: Champions who need a Voice/Visual update
Not as high importance but I'd love one for Ahri, at least just a fix for her tails coming out of 9 different places
Negaryer (EUW)
: Game down for maintenance mid game
You'll still be in promos, and the game will be counted as a loss prevented, basically, the game won't have happened :)
Hydnoras (EUW)
: My game ended 25 mins ago and no one had problems then.
Ah, maybe it was just mine then? I exited and the game was no longer running, its not in my match history either
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: Isn't because he's slowed and blocked by the minions?
Sorry I should have specified, the first charm is evidence of it working properly, the second one at the end is where the bus is. There are no minions there and he continues to walk forwards
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Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE/EUW] 08-02-18 - Platform Issues
Still having some issues, mainly just slow response times between client inputs though.
Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE/EUW] 08-02-18 - Platform Issues
Having trouble with normal queues on EUW as well. - Cannot properly join parties, client says the group no longer exists - Cannot leave parties when the client eventually lets you join - Cannot start games, pressing find match does nothing
: Here's your match ID: 3501379888 :)
Ah thanks, how do you find that out?
KaShootMe (EUNE)
: from what iv seen this is happening if you have discord overlay on had this problem my self but after disabling it, it started working.
Hmm.. I don't use discord though, I don't even have it installed. I had nothing else running other than league so I dont think another program caused it.
: A row of 7 dead pixels in a random location, only in League of Legends (from what I have noticed)
I get this as well, is it sorta near the top part of your screen, near the centre but a bit to the right?
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: Main Support/Mid - Looking for people to dynamic queue with ♥
Hey I'd play a couple of games with you if you like. I also main mid/supp. I can communicate with a mic, but I'm kinda awkward and probably wouldn't talk much at first :/
: (G5 atm) Jungle main , looking for good people to dynamic queue with
Hello, I'm also Gold V and I main mid. If you wanna try a couple of games just add and message me. My IGN is Yamauzura
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: Looking for team members
IGN: Yamauzura Main Role: Mid Champion Pool: Ahri{{champion:103}} , Veigar{{champion:45}} , Nidalee{{champion:76}} , Lulu{{champion:117}} , Lux{{champion:99}} , Annie{{champion:1}} , Syndra{{champion:134}} , Viktor{{champion:112}} and Fizz{{champion:105}} I am also currently trying to expand my pool Age: 15 Almost 16 Country: England Strenghts: I am good at my role and can easily accept criticsm. I usually tend to be the person that keeps the team together and calms members down. I can also make relatively good shotcalling Weaknesses: I'm not very good at roaming and remembering where to ward. I am trying to improve these though ^.^ I'm currently Gold V in Solo Queue
: ranked restart
It won't. Season 5 is now over and the new season won't start until next year
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUW] Pool Party Recruitment Thread and Chat Room
[Server]: EUW [Summoner Name]: Yamauzura [Level]: 30 [Additional Info/Restrictions]: Currently Silver V, prefer mid or support.


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