: Do I really have to continue?
I know it's not nice to get a leaver in your game, even if it's on the enemy team, but when people are just so horrible.. and without you even typing.. it ruins the game for me completely.
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: Been having the same, could handle but stuck in G3, add me for Duo or any game actually
add me instead, I'm at work but I'll be home in 3 hours, we can play then if you'd like IGN: Your Best Buddy
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: What do people think about this refund reason?
I understand that it might be online somewhere, but who goes online to look up whether or not you can use the skins you buy in each mode? It should be in the client as you click them or something. I would have bought something else if I didn't buy this, that's why it annoys me, I only paid for 1k RP this time and it's not expensive.. but now I have nothing to show for it. Just feels like a waste. And I'm aware it says it's not available YET, but team builder is still beta.. so I don't expect anything to change very soon.
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Megabyt (EUW)
: LF Players - Starting Ranked 5s Team Gold/Low Plat Elo Semi-Serious
IGN: C R A I G Y Age: 25 Country: England Role: Support/Jungle I always get gold every year in solo queue to get the rewards, I don't play ranked as I don't enjoy playing with angry randomers everygame. Would like to atleast get high plat by the end of this season if your goals are similar :) I prefer to play with adults who can give and take constructive criticism but also confidently play well and have fun, too.
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Your Best Buddy

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