Snipectre (EUNE)
: I can't still believe it. If you guys check my ranked games you know that I am something about Gold V. 7 wins and 3 losses is pretty good? And riot returns it back with Bronze II. I have played so freaking hard for those ranked games, I dont think that RIOT should judge the last year season. Everyone gets better and it's still unfair.
>I can't still believe it. If you guys check my ranked games you know that I am something about Gold V. what??? almost everyone you played with and against was mid bronze. what the hell makes you claim that youre G5 material? you managed to lose 3 games, and only have mediocre stats against BRONZE players. that doesnt look like gold to me. even in the good lucian games with really good KDAs it looks like youre playing specifically to get a good KDA, not carry. you had mediocre dmg (often dealing less than your tanks despite beeing fed), only mediocre farm...
Asahara (EUW)
: But he does nothing after combo...
umm, so? he already has a really good teamfight and will get to ~7CD on combo in the late game. he just does not need to be buffed, especially not in a category he is already really good in.
Snipectre (EUNE)
: 7 wins and 3 lost deserves Bronze 2?
you primarily played with and against mid bronze players, because that was your MMR after the soft reset. going 7/3 against mid bronze and getting B2 seems about right
Asahara (EUW)
: Alistar ultimate
buffing one of the top tier supports right now... meh :/
: People need to ACCEPT there are some match ups that they CAN'T WIN without help...
why. are. you. complaining. after. every. single. game. you. play???
twigs xr (EUW)
: Specialisations
Buff which summoner spells? o.O i doubt this is a good idea, this would just shoehorn supports into all building the same items, even more so than right now, whilst simultaneosly making those items pretty OP...
Tufio (EUW)
: The truth about the ranked debacle
how do premades translate to more income for riot? what? existing players grouping up in premades doesnt draw more players into the game...
: Im banned but i deserved it
Toxic piece of shit {{summoner:11}} /s seriously though, if someone recognizes his toxicity as wrong, and proceeds to change it, i do not mind him or her making an alternate account and playing again if they want to. on the contrary, someone that comes here and makes a post about how other people made him flame them, or how unfair the ban is because he was only slightly toxic (after having been chatbanned and 14 day banned before), probably will never be able to play this game without beeing toxic.
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Again - there is a difference between not carring and being hold on a leash. Huge difference. It has nothing to do with it being their job. They are all really skilled (those top 10 teams in region), and can, i believe with no issue go a bit crazier and win it with no issues. Going against money ? Then explain it how lower level team managed to hold on so good ? Like Dig did. At the end, if you prefer, cold rational thinking, those companies that sponsor them and provide them paycheck - get their resources from US buying their products, also, same goes for streams. So in the full circle, we are providing them money, so in some extend, they should be obliged to show off why they are supported.
>Then explain it how lower level team managed to hold on so good ? Like Dig did. i dont get what youre saying. can you maybe rephrase that a bit? >So in the full circle, we are providing them money, so in some extend, they should be obliged to show off why they are supported. do you mean theyre supposed to play less serious because they get sponsored by companies? that doesnt make sense at all. im not even blaming them, because they just misread the meta, and thats a mistake that can happen. but you make it out to be like not taking your profession seriously is okay, because it might amuse you or the viewers o.O
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Stop bashing on IMT
>In my book, having a carefree atittude at that tier, and randomly taking stuff for their own pleasure (even if it fails) - takes them mentally higher. >There is a difference between being proffesional and having a stick up your ass. If you honestly believe, that picking a straightforward tank over and over - makes someone good - you are dumb of the charts. and if you honestly believe that in a professional environment someone should do stuff "for their own pleasure", and actively deciding against making money, makes someone "mentally higher", youre pretty naive and have no clue about how the world works. its not a game for them, its their job.
: Well riot got the rights of the game. Riot got different theory of how the ladder should be.Agree or not that must be done! Anyways ..since the time riot wants to make everyone going with 5 Premade at rank games (so we will have better communications /strategies) then why dont they do it now? Just add voice chat in game. Solo players that cant use it because of the flame will quit the game. Rest will go and jump at rank games as Premade with these that act like humans and not kids. So finally we will have like 20% less players but 80% more 5 vs5 games! Who cares about the flame ..anyways we will always play with friends thats what riot wants. I dont hate dynamic but i find it lame the fact riot cant make what dota done . A solo . a 5vs5 and maybe a 3,2 vvs 3,2 .
sure, riot can do what they want. but if they end up going against what the majority wants, their game will dwindle pretty quickly. im not saying im right with my views on the game, i just wanted to discuss this since i thought it might be interesting
Rioter Comments
: thats all im trying to say thank you. instead ive been hurled abuse for speaking an opinion. im not even a riven main, but as champions go she i deadly in the hands of a potatoe with the kit she already has. got these scrubs looking at my stats and kda like i actually care about my own performance. the leauge community is full of little boys who dream of the lcs as if tthere actually here. best of luck in there futures...
you literally said she was one of the most broken champs in lol. how is >The only thing needed is reverting that Ultimate Cooldown Nerf and maybe buffing Windslash Speed the same as your "mimimi shes still so broken" bitching?
: of course on some level i do care about the balance of champions etc etc. but, there can be someone who plays urgot to a great potential and carry most of there games. same with all the other ''as you quote'' under balanced champions. a champ is only as good as the person playing it. rivens kit does not need touching/buffing/changing in any way shape or form and you really need to get a life lad. idc about elo like i said i play for fun. i dont care if your diamond or plat...what you going to do with that in life?? why dont you stick it on your cv and see how far that gets you
so youre basically saying that a champion is broken because there are really devoted persons that can make them work? that makes no sense at all. you are the one to make stupid balance statements to later admit himself that he doesnt really know what hes talking about, yet im the one that needs to get a life? youre typing just as much as i am.... are you delusional? and yeah, "i dont care about elo" is a great excuse for beeing plain bad at the game. and if you dont care about beeing good because you "play for fun", (which doesnt remotely exclude each other, but is a nice excuse again), why are you calling 1v1s???
: Rankism (Elitism) in LoL
usually people who bring up elo in game are just mad for no reason, same like with any other flamer. i guess the reason for flaming bronze and silver players is because those are the ones that are... not good? i guess? the weird part is that such statements usually only come from people just marginally better. ive never seen a diamond player call others out for beeing bronze or silver (cept for one that later admitted that he was boosted).
: ok firstly i play for fun. idc for what champs are in meta or not or what skill value people have with there champs. all im saying is riven is a broken champ. you know when you have nothing better to do with your sad little life to try and mke feel feel bad about scores or kda in the game. get a life son. also, i'd beat you in a 1 v 1 anyday but i wouldnt waste my time on you anymore. have a good day sir :D
if you do not care for the meta or skill ceilings of champions, why the fuck would you make a statement regarding balance? and yeah, 1v1 sure is "skillful" in a game that has nothing to do with 1v1s, and claiming to win a 1v1 as a fucking silver four player is ridiculous :DDD
: This is bullsht. Everytime i queue with my friend as duo, enemy has 3 or 4 man party premades. Once we even encountered 5 man premades. We are the only duo yet we are matched against trio(adc supp jung) or (supp top mid) and they are making coord tp ganks and stuff. Like seriously. Unplayable
: I only downvoted for that stupid comment (beg) at the end "put on sale championship riven skin maybe? :))))))))" Riven is perfectly balanced apart from that. She's just fallen out of favour due to the meta.
oh lol, i legit didnt even read that. i mean this thread is stupid anyway, i genuinely dislike how many complaint posts there are here on boards. i just saw riven and knew it would be downvoted no matter if it included good points or not, simply because there are a lot of riven haters.
: > [{quoted}](name=MeAndFour Idiots,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VdZf58kk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-14T14:03:19.942+0000) > > riven is considered still one of the most broken champs on the game. you have more of a chance of getting 5 numbers on the lottery before they touch rivens kit. For that no1 plays her in dia-chall elo, and faker lost the last 5 or 6 games whit her. not cool...
i love how this thread gets mass downvoted by low elo kids who have 0 understanding of balance, LOL. "hurrdurr im bronze and riven is broken", "i dont care about stats, my own experience tells me otherwise". yeah great.
: you serious. you must be delusional. riven has the biggest chapion fan rate on the game. there are more players with riven or associations with her in her name than any other champ. you my good sir are just looking for an argument. have your opinion but i seem to be carrying with her most games as if nothing as changed like a lot of other people are too. if you are unable to adapt your build to the new changing meta of items then thats not my problem.
i dont even play riven, and tbh i dont care what works in your low ass elo, but if you would think for one moment, and not take your own, very little, sample size of games into consideration but instead look at stats, you'd see that youre objectively wrong. here ya go: please tell me how a champion is "broken" that performs so poorly on average, just because you in SILVER FOUR have a 60 winrate with it in 20 games.
Mendul (EUW)
: Well, like i said, take a look at other MOBA's! If you got a DC from minute 1 on it's absolutely acceptable to forgive a lose! And of course the enemy team wouldn't earn any LP, why should they? Not saying that every game that has a leaver must be a prevented loss! Some guys are lucky and some are unlucky, doesn't mean AFK's always help everyone to climb.
DCs from minute 1, people that never connect in the first place, are rather rare, and its not worth making a new system for something that happens so rarely. for every other type of AFK, what i said above applies. this is not about luck or unlucky, youre not a special snowflake that is kept from reaching his true elo by having bad luck. once you play a reasonable amount of games, it will balance out and benefit you. and before you dont play a reasonable amount of games, you cant make a statement about "performing well" either, since that is just as likely to be a statistical anomaly, as having more afks in your own team, than on the enemy team :)
Mendul (EUW)
: Losing ranked games because of AFK
>It makes absolutely 0 sense, that players who perform well and do everything they can, lose points just because of the fact that game was a 4v5. actually, it would make absolutely 0 sense to give you a loss forgiven, since first off all, theres a big chance you wouldve lost regardless. secondly, enemies, in that case, shouldnt get LP either, because it was decided that it was not a real win right? again, big chance of them winning regardless of someone beeing afk. this would also be highly abuseable since one guy could just go afk to save his premades LP. and last but not least: statistically, AFKs help you climb. if you were to lose all LP you ever gained through an AFK on the enemy team, and get all the LP you didnt get from games where a teammate of yours went afk, you'd most likely be left with less than now.
: Well of Yi I know that it's trolling. This persons rage tho if it's just trolling I'd say he's pretty bad at it.
yeah trolling/salt. weird salt considering he's only lvl 23, and hasnt even faced ranked yet :D
: riven is considered still one of the most broken champs on the game. you have more of a chance of getting 5 numbers on the lottery before they touch rivens kit.
>riven is considered still one of the most broken champs on the game. what? by whom? salty bronze kids that have no clue about balance, noone else. everyone with decent understanding of the game knows that riven is not only rather weak right now, but also heavily skill reliant. she wasnt "broken", she was just too good in the hands of people player her near perfectly. and right now, even they barely get her up to 50% winrate
: [This one for example](
okay, you got a point there :D yet its sadly overwhelmingly full of trolling :7
: Nah both of them have a few good posts.
i'd really like to see one :D
: > [{quoted}](name=StarfleetPony001,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Abj5upkX,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-14T13:21:25.708+0000) > > Seriously, these people are communicating outside the game, they have an advantage... they are cheating so get rid of them Riot. I am sick and tired of groups of friends getting an easy win because they are on ts or some other voice client and can call for help. Non- bronze/silver players will down vote you because they don't know the struggle. Dynamic queue is downright detrimental to the health and longevity of low Elo ranked play ( bear in mind this is 70%+ of the total ranked player base)
sure, dynamic queue isnt exactly the greatest. but this post is not about dynamic queue, and what he is saying is pure bullshit.
: Communication outside of the in game chat is not seen as cheating. Why are you so angry all the time?
he, bombardox and newmasteryinoob are three people just constantly trolling on the boards. not once have i seen any of them submit anything remotely relevant to a discussion, and their posts are either pure salt, or pure troll... :(
: >in 3+ years of playing, i have not once seen someone go "hey lets play XY troll-y stuff it might be great. what ive seen is, and exclusively is, "(im mad) going ap ashe support, fuck you guys" Implying bringing up a clear troll does anything to strengthen your argument. > assuming you have a brain, that is. Someone thinking something might work despite it in the end not working doesn't mean they don't have a brain just that they were wrong. Are you just unintentionally rude or are you trying? > if someone truly believes something can work, why not just ask if the others are fine with not taking the game as seriously because you want to try something out? Implying people who try something out don't want their teammates to play seriously or themselves don't play seriously. > i dont know which one of the two is you, obviously Already said i say what i'll do but everyone overlooks things at times ;P > to be fair, from the looks of your match history, it doesnt look like you "carry" with diana at all I usually win unless i have a bad game, one of my most recent good games is probably the one i went 12/3/3 in, but the thing you can't see form match history is that i usually take 90% of all towers and objectives and have full build way before anyone else. At those times the only frustrating things is when i shut down 4 enemies that try to kill me and then a fifth enemy manages to kill me and my entire team is unable to hold off the enemy until i respawn. > taking farm I don't take farm. Also my last diana match (which you probably looked at) was ARAM. Where due to dominion not existing anymore i was put with 1 actual player and 3 bots. Honestly tho seeing Jhin bots try to ult (in the polar opposite direction of the enemy) is just hilarious.
>Someone thinking something might work despite it in the end not working doesn't mean they don't have a brain just that they were wrong. if you dont know that a champion will more likely not work in a role it is not designed for and commonly run in, youre stupid. im not saying it cant work, or you should be sure that it cant work, im just saying that if you are seriously oblivious to why it !probably! wont work, you have a very poor understanding of the game. >Implying people who try something out don't want their teammates to play seriously or themselves don't play seriously. i will not take a game seriously and tryhard, to then have it lost by someone deciding to do some stupid shit. play it, fine with me, i wont flame you, i wont afk and i wont troll, but i will not take that game as seriously as others. and if you need/want me to try my best winning, whilst you are actively reducing our chances at doing so, fuck you. >I usually win unless i have a bad game, one of my most recent good games is probably the one i went 12/3/3 in, but the thing you can't see form match history is that i usually take 90% of all towers and objectives and have full build way before anyone else. i did not look at the aram at all, since I saw it was aram. the games that i can see are a 4/12/4 loss in which you started buying a BT, a 13/22/16 game you played support and had more cs than your lane partner, and 5 cs/min, which is NOT what supports have if they dont farm in lane, and a 11/13/2 game, both of which you won for whatever reason. having the most gold and beeing full build early doesnt mean shit if you then continue dying 10+ times. But i dont really want to discuss your stats anyway, i just mentioned it because you seemed to not understand that you can very well win a game and still be VERY annoying to your team and suck the fun out of the game for them.
M4chtan (EUNE)
: As I mentioned there, It doesnt have to be for solo ranked queue. It can be new style of 5v5 team rankeds which were removed cuz of the full premade rankeds :)
what would that grant you, that would be better than the current system? where is the improvement? i can not imagine me actively wanting to play that mode, ever.
Godsons (EUW)
: I think they can definitely do something about it, they've already solved that problem in ranked games. For instance if you're a plat player you cannot get matched with players that are silver and lower or master and higher. Same goes for diamond players who cannot get matched with gold players and lowers. Also, it's hard to get your mmr up if you get matched with lower ranking players andthen have to play against higher ones (this definitely happens). I see a lot of people experiencing this problem and I hope Riot is seeing it as well, because now it's just a gamble every game you start. The only way you can get to play against players from your level is to play ranked. So I'm kind of getting forced to do that.
in rankeds, there is a much smaller sample size of games that makes up your MMR, and there are far less people that just troll and have a far different MMR and skill though. you cannot get matched with gold players as a diamond (though to be fair, scarra had a G1 player in his master tier game), because the chance that a gold player is of equal skill to a diamond player is ridiculously low, basically exclusive to smurfs. but in normals, the chance for someone with a silver, or gold normal game MMR to be as good as someone with a diamond normal game MMR is much higher, and you also have to account for premades. usually, from my experience, you get matched with people slightly above your premades average MMR if theyre solo. but if theyre a premade as well, its not unlikely for 2 diamond an 3 silver players to have the same group-MMR 3 platinum and 2 gold players have
: > you know the result that is most likely beforehand So now you know what other people do or do not know not just why they do things? > most likely going to be bad If you personally think it wont work it's not like you'd actually do it, people try off meta things because they think it can work. Most at least. > even if you win a game on support diana, you might make the game a lot worse for your ADC I think my ADC is alright with being able to just farm while i bully both the enemy adc and enemy support out of lane. Oh and i don't just win as support diana, I carry.
>you know the result that is most likely beforehand assuming you have a brain, that is. >If you personally think it wont work it's not like you'd actually do it, people try off meta things because they think it can work. Most at least. in 3+ years of playing, i have not once seen someone go "hey lets play _XY troll-y stuff_ it might be great. what ive seen is, and exclusively is, "_(im mad) going ap ashe support, fuck you guys_" if someone truly believes something can work, why not just ask if the others are fine with not taking the game as seriously because you want to try something out? i would have much less of a problem with "hey guys, ima go support diana this game", so that i dont expect a highly competetive game, rather than just lastpick instalocking it saying "going support". (i dont know which one of the two is you, obviously, i just took supp diana as an example here) to be fair, from the looks of your match history, it doesnt look like you "carry" with diana at all, but oh well. and yes, i would be pissed if someone went 13/22/16 taking farm, if im ADC. even if you won, and dealt more dmg than him.
Jìggy (EUW)
: well they say they do... but they dont give us the numbers :) dont blindy trust them cause its bullshitt
why would i blindly trust you on saying its bullshit though?
: No one chooses a champ because they know they'll lose, i chose support diana because i thought it would work. And it worked. Claiming they know it wont work is just silly and youa re just assuming malicious intent for no reason.
To directly quote the summoners code: >Enjoy Yourself, but not at Anyone Else's Expense >[...] This doesn't mean that we're okay with you ruining anybody else's day. you know the result that is most likely beforehand. in my book, knowing the outcome of something is most likely going to be bad, and doing it regardless because for you personally it might not be, goes against these rules. im not "assuming" malicious intent. anyone willing to lose a game for his personal enjoyment against the will of his teammates shows that intent. and even if you win a game on support diana, you might make the game a lot worse for your ADC. just saying.
: No he is not, someone who plays off meta is not willingly destroying games, their intent is to test it out. Where as someone who is trolling has the intent to grief. don't acting like off meta players play with malicious intent that's just rude.
i dont really care what their intent is, if they know what the result is. if i shot in the leg and you bleed out and die, and i knew that was going to happen but didnt want to kill you, would that be okay? can you really say "its not their intent" if they KNOW what the result is going to be and still do it? im playing a lot in a premade with people who dont take the game seriously, and im fine with that. but we are a 5 man premade, when we pull troll-y shit. if youre just dragging down 4 other people with you, they do have the right to be pissed about it (not to afk or flame!)
: Whether it would fail or not is irrelevant. Asking might be a good idea but is not needed, all you are doing is basically making excuses for backlash. If someone attacks you for locking in a non meta pick then it is not YOUR fault. Stop victim blaming and acting like the one being attacked is the asshole for simply trying to have fun in a game that is overrun with toxic dick heads ready to jump on you for even daring to mention yorick support
the one beeing "attacked" is not a "victim". he essentially willingly destroys the game for 4-9 others. yes, its a normal game, but does that mean you are supposed to just troll around and fuck everyone else over? if someone wants to play leo mid, thats fine with me, but i can understand how people do not want to have an autoloss just because someone decided to copy a youtube video. >They thinking that you have to play whatever they want, is kinda douchy. willingly wasting 9 other peoples time is also douchy IMO.
Godsons (EUW)
: Matchmaking - normal games - What has happened?
matchmaking for premades is rather shitty sometimes, ive had games where we were a 5 man premade of plat-diamond players and got matched against silver-plat players, and ive played games with one diamond friend and 3 silver/bronze friends and we were matched against master tier players. its rather fucked up, but what can you do about it? MMR works as intented, its just that if you as a higher elo player, usually troll around in 5 man premades and then decide to play some serious games, your normal MMR is lower than it would be if you were to tryhard every game. resulting in enormous differences
: I personally rarely use zhonyas (unless playing fizz or maybe ap jhin) My core item always was RoA. I will miss RoA. Also i think the changes to RoA aren't really needed. (if ap items are really so expensive how come me lowly diana main can have a full build before everyone else in the game?)
yeah, right now zhonyas isnt too good. but it was nerfed with the last AP item change, and i thought that was what he alluded to^^
4Unity (EUW)
: Playing solo queue against premades is unfair
>I would think it is only fair that if people team up they can only play against others that team up even though it is only 2 on each team that have done so. well, this is actually happening. according to riots on date, only about 1.5% of games have a mismatch in premade size IIRC.
: Rito matchmaking system makes no sense.
>I dont know how MMR system works, but its bad. And works badly. you really wrote this, and then thought to yourself "yeah, this makes perfect sense" and posted it? if you have 0 clue about how something works, and have no proof of it not working, DONT make statements about it and expect them to be true. also, maybe google "confirmation bias", since your apparently full of shit.
: I think it's worse that he thinks he can somehow use nerfs/buffs Item changes to peer into the mind of riot as a company.
jup, that aswell. especially considering how zhonyas was a core item on every AP mage and AP assasin despite beeing supposed to be bought mainly for the utility. if 2nd item zhonyas is good against non-AD champions, thats a flaw. but he chose to ignore the actual balance and the reasons for the decisions made by the design team to make a stupid statement about "unfair treatment"
: I will be more postive about the game, when Riot gives me something positive in return...
I always wonder how people that arent even lvl 30 believe they have an understanding of the meta and a grasp of balance. and seeing your complain posts here almost every day makes me curious why youre still playing. just stop, if its not fun to you, and stop annoying the shit out of everyone by constantly complaining about shit.
Flarre (EUNE)
: I' m sorry but this is all this topic is about. I just got an S on a normal game with jinx. Funny cause I've never played jinx outside aram before. In fact if you check my account you will see tha I' ve barely played any normal game. So it's funny that I was able to do good in a champion that according to you I don't have expierience with. This is about people being salty cause "summoner's rift is serious business!!! and aram is just a fun mode" In reality they are both just part of a game. And if you think mastering a champion is about farming minions in a lane and know were to put wards...that's more of mastering the map for me rather than mastering the champion. I can play jinx cause i know what she does and how much dmg she can do with specific items. I know how squishy she is, how to react when ppl run at me( i know that cause i played with her in aram a lot) But I knew how to lane with jinx cause i've played other carries in the past. On summoners rift. And I know about farming and warding and stuff by playing a different champion but i can easily adjust that knowledge to any other champion.You can take any carry and do the same how is that mastering them? You gain expierience with a champion when you play matter what game mode.
"mastery points or ranks in aram game mode". this is NOT all about chests. and getting an S in one game doesnt mean jack shit lol. you can very well do good and get an S firsttiming a champion after buying it. that doesnt prove you generally play the champ well, and even less that ARAM experience helped you. >You gain expierience with a champion when you play matter what game mode. sorry, but this is just plain bullshit by someone who doesnt know shit about the game. there is a HUGE difference in having a 5v5 standoff with poke mages having a go at each other, and then beeing run at by 4 assasins, and having an ACTUAL teamfight with a frontline, a backline and maybe a flank. flanking and playing around territory is impossible in aram, and you very, VERY rarely get a team comp that teamfights the way an actual team would
: I meant we've had god's around for a 150,000 years and are NOW we're losing interest with them :) Yep religion will have it's day, it's only a matter of time. No our brains had a genetic chemical jump start which led to Human's being able to plan ahead, being able to plan ahead led to forethought which leads to curiosity which involves lots more thinking power. Which is what enabled Human's to start and control fire. The brain doesn't like negatives, try and always have a positive outlook in life :) The reason why religions took off was because it's all based on FEAR, the easiest Human emotion to play with. When you get enough cattle to be afraid of one thing then it only takes the mention of it and the herd is spooked and off on a mindless stampeed. Don't be one of the cattle, think with a mind not in fear but peace. :) As for the wrong time period I want my own spaceship and I'm off :D
i mentioned fire since beeing able to digest a LOT more of the proteins by cooking food allowed for a bigger brain to work. without fire it wouldnt have been possible for our brains to become bigger and bigger, but it didnt "start" some kind of evolution, thats not how it works, i know :D (i really worded that poorly) well, GL with finding your spaceship, we might be closer to that than we think ;P and thanks for your book suggestion!
Piieuw (EUW)
: Toxicity.
seeing how many stupid posts people make about how they were banned "unjustified", because they were only "a little bit" toxic and dont understand what the 14 day ban means for them, i doubt many people go unpunished. of course it takes time, people dont get banned for beeing a one time offender, and they shouldnt. and you need to give people the chance to get reformed.
: I totally agree on all your points The key to all of this is TIME Human Beings today have the mental age of 2 year olds (if you have any kids above 5 years you will know what I mean). You will see the same behaviours in adults at the airports who have lost their luggage and scream and shout at the poor orange woman behind the desk. Demanding, not listening, not aware of their surroundings. Take something away from an adult like you would a 2 year old and you get the same behavior. The key to all of this is TIME Humans separated from primates around 7 million years ago but our brains changed around 2 million years ago, so it's taken 1.5 million years to invent god's and goddess's and about 150,000 years to lose interest in them. Let's see, what have we accomplished in 2 million years with the mental age of a 2 year old.... Religion (there is some good to come from it), Medicine, Tool Making, Combustion Engine, Flight, Man on the Moon....League of Legends Now imagine what Human's will be capable of in 28 million years with a mental age of 30? The key to all of this is TIME Sorry mate, you were born in the wrong time period :(
I dont have kids (thank god (Kappa), im only 17 :D ), but i believe i get what youre saying :) im not quite sure we started losing interest in gods 150000 years ago, but maybe our society will be rid of religion in a few hundred years, maybe less, considering all the progress we've made up until now. if our society is still around by then, that is. also, whilst, sure, our brain started becoming bigger, through our discovery of fire, millions of years ago, but most of what we know now mightve been discovered earlier, but passed down and reproduced only for a few thousand years. which kind of gets my hopes up we dont have to wait 28 million years, we probably dont have^^ >Sorry mate, you were born in the wrong time period :( im not even sure about that ;P maybe this is exactly where im supposed to be, beeing a tiny, small part of tearing down religion and other flaws in our society. and honestly, we might not have much time to do so anymore, so i'd rather do that shit now :P
: SoloQ question
I think most people are referring to the old system rather than a "pure" soloQ
: Religion is a part of Humanity.. it's all about curiosity It started 50,000 to 100,000 years ago when Human Beings were sat around a camp fire at night trying to explain to each other what they understood about the World they lived in, looking up at the stars and wondering what the hell they were looking at. Have you ever heard 2 foxes mating at night? The sound they make will scare you to the bones, it's like someone throttling a screaming baby (not that I know what that sounds like) :) Now if your sat round a camp fire and you hear that sound and don't know what it is, your mind makes up some really crazy shit to explain it. Then add kids sat there with you and you can tell them if they don't behave that crazy sounding monster will come get them when they sleep. Then their kids will tell their kids and so on.. It's only been very recently that Humans have discovered Science and the things that make our universe work. In the last 200 years science has banished god's and goddess's from every stone they be hiding under, and as time moves forward more things Humans don't know yet will become known to us. Unfortunately there will always be those who will continue to think the Earth is flat even when presented with undeniable proof that it isn't. Good news is those people get old and die and their old ideas die with them. A very smart person once said to me " A scientist will read hundreds of books thru his life and at the end will say there's still lots to learn, and a religious person will barely read one book and say they know everything "
This is a very good breakdown of faith {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} that makes me want to point out the distinction between faith and religion (let me just say here, i do NOT think you dont understand the distinction or anything, this is in no way meant as offense to you :) ) i can deal with faith. i personally think it is rather... weird that someone would choose to believe in something he has absolutely no proof of, and that most likely goes against things he has proof of, but oh well. if you want to find hope or consolation in a "god" because you need it, go ahead. if it makes you happy, im fine with it. religion on the other hand, has never made sense to me. from the beginning of institutional religion, it was used to exploit and control humans, and brought great suffering upon them. nothing makes this clearer than the origins of hinduism. just to be on the same level here: hinduism is a religion that condones people beeing mutilated, disrespected and even killed, because "it is wanted by the gods, they were punished (by beeing born in the lowest caste) by god, and therefore our actions against them are justified". This stems from the origin of hinduism as we know it, the aryan invasion of india in around 1700 BC. When the aryans took over the indian settlements by force, they didnt want their people to merge with the "less worthy" indian people. they took the very basic, rural, nature oriented religion, pushed it, and introduced the caste system as a divine reason to not marry and reproduce between both people. This has led to an INCREDIBLE institutional injustice for NO reason that has been going on for almost four thousand years, and is just now slowly fading. what im trying to say is: faith is a little bit stupid to me, but i get it. religion is just straightup bullshit that does, and always has done, way more harm than good.
Flarre (EUNE)
: But we are able to get chests on Ascension and URF that are "serious" modes.. unlike aram that is a "troll" mode. sure.
i didnt talk about chests, did i? i just talked about mastery points. chests arent a reflection of your experience with a champion, theyre just grinding. on the other hand, having to show some decent level of proficiency on a champion to get something thats basically for free makes perfect sense to me, and you dont really show proficiency by getting an S in aram, if that was possible.
: interesting and intriguing comment, i've looked into alot of religious history too and know alot of religious history is either highly fabricated, or else stolen from other previous older religions altogether. would it be fair to say that religion is just something simply made up by the governments of the world (or some other hidden hand) as a means to control people? like for example control over their diets or limiting the things they can do. would you also please do the honors of discussing the fakeness of the catholic church? alot of the fake points of christianty seem to stem from that, but you seem quite knowledge on this and i think it would be best worded by yourself rather than me. You're comment has me interested in wanting to read more of what you've got to say on this subject
>would it be fair to say that religion is just something simply made up by the governments of the world (or some other hidden hand) as a means to control people? like for example control over their diets or limiting the things they can do. kind of, yes. i am generally NOT a conspiracy theorist, but i believe that religion was established mainly as a means to ensure power and control people. Most of the religious rules either allow for easier control over the religious people, or to ensure a working society to exploit, by having the religious people pay taxes, work for the church etc. the fakeness of the catholic church... hm. what i was trying to say was, that for me, there is very little merit to religious ideals anymore, since noone actually follows all of them. i would never do so myself even if they held any value, but i can see why some people would choose to believe in god if they did. Now though, i really dont see any reason for someone to be religious (i despise the fact that believing in a divine entity and beeing member of a church is the same word in english, here i want to mainly focus on the latter). To me, youre betraying yourself and your oh so divine religious ideals by following some of them, but not all of them. first off, the bible. claiming the bible is gods word passed down to humans is simply stupid, considering it is proven wrong in many cases, and some of what is said in the bible goes against anything we consider right today. on the other hand, saying it "has to be interpreted" to me is a cheap way of saying " it is wrong now, but we cant openly say that". its basically just an excuse for why something presumably originated by god or his representatives on earth, is simply wrong by todays standards and knowledge. So by saying the bible derived from god, youre admitting that god either tried to deceive the humans by its creation, or is NOT all-knowing. in both cases, the bible is useless. if you are admitting the bible did not derive from god, but instead is a work of humans, for whatever purpose (again, IMO it was to control people, but in case you dont want to go so far), the bible is useless because it doesnt withhold "gods wisdom" and "gods rules". secondly, religious rules and guidelines. EVERYONE that is religious has broken them in his lifetime. what is the point in having set rules, just to hand pick the ones you want to follow and the ones you dont? doesnt that make any rule innately worthless? and if you truly believe theyre made by god, who are you to deliberately ignore them? It just does not make sense to me how people claim to be religious, and then behaving in a way that they themselves should consider disrespectful to god, because theyre convinced of his existance as an all powerful, all knowing entity, and still DONT follow his rules. either go hard or go home. follow all the rules, because god said so, or dont follow them, because its inconvenient. dont follow the ones that are convenient to you and then ignore others because you dont want to follow them. just a quick example of the second part: i have friends who consider themselves highly religious. one of them has a girlfriend for a few months, and has sex with her. we make fun of him for breaking the law against pre-marital sex, and a few minutes later he, with absolute sincerity, says "i will be very careful who i marry, because i wont get divorced. the bible forbids it". thats fucking ADVANCED bigotry.
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