: Random qutofill question
you get autofilled into position noone wants to play at the moment. so i guess you are just unlucky and queue up with only other non-jungle players. i get autofilled mostly top an supp as many others get too. other thing i can imagine is that you think you get filled gl only because you dont like it and dont really remember egtting filled the other positions that well.
: Centre camera upon taking damage.
that could really fck up your plays. Imagine moving the camera bit to the right while fighting to see better and as you want to click/attack the camera shifts back on you because of some damage. Missclicks incoming
Glowiej (EUNE)
: Ultracombo mission doesn't finish when condition met.
did you also earn the 300k gold? uhave to do both
: twitch prime month 2
i guess you are using amazon prime for student? in that case you dont get free subscriptions anymore
Smerk (EUW)
: 33 minutes there, got in game
58 and then kicked us out of the queue stating the gamemode was disabled again
: what he/she means is, when you press 'play' you are not actually queueing for the first 30 mins of the counter, so in effect if its showing 40mins for you, you have only been in the queue for 10mins
well, it went up to 58, then told us the gamemode is disabled and kicked us out...
Smerk (EUW)
: It works but with low priority queue enabled for everyone. Matchmaking starts after sitting in queue for 30 minutes. But compared to regular low priority you still have full control of the client while waiting
45minutes and counting...how long do u have to wait after the 30?
: You have to wait 30 mins before it actually starts searching and it isn't permanent, it's going on and off client rn
are u sure it´s 30min? we are in queue for 40 now and nothing
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: I do have Avast!, but it seems a bit crazy having to disable antivirus on tandem with each match we play...
it´s the same problem they thought they solved, it´s back now i guess. if you disable avast just for 5sec until you´re in loadingscreen, you can play normally. should just occur on the first game of the day
Neko Senpai (EUNE)
try disabling avast antivirus and reconnect, after connecting re-enable it. did it work?
: I cannot Connect to a game
looks like the same problem like from some days ago (with avast antivirus). is that installed on ur computer? if yes, try disabling it for some seconds until u get into loading screen, then you can re-enable it. shouldn´t happen again on the second game
Synartox (EUW)
: Disabling the attack part of RMB (as an option)
Have you tried using "attack champions only"? can´t missclick anyone else then and does preety much the same, easy to toggle on and off mid-fight
: Possibly solution for everyone that has his games crashing
1.1k views after one day, noone commented or helped/gave additional information. And riot just gave the statement that exactly what i said is true (on the next day). don´t know whether i should feel depressed that noone found it worth commenting or flattered that my deduction was right from the beginning and a big company like riot needed a whole day more to find the cause of the problem ^^
Rioter Comments
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Please remove duos from solo q and make it solo q
i think if u´d remove the duo from solo/duo a lot of players would stop playing. i like to play with friends and if i can´t i would stop playing. they would loose too many of their players
: Me and my friends accidently reported each other
would be careful with that, better not use chat when joking with friends. We did that once and i got an instant 14 day ban (first offense ever). We were a full premade too, i understand yor situation but i wouldn´t joke around with such things. I learned the hard way that someone can insult u and ur family and threaten to kill you irl but the moment you say one of those "triggerwords" all your prestige is gone.
: Encouraging good behaviour
how do you have that many keys and no chests? one trick pony?
Dikast1s (EUNE)
: Kayn used r while suppressed
can u clip it and send me the replay, didnt even find the game in your match history
: Loss prevented won't activate for me?
you get a loss prevented if there are problems from the servers side, not because of an afk. if there are any problems with the servers riot reacts by giving all losing teams a loss prevented (not loosing lp) and all winning teams get half the lp (since it wasn´t under fair conditions). i´m guessing the afk in the enemy team was just an accident and it confused you. So normally you would get about 20lp but there were server difficulties, thus you get half the lp and the enemy team gets a loss prevented. hope i understood your point
aluucard (EUNE)
: SION Q BUG 9.3
already reproted bug, same with varus, xerath, etc. every chaneling ability
: ''All members must select their roles before entering queue''.
known bug, happens pretty often if you play with others and then want to play soloq or with less people without creating a new lobby. simply close your lobby and create a new game. don´t think it is one of the bugs fixed in near future as it is easily solvable and doesnt have that much of a bad impact as other bugs.

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