: Could you give me some advice: how to counter assasin mids?
What other people have said is correct but I also think it'd help to play those champions you hate laning against. You don't need to main them but it's helpful to play something you don't like going against to see how their kit actually plays, get a feel for their cooldowns and (probably the most important here) see their weakness. Just reading or listening to someone else on beating a champion can help but I think one of the best ways is to just go a good few games of something like Kat, Zed or Ekko and see what you have trouble with on them so you can punish it more on your preferred champions. Same goes for their strengths when you have an understanding of what you just _love_ for an enemy to try against you that typically gets them killed. For example if you end up having trouble against poke going after minions then that's a tip you can take across to a mage (poke harder). If you play them and know how much burst they can put out then you can't be surprised as easily by their burst. When you know they're immobile without a certain ability, you can abuse them. TL;DR - Play the champions you struggle against to get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses.
Salron88 (EUW)
: please remove %hp dmg from the game.
Except for true damage, you can still build resistances to lower the %hp damage. The fact that some champions have %hp damage means that tanks take some knowledge to figure out what you're going to build, instead of pure hp, and have counterplay if they do decide to build for the max hp.
: Why no more quinn jungle?
The meta changed, other things are stronger so less people are playing Quinn. It's not necessarily bad and it can work if you make it work but people have just moved away from it.
: But then you aren't just swearing from my understanding. You would be using an euphemism directed at me so it could be considered harassment. I wouldn't feel offended, though, but that differs from person to person. For example, "Fock me" is swearing and will be censored if written explicitly and you have the language filter activated (default) but that's definetely not harassment. Funny downvotes, by the way. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
The point is that even when a word is filtered out into something else, you know what has been said so that even when you aren't seeing a word you know what it is. (idk what league uses as censorship so I just went with the Town of Salem version) The situation is definitely up to interpretation with some cases of swearing not being flaming; but if someone is flaming, blurring out those words isn't going to change a thing.
: That's what the language filter is for.
If I say "tarnation you (champion)" you probably know what that word was, even through the filter.
: Is swearing flaming?
It's all about context with stuff like that. You can swear to flame "%%%% you, you're playing bad so you're a %%%%%" or you can swear without it being negative at all "that was such a %%%%ing funny joke you just said." I personally try not to swear because it's just generally not polite to go around swearing for every other word but there shouldn't be any issues if you do it occasionally and don't direct it at other people. Since your examples aren't the best uses I'd say you're better off saying "bad idea" to baron or "we're behind" (which is shorter and easier to type); "%%%% that" to an ally's call is fairly disrespectful to them and the others just generally bring down the morale of your team.
: If that is true then why didn't they give Tyler1 a level 30 account as well? Surely the same logic applies regardless of his current honour rating.
I don't know a whole lot about the situation but did T1 explicitly state "I asked Riot for a level 30 account and they said no"? If he didn't say whether they did or did not give him an account then you can't say they didn't; it's also very possible that he had accounts at that level already, as Wortelsapjuh said.
: I'm confused as to Riot's position on smurfing
I don't think Riot endorses it at all. As a streamer, he would either make a level 1 account and take some time stomping completely new players to level it to 30 or buy a level 30 account from somewhere else. Giving a level 30 account to him was a preferable alternative because he would've got a level 30 account by other means, which Riot would be against more than just letting the man smurf, if they hadn't. They can't stop people that want to from making multiple accounts so they minimise the damage caused by them.
Mattie010 (EUW)
: ARAM reactivatable abilities don't always work
Just a question out of curiosity, is it bugged so that it makes you spend the mana twice (if you do have the mana it wants) or does it work as intended if it lets you recast?
: Thing is, when you think of LOL, you think of a competitive MOBA game - the best one out there. It's pretty complex, you have to be on point with your micro play / macro play / on the spot decision making / shotcalling - coordinating your team / positioning / wave management and a bunch of other things. Then there's URF, where it doesn't really matter if you're 20% win-rate Iron 4, or challenger 1300LP - you get garen , you put an autoclicker on E with 0ms delay, and run it down a lane - there is a high probability that you will actually carry that match. Riot doesn't want people to associate its prize hyper-competitive MOBA experience, with this goofy game mode. The whole casual playerbase, that takes up around 40-50% of the total player numbers, would ONLY play URF, if it was introduced. It would hurt the ranked ladder, it would increase queue times (bigtime), and finally after they get their burnout, as it was explained in the article I posted, they would quit. When you're running a business, you have to know what's good, and what's bad for you. Imagine this. Who can predict a more profitable outcome ? A random silver player wanting to smash his keyboard with a hammer and win a game vs others who do the same, enjoying this experience. Or a company that has grown from the ground, now being worth over a billion $ ? I'm pretty confident that Riot doesn't wanna kill itself, and if putting in perma URF, would prove to be more profitable for them, you bet your ass they would do it. You have to accept, that there are factors that perhaps you don't understand, none of us do, and we just have to take NO for an answer.
The whole point of URF is that it's just a bit of fun where you don't have to worry so much about the game itself because it's absolute chaos with no cooldowns. If people are enjoying their "goofy game mode" then let them play more of it while the people that are into the more competitive ranked side of the game can also keep that. You state that half of League's playerbase would only play URF but that means half the playerbase are gaining what they want from a game in enjoyment. Other than that, it wouldn't damage the ranked queue times drastically and that is obvious because we saw what happened while it was up, and that included the initial hype where some people came over from normals/ranked then left back to their usual games. Many players that quit after URF are either players that only came back for URF or players that would like to play more URF but simply are not able to by Riot's system. I don't think anyone can know for certain whether permanent URF would prove more or less profitable. Many players would return for a longer time, the ones that only play URF, and it would make Riot more popular in the minds of many players. Riot are choosing the safer option but the fact that it is safer and that they are sticking by it for now does not necessarily mean it is better.
: they try to shorten the games in all modes, becasue " people want shorter games". An argument they pulled out their asses.
I mean, shorter game are more convenient if you don't have time but that's the only real advantage they hold. They tend to be more of a snowball which results in a team having very little comeback chance so they're less fun in general, especially losing from another lane's snowball. I also don't like winning too hard while the enemy doesn't have much chance after a kill or 2; the most exciting games are the ones you get while the game is in a state that rewards kills but still has the possibility of turning around if played correctly.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Was he changed though? If he's not getting buffed or nerfed, or changed in any manner, he's not going to appear in the patch notes.
And yet, according to instagram, he has been buffed.
: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/12/ask-riot-urf/ It's mostly about regular URF, nonetheless, same thing is happening. People get a huge burn-out, and normal/ranked modes seem too slow, after playing URF/ARURF.
So basically, people enjoy regular URF a lot which means they play it more. They deleted a game mode because people liked it and didn't want to play a different mode that they find less exciting to play. There should, in my opinion, be a more permanent option to play different modes, in customs perhaps to make them truly customisable, or just a permanent rotation of modes every patch like they used to have, which can include modes like URF/ARURF alongside things like ascension and blood moon.
Vallen29 (EUW)
: Concept: Permanent ARURF
I don't know if permanent ARURF would be great but just a permanent rotating mode slot would be much better than we have now. Currently it seems like they do absolutely nothing for a while then bring back the big modes like ARURF or OFA, then go back to having no rotating mode at all. The rotating mode slot should always be filled in my opinion and they should just have it set to change every week or 2 between a set list of modes. Maybe instead of bringing a big mode with about a 2 month gap between they could have a list of gamemodes such as dominion, dark star, ascension, poro king, nexus blitz, project overcharge and the pve modes in between so players are waiting the same time for the popular gamemodes but aren't stuck playing the "5/3 champions with no special modifiers push down 3/2/1 lanes and destroy the nexus".
: Being able to disenchant emotes
Definitely agree, some emotes just aren't as interesting; we can only control 5 emotes at a time anyway so anything other than the best ones tend to sit unused.
: >so in 6 days of the week you sleep at this hour and choose to wake up early More like hasn't gone to sleep yet. THAT's how you ruin your sleep schedule, not by waking up earlier.
The true way to mess up your sleep schedule is not to wake up earlier or go to sleep later, the real way to do it is by sleeping and waking up at a completely random time (preferably wake yourself up during deep sleep with an alarm).
: Mordekaiser bug with drakes
(Insert Mordekaiser bug memes)
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >how he can 99% deny an Udyr/Volibear/Skarner by slowing their MS to 100, but is weak against other Ranged enemies. thats the whole point, giving him attack speed slow too would make him super op... imagine a nasus who can stun you on top of dealing massive dmg and you cant even kill it cos of the ult
He's also ranged which means there's no real danger of closing into melee then facing a massive stun lock.
Mártir (EUW)
: It would make sense, that Zilean's "E", slows enemy's AS (Atk Speed) too, since he goes in "Slowmo"
Just going to say, please no. Nasus does this with his w already and it is one of the most annoying things in the game to have someone click you once to cut a large portion of damage. It would be even worse on Zilean than Nasus I believe since he is already about range and safety more than the doggo that needs to be in melee range to play effectively with the rest of his kit. A late game Zilean with the option to cut your MS and AS for 2.5 seconds, stun you for 1.5, slow you again for 2.5 then have 2 seconds of downtime before being able to slow you for another 2.5 seems like it would be way too much. By the way this is assuming _absolutely no CDR_, either his other abilities would be nerfed hard or he would be pick/ban. (if his other abilities got a nerf for it then he would also be forced more towards being a pure support instead of maybe a mid or even just a more damaging support)
: > [{quoted}](name=Evidence,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZLlcljcH,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-24T22:20:27.502+0000) > > he just needs his heals nerfed a little and it wil be fine! It needs removed, complete and utterly gutted. Like Azir got gutted, so does the new champs that are redonk over powered cause Riot have zero knowledge on balance. Dont give a champ who steals an ult health regen, endless dashes and a point click ult steal that is 0 skill.. No sense at all, doesn't make any sense. but hey, Thats RIOT, good old' riot... They need to sort their nonsense out pronto.
He needs healing because melee AP fighters have basically no itemisation options, anything Sylas can use is something made for someone else that he can kind of work with but not super well. I think he also needs to have his ult be point and click because he's also got to hit whatever ability he steals, many of which are worse than on their original champions because he's not got a kit designed to work with that particular ability. The numbers may not be right but if you just go removing things like his heals and mobility that let him survive as part of a class with no proper build choices, he will fail badly.
: this should not be enabled cuz in that case streamers and people that live off of league couldnt play how much they want and that would be catastrophic .
The post talked about setting it for yourself, so people that don't want to have a limit because they enjoy the game or need it for money can play while people that feel it's an addiction they need to break will have the option to stop themselves in more ways than just leaving it to willpower.
: people apply too much value on their ranks
Also worth noting that your rank does not make you right or wrong. Someone in iron can give a point of view that might be correct but others dismiss it because "you're only iron therefore you must be wrong". Rank is an indicator of skill, so while higher ranked players are more likely to know what they are talking about, it doesn't mean someone at a lower rank can't be right to disagree with them.
: Dota 2 does this and it sells,I would pay to get SG Ahri announcer again anytime!
Not a game programmer but I can't imagine it'd be incredibly difficult to bring back the past announcer voices that have been used for events.
Eckyn (EUW)
: Idk, I have most success in the morning when I don't go to school xD Between 09:00-13:00 (GMT +1)
I would say go to school because it's important, but I was never any better.
Ahries (EUW)
: To be honest, once she hits her levels she goes from 0 to 100 and It's not fitting well with the whole concept and other champions. How can a champion(who is behind) melt everything once she hits a level, while other champions have to struggle. Makes no sense.
Most late game champions are designed to be strong after a certain point, whether it be through items or levels. The whole idea of a late gamer is that once they hit certain power spikes they become better than other champions but the drawback to this is that they suffer through a difficult early game to get there.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I think it would've made sense if Riot decided to smooth out her power curve, meaning a slightly better early than before, but a bit worse late. Riot also mentioned if she becomes a balance problem that is one direction Riot could balance her.
It definitely seems like a good idea to do something like that. Right now, from what I've played of her, she seems to be weaker early game because she lost the range of her old e and a bit worse late game than the team destroyer from before.
: The saying its a "man's world" P*rn is made for men. Women have to be appealing on TV for men. Men have most positions of power. The fact that women have differential treatment is a decision men make too. The useless ingame but big tiddy streamers exist because there's men who donate them. Guess who has that privilage to donate? Men. Why women get all those easy jobs like secretary and stuff? Men again. So dont tell me this bs. Start judging people by their worth and not their gender if you want "equality" then
> P*rn is made for men. Really depends what you're looking at, different porn is targeted to different people. > Women have to be appealing on TV for men. That is just pretty false unless we're also saying that men have to be appealing on TV for women; most people, man or woman, on TV are just attractive and appealing in general because that's the way things are. > Men have most positions of power. If you look at the richest people in the world the trend is that most of them are quite old with 15 of the richest 20 people being above the age of 50 (2 of those 15 are also women) which more demonstrates sexism of the past when a lot of those people were gaining their wealth. > The useless ingame but big tiddy streamers exist because there's men who donate them. Guess who has that privilage to donate? Men. Anyone that works and earns themselves a good enough wage to have money left over after getting the essentials can choose to donate to streamers, those female streamers are filling a demand where some men will want to see a body and if they want to do that to earn money then they should feel free to do that. > Why women get all those easy jobs like secretary and stuff? Men again. If someone wants to get a harder job then they can go for it, as it stands a woman might choose that simple job while a man might choose a higher paying job that requires more effort that the woman is simply choosing not to put in.
: The issue were arguing here is, whether or not splashing is a good idea for positional ranks. And the whole point of splitting the MMR's for different positions is to split the MMR's for different positions. Whether you agree with the idea of positional ranks as a whole or dont agree with it, is a different issue. But if you agree to split, then theres no logic behind introducing splashing. Either you split or you dont, any "middleground" takes the worst of both. And in competitve play there are basically 0 players who flex in positions. Specialisation is a thing in league. Position and to some extent champion is a factor in how well you play. Choice of champion is like choice of opening in chess, it's a game decision, but since matchmaking tries to match a position for you, that should be taking into account when making teams IMO.
There definitely needed to be middleground if they wanted to make positional ranks though. With the mentality a lot of people take of just giving up any game that's losing even slightly you'd get "OK so I'm a mid main but I've been given (literally any other role) which means I should int and get this game over as soon as possible which gives me autofill protection while not actually damaging my lp or mmr for my main role at all."
: Ok I was wrong. Not half a year but almost entire year now. https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2018/04/dev-updates-to-ranked-for-2019/ Even in the announcing post, the most upvoted comment is one that says it's a bad idea. (let alone the million others) Took them a year to realize the community was right lul...
I think I'd still class it as less than 2 months because you can't see whether something is a good or bad thing on paper. Also that announcement was for a bit of a different system and in theory the splash lp gains and losses would mean that people still try in off roles.
: StormRazor Make it great again
Alternatively, it could work to give stormrazor some crit chance but don't energise it so it can work well as a spike later in the game for rfc and shiv but not as an early item. At least for me, current stormrazor just feels like something I wouldn't want even with the other energised items because I can get more value on the higher ad/crit chance/crit buff on ie.
: yes become a totally brain dead person without any personality, thats the only way to play this game, without ever saying a single word which might offend others because everyone is so butthurt from a simple sentence not even spelled correctly .
The solution isn't to become a brain dead person and never speak in chat; the solution is to treat with respect because they're actual human beings on the other side of a computer. You wouldn't (or at least shouldn't) swear, throw around insults and complain to a person you just met in person so why should it be any different inside a game? Just spelling words incorrectly does not make it better either since I assume your main reason for cursing with bad spelling was to get around filters and detection from Riot.
: 5 reasons why you should quit playing league and start playing fortnite
2 reasons I will keep playing league and won't play fortnite. 1. I enjoy playing league 2. I don't enjoy playing fortnite
: yes, so funny laughing at a 14 day suspension from 1 game of toxicity
Maybe don't complain and swear at your team all game and it won't happen.
: Please say yes he is worse than YAS he is a noob champ with insane burst and totaly BROKEN AF
He can be strong in the right hands but I would definitely not call him a noob champ. Keep in mind that a champion performing well doesn't necessarily make them easy and if a champion is easy then picking them doesn't make the player less skilled.
: Late game Sona
I'm uh... getting the most of my ap scaling heal...
: Can we work as partners to create the story? Or do we have to do it alone?
I imagine it'd be pretty hard to split a skin between 2 people if you win, assuming both of you want rewards.
: uh, show me the clip of the triple happening. Pretty sure it's not that impressive. Also, you can be 0/8, but 50 minutes into a game, where everyone is full build, so scores don't matter anymore. Clip it.
This is something that people don't seem to realise for some reason. Once you are level 18 with full build and an elixir it doesn't matter how much they farm afterwards because aside from a select few champions or runes, you aren't going to scale to be any stronger than you already are.
: League is the worst game EVER MADE
> ZERO fun Entirely subjective, people enjoy different things. If you ask me then I like League or I wouldn't be playing. > Makes people toxic Every game has toxic players but they can be muted and will be banned if they are consistently like that. > Grinding for VIRTUAL ewards It is entirely possible to play just normal games for fun but if you want to grind virtual rewards that is your choice. League also isn't a bad offender for this because it is the same as basically any other MOBA with what you grind and nothing compared to other genres such as MMORPG games. > Skins expensive AF and people stupid enough to buy them Nobody forces you to buy skins, if someone else wants to spend money on something like a skin they are allowed to while other players are allowed to play the game while paying absolutely no money.
: > Where is the guy who gave us Yasuo, a new Akali, a new Irelia. Please no...
If CertainlyT got his hands on Morgana. **_Shudders_**
Riveen (EUNE)
: i separated afking and flaming, flaming has not as big impact if theres no sensitive sunflowers and since theres mute button so u can affect it yourself but u cant affect somebody being afk or troll
Keep in mind that someone that is flaming is spending more time typing than actually playing the game and the fact that a lot of people will tilt or flame back means that you simply can't look at it being irrelevant without the "sensitive sunflowers" having issues.
: Actually this concept of sending projectiles back to the sender would be an amazing addition to a support. Reminds me of the yugi-ho card that used to return damage :O
**_~~You just activated my trap card~~_**
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: she still didnt walk and move like a %%%%ing succubus. and she isnt one. she is angel of vengence not demonic piece of shit
What I'm saying though is that if you look at her model right now she's wearing less than she will be after the update.
JesRect (EUW)
: That is the most stupidest line I've ever heard ............... Do you seriously think someone is ruining my experience when I'm playing my favourite game and I should just Ignore ok maybe afking is the best thing right....... I don't know about your games but when people troll in my games it feels like people are offending me in my private time and IDK why for some reason these trolls seems to have really nice language but I have to listen and see their bullshit but if I say a single line that makes me toxic but ovio it's in self defense and in response to his toxicity and trolling I deserve ban............... You guys are so delusional in your Ideas You actually make trolling look better then posting a discussion on boards RIP LOGIC.
It's not being delusional, it's maturity at dealing with a situation. If someone is doing something then you'll usually gain more by letting someone with a higher authority know than you will by taking matters into your own hands. If someone is trolling in your game then they are often looking for a reaction to laugh at and make them feel good for trolling, if you give them the reaction they are looking for then they will carry on for the rest of that game and then maybe they'll get punished at the same time as you. As you said in your own comment, it's like they are insulting you in your private time so if you react negatively you're showing them that their attempt to offend you worked. You gain more by simply dealing with it for 20 minutes and reporting it to Riot in-game or through a support ticket since they're the people that can actually do something about it than you do by breaking the rules to get yourself punished as well as the other person. As I said in my last comment, there are rules that were set out to you and breaking those rules is the same no matter what reason you might think you have that makes it ok.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: I dont even play kayle and i dislike their rework. HARD. The visuals need to be readjusted completely so I rather they actually DELAYED that rework to work out on visuals. We don't need another pornstar...or worse, pornstar duo, cause morgana does not look better
To be fair, Morg wasn't really dressed up to begin with but Kayle could definitely use some armour that looks like she's ready to fight people as an angelic warrior instead of whatever she's wearing now.
JesRect (EUW)
: Tell me something Trolls are one thing, Toxic people are one thing. What would you call a person who is being toxic to a troll?
Being toxic is being toxic, no matter what the reasoning behind it. If someone is trolling or doing anything else that i shouldn't be doing, what do you gain by telling that troll how awful they are? The answer I would go with is that you gain nothing because you're making the atmosphere worse for all of the people trying to play the game.
: If jungler an idiot i say he is! I am cant climbing cause of junglers! So i need 1 consistent one! Good one! Like me!
What I'm saying seems to be going right past you, some junglers are bad but after a look at your games it is clear that you aren't playing the best either. Having a consistently good jungler will definitely help you climb but to improve you need to see that you are not consistently playing well either and you need to figure out what you are doing wrong when you're failing some of your games. Perhaps you are taking high risk plays every game that get you super fed or put you far behind or some other reason but whatever the reason is, **_you are not a consistently good player and can still improve. _**
: I am not an angel for good attitude! I just play the game!
You should still look at yourself critically based on what is/isn't working instead of saying "I can win all lanes I don't need to improve" and blaming your inability to climb on junglers being bad.
: I can win all lanes as adc i dont need improve myself! And you not in theme! So dont type here!
That's a pretty bad attitude to have, I looked up your match history and you're pretty inconsistent with your numbers being either high on wins or pretty bad in a loss. A duo partner will probably help you climb but you should still be looking to improve your own skill and consistency.
: My advice to anyone who feels anger/depression when they play.
Too many people need to learn this, video games are made for fun after all and if you aren't enjoying something you choose to do for entertainment then you should just stop and find another way to spend your free time.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: He should have some kind of secondary resource bar that would work the same way Renekton's Fury bar works, as it empowers his abilities. Yasuo should be the same way. You nerf his current power but add the secondary resource bar that would amplify each ability in a special way when they bar is half full or full. That would work wonders.
I don't really like that idea, just because Yasuo has too many things going on anyway without making people learn special interactions with a fury bar.
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