: Who are your favorite champions ?
Used to be Talon, back when he was an effective AoE bomb. But, now, his animations feel too slow and his AoE damage has taken a hit. Was Akali for a bit, after the rework. But now she's been nuked from orbit. Was Taliyah Mid...but now she's been eaten by the jungle. I'm sad that everything I love in this game seems to get %%%%ed. :(
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Haze97 (EUW)
: Hate me for it or downvote my post but it doesn't change the fact that Riot has been sucking up to feminist agenda in order to look good for a while now. All the way from their shit 'women champion only' mission, to allowing Vaevictis to play, to punishing the teams which played against them, to a de-sexualized Morgana rework, everything seems like they're trying to ride the new woke movement in order to gain as much favours from the crowd as possible. They need a serious change in management. People who can actually tell the difference between a false feminist agenda and wrongful groping of female employees.
I support the de-sexualized design of Morgana. Seriously, sexualizing everything is insulting to everybody. Women aren't sex objects and men aren't drooling idiots.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: What champ to play botlane!
Kai'Sa and Vayne are what I've been having success on.
: This was an intentional charge. > The wall no longer knocks back any enemy who attempts to pass through once stationary, although still functions as impassable terrain. Still knocks back during the charge. It could really just be a matter of timing. Hard to say without seeing a replay.
Psst - It was also an awful change. But don't tell anybody. Spread the word.
: Old Fiora
Old Fiora was possibly one of the worst designed things in League, thank God it's gone and thank God it's going to stay gone.
: Dear riot balance team xD
I've been really enjoying League recently...
: > [{quoted}](name=Yousho,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=qZM1vG4w,comment-id=00000000000000010001,timestamp=2018-08-12T03:47:21.166+0000) > > You are legitimately insane. How would you like it if i called you a damn mental case?
It probably wouldn't have much of an effect because my skin isn't paper thin.
Burn for me (EUNE)
: the ancient truth of solo queue
By that ass backwards logic, 4 guys losing < 1 guy winning. Hmm.
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: ZERO AD ON HIS Q AT LEVEL ONE? | Let´s see how much this nerf will affect Wukong | Patch 8.16 Nerfs
Easily the most overpowered champion I've ever had the displeasure of seeing in my entire time playing League. Good.
: Banned until 2032 for supposed "3rd party apps"
Hopefully, if you contact Riot, somebody will be able to see what you got banned for using, and they'll be able to say: "Huh, this guy got banned for having MSI afterburner on, that's not right!" and unban you. Just request that you speak to an actual person.
D5rke (EUW)
: A Taliyah main wanting to be heard
When she first came out I was stomping peoples faces in with her like an unholy rock-based nightmare. And then they buffed her. Twice, I believe. I have this feeling that Riot just really don't know what to do with her.
MoonfaII (EUW)
: RADS Errors
Same, I've tried every fix I can get my hands on. Nothing.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: they will likely feed and probably the system will punish them
You seem to have absolutely no idea how the system works, then.
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Ryze is more fun to play now, than it was ever before.At least for this rework i can say its good. Its about that after all, fun, if you dont innovate, adapt old and input new, the fun part dissipates after a while.
Right, but Ryze isn't the focus of my question, just an example.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Has League Of Legends Died As Competitive Game?
"with the new ranking system no longer measuring your personal skill level or your ability to cooperate with teamates" What are you talking about?
Bulletkid (EUW)
: I feel like even though what you are saying is somewhat true, this thread was only created because you are salty about ryze rework, amirite?
I've only played one game in months, and it didn't have a Ryze in it, or a Nasus for that matter. I've only just caught wind of him being reworked again, so he seemed like the more topical example. This logic applies to people like Eve and Rengar too, in my opinion.
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duckarp (EUNE)
: > Dark Star Thresh is coming. Bear witness, the end is near. It's stated even under the video you've posted......... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Imagine a world in which I'm not an idiot. Now, wouldn't that be something amazing?
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Almighty (EUNE)
: I can already imagine the douchebag diehard tryhard Project Yasuo players spamming the Mastery lvl 10 emote in eveyone's face. _Almighty._
It requires a special kind of special to see 'tryhard' as an insult.
TaigaT (EUW)
: When will you learn?????
I like how Graves isn't on the list. Because he's unkillable.
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Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Veigar is overpowered.
How much hp were you on? Even if it did OVER NINE THOUSAND damage, that would mean very little if you were on 50 hp anyway, apart for just making him feel cool.
: Even if i don't think it's in their best interest (sales) to do it, i think RioT is trying hard not to create other champs that need to be nerfed every month or even less ({{champion:268}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:245}} ). I approve of this policy.
Why do people think OP = more money? Most people buy champs with IP, and it probably cost them more to pay the wages of people who put in extra time to try to balance OP champions in a reasonable time frame, than the relatively small gain.
: They did it
Illaoi is one of those annoying champs that if you try to gank can just kill you both, unless you're super careful. :(
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: Depends, are you an AA reliant assasin or burst assasin?
Typically I'm playing Talon.
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Nabzor (EUW)
: Explain me LUX please...
Question: Why is she a problem now? She hasn't been touched in like 78 years.
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: Evolution of a Dragon Champion
Does he looks considerably different from the old Ao Shin concept? Because if he does, you KNOW you're going to need an 'Ao Quinn' skin. ;)
: Riot messed up this rework to be fair, it was an experiment that should have been done on a new champion not a functioning one, plus he had to be nerfed to the ground after worlds because the community reacted badly to him. He prob requires a follow up rework in order to get him working again, he has a lot of cool things in his kit but it's currently a complete mess.
Morde has never been 'functioning' in any healthy way. He's always been kind of a mess.
: so.. Kogmaw
He's always been an insanely high damage champ. There was once a 'protect the Kog' meta.
nebepjauk (EUW)
: Punishing people for things they can't control
Solash (EUW)
: So I decided to assign Pokemon types to every champion. Cause i'm a goddamn nerd.
: So, the only to play Dominion now is to play Skarner?
I can't understand what you're trying to say? The only reason to play Skarner is Dominion, or the only reason to play Dominion is Skarner?
House x33 (EUW)
: {{champion:91}} Tried it on him a couple games don't really like it since q doesn't apply it normal item build is still better in my oponion {{champion:238}} Tested and loved it ! not a zed main I rarely hit my combo and still people die with just e,auto,auto,ult and duskblade proc {{champion:121}} Testing {{champion:35}} Testing
Wait, Talon's Q is an auto attack, why would it not apply it?
: Dont AP assassins suffer the same from Mage Itemization?
There's not really much difference between the way an AP assassin plays and the way a standard mage plays.
Fïora (EUW)
: Tracker's Knife and Trinket = 1 key
Would kinda like to see a red post for advice on this matter.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SpacebarToFish,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rIxNyEPr,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-07T00:05:06.292+0000) > > What would you macro on Leblanc? Stick all abilities under Q in this order: Q > Ult > W > E Each time you see a squishy, hit Q several times and you get a kill.
So, play Evelyn, then?
: I wasn't premade. Riot's matchmaking is just garbage.
You keep asserting that, despite others providing more valid alternatives.
: I don't care. There are no conditions where Diamond players should be in the same game where there are unranked and low level players.
You are matched based on MMR. The colour of your boarder means nothing. They may have not played for ages, or they may have been boosted. Either way, they are around the same skill level as you.
D1nzu (EUW)
: Are YOU kidding? I thought it was obvious for every single human being playing this game XD
No...I thought it was just easier to get away with or was bugged or something. I had no idea people could be that stupid.
: when we had 50 champs, there was 3 bans. Now we have close to 150 champs and still 3 bans ?
Okay, enough of semantics derailing this thread. Is there any legitimate reason why we don't have 5 bans PER TEAM?
D1nzu (EUW)
: People are too blind or too stupid to realize its their turn to ban or pick a champion AND LOCK IN. Thats the problem
You're kidding, right? That's insane.
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