: I've heard that, despite seldomly commenting, they actually read quite a lot of the threads.
Oh, because I'd really like an answer {{item:3070}}
: Two upcoming Boards changes
Hi, how often do you guys at Riot read the these boards? Since I've made a post in 'suggestions & bug reports' and have over 1K views (which is quite a lot compared to the other post in the section) and I'd like to have Riot's opinion on the matter. I think it's something that could really help the game mentality, sorry for posting about it here but where else should I go?
: not sure if you are, never carried me in-game haha jk :D
Xenodia (EUW)
: Really good idea. But sadly since not all people are nice persons, I can imagine how he can make you rage quit the game: "Honourable Opponent from xXxD0uch3bagxXx" Hey you noob! Thanks 4 feeding me, I hope I'll see you again on ranked, so my games will be EZ GG for me ahahaha GIT GUD As you can see, instead of motivating, you can also disrespect them. This is why a report button should be eventually added, if someone sends you a Honour message.
Yeah a report option with strict rules and maybe restrict players who frequently do that... We'll see, this can evolve into something great :)
: Ideas on Boards never get accepted This will never happen, sorry To cheer you up, here is my cock. http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJLYnl_MO0Q2tDYU3jkY1W8JcJ_3RhWbhG74THoHjHs_I8DTzD-Q1BfDDg
There's a first time for everything isn't it? :D
: Sounds good m8, but i still wouldnt honor you HA :D jk .. i really agree with this kind of stuff, or just maybe when you have like 100 honors of 1 kind you get a mystery gift or something like that would really help.. since if there are bans/chat restiction for flamers/AFK players, there should be a gift for the kind players! :)
Totally agree man! :D and hey! I'm honorable! :D
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: No. First of all this system can be exploited while you get honours from people along those lines "u think u pro, noob!" Note as well that it's bad to know who exactly honoured you like that because it makes you liable to repay the favour. Also this doesn't reward the player in any way besides a pat on the back. Sure some people like to be complimented, players don't need to send a message with honour to thank you for your play anyway.
What's greater then getting a compliment? Do you ever get honored? If you do you know the great feeling it brings you should also know some encouraging words could make you feel good. And some other person already mentioned the negativity it might bring if people want to send you an offensive line like you mentioned. I think first of all, call it worth, you get honored, would you honor someone you flame at? especially if they get rewarded for it?
Rimseat (EUW)
: I think the post game lobby should prompt us after every game to honour those players that we enjoyed playing with (not forcing you to honour anybody though). The honour system is a good idea, but I don't think it's used enough. Maybe it would be good if the different categories of honour were combined into one, with just one big 'honour rating', and players choose what the honourable player did well (maybe they gave good encouragement, gave good advice...). Then underneath you could have an optional textbox to include a message (like when you report a player).
Yeah sounds good, but in general I think the honors are already grouped right, teamwork/friendly/helpful are the three main groups and I don't think it should be divided in to more pieces And yes it's a great idea to prompt players to honor, that way you also think about the game you had yourself and remember better what the player did well. I'm happy alot of people are liking my idea already and I'm hoping for a positive feedback from Riot too.
idfc (EUW)
: or maybe you could block that player who flames you and if blocked he wouldnt be able to send you the message only honor you
Yeah great idea, and if the person does this frequently just disable his ability to type something with his honors, so he can only honor without sending a message along with it
: Problem: Flaming @sshole honors you with the following message: "kill urself xD" I hate to be so pessimistic, but there's a reason something like this hasn't already happened.
#worth got a honor, maybe if you add a little extra present like an icon to people who get honored alot.. if you do that flamers wouldn't want to 'give you a gift' right?
: I like the idea but it somewhat gets problematic if you get too many honors after a game I think it should be that you have it as a list somewhere in the menus and get just an exclamationmark when people have added messages to their honors for you and I have literally no clue how many honors you need to get the banners at this point I am slowly approching the 1k mark on my teamwork honors and only once had the banner
Yeah, I only have 571 and I've had 1 for quite some time, and I really enjoyed having it, but it was just a hype when it came out, people just don't honor anymore... And yeah maybe it can be a list that takes place in one of those squares that usually links to articles or the shop? Or a pop up like you get from the mystery gifting, with a fancy animation {{summoner:31}}
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