: I'm tired of this game
Stop playing. Think about your choices and then if you want, come back to this game.
youngdip (EUW)
: Feedback from a player who owns all obtainable skins
Really, there are skins that you can't rereoll after obtaining all the skins?
: With the League universe keep expanding like never before i think they have enough material to work with i say. Man super hyped with all these good stuff RIOT bringing to us. The best League anniversary of all time!!!!
That's so true. I am hopeful.
Ledros (EUW)
: I say it’s fine. Makes you really think twice
Kinda toxic tbh especially because there are 3 of it in your opponent deck. Maybe if you can just have 2 of it that would be fine. Some spells are unbelievable op if you have 3 of them.
: Wait the early access is actually real?
Believe it or not yes.
: Feelsbad..., actually feels awkward to see people even saying stuff like this about the game while i literally waiting to play @ least a game of LOR lol. Still have fun the lucky ones who got the rare access guys. all the very best!! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
The game is super fun and many times someone did something with a mirror deck that was 200iq and I went mental. There are many interactions that you could do with your opponent. Many times I was anticipating a spell, baiting something or just outright taking a gamble while playing. The game is really good but I wonder what'll they do in the future with champions and are they going to rotate them, change their kits etc.. I just hope they can keep up with rotating and making new cards to keep the game fresh and fun.
: LoR nerf deny
I think a good way to balance this card is to make its mana cost equal to the spell it is denying.

Yasashi Kokoro

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