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: > I find myself losing two and winning one nearly all the time: a 33% win rate You just started to play ranked and played a handful (ok, two and a half handful) of games. Matchmaking takes some time to evaluate your actualy skill and until then you can have more unbalanced games than usual. Your winratio will balance towards 50% when you play more games. Complaining about not having a 50% winrate after 15 games is like complaining about not having a perfect 3.5 average after rolling a dice three times. The law of big numbers takes some time. Play some games and everything will be normal. > I am not sure what rank I am and how the ELO system works My tip: Don't worry about it too much. After all it all boils down to winning. Win as many games as possible, thats the whole secret. Don't worry about LP, elo, divisions or promos, this won't help you. Just do your best, there are no secret tactics, you don't need to know how the system works exactly. Just win games and improve your skill.
Ok, thank you. Have a good day!
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