AweSatura (EUW)
: Beta Client Suggestions & Complaints (Let us gather all suggestions in one place)
You get THREE resolution options? I only get the rather bizzare 1024x576 option! This is unacceptable, it effectively makes the client unusable as everything on the bottom of the client is unusable! I know it's in beta but honestly how is it possible to release a UI THIS BROKEN!
PPR Indi (EUW)
: Can you stop re-working champions?
They remade poppy because her old kit was impossible to balance. That's why she was left so weak and never ever buffed and therefore was never picked. They don't remake champions simply because of their pick rate but in order to usher the game into a certain direction, in the case of marksmen they wanted to make them feel different from one another as they were all a bit identikit although I agree that I personally feel the Graves rework, whilst interesting on paper, mechanically doesn't fit on the game and needs to be seriously tweaked.
XxSteeZxX (EUW)
: Game crashed can't reconect.
Same thing has happened to me, hit the loading screen and then suddenly mid load it disconnected...... And now I can't start any new games and cannot reconnect and I am 99.9999999% certain it's not a fault on my end. ISP: Sky - UK
: What Riot said when they removed DFG.
It doesn't scale nearly as well as DFG did


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