: Mordekaiser R Akali interaction.
Because tentacles and the maiden are units with health bars and damage. The shroud isn't. By that logic if I'm lux and i drop E and Morde ults me it should disappear. Why not apply it to every AoE on the floor? He's already strong enough as it is dude.
: damn i'm not the only one then ! i have a gtx 1050, have 300 fps at base, 90-100 in lane and in team fights, i can drop to 40 fps, that's ridiculous.. I have more fps on other games that require a lot more performance
Yeah. I'm the same. Able to handle things like Witcher 3 totally fine. But in league my FPS drops to below 40 several times in a game. No idea why. Riot pls.
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: It's the matchmaking where probably 50% (dunno) of players que mid and to avoid long af que times you get your secondary role
Regardless, doesn't make any sense that I should get my secondary role so frequently.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: There are 5 roles, if you don't enjoy at least two of them what is point of playing lol ?
'Cause one of them is fun. Where does the 2 role rule come from? Seems fairly arbitrary.
: It just depends on the actual situation of the matchmaking. In other words, too many people wants to play mid and fewer wants top, so it's very normal to get mid less. There is no choice in that unless the matchmaking makes you wait for 30min.
I mean personally I'd prefer to play games in the role I want, than playing a game in a role that I don't want. If I don't want the role, what is the point in playing if it's not fun? Particularly in normal games. I'd rather wait 30 minutes in queue for a role that I want, than 2 minutes in queue and 30 minutes in game for a role that I don't want - given the role I don't want isn't fun - i.e the purpose of a game.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Well surprise surprise Mid is the most popular role Ofc you'll get your secondary often if mid is your primary
I understand that I'm likely to get my off role. But _more often_ than my primary role? and not just slightly more often, but 2-3 times more often recently? What kind of dreadful matchmaking is that.
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: Never One Contest Entry: The Raven and The Rose
Ah really loved this. The interactions between the characters are perfect! The verbal jousting, oneupmanship, and slightly playful nature calls back to their canonical relationship of mutual dislike, but respect. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Good old Leblanc
"Mechanics". She has no mechanics. A monkey could mastery her in an afternoon. I love LeBlanc too but the previous version was just better for the game, and required more than 70IQ to play.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: So I'm just curious here, at one point Riot wanted to make her ult cd long(as long as most other normal ults). Was that scrapped or just undocumented?
It was scrapped. Her new ult has a relatively short cooldown, especially at the later ranks.
: I have 84k mastery on LeBlanc and she is still my 2nd most mastery points of all champs despite I have not played her in season 7 and 8 because I did not like the waveclear mage two buttons to cast one ability and wait 2 seconds stuff, that was a totally different champion. Make a new champion and call her Sister of the Deceiver or whatever and it's fine but I am glad that the old champion is back. So since I have no idea how good that different new sister champion was for the game the only question I have is: What runes do I take on new old LeBlanc?
https://prnt.sc/j6vldw This is the current Rune Page that I use for LeBlanc. However depending on the matchup changing relentless for ingenious may be wise vs a heavy AD team if you're planning on buying Zhonyas. Equally swapping out transcendence for something like gathering storm is a good idea if you're planning on getting 40% CDR from items in that particular game.
Infernape (EUW)
: The fact that LeBlanc felt unsatisfying to play for what I'm assuming was the vast majority of people? She did not play like an assassin. She played like a control/burst mage with a mobility spell. Hell, Riot reclassified her as a burst mage after her rework. She relied entirely on an item (that wasn't even intended for her) to be able to kill. One of pre-rework LeBlanc's greatest weaknesses was that she had to use Mimic to waveclear. She had no waveclear at all pre level 6. Then the rework happened and suddenly she's waveclearing like she's Ryze. LeBlanc became incredibly clunky after Riot decided that Leblanc had to toggle Mimic to be able to use it. She didn't feel like a combo assassin anymore. Rework Mimic made her incredibly safe. If pre-rework Leblanc screwed up her basic combo, she'd actually be up shit's creek unless her Distortion pad was still active. Rework LeBlanc could use her basic combo, screw up, lose her Distortion pad and still have a dash (with RW). It gave her far too many options. Mimic not letting you directly choose which spell to recast makes her much more demanding. Honestly, in my opinion, Shadow of the Rose was a gimmicky ability. No one really fell for it. Its only use was using it to block a skillshot or scouting out for wards. It was pretty easy to tell apart actual Leblanc and her clone, the AI on that thing was incredibly iffy. While it was fun to use, it wasn't really that great. On top of that, Sigil of ~~Malice~~ Delay being her passive meant that literally everything LeBlanc had was shoved into it. The delay meant that an "assassin" couldn't assassinate. You had to wait for effectively two seconds to do any meaningful damage. And in the same amount of time, you probably just got crit straight into a grey screen. There's a clip somewhere of LL Stylish attempting to assassinate an out of position Xayah and literally dying in three or so autos by the time her passive procced. Reworked LeBlanc was ridiculously strong when she was first reworked. She was permabanned everywhere and after many nerfs, Riot eventually Olafed her kit. Her W became a joke of an ability. Her autos did more damage than her W. Which resulted in the Gunblade build. LeBlanc became entirely reliant on Gunblade or double proccing Sheen/Revolver with her clone to even have a hope in hell of killing someone.
I agree that she didn't feel like an assassin due to her delayed damage. But quite frankly that's not a huge problem. Re-defining a champion's role from assassin to burst mage just like they did with Ahri is not a huge problem if the champion itself is a better iteration, which I believe it was. LeBlanc's W Q combo for clearing minions wasn't spammable due to distortion's cooldown, in addition to being dependent on 1-2 items. You couldn't kill caster wave of minions with W passve & Q without your first item at least. Regarding her being clunky due to the toggle of her ultimate; I agree with that as well. However, with enough practise that clunkiness vanished entirely. Once you learn to activate R mid-dash to then Q, W again or E it stops being clunky all-together. As far as I'm concerned a small bit of clunkiness which can be ironed out with a couple of hours of practise far outweighs the reason to revert her to a much more unhealthy state. Being unreliant on her W's damage simply meant it could be used for mechanical purposes such as dodging, repositioning and gapclosing. Current LeBlanc is reliant on W's damage and thus in the vast majority of cases will not use it for these purposes, and will almost be forced to use it exclusively for damage. Options is what makes a champion great - especially a combo champion which is all about options. All-in-all it seems we disagree, but thanks for your candid response. Discussions are important.
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SwaMe23 (EUNE)
"I want to have all my relevant stats in 1 item please"
: Account named [removed] in a club called "execute all muslims".
Just click report if you care that much. Quite frankly I can't see why anyone would give a single f**k. It's a couple of words. It's not like anyone's died. No-one's going to explode 'cause of a few pixels.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Wait, Ahri had 5 jumps before?!
well, except for that bit. xd
Rismosch (EUW)
: What do you think about the Ahri changes?
I've mained Ahri for a long time. This is a revert to how Ahri used to be whilst DFG was in the game. And I mained her before that iteration of her kit too. From what i remember, Ahri was actually fine when this was her kit, the only thing that made her slightly overtuned was the presence of DFG, but since that's gone I don't see a problem. Removing the movement speed from her Q will make her laning phase slightly harder as it's less safe to trade with other mages. But I think that's fine, given how safe her laning phase is already. A buff to damage (only if she lands charm) to me seems to encourage a higher risk, higher reward playstyle with more room for making mistakes - which again is probably a good change. It allows good Ahris to excel if they're ahead, and it stops bad Ahris from being too impactful even from behind. All in all I'm okay with the premise, it'll just be a wait and see and some number tweaking I think. The thing I have a big problem with is LeBlanc: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/P3ig9vVo-problems-with-proposed-leblanc-changes
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: We won everygame and the tournament but on my team stats it shows we lost one game! Can someone please explain this?
I'm receiving this information too https://prnt.sc/hodm1a
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Adsf (EUW)
: Upvote if you love this song and the good old days of league...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0cia14N9no This one always gets me :)
Saviour 1 (EUW)
: Razer Synapse macros Allowed or Not?
They're not allowed mate. They can give an unfair advantage; such as keybinding ward + safeguard on Lee Sin, or Flash + Ult on Zed.
: Mages having mobility doesn't make sense, you should be happy {{summoner:6}} is not restricted to melee only too.
Mages don't take the keystone - unless you're a kiting spam mage like Ryze or Cassiopeia. In which casat it very much DOES make sense.
: meybe that is just an animation delay and not the actual dmg part of it have you tested it in practice tool ?
It's 100% both the damage and animation delay. I've tested it a whole lot both with the practise tool and in games.
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: Dwarf Champion
I don't think Dwarves exist in Runeterra
BuIIseye (EUNE)
: Legends Never Die - Nightcore version
I don't know if you noticed, but right at the start of the video it goes "-ever" randomly. Should probably fix that. Otherwise it's decent m8.
: In high silver, low gold elo...? -.-
That's roughly the ~50% mark, average skill for players.
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: Well whatever they're making next, Riot has confirmed they won't make another artillery mage, which is a shame...
what even is an artillery mage? Are they these: {{champion:99}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:61}} ?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Keep in mind that longer queues is also worse matchmaking, even if you got the role you enjoy playing you're probably not gonna enjoy a game where you got stomped. Also you don'tget autofilled all the time, it's only sometimes, i don't think it's something worth calling as a fix of "AT ANY COST".
Right but matchmaking is also interfered with when you're in a role you don't play. For example i'm a plat midlaner. But if i'm about Bronze 4 at jungle. So if I get autofilled it's the equivalent of having a bronze 4 in a plat game.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Then you'll have to wait up to an hour even in silver. Longer in morning
like 60% of the player base are in silver. Your claim is ridiculous.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's not really 5 minutes, originally when this chiampion select was released it was about 15 mins, even in bronze (for higher ranks it was even worse)and people didnt like that. > Also; if everyone would use the option to never auto-fill, that to me implies taht everyone wants that option to be available. Of course evryone wants to play a role they're good at or wanna play, Riot didnt add this because they thought players would love geting randomly placed in a role they can't play, they had to do that to fix queue times. Lastly long queue means not only long waiting time, but also worse matchmaking, which people also werent really willing to accept.
My argument is that yes, queue times are boring, but so is being forced to play a game that you don't want to play - i.e in a role you don't know or enjoy. Shorter queue times are better, and yes it would be good to fix them, but that doesn't mean fix the queue times AT ANY COST. I'd rather sit in queue, and out of game; than be forced into a game in a role that I don't enjoy - it defeats the purpose of a GAME - something you're supposed to enjoy.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Cause it's the best possible outcome. Up until the role select came out, the draftpick basically was based on rng and internet speed
Except the system could be identical to how it is now, without autofill. Has nothing to do with internet speed like old draft pick.
: It's simple actually. Nobody wants to wait 5 minutes per queuing. It's not even guaranteed that the first champion select will even be successfully so that you'll have to wait another 5 mins. And no, if you give an option to never auto fill, everyone will just use that and that extends the queue time of EVERYONE. (even those not choosing to use the option)
I feel that it's a bit of a reach to suggest that nobody wants to wait 5 minutes per queue. I'd rather way 30 minutes in queue than wait 1 minute in queue, and then be made to play a 30 minute game in a role I don't like - it defeats the purpose of playing at all. Additionally, if someone declines the queue, the other 9 people who didn't decline are still in the same spot in that queue, you're only searching for one additional player, so the queue time would be much shorter if the first 9 players have already been found. Also; if everyone would use the option to never auto-fill, that to me implies taht everyone wants that option to be available.
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Rhino7123 (EUW)
: Mb4 and Mb5 mouse buttons don't work
I've been having the same problem since the new client's release. Pretty annoying since they were my item keybinds.
: Level up
Play often and play with friends. Maybe purchase an Exp. boost?
ZippeP4L (EUW)
: Can we get a counterplay to Lux's ult?
Zhonyas, Magic resist. Clicking to anywhere that isn't inside the ult laser. Finally; during her ult cast time, she is immobile. Cast some cc on her. It won't interrupt her ult, but it'll probably get her killed afterwards.
: you might be right but his weakness is still cc which makes him vulnerable since it disables his passive and if activated his Q. Personally i think he needs A BIG rework cause there are to many counters for him, he doesnt feel rewarding to master and play, often he is boring, no escape tools ( you cannot expect his ult to be one like HELLO he can escape after 80 sec, Great -.- ). Im not saying ALL of this should be reworked just some things so he still has his weaknesses but he really needs something ( a touch you can say )
Everyone's weakness is cc. Aurelion Sol has a decent enough range that 95% of the in-game cc that has enough range to reach him will be a skillshot. Meaning that you can dodge it. If you get hit then so be it - you probably deserve to die. He doesn't have too many counters at all. A good Aurelion Sol is perfectly capable of keeping unfriendly targets at bay with {{item:3116}} and {{item:3009}} . And should that fail, he always has his ult to fall back on. If he could escape every scenario, then he wouldn't have weaknesses.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zavion,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=fyU96WX4,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-05-05T16:15:02.701+0000) > > You could get banned for inting or afk'ing though. just not flaming. you can only get banned by your actions if you remain silent?
No of course not. You can get banned for your actions regardless of what you say. And you can get banned for your words regardless of what you do. That is - if your actions or words respectively warrant a ban. I'm just saying that you're not immune to bans just because you're silent. There are other ban-worthy offenses.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Mute
You could get banned for inting or afk'ing though. just not flaming.
: I already tried as administrator, it didn't work :(
Then do check to see if your drivers need updating.
: Help, please!
Try to use the built-in repair tool if you can get the client up. You should see if your drivers need updating. Also try to run LoL as an administrator. (Right click > Run as Admin)
: You are not matched with teammates similar to your own skill level.
Your teammates and opponents are determined by your hidden MMR. That is a fact. Hidden MMR only exists for this purpose, and is meaningless if you're not matched with other players with similar MMR.
aluucard (EUNE)
: Now , sunfire is useless
If you are a tank, and invest your gold into health and resistances, then by definition you should not be able to out-trade a damage champion. You should be difficult to kill, and nothing more. If you can build tanky and still deal a bunch of damage, then you end up with a problem.
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