: This problem also occurs to me and I don't want to be the bearer of the bad news, but there is no official fix on this problem. It's not based on your computer system, but on League. I've been in touch with Riot Games support for over 2 months ( telling this to make you understand how "fast" customer service will run ). So, to avoid getting your solution delayed, download Hextech Repair Tool, install it, run it and once it opens you can see some options already checked, all you have to do is press start and once it's done a .zip file or a folder that contains some logs ( its name will be LoL Logs ). After that upload the file on google drive, mega or whatever you prefer (mega is more preferred based on its WAY faster upload speed), submit a ticket to riot with this issue which MUST contain what your problem is and the link of LoL logs ( An alternative is to send them an e-mail but with a ticket there will be a faster reply ). Hope this will be eventually fixed, much of love SwingingMelons {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: I am actually leveling this level 14 account. If you wish, you can add me, we can play together sometimes and I'll help you in real time.
I actually took a break of the game, I guess you are at a higher level now but thank you so much for offering help!
: If you are loosing to your enemy in lane, instead of trying to fight him, do the following: * Play defensive and under tower, don't give him any chances to kill you. * Wait for your jungler to come and help you kill him. If he doesn't come try calling him or asking for help. * Consider giving up your first tower and start to roam around. It's much easier to defend the 2nd tower and thus you get more freedom in roaming. * Start building defensive. You can always buy damage later on. I'd rather have a 3k HP full tank {{champion:114}} than a 0/20 {{champion:114}} xD Even for Adc's there are defensive item options. e.g {{item:3814}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3139}} * If you are in higher elo, you can also offer your bot lane to lane swap.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Judging by your account level, and the sub-board you're posting in, I assume you're new to the game. Welcome. =) So part of the reason you die a lot is simply because you're new to the game. Don't worry too much about it, because you'll get better with practice. Part of the problem with this game for new players, imo, is that with the sheer amount of champions we have, it's very hard to understand exactly what everyone can do, and know the strengths and limits of the champions you encounter ingame. This too comes with practice. From your history, it seems you favor Aurelion Sol as a champion. Note that this champion is an AP mage, meaning you shouldn't build him as AD, since his abilities scale from AP. Building AD on him is wasted potential. If you're going bot lane as ADC, you should consider playing a Marksman, such as the Ashe you've played. --- Next up is your starter item. You seem to always purchase corrupting potion for your characters, which isn't ideal when you're new. Corrupting potion provides you with some sustain, but also a boost to your damage for a short while which kinda forces you into a more aggressive pattern during its duration. For a new player, this isn't very wise, since you'll most likely do more harm to yourself. When playing AP mages like Aurelion Sol, try to pick "Doran's Ring", and focus mostly on last hitting minions in order to get gold. If you're playing an ADC, start with Doran's Blade. These two starter items gives you some sustain to stay in lane, and will help you farm. Farming is the thing you should be practicing the most, since a lot of your gold will come from here. Sometimes you use Aurelion Sol for support, and in those cases you should stick with the recommended starting item for a support. For new players, it's a good idea to just stick with the items marked as "recommended" in the store, and not experiment too much away from that. It gives you a decent start with the champion you're playing. Some items are situational, meaning you should buy them only in certain circumstances, but you shouldn't have to worry about that this early into the game. The recommended items will get you far. --- Last bit of advice I'll give you right now is map awareness. At the bottom of your screen you have one of the most important, and yet often undervalued, tools in the game; your minimap. The minimap gives you a lot of information, and shows you enemy champions in revealed areas. Anywhere a friendly minion, or an allied champion is located, is a revealed area on the minimap. Another way to reveal areas on the map is by using wards, which is a lifesafer. Wards are a cheap way to ensure vision in areas for a small period of time. You carry around a Warding Totem in all of your games, but you don't use it that much. By placing wards, you can notice if the enemy jungler tries to come and kill you, and back away before he's able to. Try to learn where you should be placing wards for best efficiency. Enemies may hide in a bush in your lane, but if you ward that bush, you'll see them. Every time you back, pick up the Vision Ward, since this ward lasts until destroyed (or until you place another one due to the limit of one active per player), and both reveals **and** disables enemy wards within the area. Being able to prevent the enemy from having vision is just as important as getting vision yourself. --- Hopefully the wall of text hasn't scared you away. Don't worry too much about "feeding" your enemy this early on in your career. We've all been there, and even the best of us will at times struggle with the exact same thing. Just try to think about what you could have done differently to avoid dying after each death, and try to improve the next time you get back into lane. Good luck. =)
Thank you very much, i enjoyed reading and learnd some new stuff. I appriciate that you decided to write me such a helpful, detailed answer, i can see you've put affort and thinking in it. good night!
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