looonster (EUW)
: I won a ranked game and didnt get LP for the win.
Universe, hear me!! That should have happened when i lost, not when i won {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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Xtopherus (EUW)
: Looking for mid jungle and top for clash next week silver/gold
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: [EUW] Searching for 3 CLASH mates and 1 substitute (Silver-Gold)
Zashumitsu, can play all roles accept mid, better on top/jungl. U can add to play some games together to see what will come out. Gl
Kian987 (EUW)
: Shen (5th attempt in 2 years)
Author is right, CD's are high and the only cd reduction item you can buy is MR. You cant really split push with him, having ulty up(He literally does 0 dmg to towers). Still love playing him, even if compared to other cahmps he is like a bug.
: lf dia+ duo to 2vs8 on new acc
such people destroy the game, go stay on your dia accont
Tarolock (EUW)
: so instead of enjoying the free ip you came here hating on them because f*ck logic...
i think you dont see the problem. This players get filled in low elo, destroying the games of new players. = negative attitude of community. Smurfs are the biggest problem in LOL. Also a lot of them are previously banned players.
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ıce (EUW)
: Yeah that would be good, add me
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Just a question: Why Flex team instead of just Normal Draft team, if it's "not so serious"? Also, why gold when you're plat?
I want to rank up, just dont have so much time to spend everyday playing in team. And took me a while to get out of silver hell.
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ıce (EUW)
: Looking for Gold/Plat Top, ADC and Support for new team.
If you want, can play as sub sometimes. Top lane
ıce (EUW)
: New Galio
Deleted {{champion:98}} .
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ABcmaSter (EUW)
: Fiora does not beat jax.
Fiora deletes Jax in every possible way
: Matchmaking in Silver feels like living in Silent Hill
Hi, because report system doesnt work at all. People are just making new accounts and i almost every game you see a smurf that tries to climb in ranked. Whats happening is, new player went in ranked to try out with same experience level players, and what he gets is just smurfs that carry the games.
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Eyriga (EUW)
: Make the community better
Its 5 vs 5 game, and this 5 guys you get randomly. The only thing they can make, is to be able for players in game to voice communicate.
Łµx (EUW)
: how to counter quinn in early ?
Azy Sin (EUNE)
: As a Lucian main with over 500 K mastery points let me share with you my go-to build for ranks with Lucian. It might look non-conventional, but it brings sufficient rezist, damage and some utility of sorts. {{item:3072}} -> {{item:3046}} - {{item:3025}} -> {{item:3139}} - > {{item:3006}} - > {{item:3071}} . Build explanation : You will be packing 40% cdr, enough MR and Armor to rezist most bursts(considering PD in the equation) while also having a perma AoE slow from gauntlet. You can also go for ninja tabi instead of berserker . You might first be ticking your sacrificing too much damage, in theory you are right,but actually surviving in a team fight more,you will be able to output more damage ,than say going full damage,and only being able to use one or two rotations before you get erased from the coding by literately anything. If you do decide to take my tip : You start with B.F - > Zeal - > Vampiric scept -> finish phantom dancer/bloodthirster depending on your gold,followed by berserker than into gauntlet -- > Merc scimitar -> Cleaver. If you don't need the extra lifesteal u can also go for qss cleaver and than finish your Scimitar. Also you can try this for AP heavy team comps : {{item:3111}} - > {{item:3156}} - > {{item:3046}} - > {{item:3812}} -> {{item:3071}} - >{{item:3814}} Hope it helps ! Good luck.
and masteries?
aissa ked (EUW)
: we deserve Server to North Africa!
one plus is that i will not have you in my games, the minus is that i will not have you in enemy team :)
Nonterino (EUNE)
: Good name for a fiora main???
: LoL Russian Mafia Crew overtaking EUW (#2)
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neviss (EUW)
: What Should I buy?
Who is Kled? :) Zed.
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Karthus Bot (EUNE)
: Am i close to demotion ? (Mmr and tier demotion)
AstralDream (EUNE)
: Do something, I'm tired, can't play with stupid kids
Boy, we all started from silver/bronze. Yes its not easy to climb. In this elos there is usually one guy for sure, that carries the team. Ofc sometimes you get 3 feeders also.(The chance is pretty high, but the same chance is that opponent team will have those feeders). Just try to be better, play agressive, get kills, preasure all enemy team, be that guy who will carry. And if you cant not be this guy, you are not ready for higher ELO.
abixbg (EUNE)
: Do you like Riot's design ideas in the new jungle (Smite Buffs removal and the Plants)
Anyway with this turrets player doesnt have time to enjoy jungl and ganking, they go down too fast.
Tarolock (EUW)
: My road to Gold
Stop playing support till platinum
shileka (EUW)
: how do you aim lee's ult??
: Fiora Ult every minute???
every ult is like this, stop crying, fiora had enough nerfs.
: Are you sure? To me it seems fine for most times
more then sure, plying on both servers
: Why whats up with eune?? O.o
more trolls and flamers
: dota is better.wood elo hell
He he, thats why LOL is a hard game. If you want it to be even harder, go to EUNE. But if you want to win, its not only mechanic skills you need. You need to encourage your team, to praise them for good play, try to keep good team spirit. If this game was about to carry 4 people alone, would be too easy.
: Is this normal ?
In the left top corner is written, normal! joking :)
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HomerJ20 (EUW)
: How to troll a troll
You are funny. Now let me tell you a secret, jungl and support were premades, and Jungl guy picked Janna for his friend. And ofc you can write some more essays.
: Nasus - What are your thoughts on his state of balance?
I would say Nasus is strong late champ by itself, but weak in teamfights, unless not fed. I cant say if he is balanced or not, but his kit doesnt fit the games in S6, but there also Nasus mains, that have 200k+ points on him, and they know better for what he is good or not.
: Best 450,1350 and 3150 ip champions to carry soloq with
: We need 2 players, free SG Udyr to whoever joins
: Should i delete my entire friendslist?
: Should I change my summoner name to something that does not give away the fact that I am Polish?
: Tips on Fiora vs Darius
Pick masteries for sutain in lane, for me is 0-12-18 rush sustain item - Ravenous Hydra try to farm a much as possible(Fiora is late champ) no need to fight Darius, i prefer to farm with Q, then use it on Darius if he freezes the lane, make him use his Q on wave by poking him after 3rd item you destroy him(Hydra, Black Cleaver, Bloodthirster) play FIora as full AD split pusher and tell it to your team in champ select so they can take combination of champs that can escape 4 vs 5 fights but still has a poke. Usually people will not listen to you :) Good Luck
: I like twerking
just keep doing it ALONE. thx
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