Dio Bento (EUW)
: I can't even access the augments page in collection tab. I just get the spinning ball for all eternity.
Its still not working... Rito u did same with clash... break our hreats
: They claim that they ban them in waves so it's takes longer for botters to develop and test methods to avaid detection. Which of course completely ignores that they are ruining tons of games while the botters are happily selling accounts until the next wave hits
yep... rito too smart for us...
: They are also now in Aram. Just had a "player" who (after his tons of Coop vs AI fed games) also had 8 arams with more than a 100 deaths and more than 1 death per minute. Still not enough to trigger the system
Its super frustrating... and rito not doing 2 shits about it....
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: http://lol.garena.com/
i have bad experience with garena..
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Penns (EUW)
: Why Soloq is luck based.
3 of my accounts are stuck in gold :) since season 2 :) when the elo system existed. To go higher i need better ping. 300 constant ping all the games ever played. playing from south asia. I wish there was a south asian server :( , staying in west cause its most populated. i could go to turkey server to reduce it to half but meh i rather stay. I hope a time comes when there is a south asian server or there is a universal server with no lag :3
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Riryz (EUW)
: no, buy it yourself.
if i could :# i wouldnt have asked #GENIOUS
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: Broken Game
was going to ask ur level but then i realize u are already 30
awl30 (EUW)
: Looking for a fun-to-play Midlaner
{{champion:143}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:60}} also {{champion:8}} sucks no cc and V boring
: New champion idea: Vision Ward, The Source of Vision.
Another vision rant? lol been a week and i have seen more then 3
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: riot....u gave me a mini heartattack
Róót (EUW)
: you didn't mention {{item:3508}} ? racist
{{item:3124}} : I exist to for life steal and spell vamp. racist
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: * Enemy keeps taking objectives and making picks * My team: 4 yellow level 1 trinkets * mfw {{champion:236}}
you must be Below plat then :# legend has it that less than 0.05% of riot is in diamond i downvoted my owncomment izi
: For one it's "maths".
maybe in your country. "Neither abbreviation is correct or incorrect. You may hear arguments for one being superior to the other, and there are logical cases for both sides. One could argue maths is better because mathematics ends in s, and one could argue math is better because mathematics is just a mass noun that happens to end in s." Google {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}
: For one it's "maths".
maybe in your country.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: >Rift Walk (R) [new effect] now has a .2 AP ratio on the jump and a .1 AP ratio on each subsequent Riftwalk. [Here](http://www.surrenderat20.net/search?updated-max=2015-08-08T07:52:00-07:00&max-results=10).
this is alredy in game... and i played him. he sucks ;d
Xêm (EUW)
: 450-900=-450 Do your math
math is hard. got tired of calculus. forgot how to math
: People complaining about reworks
{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} such tears much water , wow river.
Azters (EUNE)
: The perfect breed for a SoloQ player
u forgot to heat it up {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} with flames {{item:1329}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} {{item:3086}} 0/30/0
ZeaI (EUW)
: {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}{{champion:38}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}{{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}
hes buring up from all the nerf shots
: Please nerf Kassadin
{{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}{{champion:38}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}{{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}
gaby1best (EUNE)
: He's getting buffed on PBE, so stop your bitching.
No more lies {{champion:131}} Link image or pbe patch note or it never happend
: give him 0.1 less cooldown on his ulti. Though of course to compensate with this extreme buff, reduce it's range by 900.
so 450 - 900 = -400 Distance. he will travel -400 distance GJ u broke physics. traveling backwards.
ZeaI (EUW)
: you really think rito is reading this? even so do u think they will revert it to 10 xD dreams are a nice thing indeed.
Change is good {{champion:121}}
: Graves can't have a cigar...
who cares... i didnt even notice he had one. to busy climbing ranks rather than QQ-ing over a cigar.
eXtreemo (EUW)
: You just ruined whole Teemo's point
you really think rito is reading this? even so do u think they will revert it to 10 xD dreams are a nice thing indeed.
eXtreemo (EUW)
: You just ruined whole Teemo's point
wow this thread is so big xd . Rito Sticky thiss maybe?????
Declined (EUNE)
: A Guide to Understanding the Dynamics of Bot Lane.
number of comments was 69 so i had to do some thing about it and change it to 70. hence i post some thing. post: "somthing" tadaaaa~
TCU Dushi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dóodlè Bunny,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hIEyX3Z9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-08T01:47:00.719+0000) > > How much you value the luck factor. Luck is non existing in Leauge if you play enough games. There isn't a set number for it but take the example of rolling a dice. If you roll the dice 100.000 times you probably end up with every number rolled "about" the same amount of times. For those who can't/won't play a huge amount of ranked games there is certainly luck involved. I do however believe that you can somewhat determine your own luck. After a 4 month break i came back with a completely different mindset. I don't call a role, i don't spam a champion and i try my best to be a "teamplayer" So far my "luck" seems to be doing well.
Choda (EUNE)
: Depends on what your win rate was,even if it was 50/50 it should stay the same I think that's how it is. To get it lower you need to loose more than you win
going through hell lately.....
: Ultra Rapid Fridays
THIS WOULD SOLVE WOULD HUNGER ISSUSE , RITO ITS YOUR CALL. sorry for the caps got excited...
TCU Dushi (EUW)
: Diamond IV player -AMA-
Suggestion on how viable is brand support. who is the hardest lane match up against him as a support. What happened to kassadin? i remmber last time i played he had 95% ban rate.
Choda (EUNE)
: You won a lot of games with your friend so your MMR improved and the system sees you as one who is good enough to play against such oponnents.
but now i have played like 100 soloque games in normals... shouldnt it go back to what it is suppose to be.
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: Being Gold for 3 seasons makes me a bad player?
i am gold since season 2..... i can get to plat izi if i get a duo adc since i main support. hard to win game with out a good adc when u main support
: Why do people think they're Gods if they get a Penta?
Cause chances of penta are lesss then 0.5% every game :3 . so yeah its fun to get excited for penta
: Too much scripting lately
i have fought vs scriptor cassio xD nightmare. and guess what he didnt get ban yet for 1 year :3. i have added him after changing name with IP ( which i had to any ways got bored) he still plays ranked and probably uses scripts. Much sad.
Mystech (EUW)
: Tired of ranked but I want to climb Ranks
spam alot of bot games(15). try out trolly things vs bot que . enjoy have fun , relax. then go back to yoloque or play some ARAM or dominion untill better.
: Both. Brand support is a troll pick, but it can work, so it's not bad, per se. But, if you're building damage instead of support, you're essentially trolling. Now, if this is working, like in your case, and you're the carry in the team by doing this, then it's ok. It's kind of a complicated thing. The go-to logic is, if it works, it's not trolling.
i play alot of brand support and i can assure u that its no troll pick :P its just like having zyra
Slyminxy (EUNE)
: I ussually play Annie on bottom and people always flame me. Especially since I heavily abuse Annie's long range auto-attack, build max CDR and Frozen Mallet. Well, ADC's ussually keep yelling how awesome it is.
her long range got nerfed? but still she is good.
: uff reading the forums have made me have second thoughts about installing again.
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