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: Those so called Pro's, are destroying the game i love so much. Abuse of everything they can and we as the normal players are paying the price for it. Not only for items, but balancing. For example Azir and Aurelion Sol. Solo Q almost never be seen and if you saw a player picked them up, he either wanted to learn or was quite handy on them. Never someone who was in the middle of it. Pro's came along abuse the champs and they got nerfed into the dust. Same for so many other champs. Items were changed, Runes buffed or nerfed because of them.... exept for Dark Harvest. And that is sad. I didn't lost any friend because of that yet - but it takes the fun slowly out of League. If you experiment and fails once, you get flamed. Even if you do decent you get flamed. If you stomp the lane its just pure luck or a noob champ. We need more options and i really like your idea. Maybe riot could make some champions in the future which fits your idea. That would be a small start.
Are we like kindred or something. I unfortunately did lose some friends,they just stopped playing lol because its not fun for them you could say that they just didnt want to play anymore,but they all left at the same exact time,around season 6-8(I myself had a pause for some problem so I dont know when exactly),still not alone,but lol used to be the go to game for the whole group,now its kinda depressing for some reason.
: Riot got at this point already a hard time to balance everything for everyone. Since your idea would make league quite more fun it wouldn't help Riot at all. They would need to take a look far more deeper than now, and for the Pro Scene, well lets say they would make a broken mess out of the game, if your idea got through. We already lost commando banner do to the abuse of Pro's... so sry, but no that won't happen. Still i like that idea.
I know it too,but asking doesnt cost me anything .{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} This pro first player second mentality has already made some of my friend leave the game tho :(
: automatic punishing system is supposed to be a good thing??
But do they know whos tarted it? And flaming someone else its not defending yourself,its flaming the other person because you cant take the flaming anymore and snapped at them.
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Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: I deleted that comment because I thought again and I said I won't play again. Well, the girl may be curious what I said, so that's it > What people see in this post : > >- Friendly >- Funny >- Childish >- GIRL > What I see in this post : > >- A crazy Lux main >- Lux one trick >- With half a million points on Lux >- Can protect me from Evil People (Vayne) > Nice, I uninstalled League today, but I'll install it tomorrow so you can protect me from Vayne :D > Add me : QuM1tSuk3 YT :P Jungle main. I'm not magical, but a Shadow. We can duo sometimes but not permanently cuz I have friends to play with sometimes :P > > I'm dumb when I'm fed btw He's asking you to play,its actually fun if you view it as a stress reliever.
Magica (EUW)
: Your Crazy Lux Main is looking for a duo who can provide amazing amounts of glitter! I'm also searching for someone to play whit in duo or normal: So,I'm main . . / . . / . / . . . / . . / ./ FILL I just go wherever I want to go that day. elo around gold 3 or silver I forgot. I also do video so if you are funny that'll help ALOT in my routine(if the videos are funny whitout editing makes my job alot easier) and since I just recently started a full time job that'll help. nick*(fury)* : Zedant
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: ***
Gonna tell you my story whit this post since you told your. Well I did just missclicked and came to the forum,Is that a post that is se.. *already clicked in* I just posted that I was searching someone to play and now I see this for completely random reason: Lux One trick half a million point Can protect from evil people This guy is NUTS , i like him oh wait lux main usually are yeah its a girl Maybe I should go away Na I'll try to add Wait is that a long comment here? edit: Now re-reading I found out a thing(I forgot what was writen there after writing this comment so I had to): "Hey! I'm Magica. Or Magi. A crazy Lux main who believes friendship and sparkles are the way forward in the world!' I completely skipped this part for some reason so there's that. ALSO: its BORUTO doing ok these days?
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: CC is essential and there are already a lot of ways to avoid or survive getting CC'd with champions abilities or items or just dodging if it isn't a point and click CC Etc nerfing CC duration won't benefit the game and CC isn't only useful vs bruisers.
CC are the problem since most CC provider are mage,that just kill you before their cc are down playing anything whit less range is almost impossible.
: The strongest cc right now is death because everything has so much dmg that they pretty much oneshot eachother so what cc are you talking about
Thats actually the problem since most CC provider are mage,that just kill you before their cc are down playing anything whit less range is almost impossible.
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: Login issues, Letter to Riot.
The problem isnt that the server have crashed,it happens and we can understand. But when normally the lobby is already bugged thats when the breaking point is broken.
Milee17 (EUW)
: The thing is (as far as i know) they only have these problems on EUW server ... For some reason, the only server with this amount of problems is us, even tho China has 10x more players than us, they dont experience this type of bs ... Imagine what would happened if there was only one server for EU instead of EUW and EUNE ... we would have problems daily instead, we have them only when they add something new to the game
China has a small server for city(since they have a large population this is plausible). Thats why they dont have problems. Meanwhile EUW has 1 (main)server in amsterdam
: That's unfortunate. I've been logged in all day so i didn't have this problem.
I mean now after you finally logged you cant even play. And if you just so happened to log out:
: So the server was unstable for about an hour today. And it was laggy for a few days in the evening. Why would they compensate for that?
I just spent 3 hour today trying to log in and now doesnt work anymore..
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: Basically you are right but dont be so toxic and mean. Rito cant work with that. Rather tell them exactly what´s so op. For example that there is no cd on this passive. Its to hard to gain more stacks right after you got stunned.
The range is broken his auto attack range faced him whit nasus and he had just a little bit less than my auto range in ulty.
: Isn't it that it switches card every 1.0 second so if you press is at 1.9 seconds you get your card, and when you activate it the next time it'll start at the 1.9 seconds point. Which gives you .1 or less to reactivate it. Fairly sure that this is how it has worked for at least the last 4 seasons, but then again, spaghetti code.
I remember reading the patch notes for his w (I remember because I told my friend about it) and it was the it just always choosed the card before your last card so you can always w + w and pick your last card.
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: ping is 25 and still tons of lags!!!
You have lag whit your pc,maybe
Infernape (EUW)
: ADC mains said no. It was refreshing supporting something other than marksmen.
Thatdss what I meant,bot lane was fun.
Antenora (EUW)
: "Strategy" Let's pick Heimerdinger Fiddlesticks every single game and be so oppressive that the games won in champ select. Yeah.... No.   How about we make Mages non existant or even Assassin's?   Marksmen had their time of being non existant, Mages/Assassin's turn!
Non existant for 2 week ~ 2 mounth(being generous whit the time). While other roles have been non existant for WAY longer,but its always the adc.
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: you might have fun but nobody else did.
"nobody else did" Its a pretty bold statement also not true
: cool. you're outvoted.
Yeah I dont really care tho
Viavarian (EUW)
: There's no reason why proxy Singed should be allowed to be a thing. It's basically griefing your own team AND the enemy team at the same time. No one has fun with this.
Nope it had a normal win rate and was pretty fun to play
Cypherous (EUW)
: No, we don't want it back, go away
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: > [{quoted}](name=Zedant,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AX69rIov,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-01T20:54:59.277+0000) > > But they are jsut a small indie company LoL, a small indie company that makes millions. I Heard something during MSI stream. Numbers might be somewhat off. Prizepool at that point was nearing 1Million dollars. 100k or something was prefunded (by the company MSI as part of the sponsorship deal I pressume) and the rest was from 10% of sales of certain skins in the game to fans. so that would make (1M - 100k)*.9/.1 = 8.1M profit for Rito. Not bad for a small indie company and one event. Perhaps they can afford 1 programmer to implement such a simple solution? PS: I do realize you're being sarcastic. I would do the same if that was the long time experience with all ideas like this getting squashed.
p1a2r3i4s (EUNE)
: Unable to purchase <item name> because: <reason>
Riot is just a small indie company
: I completely agree that (at low-lvl, since I'm a newbie) it becomes a case of trolling where one person who is having a negative experience/attitude starts to /ff every time they get a chance even though the "team" has already decided (for example 4v1) that surrender is not an option (yet). A possible solution, would be to have a permanent checkbox available in the hud that is originally checked and states something like "never surrender". When someone starts a vote, all the system needs to do is look at the state of every one's checkbox to get the result of the vote. When you want to surrender the checkbox can be un-checked and/or /ff can be used (which would also un-check the checkbox). I think this solution is more elegant because it would do away completely with the vote pop-up which is annoying when trying to focus on playing well/changing the tides. Perhaps when you change the state of your checkbox a pop-up with the current result pops up on YOUR client only. This could be a welcome addition to see what other's opinion are at the moment you change yours and as a warning for changing the state of the checkbox in case of a miss-click. If wanted, riot could even show the current state of the surrender vote next to the checkbox at all times, so one can with one glance see the vote's result at all times. All of this put together would basically remove the need for the surrender-related commands, because it would create a permanent live vote. And it would add the additional "benefit" that you can at all times check your teammates' state of mind.
There was another tread talking about the same idea,but prob wont be listened by rito because RITO,they never listen. But they are jsut a small indie company
: So you want the option to forfeit the match to be hidden, so you can nolonger be annoyed by teammates who are trying to surrender because the game is over? Come on man. You are just as annoying. You are hiding a key feature of the game. You are wasting your teammates time by not voting yes or no. You are much mone annoying to deal with than someone who trys to surrender every 3 minutes.
Nope he's not. You start a game to play the game,if you dont want to play the game just because "ITS LOST ALREADY(most of the time not)" you should just stop playing league of legend if playing a game is a waste of time just because you arent gonna win. Also by surrending you are wasting your team mates time and making the day worse for them if they dont want to(ever tought of that?),the one that spam surrend is ALWAYS the first one to die in a fight,that can be SOO annoying(yes I lost a dozen of fight for that,you sense the salt?)when you are trying to play the game,possibly even about to turn the game around and your teammate just annoys you whit the "ultimate annoyer" And YES It can be abused by inter and feeder when no one else wants to surrender,never thought of that? If you arent conviced tho,my next reply is gonna be advantage vs disadvantage of the surrend botton,not gonna respond to any insult and such,just objective facts.
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: me!
Its me whit another account add this account instead I've got to tran my english talking skill so this is perfect.
: I don't see the problem, it's rock paper scissors scenario. As a mage, you have a tremendous advantage early game as you can land all your poke being safe behind your allies. If you are tank, you are going to suck early game until your team picks up some damage that can go along well with your CC. If you are assassin, you can take out one or more targets but you need damage to do so and you can be zoned by poke. ADCs are the middle of the pack as they are ranged and can land poke but often need time to scale in order to deal with tanks or mages who outrange them. Of course, there are champions that do not go perfectly along this rule but you get the drift. If you happen to draft 5 AP champions into two tanks, you have to force the game out before 15 mins or else tanks catch up and they start tearing you apart because they can now take damage and deal some as well. If you draft 5 melee and have no poke, your life is going to be hell for the first 15 minutes, by which point the games are already over or decided. One more thing, you cannot compare Void Staff to Last Whisper because Void Staff is straight out better and you will need to get Lord Dominik's to match the penetration (plus the fact that not all AD characters do get Lord Dominik's, whereas every AP mage can get Void Staff).
YOu DONT SEE THE PROBLEM? I expletely said only sertain ap have this problem :" But then scaling ap mage and ap assasin " Am I wording it too badly or what.
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: > UPDATE: Now right before you start a game you have a warning that last 0.1 sec. before the game start in the lobby that tells you the game is starting Well, it lasted like 15sec to me?{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I think you may be lagging then
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: You should stop perma banning people.
Its not like its china or korea where you can have only 1 account,you can hhave as many as you want.
ryandub (EUW)
: I always lose after a promo due to a feeding top or mid laner. Tbh, I don't remember a game where I lost bot lane :) I think the conclusion to draw here is that we are matched with players with lower MMR in the other lanes and its our job to show off our carry skills no matter what lane your playing. To be honest when I noticed this myself, I changed my play style... I roam more as ADC, gank other lanes, and set up vision for them as well. I also give them the kill when I gank to help them. I'd recommend doing this yourself for other lanes. No harm in doing a little roam before you "b" after pushing a wave. Hope this helps - it really changed things for me.
I some time tries to do that,but playing late game champ most of the time,its pretty hard. It would require a complete hange of play style and champ pool. I'm talking about the gap in bot laner themself,not from me. I tought the new sistem of choosing people form the mmr of thheir role would make it better.
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PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: i'am talking about lane cs difference am not rly interested in jungle for a long time now. Jungle is heavy crab-gank-wraiths or w/e they call it now focused. Your better of going wraiths crab crab wraiths on junglers than picking up the buffs atm. At least none uses that strat ... Fixing lane cs gold/xp difference would mean separation between early mid and late game champions finally after like 3-6 years (not sure).
I was talking about the farming jungle vs gank jungle. Yeah crab too,trying to farm kill mid is also impossible if the enmy jungle is better,need to go help or he'll just die.
PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: Simple gameplay fix to return the balance and fix jungle as well.
I can understand cs diference. I just got the whole enemy red side by avoiding vision at lv 1,got all my camps afterward,thhe enemy get 1 gang successfull and now she's magically at my same level.
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: i'll state what riot stated on numerous other posts they can't give you LP directly as the lp you gain is calculated by a computer from the date it gets for that specific match so giving u an accurate LP amount is imposible the reason for you not getting LP is because you were afk for 6 minutes which is considerate as your loss no matter what happens saying that you play for no reason after you try to come back is also not the case at least from my point of view yes you still lost but i bet you my ass that if you didn't come back you'd be also reported for being afk where as this was less likely if you came back and tried your hardest
Like report do anything anyway.
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