Cryptidian (EUNE)
: He should have some kind of secondary resource bar that would work the same way Renekton's Fury bar works, as it empowers his abilities. Yasuo should be the same way. You nerf his current power but add the secondary resource bar that would amplify each ability in a special way when they bar is half full or full. That would work wonders.
I don't really like that idea, just because Yasuo has too many things going on anyway without making people learn special interactions with a fury bar.
Pavle2001 (EUW)
: No its not very hard LOL. Maybe for the automated system or for a 3rd party person who doesn't know the full story (chat, replay). But not for the people that were in the same game. And Riot have the access to this information but they prefer to jack off and smoke weed rather than giving actual justice.
There's a reason that an automated system is used over actual employees for the report system; there are so many reports every single day that it would take hundreds of people to check them out on whether they're banworthy. Also, it is hard to detect intentional feeders because the key part of it is intent that is hard to figure out in cases involving things like soft inting to throw a game without being obvious or just cases where an innocent player died a lot. Using an anecdote, player 1 has a 1/3 score and they spend the entire game pushing bot lane until their team loses without them. This might annoy an ally enough to say they're inting but in reality they could just be completely unaware that they are doing something wrong (in their mind they're helping because they're pushing), on the other hand it could be inting but it'll go unpunished because there's no way to tell whether this person is trying to lose or just playing badly.
Ρharaoh (EUW)
: The State of Azir
Azir's ultimate was changed a while ago so that it doesn't stop dashes any more, it's not a bug. > v7.19 **SHURIMA’S BUMPER CARS** - Wall soldiers now only interrupt enemy dashes over them while the soldiers themselves are moving. After reaching their final destination, Wall soldiers now behave as normal terrain. I agree with his E that it might be a good idea to change it around (maybe take away the shield and impact while increasing the range, idk I've not played him in a while). The biggest issue current Azir has is that he's incredibly good in the hands of a pro to the point that he often needs to be nerfed into the ground for regular players to avoid him being a pick/ban in the top levels of play. He can be so useful with high utility (P+R+W zoning), mobility (E+Q), sustained damage (W) and range (W+Q) but sadly that means he has to be weak for the average player that can't make use of this.
Mykon01 (EUW)
: lmao you literally calling low elo players stupid love it ㄱㄱ
The point was that you can't expect someone with less experience and knowledge on a subject to know as much as someone who's been trying hard to learn for a long time.
: Inting will never, ever be punished unless it's something super obvious like going 0/29/0 with 5 tears build. And people know this. And they will abuse the wacky system.
Basically correct, it's very hard to recognise whether someone is intentionally dying a lot or just having a bad game so unless there's some really obvious stuff like that or they're being toxic in chat it's hard to say for definite that they aren't just dying a few times.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Put that joke to rest, please. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=DemonicWolfs,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HJyNeLVg,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-02-06T13:54:06.452+0000) > > hope it wont be that long and they will revert her to her old self in less than 1 year lol Never going to happen.
Yep, as much as I might wish for some reverts, that's not how Rito do things. It's probably for the best in most cases that things stay though tbh; old Akali was a blast to play but she may be more healthy in her current form once her power is moved around and balanced into a good place, the heal and stealth removal now will allow her to become stronger in other places without being downright oppressive later.
Aritmor (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yraco,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=j50Y1mHA,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-02-09T14:57:47.697+0000) > > Just a question, how is he easy to kite? > I like playing ADC and mage champions, he can point and click me then run me down with what is essentially a root that halves my attack speed with 2 seconds of downtime. It is a team game. 1v1 has almost no relevance. Use your team and your positioning to kite and blow him up.
Positioning and kiting go out the window a little when I've been rooted for 5 seconds, he also has a team that are either with him to keep him alive/kill us while we're blowing up the giant tanky doggo or they're pushing somewhere else while we need everything to be on Susan.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yraco,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=j50Y1mHA,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-02-09T14:57:47.697+0000) > > Just a question, how is he easy to kite? > I like playing ADC and mage champions, he can point and click me then run me down with what is essentially a root that halves my attack speed with 2 seconds of downtime. Because you go solo vs him as all brave players that complain about him, this is a team game you not supposed to face him solo! Also in case of 1v1, a mage can stun and run, why you have a stun but his slow is so op ? if you stun in the right moment you wil get rid of slow and leave. Adcs have many other ways of escape, vayne can e him away, varus can ult him, ashe can ult him, others have invisibility, slow + movement speed, or just stick with the support near why you are solo ? don't tell me he manage to pass your front line and arrived in the back line like an extra mobile champion that he is and beat you ?! he has nothing, no mobility, nothing just a slow that is like a snare but that become active in time so is worse than a pure snare. The only problem that I can accept he has is that maybe he stack too much from jungle where he is outside dange as on tope lane, that's it, but also there he can get invaded easy buy many champs early game. Remember cho'gath was such problem 2-3 months ago because of huge damage just pressing R ? why nobody complains about it because even he had no nerfs not changes to him players learned to camp him early and since he is so weak early and have low escape he die fast, and because they learn that so many strong champions can destroy him early! also because people forgot about him and now asus is the main course of complain. I see cho'gath stronger than nasus like nasus hit strong with q, choot give 1000true damage in one R, he is more tanky then nssus, he also has slow in e and a long range knock up. But he has awakens same as nasus. Both strong champions that can be easy kite and cc and so many others are much stronger than them or better for the team because of what they provide as Aatrox, Urgot, Sion.
The thing is, you can kite away that cho and dodge his q while a Nasus just clicks his with 2 seconds of slow downtime before he can do it again. Also, to do most of those things you will already be in his range (slowed) and as soon as he escapes my cc he will keep chasing my slowed ass, whatever I have will not last 5 seconds and the cc downtime will not be 2 seconds. I'd say Nasus w is one of the strongest cc abilities in the game, if not the best, because the slow is practically a snare that halves attack speed with a massive duration and low cooldown. 95% slow, 47.5% attack speed slow, 5 second duration, 7 second cooldown with cdr. (which Nasus tends to build) Even if we assume my team can protect me from actually being in his q range I'll still be unable to move around a fight (he still has a team) and my damage will be significantly reduced from having no auto attacks.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Actually he need a buff, he is easy to kite and so fragile to cc. He was invented to stay and stack to have strength when games were 50min long so it's logic when games are 20 min long to make him stack faster! And keep in mind back then damage was way lower so he was more tanky then now, and not so much cc while now everyone has cc. so he is steal way much weaker than long time ago!
Just a question, how is he easy to kite? I like playing ADC and mage champions, he can point and click me then run me down with what is essentially a root that halves my attack speed with 2 seconds of downtime.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Zoe isn't balanced in the least bit!!
She's much more balanced than she was when she was originally created. At the moment Zoe is a decent champ but her abilities aren't nearly as strong as when she was released. (this comes to mind)
: there is no placement game anymore???
You still have 10 placement games which allow you to get a lot of lp quickly until you reach your division but basically now you can see what is going on and get an idea before you finish all of your games.
Nxether (EUW)
: Name jungle champions you hate the most
{{champion:29}} I can usually manage not to die to his level 2 gank and don't push very hard when there's a twitch jungle out of vision but you just know that someone on your team is going to feed him, whether it's bot lane giving him double kills, top lane overextending or jungle misplaying after invading/being invaded.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cryptidian,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1Ua6LELu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-07T10:04:37.910+0000) > > Essence Flare was being abused by too many champions that had no mana, like Riven and Renekton, so it had to go. It exists on Spear of Shojin now though.
I think the idea was that the item is made for those champions instead of being intended for ADCs that deal damage on abilities? I don't necessarily agree or disagree with the decision but that'd be my best guess as to why.
: But if they haven't tried their best all game then they should also get banned, and if they just are not that good at the game then maybe they don't deserve to move up in lp because they will just move back down and learn nothing from this artificial lp they gained. And if they are not trying their best then why should I?
You are right that if someone isn't trying they should be banned and you are right that if someone is not good enough to be in an elo they should not get there, you are also right that they will go back down and lose the lp you earnt them. What I disagree with is just the last sentence because you should always be attempting to win, even when things are looking bad. The common saying "two wrongs don't make a right" applies here because you still have a chance to gain lp for yourself, if someone is inting on your team then going down to their level makes you exactly the type of person you hate to be matched with and if someone is simply having a bad game you're rubbing it in while they're probably already mad at themselves for doing badly. My advice would be to always try so you can get yourself as much lp as possible and just so you can be a decent person so if a player is doing badly then try to give them some pointers on what they're doing wrong because a lot of players are willing to learn, if they don't learn after you win the game then they are just going to stay where they belong but you that doesn't mean you shouldn't climb.
: The punishment is that I won’t carry them and win them undeserved lp if they can’t be bothered to improve or listen to criticism. The punishment is losing lp not ban or something like that.
Except to give them that punishment you have to intentionally play badly instead of choosing to try and carry them so you can lose. Being bad at the game isn't punished by Riot but choosing to throw games will get you banned on this account just like your previous accounts.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: Vote for Trump, and make League Great again! Guess what, League is great, it is just you that is behind in terms of skill and understanding of the game. Its fine. League population dropping? Legendary, that is exactly what we want. We want to keep on the player base that is able to adapt, not to cry over what was over in the past. So yeah, to all you who keeps on crying, just quit!!! This game is getting way too difficult for you to handle. It is okay, not every one is born talented or mature enough, to admint that this game isnt for them anymore. So, my deares friends, just uninstall and live happily for ever and ever.
Like I said in my post and another reply, I don't intend for this thread to be 'Me good, team bad, rito pls'. I'm currently climbing but in my games I often find that my personal impact, good or bad, isn't as important as simple luck on which team has more people flaming/feeding/afking. Most wins are down to good luck like my most recent where the enemy {{champion:38}} went afk after his third death to me and {{champion:30}} {{champion:92}} spent the game flaming their team. On the other hand most losses are down to the same things being on my team. I don't think the game is "too difficult to handle" and I certainly won't leave a game that I enjoy because I wasn't "born talented or mature enough". This was simply a vent post with me getting frustrated after a mix of wins and losses that none of it felt particularly like it was well deserved or I could change the outcome. Again, wins and losses are both here because it's just as annoying when someone on the enemy team goes against the objective to intentionally make the game less enjoyable for people they're supposed to be working with.
Centur (EUW)
: It's really sad to read some of the comments here. "Its more about Champions or luck. Skills dont have that impact anymore." Unbelievable, that's coming from a Karthus player. Want me to pick ur acc and show u how fast I get your d4 with an off meta champ? People are right, league boards is a dumpster for braindead complaints and delusion. My advice? Get good, maybe when you get out of your delusion you'll climb. Don't plan on coming back to these boards so go ahead and ban me mods.
Like I said, I don't want this to be a thread saying "I'm good team sux rito pls", I feel as though it's a coin flip and tbh even my wins are often because the enemy team is toxic enough to lose the game against each other. Every single game seems to have a feeder or afk or multiple people tearing a team apart, my last 5 games were: > Loss - Top went 4/10, Jungle 2/9, the 2 of them flaming each other after top's second death to a gank which ended in opening top. Loss - Jungle went 3/11, Mid went 2/10, ADC played well but was flaming the entire team for every mistake. Win - Entire enemy team played badly except the ADC that was calling for reports on all of them. Loss - Possibly winnable if I played better but still had an autofill support giving up early on. Win - Entire enemy team playing badly including a first time Sylas and AP malphite support calling for reports.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Can a Riot employee take a look at this bug?
Another thing, Kayn doesn't show his form so once he chooses Neeko can no longer make a convincing transformation. Not exactly the same but it's a similar idea.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: It's the new season, many smurfs and boosters atm I think and for example people getting lucky or unlucky in placements so a low gold player maybe place with low silvers or a high gold got placed with low plats because of some random louck/unluck in placements. I've felt the same, especially the first week was hard. One game I played Corki for the second time ever and won with a 4 1 score. Another game I played one of my mains and lost with a 0 10 score so it's weird atm. I'm not sure how it was last year, if it was the same.
Last year it felt better but I also didn't play ranked much early in the season. Towards the very end of the season I know it got kinda bad because people started flaming each other on every little thing since they were mostly trying to hit the next tier by the end of the season but from the middle of the season to kinda late in the season it felt like it was possible to impact most games and wins/losses were deserved rather than being down to chance. At that time I could say "I carried that game" or "I started badly before just deciding to farm and let someone else do the most carrying" whereas now I could probably go 1/20 in some of my winning games and still win or go 20/1 in losing games to still have some fed Riven demolish my team as they argue over exactly who "inted" to her.
: When you duo and want to end your losing streak with a victory
Then you still lose. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
Mr Hubson (EUW)
: Why is deault Udyr so ugly
Pretty sure he was supposed to get a visual rework at some point in the past, then they realised it was really good and could be made into an ultimate skin instead.
: the stacking isnt the biggest problem about nasus. His w Slows your attackspeed, making it impossible to 1v1 him even early on.
Plus your movespeed ends up on a 95% slow at max rank with less than 2 seconds of downtime after cdr comes in. Not even like you can dodge it and if you build qss he'll still be able to hit you 13 times with the slow while that's down, not that he'll be in range for the whole 90 seconds it's down though since there's a good chance you die on the first or second wither you can't cleanse
: You only get faster rerolls. They are still locked at 2. If they gave an actual extra reroll thou... Now that would be shitty.
The problem is that without it you usually end up having a single reroll, unless I decide I want to hold mine for one game to have a competitive edge the next game. If you pay you get to use 2 rerolls every single game to pick the most powerful champion if you want to, or to find a champion you really want to play in URF. (still no luck with Jhin, Vlad or Sylas on single rolls but maybe if I had 2 every game)
: But the opening post spoke about a Ranked match. And how is it better for those lower players to be matched in a ranked game against a smurf than in a normal game? Besides, one can level up an account to 30 with botgames if one cared enough to not play against beginners.
First time ranked accounts don't start with high mmr, to get to any kind of high rank on a fresh account you still have to play through lower elo games first.
: ARURF is trash. Change my mind
It's enjoyable for a couple of games, especially if RNJesus gives a champion you enjoy, but as a whole you're right.
: Smurfing is as punishable as tryharding in a normal. It isn't.
Pretty much this, unless they're intentionally losing games so they can smurf in bronze or something but that would be a punishment for intentionally losing and not for the smurfing itself.
: This should be 1 week restriction for Yasuo players who flash mastery 7 and Zed mains who miss every Q.
Especially for Zed mains that miss every q, flash mastery 7, then say EZ after being hard carried. (everyone's seen at least one)
The name's Ezreal. E-Z... oh, you're dead...
: Noxian might raise you AD, so once you have it, the damage on your ult description will change too. The ult shows you the damage based on your current stats which is the correct way to go. Same thing if Janna gave you her shield (that also gives AD), the damage will change and feel wrong again. A tryndamere can lower your AD and that max value won't make sense anymore. You can't take into consideration futur stats (the increase from the stacks is an effect which is different from gaining AD) So showing the damage based on your current stats is more logical.
It should show his damage based on Noxian Might though since there is no way he is getting max bleed stacks on a champion without also triggering his passive, therefore the maximum damage with his ult will always be taking Noxian Might into the calculation when you're using it.
Alex Gunboy (EUNE)
: 99Lp........
Carrying over bonus lp that would've been gained without promos is something people have been asking to get for so long and I'm surprised it isn't in the game yet.
: urf
I personally think 10 bans and the ability to pick would make URF more fun. I know it isn't going to happen but I'd prefer to pick OP against OP instead of being stuck on something like {{champion:157}} (regular q and e cooldowns) against a really strong team. I'd also like to be able to pick something that might not be strong but I think will be fun; I enjoy Jinx, Jhin and Vayne a lot but I'm unlikely to get them unless someone rerolls after picking one of them up.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: No, i am having fun, while playing lulu, roaming top with 3 more other guys and smacking nasus to death in an instant
If 4 of you need to go top to take him down then that also means he's unbalanced. Sure he's killable if you bring your entire team over but he also has a team that can push 4v1 while your team are hunting Nasus. You either have to take 3-4 people top to kill him instead of him winning a fight/running or you have to leave this big Nasus to get even bigger and take down all your towers.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I'm fine with Zed getting a legendary skin, but not Jhin, I'm tired of Jhin skins.
I kind of don't want Jhin to get another skin but only because he has exactly 4 skins (ignoring the base) and I think that's perfect.
: Ranked in this days
Don't worry we are the best team ever, absolutely no reason to dodge. **_10 minutes later_** Oh sorry I'm first time Ekko, what does my ult do? (after dying 4 times when he could've ulted away)
Cheini (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kicherkeks,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=7pfzfhOP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-27T02:50:38.287+0000) > > Wouldn't matter. Once you're given the opportunity to put a remake to vote at 3 mins, it will not matter if the dced person reconnects nor if they vote. The vote will always be avaiable until it becomes inaccessible at 04:00, given the conditions met at 03:00. If you do vote for remake, you will get a remake if 2 players vote yes, regardless if the dced player reconnects and/or buys/gets items. > > It's more likely that Braum just wasn't disconnected for the required 90 secs before 03:00. EDIT: So you were not able to vote. If it idd stopped an ongoing vote, it should be reported as bug. kitcherks thing is conditions were not met, because the biscuit registers him as doing an action.. kind of thing is, this has in deed been on for ages (an year actually).. if people are still realizing it as something new.. well. :d
Probably because you need to have someone first take biscuit delivery, and inspiration isn't a very popular tree, then have that person go afk and after that you need to figure out it was the biscuit delivery stopping the remake instead of literally anything else.
: *Normal* is the key here, mate. And I am glad you're a good sport who played Sylas in normals first.
If I go into it with ranked first I'm ruining it for myself as much as my team tbh, no point in losing lp just so I can play a new champion straight away, although I am planning on trying him ranked soon since I'm mastery 3 atm through normals and I think I have a grasp of his playstyle.
: could have left jungle alone for once, i main the role and now i'm considering to stop playing this game since the nerfs
You probably should stop if you want to, I always say that if you don't enjoy something you're doing for fun in your free time there isn't a point in doing it.
: I agree with this. Even Hashinshin sucked the first time he tried RIven you think my bronze teammates will do amazing with Sylas on the first try?
I did decent on Sylas first try in a normal game but I don't know if that counts because I was against Vayne mid that I could get all my abilities onto and 4 empowered autos every time she went for a minion.
xweeti (EUNE)
: They should really hire real people reading those reports... ban bots dont detect afk farming or helping the enemy team
The problem with that is that there are so many games and players that it'd take an army of people to be able to read through the reports, watch the games and figure out what to do in any reasonable time. People don't even deserve those reports half the time so most of the time they would have to watch a game and say that person was just doing slightly bad before deciding the severity of any punishments.
: New season
I feel your pain here. Only played 5 games and have lost 3 but out of those losses I honestly think 1 was my fault. One of the defeats was down to our top, jungle and support being at each other's throats from first blood then another loss was when the enemy Tristana was literally 4/0 in the first 5 minutes of the game. I think I played well on the victories but since I can't see the enemy team's chat I honestly wonder if I only won those games due to the enemy team playing against each other more than me.
: You troll and make this post, I troll and I upvote.
Maybe that's what he wanted all along? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: I just don't getthe point of day1-day5....
It's so they can release things more gradually, if they released everything on day 1 it'd be a bit overwhelming to have urf, a new champion, a new batch of skins, a bunch of videos and the ranked season start. By releasing things over the space of a week it allows them to keep things more controlled.
: I don't think that's the case, but that is another topic. But your general logic is nothing is op because over time numbers can be adjusted?
I don't exactly know about that being my general logic, some things are always going to be unbalanced (OP or UP all the time) because of the way their kits are, generally the more skilful champions like Ryze and Azir that can do so many different things with their kits but are hard to the point that the average player isn't ever going to unlock their full potential I think a support as described in this topic would be fine because it seems pretty balanced with maybe a couple of numbers changing here and there.
: Neither does Shen W. And I just think overall 20% dr is stronger in more situations than blocking AAs. But if we are not going by his suggestion, then sure, it is not at all op, since it reduces 5% damage, or it is super op, because it blocks 80% damage. I like 80% better, so now it is stronger than Shen W, huzzah! Now we're at it, why not give Shen W the same treatment and pretend in our comparisson its duration can be anywhere between 0,1 sec and 10 minues? That ought to be fun
You're taking my point completely out of context here. Riot want to make every ability in the game perfectly balanced so that no champion is more or less viable than another except when you look at specific situations involving aspects of the game like synergies and counters, that's the ultimate dream of balancing. The point I was trying to make was that if 20% is OP then you can very easily make it 5%, OK now it's too weak so it might be moved to 10% and be fine, the duration is the same where it might be too strong or weak so you move the numbers slightly until it works out. I said that you have to take champion ideas as abilities more than numbers because if we assume these champions are actually added into the game they will become more balanced over a period of time when compared against the original numbers.
ChIoe (EUW)
: Insane Mordekaiser Outplay
That's gotta hurt, similar thing happened to me when a Nasus flashed on me as Ashe.
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: Won't it make it difficult in Blind Pick for people to call out lanes ?
If you're calling lanes after the game ends then you're a bit late to the party.
: Look at red smite. Or just PD. That damage reduction is significant. Now, imagine that for an entire team in a team fight. gg.
Yes but it doesn't last forever and like I said, it wouldn't necessarily be stronger than current Shen W because autos actually do something. Numbers can also be messed with if 20% is too high which is why you can't necessarily look at these champion proposals and say "omg that scales so hard" or "wow that blocks too much damage".
: so you basically want to rework Shen in your own image? That is what this is Q: basically Shen E E: OP Version of Shen W R: Strange version of Shen R
I agree with you except for the "OP" part about that E. It's basically just a different version of Shen W, trades the option for completely negating auto attacks (plus some abilities) and gains some damage reduction for abilities.
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