: More LP for support queues
This would ruin the competetive integrity of league, i like the idea of giving people a reward for picking a role that would overall decrease queue times for everyone. It would be better to give someone who picks a needed role a small amount of rp/ip, i remember that wow did something similar for wow's 5man instances
: Why is acc - sharing forbiden ?
I don't think riot minds boosting that much, if they did mind it they wouldn't have added dynamic queue
Jamarchy (EUW)
: normals matchmaking isn't balanced
Match making in normals can be a bit wonky especially if someone sub lvl 30 is in a premade with someone that is lvl 30. I'm plat 4 in ranked (not sure if i wanna call dynamic ranked....), but in normal mode i get matched up against people who are silver and sometimes low gold. This is because most of my normal games i play together with friends that are silver or lower.
: (EUW) High silver/gold jungle and adc looking for active support main for dynamic ranked!
: Let's just be honest ...
We just have to accept that ranked isn't competitive anymore, we can compete in who can get the most IP this season... at least that makes more sense then dyna queue.
: [DynamicQ] It's time to stop kidding around Riot
Just accept that your rank won't matter at all this season. I mean sure to a very small group of people it will matter, just like 3v3 did last season. Overall getting Dia in dyno is less impressive then getting silver in solo queue imo. Rip ranked.
: Platinum player flames level 24, smurf from bronze
Riot doesn't decide whats toxic or not, we the players do. If enough players think you are toxic and report you you will get punished. I once got a chat ban because i told people that they shouldn't afk and if they don't have time to play they shouldn't queue. This happend a few times within a week and i got a small chat ban, even if most people agree with me i still got banned because the afkers i confronted got butthurt
Rioter Comments
: let us understand other lol players better and create a dictionary
I hate it when people use the word "tryhard" as an insult, if you still have the "i'm to cool to try my best" attitude when you start high school/gymnasium you are not going far in life
Lacest (EUW)
: too many players use cheat,Can u fix this/????
Are you sure that they aren't just better then you?
Hamji (EUW)
: "Cancer players"
I don't know why cancer is such a popular way to flame people, i find it kinda silly that riot don't really care whats being said they just care if someone is being rude or not. I don't think that something like "Stop feeding, you suck." should have the same punishment as "You retarded ****, Your family is cancer" and i don't understand how anyone could think differently on that. The punishment should fit the crime!
: Hey guys, wanna hear a fun fact about HEXTECH CRAFTING? Toxics don't get it for over 3 months =)
Hopefully they will start banning trolls, instalockers, feeders amd afker etc as well! Well yeah we all know that those people do not ruin games at all and its the people who is pointing out that they are ruining the game that is actually ruining it!
Bombardox (EUW)
: So your mate keep doing the same mistake over and over again
You tell them to learn how to play before playing with other people
Xplosive3 (EUW)
: Does chatban count resets to 0 if I change server
Well its simple don't use the chat, riot doesn't give a crap if you are a elo boosted bronzer that playing in gold/plat. They only care about is the ones flaming. Now i myself thing that this is really fucking retarded and that they should smack the ban hammer on the ones that are so bad that they make you flame them rather then going after the flamers. If you start banning the baddies that feeds trolls and go afk you you will see that there will be A LOT less flaming, the only ones that should be banned for flaming are the ones that are flaming because they them self are playing like shit.
: A 14-day suspended account!
Well riot only goes after people who flame, but they don't give a fuck about the elo boosted bronzer that is making you flame.. He hasn't done anything wrong he just ruined a game and you well you sir you said that he was bad so you should get banned FUCKING great system. Start going after the elo boosted scrubs that plays like retards and you will see that there will be a lot less flaming.
Shrav (EUW)
: The Feeding Is Becoming a Problem
Teambuilder was just smurfing without a smurf account.
SirShakez (EUW)
: Stop banning your teammate's prefered pick
I only do that when they want to pick Jhin in ranked because that is one of the few times when it will benefit the team
Bombardox (EUW)
: Why did i not receive loss forgiven ?
I'm not sure but i don't think that loss prevent kicks in instantly, just wait a few hours and see if it changes or if you randomly gain LP
Rioter Comments
Serrure (EUW)
: please can you help me that how many japanese characters are in this game
: LoLWiz used - Got banned
To me Sargonas is being very clear that the current version of lolwiz (10 months ago) is not breaking any rules, I'm not sure how many patches there has been since then but i'm sure there has been at least one (to lolwiz). He even says "we reserve the right to change our stance on this" and we can never officially condone or promote the use of any third party tool, as we can never guarantee your game stability or safety in doing so. What lolwiz them self say doesn't matter at all, i mean just imagine if you could blame everything on "person x said this was ok" I don't know how many players uses lolwiz but i would guess there are a lot of people using it so i do find it weird that Riot would not warn people about using that specific program via twitter forums league launcher etc before banning people for it. Does the ban specifically say that lolwiz was the problem or does it just say "third party software?". You could have played on a PC that has other third party software on it without knowing it, maybe a internet coffe house or school/work computer?
: To all the players who get permabanned
While it does suck big time to get a troll on your team i have never heard of anyone getting perma banned for trolling or afking. Every ban i have ever been told about has been because of the chat. It kinda sucks that riot focuses so much on banning flamers rather then trolls, if someone if playing well and flaming you can still win the game but if someone is feeding a lot it will be a lot harder to win. So if person X feeds and person y flames him for feeding (not verbally abusing him, simply telling him "stop feeding or we will lose") which is a very gentle "flame". Now person X just keeps feeding, taking fights he can't win over and over again. Person X is effecting the game a lot by feeding and causes the team to lose, they both report each other nothing will happen to person X but person Y might get banned. This just doesn't seem fair to me.
Raistlees (EUW)
: offended by leaver buster
Leave buster is wimp that will just slap you on the wrist if you afk, but dear god if you tell someone that they are bad at league you need to get banned, afking should have HIGHER potential to get you banned then "verbally abusing" someone (riot has a VERY VERY VERY wide view on what verbal abuse is).
Rara K1 (EUNE)
: Is it possible from Bronze V to Challenger in 1 season then?
If you get win streaks (which challangers would get a lot of in broze) you will be getting 30lp for each win after a while. You can even jump divisions after a while. The system is designed to reward good win rate over playing a lot. The difference between 50% and 55% wins is a lot bigger then you would think
: So what's going on now?
I think its a good thing that everyone is getting placed a bit lower then they should have here's a few reasons why i think its a good thing It's appears to be happening to everyone expect those who had super high MMR and those are still getting placed slightly lower then they were preseason. Its not like it is just happening to a few people, which makes this a fair treatment imo. It will finely demote people who has been stuck in any division 5, you need to lose so many games normally to get demoted at that point that it is clearly effecting the games, this is why there is always a rather big skill difference going from X5 till X3 or 4. When people are talking about elo hell they are most likely referring to X5 divisions where they get placed with people who should have been demoted a long time ago but were not. This is why you sometimes you see people and scratch your head thinking how could someone play this bad in gold5? At least i think it would be a lot more fun if the noticeable skill jumps would be when you get when you get to G5 from S1 instead of when you are going from G5 to G4/3, i have seen so many people saying that they didn't notice a difference after getting promoted to silver/gold/plat etc. I'm not saying that placing people lower will fix this but at least it will give riot a reason to fix this if they see it as a problem.
: Ranked from gold to bronze
You and bunch of people are unhappy with the placements, just hold on before you snap. Afaik riot has neither confirmed or denied that things are they way they should be. just take a week of league and see how things are looking later.
Typhurin (EUW)
: I wrote a ticket and got the SAME EXACT REPLY LMAO THE EXACT SAME ONE. What a shitty support system honestly they let a robot answer the support tickets. If only rito had the same support Blizzard did, then this game would be 90x better
Well how many 1000's people do you think have sent in tickets about being unhappy with the placements? maybe even 10000's are sending them. so i would just have a copy pasted message to send out to those as well. Blizzard support isn't outstanding in anyway expect for in wow were it at least was great when i played it but that's a subscription based game and mmo's needs more support then moba and when it comes to fixing bugs riot does it a lot quicker then blizzard, it happened a few times that items that got changed still had their old tool tips and blizzard would just change the tool tips at a later patch since they forgot to do it the first patch. I would summarize it to that blizzard's support focuses on helping individuals with their problems like if a quest gets bugged a boss doesn't spawn or if someone gets their account hacked. While riot focuses more on fixing the game itself and making it works as soon as possible and riot focuses A LOT more on supporting the esport scene then blizzard does which I'm grateful for
SwatVI (EUW)
: Don't do it yet, best is if you wait a bit until most people played their placements, you'll get teams that are more balanced.
That's what i'mg doing, waiting for things to calm down and for riot to fix potential bugs seems like the smart thing to do.
Obsidic (EUNE)
: Ranked promo is unfair for supports below Gold Div. (The story of the season promo of a support).
Last season i climbed from mid silver to mid plat while playing 95% of my ranked games as support and i would say that 80% of them were solo and 20% duo (this is just a guessing estimate). Basically the only games i didn't play support was when someone picking before me wanted support and i had already dodged once that day. say what you want about dodging being lame and whatnot but i'm sure A LOT of people do it if they are unhappy with the team. As a support sometimes you just have to mart out people in your team who are simply not worth helping in a team fight and learning how certain players and champions plays helps, i have so many different play styles and build adjustments to my main that it is silly and most of the "play styles" i don't think to much about while playing they kinda just automatically kick in by now. Its also very important to be able to predict how a fight is going to go down and decide how you can how the biggest impact as possible in the fight for example with if you are play Alistar the enemy team's zed might just be waiting for you use your headbutt pulv combo on someone else before he jumps in and kills one of you carrys etc. As a nami main i often get into situations were Yasou is just holding on to his wind wall and saving it for my ult or any champion with a dash just waiting for me to use my bubble to they can dash out of it and i just have to accept that i can't make that play that i want to do because it would relay on someone on the other team doing a huge mistake and simply not noticing what am doing. In those situations i simply have to hold on my spells until i find a better opportunity to use them. Or they have a Rengar on their team i know that he is going to try to stealth to one of the carrys and try to burst him down giving me a VERY small window to try to save my carry now with Nami having a rather long delay on both the ult and her Q there is no way i could react to Rengar jumping on my carry without predicting it. At this point im just rambling, lol. I hope you find some of it useful!
: Well most players in plat have the same MMR with a small difference, so I just want to know
That is not always true, someone can get stuck in plat 5 and lose a ton of mmr without getting demoted to gold. If this does happen you will have to win a lot to "repair" your mmr
MadClown (EUNE)
: Nothing is relevant as you can notice.Even if people win 10 they will still drop down hard.I have a friend that ended as bronze 1 and won 4 lost 6 got bronze 2, my other friend ended as silver 1 won 7 lost 3 got placed in bronze 2.Both didnt play during preseason.Now what is fair about that?
Well the preseason is just as important as the actual season it self, the biggest problem is that A LOT of people seems to believe that the games you play during the preseason just magically disappears when the new season starts but in the end the preseason games effects your mmr just as much as the "real season games" does This is mostly spread by trolls saying things like "Its just the preseason who cares if i go afk for a few mins" "Its just the preseason who cares if i go garen support?" etc, this helps spread the false rumor that preseason doesn't matter. Just see how many "i got bad placement posts" are talking about how they ended the season and not even mentioning how they ended the preseason And also mmr works a bit differently then getting promoted/demoted does, if you are stuck in silver5, gold5 or plat5 you can tank your MMR a lot before you get demoted, if you have tanked your mmr a lot it won't necessary recover even if you get promoted once (but winning enough games to get promoted will of course be a big step on getting a good mmr) You can't see you mmr in the game, but a guess way to get a estimate is to see how much LP you gain/lose at average per gamer, if your mmr is high you will gain a lot of LP when you win and lose very little when you lose, and if your mmr is low you will lose a lot of LP and just gain a little when you win.
Laermans (EUW)
: Which queue is 'the real queue'?
After reading http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/HGblb9fH-the-2016-ranked-season-updates-on-dynamic-ranked-and-your-feedback it sure sounds like they want to put more attention towards dynamc, dunno what i feel about that but i'm not gonna judge it before i see it in action.
Laermans (EUW)
: Which queue is 'the real queue'?
Well i think the best thing is just to wait and see how things play out, i'm guessing one of them will have our old solo/duo mmr and the other one will just be started at 0? I dunno the whole thing just seems weird. I do see your point of not wanting to commit to something that might be considered as a side project by most. much like 3vs3 and 5vs5 was seen last season,
Typhurin (EUW)
: Placement bug? (Rito attention plaz)
What division were you in at the end of the preseason? Your peaking rank during the season isn't relevant to your placement only your rank/mmr at the end of the preseason is
Laermans (EUW)
: Which queue is 'the real queue'?
Have they confirmed that the queues will have different elo? Isn't it possible that dynamic queue will share rankings with solo queue? Making solo queue a way to just bypass having/facing premades? That would make the most sense to me, splitting them up in different ranking systems will just make one of them that random mode that nobody really cares about
faker1292 (EUW)
: I got an afk and lost one of my placements cuz there was an update 600 mb
Well since you are faker i'm sure you wont have any problems winning the rest of your games
CrySumPT (EUW)
: Are this issue happening when using the new champ select? If yes i believe it's because there isn't a chroma select yet, can't confirm it though.
> [{quoted}](name=CrySumPT,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=rAl757vy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-20T14:15:10.376+0000) > > Are this issue happening when using the new champ select? > If yes i believe it's because there isn't a chroma select yet, can't confirm it though. Ok, thanks. Guess ill just wait and see
Rioter Comments
: Where Did you land?
I'm going to wait a few days with doing my placements in case there are bugs that needs to be fixed and i want "randoms" to be a bit familiar with the new system so there is less chance of troll picking etc, maybe i'm just being paranoid but rather safe then sorry i guess. And also a lot of people are referring to where they ended last season when they talk about their placements. They should be talking about how the preseason ended for them. Most just seem to think that preseason is a troll period that won't effect your placement and that is 100% wrong, you still gain/lose mmr during the preseason you just can't see it since you don't gain/lose LP
: Ranked placement
I've seen a few similar posts on both reddit and the league boards and everyone of the is mentioning what division they ended last season at instead of saying where they were at the end of the preseason, The placements are based on your MMR rather then your elo and looking at your match history at http://www.lolskill.net/summoner/EUW/CFG/matches/page-1?filterChampion=&filterQueue= It looks like you had a rather big losing streak at page 3 and 4 and page 2 is 4wins 6losses this most likely sank your MMR down a lot right before you did your placements.
KrystalfX (EUW)
: G3 b4 season ended
Yeah i saw that you were G3 when the season ended in the but the season ended at the 10th of November and the preseasons ended tonight so i'm confused about if you meant that you were G3 at the 10th of November or if you were G3 yesterday before they reset the ranks
KrystalfX (EUW)
: Completing all 10 Ranked Games - 8-2 and Dropped a whole division -.-
looking at your match history i can see that you played a lot in the preseason. what division were you before the the new season started? Aka yesterday.
candoodle (EUW)
: Why are Nordic/Scandinavian countries grouped with EU East ?
A friend told me that a lot of people on EUNE don't speak english or at least have really horrible english. Having played both dota2 and CS:GO earlier i know how frustrating it is to be in the same game with people who don't. I do see non english languages in the chat on EUW but its not nearly as common as it was on CS or dota.
: If you write "gg izi" or stuff like that at the end of the game, open this thread
While i agree that its rude to write gg izi at the end of a stomp, i still think that if you report someone for it you are just as easily offended as a modern feminist..
Leptyx (EUW)
: Idea to get players into the habit of using the Mute button
They should do something similar for people who gets reported for feeding a lot, just give the option to the team to vote kick someone that has been feeding a lot.
: Myth about "Play safe pls"
"Play safe" pretty much means, accept that you are losing the lane and stop trying to get ahead and let us carry you, if you feed more we won't be able to carry you.
OHiei (EUW)
: Oracle Lens doesnt show invisible units anymore?
I learned this the hard way.. ouch that twitch ambush came from no where..
: Is it so wrong to not give a damn and just have fun? Preseason is the only time I can actually enjoy ranked, and if you don't like that that's your problem, not mine.
I'm not against people having fun while playing, i strongly believe that everyone plays a lot better when having fun. I just think that people are underestimating how much the preseason will effect their placements
: Is it OK or normal that i wouldnt really want to play ranked?
it is 100% fine to stick to normal mode if that is what you want to do. Tbh when i play normal i find it a lot scarier to be up against a unranked player then someone from my elo.
: Loyal customer and fan stripped of rewards like a child.
Tbh i think it is kinda silly that people are getting banned for saying things like "Stop feeding you are ruining the game for the rest of us", "Shape up or we will lose the game", "Why were you clearing the jungle when we were trying to contest the dragon?". Things like that are not verbal abuse, its being rude at worst.
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