: > perma banned is not balanced You flamed? You had warnings? You ignored them? Your was stopped from showing the same behavior on this account? Do you want to think twice why is not "balanced"?
the thing is, you've had them urself u see peple calling you cancer and going afk, intentionally going into other lanes and feed on purpose, and those guys dont get banned, cause they dont type in chat, the ones who get annoyed by it cause it ruins games are the ones who get banned, yes you have the option to ignore it, but its still 30m of your life, and some people have a life and jobs and dont have much free time to enjoy the game, and catching these kind of players is the worst feeling ever, specially when they dont flame in chat, but spam u in pings instead, no its not balanced, flaming hard trying to hit someone psycologicaly is one thing, like kill urself or calling you cancer, or just by simply going into ur lane and die on purpose just to hit u. you can flame in all ways, not just chat, some know chat gets u banned and they use other ways to get into u, are you the weak cause u get affected by it? maybe yes, but it also means they do it cause they know they wont get penalized for it. all these 3 games i posted, i reported them for negative attitude, team was saying the same, they kept asking why keep going in, so it means i have a point, i reported them, got no feedback on the report and im the one who gets it instead, i think its really balanced indeed. everyday i see people calling really offensive names, and by just dying once cause lane had a big wave and they couldnt follow, instead of being 10s patient, they just go in and die and go afk, their own mistake or no ? but still they go afk, no penalty. When they dive lvl 4 and you're bot in the middle of the wave, and the enemy jarvan goes under tower to dive a yumi that can just W into their adc, and does this twice, and you're like '' wtf u doing mate stop coming bot if u doing that '' is this flame ? but since the people who judge the report cant see the entire chat and dont have a good insight of the game, they just judge by what you said, and that is balanced ?
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