I guess. But you need to keep in mind, that he is a 4 cost, and elementalist, not sorcerer. I think Azir's is strong enough, but I need to see testing before I could say he's weak. I think having 3 invulnerable damage dealers, even more so when they have attack speed buffs, is pretty strong, but maybe I'm wrong.
No you are very wrong in the case of Azir, because the thing is, the other 5g units are strong without their synergy, with Azir you are making it so that he needs his synergy to to do well. Thats the issue, swain doesn't need shapeshifter, or deamon or imperial to do well on his own he is strong, this goes the same for every 5g unit but in the cast of Azir, 1 or even 2 soldiers is not gonna change anything because even a Gnar is better than him just for existing let alone anything else. The point of units at higher costs is to be strong as a whole and the more they cost the more strong they are on their own without their synergies, but with Azir it seems like he is pretty weak unless he has his synergy, and even then A, he has no crowd control, B he could get killed as soon as he summoned his soldiers and his damage could be worthless, but MF as a comparison could bullet time for 1 second and still be worth more than Azir, his skill is just too weak for his cost. Either you need to make him like Yas in that he needs only 50 mana to summon a soldier, in that case I can see it possibly working, but the main issue is that the soldiers only deal damage if Azir does, if Azir is CC'ed his ability has no effect he could get killed. The other characters even if they get their ult off for a short time deal a heck of a lot of damage or do a lot to the enemy team. I could maybe see Azir as 3g in his current state but a 5g? No way not even remotely worth it.
: Thanks for the feedback. I made some changes a while ago: I completely removed the item part, because I didn't make it in the first place and its mechanics are broken. Aside from that, I want to enlighten you on some of your criticism. -Until other summoners get added into TFT, I don't think he's unique enough for him to have his own class, like Yasuo for example, but I agree that ranger doesn't fit him the best. -At the start of the round, depending on how many of the buff you have, a random/all alies become(s) ascended. The new ascended ability _**replaces**_ the current ability, except for Nasus and Azir, whereas Nasus becomes empowered permanently,_** keeping his normal ability**_, and Azir's ability gets upgraded. Ascended still need to fill their mana bar in order to use the ascended abilities and there are no stat changes (except for needed mana cost changes and the range of empowered ascended when they use their abilty). -I agree that Nasus would be broken, if you buy him early on, but he's a 3 cost with a weak ability (early on). Some changes to his health stats, mr and armor might also fix the problem. If the stacking still becomes too powerfull, they can also adjust the amount of damage that gets added to his Q and the mr/armor that gets added to his ascended form. Late game he would be a very powerfull foe indeed, but you need to wait a long time (a risky play without full ascension team) before he can truly 1v9. -Renekton's Q might be his better ability, but the idea of dealing damage around you, healing the champ, is not original at all (Darius, etc.) -The idea that Amumu lashes onto the furthest enemy, might be a good idea. He's a one cost, so I don't think you can compare him with Rek or Voli, and his powerspike is unlocked with Ascension. My intention is to make most of the champions slighty underaverage, as far as powerlevel goes, before ascension. It's primarily focused on late game. -Xerath is supposed to deal more damage that brand, because brand's ult procs multiple times and bounces around like crazy. I compared the damage more to a weaker Aurelion Sol. (AS damage is 300/500/700). But If his damage is too broken, they can adjust xerath's damage or the mana cost of the spell. -Rite of the Arcane = the barrage you're talking about ;) -I thought about using Azir's ult as his new ability, but I didn't think it would be much stronger than his soldier. It would deal a lot of damage, but he is a 5 cost, he is supposed to be the strongest of them all. So in order to synergize well with his attack speed strats/ranger buff, I wanted to keep his soldier ability. But you're right, maybe it is better to swap his ability with the wall. I actually spent some time thinking about the character kits, so it pains me to hear that I didnt spent enough thought into it, but I take any feedback as apreciated. I hope you see some of my dicisions
You see the main problems that I still see are that with Nasus you could just give him his ultimate immediately and make it stronger with ascension, because the Q is yes underwhelming but think about his cost he is a 3g unit so he by definition needs to hit harder, take a look at Mordekaiser as an example who also has a familiar attack except his is aoe and in an area and he is a 1g unit. So for Nasus the better ability is for him to either have his R at the start or his E, which could be nice since it reduces armour and deals damage in an area. With renekton while his W is original its very underwelming especially considering his cost of 2g. A lot of other 2g units have a someone hard hitting ability that affects more than 1 target. So you need to give him an ability that is his own. How about he slices and dices in and then stuns someone, and when he gets ascended he can slice and dice back to safey. Would be pretty cool and have nice synergy with assassins and such. The problem with amumu is while his early game is just blitzcrank but puts himself in danger, and then when he gets ascended he becomes the god of crowd control. Its not only inconsistent its kinda broken in the sense that 1g unit isn't an investment for the lategame they carry you to the late game. Thats why I would say warwick is better because of his synergy and kit. Amumu would fit better with Tantrum as it can allow him to tank and lash out at opposing front liners. With Xerath the reason why I need his scaling to be lower is that the sorcerer synergy doesn't just benefit its own, it benefits all spell damage. Meaning you could turn Xerath to a sorcerer have the synergy and deal a %%%% ton of unnecessary damage, heck Kennen is already unbalanced for the same reason. The main reason why I say Azir needs his Emperor's divide is that people pick 5g's not for their damage but for their play making, because even a level 1 5g is stronger than a level 2 4g, so its very important that they have their strongest abilities on hand. With Azir he summons soldiers, which yeah is kinda nice but its not game changing, Yasuo is both tanky and has a lower mana pool so he can spam his ability and get knock ups often, MF can turn a fight just on her own, anivia melts frontlines, Kayle has an invul sheild. The point I made is that if he is gonna be 5g he has gotta be worth picking even if you don't count his synergy. Finally I would like you to consider instead of changing abilities when Ascended just upgrade the existing ones with new and more powerful effects so that the unit's play style remains the same but gets stronger with the synergy.
: > [{quoted}](name=XxninjaPANDAxX,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=rUcFNBeW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-08T16:15:50.922+0000) > > A rotation? Are you stupid or something? Why take away from a game when you can keep adding and fixing as you go a long, in fact I believe more heroes would fix the issue of not being able to find the heroes you want? Why because there would be enough synergies for everyone and not a bunch of people competing for the same thing. Plus if we had a rotation it would get the developers into a fix of making one synergy they release broken and everyone competing for the same pieces. Remember you are dealing with a limited pool, not an infinite pool, the less your synergy is being contested the higher the chances of you getting the units you want regardless of pool size. Unless there is an infinite number of that 1g unit that everyone can get it, I think its a lot better to have more units and synergies so that people dont clash over pieces. What you're saying about synergies make sense. But a big problem will be getting the same unit in order to get Rank 2's and 3's. Try finding the same unit when there are 100 different ones in the pool. And isn't clashing over pieces with other players an integral part of the game? Adapting your strategy to best depending on what your opponent is running. Whether that is buying different units because your opponents are buying the same ones, or buying units that counter theirs. Both should be viable in my opinion.
Here is the problem tho if you and the person you are competing with buy the same pieces in a limited pool you are only going to screw each other over. So the moment someone starts contesting for a piece and you dont get that 3star version of them you end up a bit behind because you cant get that piece because someone else has also been taking pieces, but they too cant get the 3star because of your contest, now if that happens and that unit you were contesting over is a core part of your team you kill eachother in the process and neither one of you win, When someone starts taking the same pieces as you you need to go other pieces problem is if there aren't enough synergies to jump to you get screwed as well. When you have a bigger pool of units not only are people not going to go for the same synergy but there is no contest for pieces it means that everyone can get full synergies and loose a lot less allowing for the game to last longer and be more fun as whole, as TFT stands now its a bit of a rush game, rush to get that 3star unit before it gets contested if you dont you loose. Plain and simple, it takes away from the stradegy elements of the game and throws them into RNG flux. Which makes the game no better than a battle royale. So not only is rotating units bad for the game, it takes value away instead of adding to it. Yes a bigger pool will mean that getting units to that teir 3 will be harder but you can be pateint now with a bigger pool because you are going to get those units eventually, in the meantime there are other units you can build up so that when your synergy gets all the units it needs it comes online instead of you rushing rushing rushing until you eventually loose. As said with more there can only be ups with this type of game mode to take things away is to weaken this game mode's longevity.
: Its basicly their birthday, so you should give them something, not the other way round.
Its because of us they got to live this long so no thats not how it works.
: TFT - Suggestion regarding probable longevity issue.
A rotation? Are you stupid or something? Why take away from a game when you can keep adding and fixing as you go a long, in fact I believe more heroes would fix the issue of not being able to find the heroes you want? Why because there would be enough synergies for everyone and not a bunch of people competing for the same thing. Plus if we had a rotation it would get the developers into a fix of making one synergy they release broken and everyone competing for the same pieces. Remember you are dealing with a limited pool, not an infinite pool, the less your synergy is being contested the higher the chances of you getting the units you want regardless of pool size. Unless there is an infinite number of that 1g unit that everyone can get it, I think its a lot better to have more units and synergies so that people dont clash over pieces.
: New Expansion Pack for Teamfight Tactics
Ok firstly. Anceint coin as an item way too broken. Secondly the item RNG pool is somewhat bad as it is, adding more items does not solve this until Riot fixes the RNG on item drops there is no need for new items. Secondly Azir would not be a ranger but probably a unique class just for him, I like the idea of Ascended forms but how would that be implemented would they cast both of their abilities right after one another? I mean if it gave them a passive effect unique to each respective hero or gave them an ascendant state where instead of getting a new ability they just get boosted stats all round? I just think that adding another ability is a bit broken and should either be a thing locked to an item or should not be a thing at all. Finally the heroes in question arent even using their most optimal abilities, for example avoid stacking abilities completely like Nasus' Q because otherwise someone buys him early and he becomes game breaking later on. Renekton would be better with his Q as an ability especially based on his cost. Amumu's Bandage toss would either have to only work against certain targets like blitzcrank's hook, and why bother with amumu when Rek Sai, warwick and Voli all have better abilities in general. Tantrum would suit amumu much more than the rest of his kit. I do agree with Xerath being an elementalist but even then his abilities have ridiculous scaling especially compared to brand, and I think he would be better overall with Arcane barrage than his other abilities as it gives him some utility to damage the backline, although the elementalist synergy is also something that is in need of a fix. If Azir is a 5g unit then he has to use his highest damaging ability end of story, so emperor's divide or bust. Summoning soldiers to commit to dps would just make him a worse *Natures prophet* from auto chess who is already pretty bad as is. Overall the person who made this needs to put a lot more thought into it as a lot of the character's kits seem incomplete as a whole. And I am not gonna even start on the headache the item combinations give.
: tft doesn't give xp?
TFT wont give you account XP because its not league of legends just an alternate mode plus it has its own progress bar for its own type of rewards
Shamose (EUW)
: Afaik they were planning on using skins as different unit types. Like how vayne uses arclight to fit better with the nobles and upcoming first new champ Twisted fate having his cutpurse skin and most likely being a pirate. In the Future they could use skin lines to be different things, like how Lucian is a noble normal maybe with a skin a whole different class. Who knows though, they can do a lot of stuff with all the assets they already have.
Huh, so we could get High noon lucian if we turn Lucian into a Demon as an example?
: 10th anniversary. 1 free skin?
I mean if its a skin cheaper than the 1350rp I can see it as being a generous gift
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Aargus (EUNE)
: or just fix rng and rolls so that i dont have to wait entire game and to roll 30 times only to not get the champion i need for lv 3,also the animation is so slow 90%of the time champ has full mana and is just slow to use skill,this game has the worst rng in the world by far,i rolle over 30 times for darius and 2 vayns didnt get them and they stayed at lv 2 making me so much weaker even vs lover level player,i honestly hope this mode wont stay as permanent and they should just focus on LoL
The whole rerolling to get that last hero for level 3 is kind of part of the difficulty of the game and why its required to come up with a good synergy instead of just using the strongest heroes, so that your comp balances itself out. Secondly the mode might not go anywhere it might become its own game separate from the league client because its stupid popular at the moment like more popular than normal league so either embrace it or suck it up.
: Just disable TFT
I mean if it were TFT's fault I would understand but thats not the case, the issue at the moment is due to riot being simply unprepared as usual for the surge of players to come and try out the new game mode, what Riot should do is make more servers so they dont have a meltdown with every new release, Dota as an example almost never has failures due to it having almost twice the amount of servers league does, even during peak Autochess periods where almost thousands of custom games were being hosted at once.
: this is a very good champion idea. however, if i were riot games then i would see one BIG problem. WHERES THE DASH, INVISIBILITY, BRUSH MAKING, BLINK, STUN, SLOW AND INCREDIBLE OVERPOWERED ABILITY
Lol XD{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Its not first time we have inverted ability, luxes DMG spell and root spell are switched for people who are used to stun with E,so Putin a dash on Q won't hurt it,or just switch it on E like all champs that dash on E (Lucian,yasuo,sylas etc) and put his E on Q.
He kind of gets a dash already on his passive to get him close up, then he can just slow them with W and knock up with E. Granted getting to that 4th attack is probably the only difficult part of his kit making his engage questionable but his abilities are adaptable over both ranges thanks to his ultimate so I don't see the use of a second dash while he has that much crowd control. And yes he is kinda like Sylas but leans more towards being a mage like Elise, but he isn't a jungler.
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Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Female character design in LoL
Look I will agree that Quinyana is generic as %%%%, and was probably designed by the same Edgelord that made Kayn. But in all honesty I don't think its absolutely necessary to cater to every body type, skin colour, sexual preference and so on. The world is diverse I am not going to deny that but if it doesn't fit with who the creators have in mind for a personality then it just wont work its their creative privilege to choose what comes and goes. Nobody complains that Da Vinci painted the Mona lisa once instead of 100 times to display sensitivity and representation to every orientation human beings can have because its his work. Just like for Riot its their work, if it doesn't fit they wont put it in. In the same breath I do want more original champion designs from now on instead of generic things, both visually and in personality. But riot has no obligation to cover everything if it doesn't suit them.
: server africa
People need to understand something. As it is the EU west server already has issues with too many players hosting games on it. The fact is it isn't just north africa but the whole of Africa, I sit 200 ping constant on EU west and it makes competitive play a nightmare. If dota could Afford an African server then league almost assuredly could. In fact in the last Nag convention (Which is basically like Africa's Esports scene and E3 put into one) There is a lot of players who play league there and like the game. Riot only stands to benefit plus tap into a new market can mean less strain on EU west and more players having better ping and gameplay experiences.
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: The "Legendary Kill" feature should be brought back.
I wouldn't mind brining it back on the condition that you get your champions hextech chest as a reward even if you didnt get S rank so long as you got legendary kill. I mean its something else to work toward other than having a near perfect game.
AlexDefoe (EUNE)
: Game Modes - riot read please
I agree they need to bring back the rotating game modes even if its just a different mode every month its at least something to do other than rift and aram.
: Its not Riot being lazy though. Its because Riot doesn't need to do it. 750Rp skins by default dont get new vfx changes, if they do, then that was a voluntary decision by the person in charge of the vgu.
They don't need to do it but they did so. In all honesty its things like when they make an old skin look better that makes people want to buy it regardless of the price tag. Its shows that their micro transactions aren't just the only thing keeping them a float but the quality of their work as well. And riot I know is the type of people to stand by this, so a few touch ups on the visual effects for a different skin only seek to benefit them. And the most important point behind my argument is that even 450rp skins have the visual updated effects of 1350rp, so what it means to me as the consumer is that Riot is upping the quality of their work overall. You can't not just go and give the past few reworks amazing looking skins even for the cheaper prices and then just decide hey lets just be lazy with this one and work on only one or two skins. Not only that but King of Clubs mordekaizer is his latest skin. While not overly special compared to the other skins that came in the same package it looks pretty bad with its visual effects in comparison way more so than the others heck even shaco is more appealing and he has very little to work with in that regard. I am not asking they turn his R into a chess board but by god at least give him some flair even frost fire annie which is an old as %%%% skin has different effects(really good looking effects that aged well suprisingly) and is basically worth the same price.
: Because Crabgot is very different in theme. King of Clubs is literally Morde with royal gear. No need to add a lot of visuals. They did give him some green or yellow aura with some abilities (im colorblind so idk if its yellow or green or greenish-yellow)
Yes but even so they put a lot of work into pretty bad skins and made them worth way more than their rp, like Shadow Evelynn as an example got like 100X better visuals than what it had before the rework, surely morde could get some of that treatment on king of Clubs or at least some of his skins, like seriously I don't want riot to take the lazy path on this.
: King of Clubs Mordekaiser skin
I agree 100% with this, even Evelyn's most crappy skins got nice visual reworks when she was updated so definitely need the same for Morde as most of his skins are underwhelming. Then again Riot might not just do the work because most of his skins aren't worth much anyway.
: League without jungle?
Play 1vs1 aram then ya dumb cuck
Clorces (EUW)
: I may have missed something, sorry if it was stated in the descriptions. Is there a way to control Xero's movements? For example, if Xero's in a bad position, how do you get him into a good one for E to root? Also does Xero become invisible too? Wouldn't he basicaly show off the location of Zacharian during E?
Well basically while Xero is out he will attack whatever Zachariah is attacking at the same rate. He will also maintain being within 600 units of Zachariah at all times. As for getting in position for the E to Root he can use his W to counter damage, send Xero to an enemy, go invis then auto for the root. And no Xero doesn't become invisible during the E and kinda works like tibbers in that he just does his own thing unless instructed to do otherwise.
: Champion Idea: Zachariah The possessed
And yes this is a JOJO reference.
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Literally broken as %%%%
Shizuo (EUW)
: Manamune, Archangel's Staff and Rod of Ages are the worst
Alright well there are reasons for these items being the way they are. Firstly after the removal of mana potions Riot has often buffed mana from other sources so it makes tear less relevant early game for a lot of champions who used to rely on it to function, like Jayce was the No.1 user of Manamune before changes to mana regen. Also heroes like Yorick and Urgot used to rely on manamune but ever since their rework they have had no use for them. I still find manamune a good late game item because basically a small mana cost for doubling on hit damage per attack can work really well on mana hungry ADC's but since Ezreal and possibly Corki are the only ones that can receive any lasting benefits from it, its kind of been shafted a bit, either riot needs to make more champions work around the item or make a higher demand for mana. As for Archangels staff it became inferior on a lot of ap based tanks because of newer items providing for their mana needs, like Vlad, Maokai and so on could get some really good use out of it but due to righteous glory and mejais providing more early sustain., also singed just needs it he cant function well without it. Its quite expensive yes but Bonus ap based on mana is pretty huge its just not as important now days because Rabadons gives more ap now so other items end up scaling better into the end game which eliminates the purpose of Archangels staff. Rod of ages is a good item weither you get it early or late, as the hp, mana and ap it provides is quite essential for your AP bruisers, they can yes work without it but take a hit to their overall bulk which is a huge problem its why certain ap bruisers are kind of falling out the meta like Diana and Elise because getting the item means more bulk and mana efficiency but it takes longer to come online where as getting ludens while giving the damage needed will lower their overall bulk making them easier to kill especially if they are behind. Anyway thats my thoughts, they aren't useless items by any means its just riot's design on champions is beginning to work on select items rather than have the utility to work with the other non meta items.
JeHugawa (EUNE)
: Nerodius the red? really? That's just straight up red saber... but otherwise sounds decent but kit sounds a bit overtuned and overloaded
Red saber? From fate? Didn't even realise when I made the concept. Oh well, would you mind telling me what you think is overtuned about her kit?
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: Ultimate Skin Idea: Warring Kingdoms Taliyah
While I like this idea I don't think Taliyah needs an ultimate skin as there are many other heroes who I kinda wanna see them get skins since they haven't in a while. Looking at you Xerath.
Timikyu (EUW)
: Complete Kindred Rework concept
Why in the world do people go for the duel form? We have enough of those, I like Kindred I main them. I just think they should rework Kindreds passive into something thats actually achievable.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Arcane Surge: In order to reach those stacks in any sort of meaningful way you need to have low CD spells anyway, so the extra CD won't really matter, this literally looks like a rune only ryze would really use, most other mages have long enough cooldowns that getting to 5 stacks is just going to involve a lot of waiting > Overcontrol Seems way to anti-tank, you forget how much CC some of these champions actually have > Apocalypse Just what we need, an army of tryndamere's that don't even have to remember to activate their ults because they just won't die for twice as long, also 2 seconds is a long time for a vayne to delete people for example, you put it in resolve but remember if its super strong then people will use it on other champions > Grand Impact Won't really see as much use as you think, its mostly just for tanks who are already tanky enough for this to barely even matter in the first place, 15 seconds is also way too long > Chronomaster Considering there is a rune that reduces the cooldowns on active items i see this ending pretty badly > Omniscience Only useful for supports but even then i'm not sure i would want this over something like Aery or Comet
I am very happy with your thoughts on my ideas thank you for your input. For arcane Surge I was thinking for characters like Karthus who is a control mage but rarely has his wall out. As I said I am not 100% sure on the numbers might be say 10 seconds before you loose stacks or something because every low cd type hero has that one ability of theirs with a much longer cooldown than the others that isn't their ultimate thats kind of the logic that went into it. For over control I was thinking this was more useful in the sense of certain supports like Morgana or Annie with a jinx or someone doubling up on cc against someone, I mean I get that some heroes have a lot of CC and this might be a bit too strong but at the same time the few heroes I actually see it benefiting are tanky'ish heroes because they are the only ones who most likely have 2 hard forms of CC to combo with themselves. Also the main reason for this keystone is that CC doesn't stack so there is no reward for hitting someone who is under crowd control when they already have crowd control. So now there is a reward but chances are getting it off means losing CC for other enemies and thus the *Tank* is still doing their role by absorbing CC for their team. 2 seconds is basically nothing compared to Trynda's 6 second ultimate the only difference is that during that state most CC would be kind of not effective, I mean this is less for dps characters and more for tanky characters that get cucked by that 4th jhin shot or that zed R. 2 seconds is pretty much only enough time to cast one spell and I can see this being pretty strong on a dps character but like you said investing in resolve can hamper your damage so yes that vayne can deal a lot of damage but because she is say missing some runes she might not be as much of a problem as she would normally would be. And yes 2 seconds is a lot of time to turn the tables but its only really powerful when you get to a point in the game where you heal for more damage than you take. Then yes I see it being quite broken but until that time you can virtually make the person that has this pretty useless just like tyndamere is in the current meta. I guess my thought behind this was if Malphite decided to R into the enemy team he would get some additional bulk for his effors on making a good engage. Plus whats better than heroes with lots of bulk, heroes who can increase that bulk and take what little there is on say a bruiser or adc etc etc. But yeah 15 seconds is too long tho its the average amount of time a teamfight lasts so that was my reasoning on the timing should be shorter. Kinda hate that rune that gives all that cdr instead of a real utility passive like the rest of inspiration hope riot changes it but yeah with that will be very very strong. This one was a bit random for me wanted to also add in the wards being able to debuff people that destroy them too on top of that but wasn't sure if it would be fair since there is so much that rewards dewarding to get punished might be counterproductive. But I guess the main reason behind it is that people who play support often more than not dont ward and its infuriating being the jungle and having to waste your wards on dragon pit when I usually ward top and mid when their wards are on cd and so on. Or if I take lens instead but still cant tell whats going on at objectives etc. I was just thinking it could help positional play because arey and comet are nice but supports dont just peel they provide the utility the team is missing at times which is something that people who do play support forget.
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: Xayah's title is The Rebel
Oh boi now I feel kinda stupid but thanks for telling me
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