MoonbyuΙ (EUW)
: Yes, my recent punishment was two months ago and i've been trying to clear my status by playing honorable. I think i've played over 150 games last 2 months and received alot of Honors and sportmanship from other players but somehow my status is still Dishonored. There was a message that i had cleared my status one month ago but my status did not change so i don't know what to do
i ll just be playing on a smurf, thats all i know can we get further confirmation from others though, just to be sure
MoonbyuΙ (EUW)
: Cant join or create EU BETA TOURNAMENT CUP team
same problem here, could it be because we all recently got a ban/chat restriction. It works on my smurfs that didnt get any bans orso
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