Ahridk (EUW)
: Why do i end up with bad teams?
You have an average score of 4/9/7 and farm around 2.5cs per minute. Literally all you need to do is stop blaming your team and focus on improving your own gameplay. 31 games with a 21% win rate is not due to your teams. It's due to mistakes that you must be making when playing the game.
: Enemy used flash and heal to survive a gank. The jungler does not gank again.
It blows my mind how someone can sit on 1.7cs per minute as ziggs and complain about the jungler not ganking enough. Minions are free gold. Why would you not kill them?
: I had an unusual game here recently, thought i would share it with you guys
Solash (EUW)
: Going for Baron while the enemy team is alive is like trying to steal from someone's house...
Penguin29 (EUW)
: Guy intentionally feeding and taking advantage of the party ip weekend
: We can't trust Riot's Live-Balancing team anymore
Agree with just about everything apart from what you said at the end. unfortunately tryndamere is not op or easy. He's pretty useless now due to the fotm champs being played and the new masteries and items which allow you to build a lot of auto attack damage reduction (-10% crit dmg from masteries, -10% from boots and another 10% from randuins plus the reduction from etc)... Also the items which allow splitpushing and aoe clear for tanks who choose to build titanic...
: Y'know what would be cool?
would probably be more balanced then the game is right now to be honest
Eveninn (EUW)
: - CC - Kite - QSS - ... Mikeals? (not sure about that one) - Black Shield - Spell Shield and those things don't only counter him, no, they render him completely useless! xD
good luck spellshielding an instant cast spell lol
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. People that do NOT have ACTIVE chat/ranked restrictions at the end will be eligible for rewards. And spending simply 4 weeks ban/punishment free is not going to show that someone "reformed". If they play 1 game or none in those 4 weeks. So that Idea is a bit silly don't you think? People that reformed after their 1st punishment, and showed that! should generally not worry atm. Once the details are out maybe we know more about specific situations etc..
what about people who have had connection issues due to their internet service providers? first low priority queue? no problem. Then maybe months later you dc again and it ups to 20 minutes low priority queue and you get no rewards. It's absolutely ridiculous. You can fucking disconnect for 5 minutes mid game, come back, carry, and still get hit by leaverbuster and get low priority queue...
MasterRP (EUNE)
: Recent Garen Rework Suggestion: Nerf Insane Spin Crits
Am I wrong in thinking that his spin could crit before the rework?
TTekkers (EUW)
: I thought his Q was his phos-bomb??
that guy is talking out of his arse and doesn't know the spells. In a fight, unless you want to conserve mana in lane use e at the start. Use q r first for the burst, you can proc every spellblade with just your r, your q is just extra damage on top of that and can be used also for vision. Basically use q for damage and r to proc trinity passive (and for damage/poke). Also the rockets do not turn into autoattacks. They are just a long range skillshot spell that deals magic damage...
: looking for people to play 3s and 5s - Gold +
Phreat (EUW)
: How do i use Trinity Force on Corki?
You can proc spellblade on all of your autoattacks easily since you have low cd rockets that cost 20 mana. As in: q,r, empowered auto, r, empowered auto, auto, r, empowered auto etc. You get extreme use out of the trinity force passive.
: Not like that.It different.
You come across as a right weirdo. Even the way you type :/
: To show the new summoner name, you gotta log out and re-log from the site as well =) (I've run into a similar issue since I had to change my ign, Qreampie was quite inappropriate it seems, and well... not likely I could blame someone for it).
Mine showed immediately when it was changed. It was done on the forums specifically by a rioter though when he saw my name.
: I want someday see ahri sleeping in game. What do you think riot?
: riot is definitely drunk...
Scampi87 (EUW)
: Threat of DDOS
Shut up and stop antagonizing him. Delete him instead of spamming stupid stuff like all that "ohhhhh nooooo" bullshit. Grow up and be the bigger man. Come on...
Rayupon (EUW)
: Reported for "hacking"?
Nothing will happen...
: Lux E
I've had that but with other champs and spells. Dying solved the problem in each case.
: Im pretty sure i can 1v1 you with Kalista. Contact me if u want me to proof.
psyCZo (EUNE)
: Ashe passive does not work with Runann's Hurricane
As far as I know hurricane shots cannot critical strike.
: First off, you have no right to judge me based off of my statistics alone. Who says "you are silver 5 with bronze mmr and a 30% win rate" for no reason? You are obviously getting frustrated and you cannot maintain a normal conversation without getting at least a bit of anger out. Second of all, you have completely misunderstood me. I can tell by your horrible example. I am saying that A LOT of people use it for flame, rather than saying nice things to each other. Lastly, it's not just about me reading the chat. It's about others who do get frustrated and decide to read the chat. Who do decide to flame. I would like those people to be removed from the game because they are just encouraging more toxicity. I am just mentioning the people who ruin the gaming experience for everyone.
I said it for a reason. I said it implying that in bronze league there is a lot more toxicity and blaming and whining. Especially when you lose a lot and have bad scores, people are likely to target you in particular. You say that a lot of people use the post game chat for flame. I say that a lot of people use it to communicate positively. Neither of us have any statistics or tangible evidence to support our claims other than experience so there's no point in arguing over it. Anyway, to conclude i'd just say give up - you seem toxic yourself, I can imagine you getting out of a game after being carried by your team and going "bg too ez kids suk on deez nuts" or something similar. It's just the kind of person that you come across as. I wonder if you have a chat restriction, or a ranked restriction since you seem to have only been playing normal games for the past 2 or so weeks? Likely.
: I don't understand why you are so delusional about this. All I see in chat is "ez", "rekt" or just players insulting others. Honestly, is it worth going through all that just to see an occasional "well played" or "gj"? Also, why do you feel like you need to add all 9 people to communicate with? What are you even going to talk about? Stop being so optimistic. Not everything is great about this game and apparently me trying to fix things just causes more flame and nothing to be done.
So by that logic I guess you want to scrap all cars and prevent people from driving because a small minority of people drive dangerously and harm others. That makes about as much sense as what you're proposing with the post game chat which the majority of players use to communicate and not throw around petty insults after the game is already over. You obviously have no intention of communicating with other people after the game so why not just leave the post game lobby or not read the chat at all? Why read something you don't like? Nobody forces you to. All I see are positive things for the most part. Every now and then people ask for reports but that is somewhat rare. I'd suggest you take a break from playing computer games since you are silver 5 with bronze mmr and a 30% win rate. Maybe you're getting angry in game and you're flaming others, who in turn flame you back? Idk.
1m4z3 (EUNE)
: Full skin teams matchmaking
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: so i don't want this to get really ugly
Look what we have here. A comedian.
: That's what the add button is for.
"communcate, talk about the game" Yeah, no shit the "add button" is for adding people. My point was mainly about instant and easy communication with 9 other people straight after the game. It would be a pain to have to add all 9 other players and invite them all to a group chat to communicate about a fun game and talk to each other. It's very convenient and handy to have the chat feature in the post game screen. Stop being so negative. If you can't find any positive uses for the post game chat then stop using it and leave the post game screen rather than whining about something that is fine.
: "In my opinion it's a pretty simple situation of not abusing people or ruining games and not being banned." Nope, tried that.. doesn't work, thats not the cause of bans.
How do you get banned without breaking the rules? I don't get it. Can you show any evidence or what?
Eeten (EUW)
: > I'd love to get my lp back and get those two penalized. Ye. I would love less crying in the Internet. Be happy that you dodged, losing 3 Lp is way better then losing 15-30
Doesn't solve the problem that you're penalized with a significant wait time and significant lp loss if you dodge more than once during a fairly short period of time though. Also hurts when you have low lp gain and high lp loss or where you're at around 80lp or something where you may end up at like 99lp after a win.
: So you say that if my best friend just started to play the game I can't play with him? I can't teach him stuff and help him? Sad.
You can teach him stuff without going duo queue in matchmade games and stomping everyone...
: Stop commenting on threads about bans If all you are going to do is disagree
- Someone states they were unfairly banned. - We read the facts and look at the evidence. - If they were unfairly banned we support them and they can bring it to riot's attention. If it seems like we're disagreeing with everyone it's because we are. Nearly everyone who is banned deserves it. Let's be honest. Few people are in this situation of being wrongfully banned. - If they were fairly banned we tell them so and explain why so that they can modify their behaviour. What we do with our time is none of your concern anyway. None of us care what you do with your time so why do you care what we do. Do you know what any of the people posting here do in their spare time? Do you know where I work? Do you know how old I am or what my interests are? No. So you can't really tell anyone to "get a life" since you don't know what anyone does with their time. It takes a few minutes to read and comment on a post like this. You also commented that the only way to not get banned is to not type anything which is untrue. There are many ways to not get banned in league. All of them involve not being a twat. I've played since the beginning of season 1 and I'm here without a ranked ban or chat restriction or any of that stuff. In my opinion it's a pretty simple situation of not abusing people or ruining games and not being banned.
Nemêsis (EUW)
: ***
I've saved this. I'm sending it into riot support and you'll be banned for boosting, account sharing and abusing me by calling me a dumbass. RIP. Was nice knowing you m8.
: a marks man that can be played as adc or in mid lane
Corki is the most viable mid lane marksman imo.
Nemêsis (EUW)
: wanna smurf!
Smurfing from plat 4 with basic stats and only a few games played? lel i mean you're on an 8 game loss streak vs silver ppl in normal matches and you're supposedly plat 4... lel
: Flamers
Post game chat is available so that normal people can communicate, talk about the game and add each other so that they can play together in the future.
: Full AP Akali deals more PHYSICAL damage than MAGIC damage
yeah, you must be playing her incorrectly considering her low cd and high ap scaling on q, her ult, and her passive all deal strong magic damage
Mystech (EUW)
: Can't win games with my main anymore.
*loses 4 games out of 7* Just because you've lost a few games with him recently doesn't mean that you cannot win anymore. Play more and don't expect to win every single game..? A 4 loss streak on a single champ is nothing... Especially since you've been winning with other champs inbetween the losses with lee...
: Banned for 2 weeks (Premades)
The didn't send you an email saying why you were banned?
Kurzy (EUW)
: i usually do that but my mother was distracting me and i must have forgot. she kept distracting me in that game thats why i died 7 times to annie she out played most of the time and others i was just talking to my parents. its hard in my house to actually get 100% full attention on something without my bitch mother saying do this do that
> my bitch mother you're a scumbag for saying that. Maybe you should get up off your lazy ass and do something and she won't nag you. Go do your homework, get up early, have a wash, get something to eat. You're probably a child who just gets up late and plays LoL all fucking day without any friends or interests or job. If you're older then why the fuck u living at home with your mum playing league anyway. Nomatter what situation I think of I can't see any where you aren't to blame for being at home playing LoL and getting distracted by your mum. Get a life dude and show some fucking respect to your parents.
: How to get out of silver ?
: Yeah because people only play for maximum tryharding in ranked, seems kinda legit. Fun is forbidden here it seems. Don't know why you are throwing ranked things here when i'm not even talking about "omg so op" or "winrate so low" or whatever. People also play normal with champs for fun you know? So let's use your logic: you don't have any single game with skarner in ranked so why even bother to make a comment on a thing that you are not even interested in? Hope that you are not posting from a smurf on forum otherwise it would be kinda sad. instead of throwing in things that has nothing to do with the thread you could try to give your opinion on what you find fun of his new kit and give tips on how you would use it...
> Please leave skarner alone. > > He was such a simple champ.... now he changed drasticly. I mean they nerfed a lot his Mspeed just to force you to play around this thing. > I found this more annoying than helpful... All I did was then argue that you have very few games played as him but are complaining about changes that you've probably never even played with yet. > Fun is forbidden here it seems. Where did I state that fun was forbidden? > Don't know why you are throwing ranked things here when i'm not even talking about "omg so op" or "winrate so low" or whatever. I didn't say a single thing about ranked games or win rates. > instead of throwing in things that has nothing to do with the thread you could try to give your opinion on what you find fun of his new kit and give tips on how you would use it... Yeah? Like you suggested changes or things to do? You asked riot to leave skarner alone and that you found this more annoying than helpful. You didn't suggest or say a single constructive thing. > Hope that you are not posting from a smurf on forum otherwise it would be kinda sad. You know full well that I am posting from a smurf since you've already looked up how many games i've played and my stats. How is it "sad" to post on the forums from an account with less games played? It's got nothing to do with what we're discussing. All you're doing is whining about a change that hasn't been tried out by many people yet on a champion who you've never really played. If you had suggested changes or been constructive then I would have been too. It looks like you want an argument rather than a discussion.
: Skarner difficulty will probably be increased drasticly
Yeah, you find it annoying. Your stats date back to season 3. You've only seemingly played skarner 5 times, over a period of nearly 3 years. It'll really impact on your LoL experience when he's changed. Maybe you'll play him slightly less?
Sibrogal (EUW)
: Why are some tanks tankier than others?
Shen has a shield, hp regen and 50% dmg reduction from people he taunts. Garen has bonus armour and magic resist and an active that reduces incoming damage by a % along with a hefty regen passive with a low activation time at level 16. They are also manaless which means people tend to build non-mana items on them - thus they end up with more hp, armour and magic resist rather than having to spend gold on mana or mana regen items.
Ozpa (EUW)
: My girlfriend wants to know, when will Sejuani Poro Rider skin be available?
: But now allies can get the speed buff. That's pretty cool. It is useless for Lucian's damage, but his W is for utility now.
still pretty useless lol
Fang (EUNE)
: When is "Scripting/cheating" going to be a report option?
TheXptX (EUW)
: But we already have the timers...
He is using a script or extra program that was created before the new timers, which still automatically posts in chat to tell people when buffs respawn. It was created before the update which is why it still includes the feature of timers.
Spotigy (EUW)
: Which ADC's don't you like supporting?
I get annoyed whenever my adc doesn't play like a normal human being. That includes just allowing the enemy to autoattack the shit out of them without trading properly, positioning like a moron, ignoring my calls of when to fall back and when to engage and then blaming me for them dying. The classic "useless support go roam" into "wow 1v2 in lane so i cant help but feed" makes me leave the game.
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Starter Bundle sale bugged
Kirashio (EUW)
: Gentleman Gnar - Riot, you're doing it wrong.
Because "DeboGnar" doesn't sound enough like "Debonair" to qualify as a pun, nor is it funny.
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