: Ok, but I still think your case is weak. Its unfortunate for you and I understand its annoying but bottom line is that **someone** committed offenses against the LoL community so severe that Riot deemed it worthy of a permaban. If this someone was you, or if it was your step-brother who got access to your account because of you shared your passwords with him doesn't really matter because someone must still be hold responsible for the offenses. Anyways, my opinion doesnt matter; it all up to Riot but IF Riot judge this case in favor of you, they will define the case-law for similar cases, where noone should be hold responsible if they say that someone elses did it from their account, which would be total chaos. But I understand how frustrating it must feel, so good luck.
As I said my account is not shared ... I agree with you that I must be punished for my actions but I can not take a permaban for something that I did not do ... Regardless of having been my half brother or any Another person is not fair to apply a permaban only because the account is mine ... Your opinion is very important if you do not know there are cases that RIOT takes into consideration the opinion of the community.
: Banned
Lol is a very fun game but there is the other side of the coin ... Although it is very fun can also be very stressful and my tip as a player is when you see that your team has some toxic player to simply give a mute. If he decides to troll the game you simply leave and report at the end because you can be sure that one day his punishment will come. It is not worth stressing for a troll or rager. When ending the suspension put these tips into practice otherwise the next punishment will be permanent
: Still, you havent given a plausible explanation exactly how your step brother got access to your account. You just say that you managed to "discover" it was him and that he "somehow" got access to your account, and then you leave it at that. First of all; how did you even found out it was him? Did he admit it? Second of all; how did he do it?Is he a master hacker? Oh wait, he was a 13 year old "kid" (probably average age for LoL players..). Do you see the problem here? LoL client doesnt have autofilling so either he hacked you OR you gave him your password = account sharing. Because yes, if you give someone your password but tell him "do not use this account", its still account sharing if he uses it without your knowledge. In the end, we are all responsible to keep our accounts secure, and like I said before, its not **YOU** who have been banned, its the account that is banned because of bann-able stuff that came out from account, which seems fair to me. But who knows, maybe Riot takes pity
I answered a question of how he had access to a password and only you to look ... I'm getting tired of saying that my account is not SHARED and never was and that was an isolated case. I understand and agree that the security of my account is my responsibility but I had no way of knowing that he used my account ... If I knew the first thing I would do was change the password. And yes, he admitted that he used my account
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Dude this is a very annoying and annoying situation ... I know that there are some changes of words because of the translation because I am using Google Translate and explain my situation so it is really difficult and I also can not understand everything that you speak. My opinion about this game is for me. LOL, since 28/3 I'm not playing ... I came back to Fortaleza thinking that I would get a rest and I could have fun again with my friends but I'm getting very stressed and worried about this whole situation. In a few days I will have to go back to Sao Paulo to continue my studies and I want to at least solve this situation
: Honestly, you have NO case here what so ever. I am guessing that your account got banned because of things your brother did when playing on your account, because there is no chance that RIOT could have spotted account sharing if he kept playing from your house in Fortaleza when you were at SP and didnt play from there. Remember; Its not** you** nor your **step brother ** who got banned, its the account. And if your step brother did bann-able things from that account, its 100% fair and correct that they bann that account. Also, I dont think you are being totally honest what happened here. You say that you found out it was your step brother, and you even know that he panicked and transferred your account when he got banned, yet you cant explain how he found out your password in the first place, which logically would be the first thing you forced out of him.... Im sorry, but its more likely you allowed him to play while you had your break from LoL, and that he raged like crazy while you were gone ;)
I have to disagree with you ... There are several and several cases of accounts that were used without the authorization of the owner and took a permaban and the account returned to the owner ... This is more common than you think, I left one Link in the comments on a case that happened on the BR server very similar to mine. As I said, there was no account sharing ... Even though this is an isolated case, this had never happened to me. And I do not think it's fair that my account was banned for something I did not do, someone else used my Account and did shit there regardless of being my brother or anyone else would be totally prudent and fair I receive the account Like I said, I never let him use my account, but since he's a kid and I was in Sao Paulo he thought nothing would happen. You can believe it or not but understand my situation, I just want to play in my account again
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As well as there is caution and responsibility there is trust ... Although I have not passed my password to he I do not have a variety of passwords for everything I need ... I usually use the same password for email, ps4, Password of the card, Netflix password, facebook etc ... He tried to login with the password of any of these things and it worked ....But as I said, at least that's going to be a lesson ... I'll use a different password for LOL since it's a more precious thing for me
: ***
This is how I classify it as carelessness ... If I had known that he used my account I would have changed my data at the same time ... And as I said he did not mean it, he's just a child and he still does not have the same Head that we ... He still does not know the consequence of things
: So since it never happened, you weren't permabanned, so what's the point of this post?
I'm sure this is happening some mistake in the translation from Portuguese to English ... This has never happened BEFORE and this is an isolated case
: Just saying that you're contradicting yourself when you call it safe even when it clearly wasn't.
My account is secure, yes, because it never happened and was an isolated case.
: So safe that random kid logged into it and got you permabanned. Sounds about safe.
This random boy is my half brother and he lives with me and I'm not angry or I'm going to be mad at him because of this because I know he did not mean it. But that's going to be a lesson to me.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Sure ... You are right, but he is a child and did not do it for evil. He did not know that would generate all this confusion
: It's arguable whether it's your fault, but it's still your responsibility. I hope you understand Riot can't be lenient with such cases. If they make an exception for you, they should be consistent and make an exception for everyone.
You mentioned something important that the question is not whether it is my fault or not but one thing is indisputable the responsibility of the account was always mine and I may have overlooked a little ... About the exception ... I've been researching a bit and found a case similar to mine that happened on the BR server. I'll leave the link but notice that it is in Portuguese The case that I leave is from a player who had an oversight and another person used his account and used script that is totally forbidden by RIOT and he took a permaban, but a RIOTER decided to make an exception because he did not think it fair to take a permaban By an oversight https://streamie.com.br/jogador-recupera-conta-banida/
: It's your fault. If you kept it properly secure he couldn't have used it.
I've always kept my account safe and that's a fact. As I said this was an isolated case that never happened to me. As I also said I did not even know he was using my account if I knew I would not let ...
: Hey, Even if you don't know how your stepbrother got into your account, you are still responsible for it. If your stepbrother got into your account without your permission, you have probably been uncareful with your login credentials. I'm sorry to tell you, but there's no chance of getting your account back. The ToU were clearly violated on your account and the sad result of that is that you can't get your account back.
I know it was an oversight, but it was not anyone's fault because he did not mean it he's still a child ... If I knew he used my account you think I would not change the password? This was an isolated case this has never happened to me and I think it's unfair that I can never play again because of it
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I understand, but it was an oversight, it was not anyone's fault. Just because I had no way of knowing I was already in Sao Paulo
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: You have an euw account.... why play euw if you are brazilian and only support can help you players on the boards can't do anything
The hacker changed the server account ... The account already had RP
: We can't help you only [support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) can help you.
You must have noticed by the text that I am Brazilian. And since the country is already horrible player support is also and they only respond tickets with control and control v
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