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Mada (EUW)
: Can't create normal lobbies since clash started
I still cant play.. anyone got a solution ?
RiCaR1 (EUW)
: I just realized there was a change in orange essence and its terrible...
Same here.. I need to disenchant 4 Epics to get Super Galaxy Kindred. The argument that we earn more Essence because we get Lv up Drops is just wrong ! You only get champ shards, so the total hextech chest system is just useless if you dont want to reroll every Skin. For example : if you unbox an ultimate Skin (you should be really lucky if you do) you need 2950 OE to upgrade it to permanent. Thats 11 Epic Skin Shards/ 16 975RP Shards/29 520RP Shards How should this work ? Also if you buy hextech chests it will be really hard to do this. The Chests arent worth anything atm tbh. If you buy RP they are useless if you get them after a good game they are also useless..


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