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: Riven's current state & Potential improvements
i'll say it over and over again. Rivens problem is not that she is OP... she is by far not balanced, if you make a misstep, you are dead, no discussion. Her early game power is just too much and her massive cc is just aaaarrggghhhh. It's like a Leona with horribly high dmg. But thats not the point. The point why people hate Riven is not because she is OP, but because she is totally unfun to play against. All the other lanes get to play a nice game. Rivens Oponent will not be playing League for the first 20 Minutes of the Game. They will just have to 100% concentrate and do not make a single mistake, or they will get killed over and over again. Riven is the one champion that ruins that "one more game before bed", that makes the game just unfun. Reasons are her burst/all-in-potential and that laning against her is so horrible. Nothing else to say. She does not need buffs, she needs a total overhaul. Because in her Current state she is just totally unfun to play against. Not gonna talk about Yorrick though ;)
Spotigy (EUW)
: Which ADC's don't you like supporting?
I really dislike supporting {{champion:81}} and {{champion:21}} I have not ONCE had a good Ezreal adc. Not on my team. Not on the oponents team. NEVER. Also, most of them blink away at 50% health, despite we could easily get a kill or two, leaving the support who went all in alone, forcing them to blow a flash or die. Miss Fortune has a really cool kit, and i really would love to support one. But sadly she deals very low dmg and it's hard to win trades or fights in lane with MF adc if she isn't fed. I really like supporting {{champion:22}} and {{champion:110}} on the other hand. Ashe brings that cool arrow, more CC is always nice to have, and the slows are perfect for catching enemies that try to run away. Varrus for the same reason, but also his kit is very powerfull in extended trades. Since i dislike "omgoneshotroflol" Supports like {{champion:53}} (grab, knock, yawn, boring!) or {{champion:111}} (hook, root, knockup, sure kill) i prefer extended trades where champions like {{champion:117}} and {{champion:43}} begin to shine. And so varrus fits that perfectly.
: [Client status update suggestion] Updated status
not really neccessary What i would like, is that, if i put myself on RED, that people cant send me game invites that is so annyoing after a while
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: I've watched 2 games today with Evelynn jungle. in both games she carried, did the most damage, got either most or 2nd most kills. both of those games were high elo.
Well, if you look at Eloking, you can see, that her winrate varries by a LOT. In challenger for example, it goes from 8% to 66%, she is a very situational pick. If your Laners got CC and the enemy team is squishy, she CAN be good, get fed, carry hard. If your team manages to splitpush and avoid big teamfights, she is very good, she is a awesome splitpusher. but in a head to head teamfight, evelyn is not that good
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: Good and up-to-date Evelynn guide?
Here a very simple guide to Evelyn. Look at See her Horrible winrate don't play her. No, really, i love Evelynns gameplay, but at the moment she is more that useless, she does bad Dmg (well, she was okay in URF xD), She tanks nothing, she has no CC, the threat she poses is just laughable and she gets ignored most of the times, or taken down for a freekill. Don't do that to yourself. You can maybe play her in Low Elo, maybe normals, but not in ranked or higher elo games. Just don't. If you really insist on playing her, i got the best results with evelyn by going AP with a hextech Gunblade. Go Magi-Enchant Rangers Trailblazer -> Hextech Gunblade -> Lich Bane -> Rabadons -> Build whatever you like, but keep a high amount of AP Other than GameDos, i recommend maxing E first, it gives a crazy amount of burst in Early game, and also triggers on-Hit effects. Devourer Enchant is possible on her with that too. I once could burst Adc's with devourer, nashors, Bork, wits end, Rabadons, Hextech, Magi boots. Evelynns AD ratios are much worse than her AP ratios, and as an assassin you want to burst targets. If you have to run after them, you already lost, because Evelynn can be easily outrun, since she has literally no usefull CC. An Option would be to go with Rylais and frozen Mallet for more slows, so that at least your laners can get kills at ganks. In teamfights she is useless, really. You go tank -> you got no CC, you get ignored You go Dmg -> you get instapopped Your only hope is to get picks and splitpush. Evelynns impact in teamfights is just nonexistant. So, if you really want to play her, go AP, that all i can say. And Pray for the best
: NA semifinals (TSM vs TiP) and third place match (TL vs TiP) funny info:
but hey, better flame eu for beeing bad. because you know, na is so much better... because they are... na... and they..... they dont even have na players ... XD
: Banana Summoner Icon!
as a big fan of soraka, i can only say... YES! WE NEED BANANA ICONS! Many of them ...{{champion:16}} is with us!
: Disgusting bullying in LoL
remove the chat - give them teamspeak. Jeah, nice idea. I am Mute, sincerly, fuck you <3
Zoms (EUW)
: Bard - Caretaker's Shrine
: What's the Oath of your lane/role?
well, i main support, and my oath is more like: Help your mate out, in every way, but if he sucks, then fuck it and take the kills, carry the game, OMG SONA OP! *just kidding*
Lichdor (EUNE)
: i like vlad,but everyone hates him,idk why?
trollpools. Same as with Fizz. Trollpoles. Dodging your skills on a low Cooldown, becoming untargetable and jumping on you after you used your skills. Pure cancer.
: Which champion do you NOT want to see in the enemy team?
{{champion:92}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} Not because they are OP (well, they fucking are, tbh), but because it is not fun to play against them. LeBitch has no Counterplay. Riven just 1v5 pentas your entire team because she has CC, Dmg, tankyness, a fucking shield, bla bla bla. And Kata, well she is just Kata. being stomped into the ground in literally 0.15s is just a bad joke. I'd rather play against a champion that offers counterplay, than play against Riven, Pentarina oder LeBroken
Tido17 (EUNE)
: Stop Pick trollers
jeah, everything that does not fit into your liking is a trollpick, i get it... while you are crying over "trollpicks", i will enjoy playing Orianna Support or Leona Jungle. Just to have fun, you know ;)
: When I see posts about champions being problematic I usually think of this video: What I've done when I thought a champion was a huge pain in the ass was to save up and buy the champion so I could try playing it myself. I usually start playing champions I think is a problem for me. Sometimes I would just stomp but after a few games I would start playing against people so good at countering the champion that it was a problem for me. Usually so good I almost feel helpless because I still haven't practiced the champion enough. Doing this is an alternative way to learn ways to counter play besides watching youtube or writing on forums. If you're not interested in practicing different champions and just want to play your favorite champion then this is of course not what you're going to do. She's difficult to play against as a mage. Ziggs can counter play her with some practice though. When she jumps in put a Satchel Charge on top of yourself and detonate it to cancel her jump from hitting you and sending you to safety. Then throw a bouncing bomb at her during your jump since she's stunned from the satchel charge and save your minefield for more peel.
Leblancs Main Problem is mentioned in that video though. "An element can't be good at everything" But she is, and she is GREAT at everything. Her combo is a great Poke, she got Great burst, Great mobility, Great Outplay Potential, Is Easy to use AND has unrivaled kiting and juking Potential. The ONLY thing leblanc is not great at, is tanking... wich becomes obsolete, because she just flies away, farting in your face while doing so. so.. tell me, how is she "balanced", despite beeing great at everything?
harufrk (EUNE)
: Poppy visual rework
500/10 , would instaplay :D Plz, make this Riot ^-^
Sffc (EUW)
: As Pawnce said. "Slightly less likely to 2 shot you now". Dude, they reduced her ratios in a whopping total of 0.5 AP
actually, they nerfed the ratios on her ULT by 0.05 Ap. coming to a 0.01% dmg nerf. what a joke
Antaris (EUW)
: Something wrong with matchmaking
hm.. loosing games is not the matchmaking systems fault. What i personally checked over the last few weeks, as i am loosing about 80% of my games since 2-3 weeks, ist that i personally ALMOST ALWAYS get matched with Gold and Silver Players on the enemy team, and 1-2 Silbers on my Team, beeing an unranked, fairly new Player myself. That has been the case since i reached lvl 30. I mean, i don't even do THAT bad, often we (i main support) win our lane, and do really good, but in the meantime, other lanes are loosing and feeding (as expected when you get matched against gold+ players, and you are unranked or silver). I could NEVER carry games like that, especially not as support. My theory is, and that may fit on you 2, i won LOT games until lvl 30, and the matchmaker is trying to keep winrates at 50%, so i have a lot of losses to be shoven up my face, until i am at 50% winrate, and then i maybe can play normal again? Just a little theory of mine. But jeah, matchmaking is defenitely broken, at least for me. A win would be nice now XD greez Lia
Mimijin (EUNE)
: Or give it a movement speed buff (on you and your allies) along with the heal and I m happy with it. Upgrading the skill will grand more time to the buff, for example 0,3 - 2 seconds. Its all about mobility now anyway.
that is quite a good idea! greez Lia
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: sry but all suggestions are boring.. Another enchanced autoattack is just so booooooooring it reduces armor OOOOH we never saw that.. While i dont think his e is interesting at all .. I dont know what it should be not to make him just another leona
That is a totally legitimate Opinion. You are right, that are all suggestions of things already in the game. But remember, he is an old Champion, one of the oldest, making a totally new mechanic for him would be pointless and not really in Riots interesst. greez Lia
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