: I recommend mastery locking champs in ranked Bronze = m2 , so at least even in bronze there are no 'first timers' Silver = m3 , should have the basic mechanics down at least Gold = m4 , a bit better Higher divisions = m5 , mechanically apt without worrying about needing S-ranks for higher masteries since that would change the way people play. Edit - In hindsight, maybe this would make more sense the other way around. Either way I think this'd partially fix the problem at least.
Your values are a bit extreme tho, but the idea is what we need. I would say minimum m2 for every league up to Plat. Dia and above don't need a limit, at this point people know what they're doing, or they might have the required experience from another account, etc.
: > ppl like this fiora dont get ban or punished..and is plat ok.. 1.Why should they get a punishment? 2. Plat is not that high.
> 2. Plat is not that high. What do you mean ? Plat is top 5-10%... so what is considered as "high" ? besides ur mom's heels iykwim
: ARSR is a disappointment
This mode makes no sense Champs/items are basically designed for the Rift, and compos work best when they include various classes. Meanwhile, ARAM is just for random fun with no logic or balance, that's why invisi junglers (Rengar, Kha, Eve) will always be champs with the lowest winrate in ARAM while AoE champs will have the highest winrate. Now Riot brings random compos in the Rift, this doesn't make any sense, I'd rather just play an ARAM where you get a taste of the early and the late game within a shorter period of time. Riot should at least ensure all teams always get a balanced amount of tank/squishy, ad/ap, ranged/melee, ...
: When is RIOT going to increase turrets damage?
Because the game has to move on and not last hours, so in the late game mistakes cost a lot. Gameplay mistakes (die), or matchup mistakes (bad compo). With turrets stronger, you would allow the teams to be stronger when playing defensively, and this is only making the game last long with less action. I wouldn't mind if turrets are buffed, but they're fine as they are right now.
: Can we allow Teemo to stay stealthed while moving in the river? ^^
Well then we would never see Teemo... because of being perma-banned
: So what's your point? Only stupid player assumes anything from stat pages. That bronze 5 ADC you have on your team may be a smurf whose main is in Dia and now he's getting his friend's account out of bronze. Sure, your mid laner has 7 games win streak with the champ he is playing now. But what if this is the game where his streak ends? Each game is unique, in each game you may get lucky, unlucky, for some reason you may play well above or belove your average skill level... And on the other hand - if I know I have bronze 5 ADC on lane, I may adjust my gameplan by picking something that can make sure he survives (Soraka, Janna, Nami, Tahm) and won't feed as much as if I got something more aggresive (LEona, Blitz, Thresh, Naut). And I know I have to feed my gold mid laner or top laner with roaming ganks to make sure they will make up for the lack of skill form that bronze player. Anyways, this is PvP game, no need to hide it. Knowing your team and oponents are both blessing and a curse, as any assumprions may backfire on you. It's part of a valid strategy. Get over it.
You don't need to talk as if you had to convince OP that these pre-game checks are irrelevant - that's already the case. The matter is that it's not the case for most people, your allies easily make assumptions and that's the issue. As you say, it's a PvP game but that's not what matters, it is rather the fact that it's a team game. If it was only for ourselves, we wouldn't care whatever assumptions people make and backfire on them, none of our business
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: Who should i thank ? [Patch 6.9]
Leptyx (EUW)
: Muting a teammate should display a message "Champion-1 has muted Champion-2", and why.


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