: If you refuse to change the playstyle to solve the issue, it has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with you. Also, how can you lose the game when you go bit more defensive. You increase your survivability along with your waveclear, but meh, all we care these days is more damage, is that it? GUESS WHAT? GAME IS NOT ABOUT DAMAGE BUT GETTING TO THAT GOD DAMN NEXUS.
it would lose the game because of the delay it puts on my power spike, thats why, also i cant really sit in the wave with bamis anyways because i cant stand close to a sion
: {{item:3751}} {{item:3087}} and if you refuse to buy them then well, you have to rely on your e, which means you either max it after taking some points in q, since sions clear comes good after lvl 7, or you keep whining. just like any other champion, you can't play gp the same way all the time. sometimes you have to take suboptimal route
So what youre saying is rush a statikk and lose the game or rush a random ass bamis cinder and also lose the game, also maxing E doesn't give more damage to minions or monsters, just type you don't know how to solve the issue instead of this next time.
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: {{item:2055}} {{item:3340}}
am i supposed to leave 2 waves under my tower, walk past the enemy laner, hope he doesn't touch me on the way and ward?
: You didn't. And any champion can push the wave back. The items like protobelt and tiamat allows for some decent waveclear. For more expesnive and effective ap item there is also ludens. As a midlaner you always have some sort of aoe ability. So all you have to do is weaken the minions before using your aoe on them.
gp's barrels have 18 sec cd and do 70 damage early game and they also must not get autoed or else i %%%% up the wave, i cant outpush a sion and im certainly not buying protobelt and tiamat so what now?
: I just sit back relax and farm under tower. Then when i can i shove the wave and go clear a jungle camp to get ahead. Buy wards to get some vision cause most times the jungler that dives you takes the same path. The thing i Dont want is my team helping me, as in i dont want top or bot comming mid and taking my farm and exp. Cause when the enemy 2v1 you they share exp and gold and you dont, so at some point you should be ahead.
No i won't they dont sit top, the enemy pushes me in and pokes me under tower and the enemy jungler comes kills me and then he leaves, so we have the same exp, i have less farm and i get killed, and i just told you the champion cant push the wave back fast, so what do i do?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Stop being Hashinshin. Edit: On topic: If you see the enemy is coming to you and you can't defend against their dive, just fall back. It is better to let them take the turret than them to kill you and then take the turret.
You talk as if i can see it coming, if cant see the jungler i cant really dodge the dive can i?
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