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Kokozuma (EUW)
: The game is getting frustrating
This is why I play draft. Rank tends to bring out the worst in people lol is no exception. Draft is the best place to play right now as its a place people practise for rank so you still get competitve games but people are more willing to let a bad game slide. Lol pushing ranked so heavilly with rewards is the main issue. Too many people grind ranked rather then just take it slowly and allow yourself some breathing room to have a less pressure filled league game by jist throwing on a normals. Once you start losing stop playing ranked and unwind doing whatever activity or game guarrantees you fun.
: Man do you know what riot ''games'' policy is? FYOU give us money! You can report all you want and nothing will happen. Riot ''community'' will blame only you so dont expect any help from hypocrite two faced toxic scumm. They will downvote you and that is it. Good luck and mute everyone as soon as you enter game.Imagine that this game is single player based and care only for yourself.
Really I get instant feedback reports. I remember hearing some rumor that your honor level gives priority the reports system but I have no evidence to back this so take it with a pinch of salt. I found if you maintain a cool head don't flame back and report at the end its way more successful. I've been in games where i repeat the actions of my flaming teammate and having no luck reporting them. However when I report someone without playing into there bad behavior I get feedback report. Honestly I don't get the doom and gloom go back to lol's community in season two and compare it to now and you will see a massive difference in an improved community. Don't buy the lol is toxic and wont improve its a fallacy
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: thats not what they do. ive reported countless people for telling me to kms, get cancer, i was raped as a kid and so on. 3 days later i check their accounts and they are still playing?
Could a got a chat ban or warning. Remember this could be one bad day. A single bad incident. Your entitled to a warning. %%% is pretty bad but its not on the same level as racial hatred which is a punishable offence in many countries.
Rumkatten (EUW)
: Untrue. I always mute when I play ranked, but not when I plays normals. Just last week a had a very angry jungler wishing me cancer and death in caps, and he didnt get banned. In fact I belive nothing happend to him.
Remember if you engage with the flame its harder for the hammer to comedown on them. Try and play it cool and be respectful. If someone s being a jerk just turn the other cheek, mute him and report him at the end of the game. Don't play into there flame. Honestly lol has never been so clean of toxicity and I started play this game back in season 2. Some cases riots warns a player no bans no punishment. It works surprisingly well. I know there are some people who get really tense in games. I personally have lost the plot and typed some rude shit. But I always take a second to say do I really want to say this to my team. That second of contemplation gives you time to evaluate the situation and usually always has me just deleting what i'm going to type.
: Should i buy Kindred?
Kindred is kinda meh in the jungle ya she has dashes and a crazy ulti but her greatest weakness is that to get stacks you have to gank the enemy which is tough no real hard cc. You can go for creeps in the enemy jungle (not a good idea) especially as your opponents know which creeps are marked. Her passive all around has awesome potential but the counterplay in her kit is too huge. Overall low reward high skill so designed for masochists. The meta could bring her back in but I wouldn't hold to much hope for her coming in to the game as anything other then a counter pick. Wait till riot give her one or two buffs and maybe consider it.
el barno (EUW)
: I like playing support but I won't queue for it because of dynamic queue
They need to fix the system. Here some ideas 1. Reward support players this can be done in a number of ways higher IP gains and maybe have supports gain a higher chance of earning keys for hextech chests. 2. Introduce carry supports this has been widely debated which is to be expected but at this stage riot has no choice. Supports just don't have as much of an enjoyable experience in comparison to other roles. They gain little to no recognition for there hard work and are near impossible to carry with. 3. Remove dynamic queue and switch back to the original team builder and ranked system. This is a last resort but i can see it down the line happening. Many players who play in any role but support face long queue times that will eventually reach the levels of crystal scar bad. If nothing is done dynamic queue will become a joke and we will all have to return to blind.
Liandil (EUW)
: I like it to be suprisied and i dont say before the game starts i want to play that champion in that role so i always pick fill. That is the perfect option for me and guess what? I rarely have to play support. Most time its ADC or Mid. Than top and support and the least one i get is jungle. But everything appears in a good rotation so that iam never bored about playing the same thing multiple times.
This is draft! I don't believe you for a second. Every time I pick secondary support or fill boom you got support role. Mid is completely non-existent unless you pick mid and top but that only makes queue timers for everyone longer. I have played at least 5 games with mid primary support secondary and surprise surprise i'm always support.
: Ever since the juggernaut patch I have not had fun with this game
Really I thought the game got stale when the tank meta was introduced. I agree on the front that high skill champs who deserve to do more damage and require higher skill to play should have advantages vs champs like lux who are kind of well moderately difficult to play tho.
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LikeOrbit (EUW)
: Do you guys think Kassadin will be left in his current situation for long?
Looks that way Last few patches did nothing to help these low win rate champs. All riot is concerned with is nerfing strong champs and reworking. Considering kass got his soft rework its not look good for this dude. Although I did get some petite results from him. But that's coming from someone who pretty much played nothing but kassadin for a year. They need to start buffing champs like elise so sejuani is so unbearable as a jungler to fight and maybe give kass some quality of life changes as his kit is really baron of any good abilities. Maybe buff his q spell shield or increase his slow or have his ulat apply a rift stack on the enemy that increases damage or reduces kassadin's cooldown's just throwing out a few idea's.
: Your examples don't actually match up to the point you're making. When Ahri got changed into more of a kite mage, she saw a massive winrate increase and became a very powerful champion. After that, she had to be properly nerfed. So the change to her kit was a healthy rework that buffed her into a stronger position than she was. When Kassadin lost his silence for a strong magic shield, they also change other parts of his kit. Shortly after, he was still a very powerful must pick-or-ban champion that eventually had to be nerfed in other ways to push him out of the meta. So again, his rework where he lost his silence was healthy, because it added some counterplay to his kit and still kept him as a relevant anti-mage type champion. Ahri's was always meant to be a kitey mage by design, that is her identity and she still maintains that. Kassadin is meant to be that hyper mobile anti-mage, and his design still reflects that. Riot should tweak champion kits when they can, so long as they aren't destroying what makes the champion 'That champion'.
Well actually ahri was more asssasin then a kite mage its only after the slight alteration to her kit did it change her from land charm score kill (assasin) to keep distance fire projectiles (kite-mage). Also "strong" magic shield is very much incorrect at least now. Its pretty meh and kinda shit considering the channel time. But Is kass an anti-mage really I know quite a few champs who is more anti mage then kass take for example the new ryse who shield is way better then kassadin's. I really think a spell shield is enough to call someone an anti-mage. As I said counterplay is good but I don't think it was a good move considering how kassadin's silence is intricate part of who he is as a champion. I stand by what I said above they should have made his silence less powerful by decreasing the time a champ spends silenced. So ask the question again to yourself you sure that kassadin silence was a not part of his identity?
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