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: I lost my LP for nothing
Hi Haris, as you might have seen, you probably want to learn how computers work. Cheers.
: That's a pretty nice picture of Gbay99! **_(secretly hopes he got the meme right)_**
Actually that's the toblerone after brexit, since they wouldn't have had the same taxes they had before they decided instead of raising the price to put less chocolate in the package.
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: RP Price Adjustment for Players in the UK ?
: He doesn't suck. Gold is still pretty good - it's above average.
*picks up a glass of bleach Cheers.
: Think Like a Top Laner This guide, summed up in one picture. quick fix for this guide: stack up on resources, after lv7 push, as soon as you have the chance to get a turret take it and call help if needed, if you are in a losing matchup focus on the wave instead of the enemy champion, when you have a bigger wave go in and trade, when the enemy is locked in some form of animation (autos for example) harass him, 2 dorans ring refund a cost of a waveclear, for tanks and autos based champs without built in waveclear (talon has built in waveclear so he doesn't need tiamat, aatrox same thing) there is sunfire cape and tiamat, after you took your turret just push your wave past the river and go take other objectives. The purpose of freezing is to stall the game if there are no available objectives/use the enemy wave as a turret to make him lose minions (and so exp and gold). Tanks, easily killable targets (adc) and aoe champs should group asap since alone they aren't worth much, the support must NEVER be alone, always with a teammate in your screen, possibly the adc if he isn't trolling. (but again, for bad players doing the right stuff is trolling so this is subjective until you actually learn the game.) Also watch and read this stuff, that stuff above is how to get hard stuck in plat and delude yourself you're anything near good. (don't up this thread as it's 3 months old, but feel free to share it with whoever you think might need it.)
Lùmen (EUNE)
: Is Brand meant to be a support or a midlaner? I am actually confused.
Both. Same as lulu, zyra, zilean, annie and karma
: The hypocrisy of LCS sheep...the Quasus case study.
You forgot one of the most important parts of this strategy, you have to rush zzrot too in order to get the tower so you don't get ACTUALLY destroyed mid game and after that trinity force because it's trinity force, the 2 dorans ring are for mana sustain as 2 dorans ring refund almost any waveclear (this is especially true for mid laners as well) and the corrupting potion for the hp sustain. Basically you shove/freeze the wave until lv7 and after that you just oneshot the wave and push as much as you can while stacking Q whenever it's possible, after that group, roam, go take mid and just take turrets in general, but this is true for every champion always. I recommend watching this video for a better understanding of what any elo below D2 doesn't know and dyrus in general since he's playing a lot of nasus recently...
JakiStow (EUW)
: Why is it tolerated to insult Riot ?
THAT'S RIGHT! Why is this tolerated? How about you give me some explanations, uh riot? (It was a 4 man premade, i know it because they talked in german to eachother in champ select, i've been trolled by premades since the start of the season) (The game i was in was the 0/11/0 walking it down top tank kassa walking past farm ignoring it and complaining about the lack of ganks, he announced in champ select he was going "offtank" so i thought he was building zhonya and scepter, not gauntlet)
: What is happening
It's called being the end of the season, where players split up in 2 categories: 1) the ones that are desperately tryharding in order to climb 2) the ones that well know how shit they are and they realized they won't climb a single division up so they just troll every game unless it gets them demoted, otherwise have fun with anivia support, lulu adc, karthus top, ap sion with mobility boots mid and zilean jungle But they're having just a bad game, don't even dare to insult them or the rito police will come to spank your butt! (Also it's your fault if those games were uncarriable, and enjoy the 4 reports by the 4-man premade that gangbang trolled you)
: Can we quickly go over how a jungler decides to ganks.
A good jungler needs only 2 tools to carry: a smite and a good /mute all That's it.
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: [Suggestion] improving whisper msg system ingame
No, the system is great, i love to type the whole name because a friend of mine decided to call himself xXx_-o0O_Puss1.Fu(K3r_O0o-_xXx when i told him that the name was horrible and it was generally a bad idea. (Or having to tab out and then type the first message from there and keep using /r from there on, but in that case the camera lock will bug and i'll have to tab in and out several times before it fixes)
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: @Riot How am I as Kindred or any other AA based jungler supposed to kill Large Krug?
it's not a problem you have to worry about, riot is well known for assembling all their best silver players in the office and then ask them to write down stuff on a piece of paper, that stuff is what goes in the next patch. As soon as they will realize like they did with the last jungle change that the game will be unplayable for junglers and it will be dumbed down at the point that there will be no difference between bengi and a bronze V teemo jungle with tiamat they'll surely adjust things, by the way right now you can kite the melee camps by attacking the small minion available and let it bodyblock the big one while kiting as well, the new jungle it's simply just retarded and it's proof that it was designed by someone that never played jungle in his life or he's a nunu/amumu/ww main, just look at how they advocate their new raptor camp with "HEY AMUMU WILL TAKE IS SUPER EASY :DDD".
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: Post your LoL Jokes here!
Teammates. Riot Games. Funny uh?
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: I am cancer and should commit suicide
ok you owe me a new keyboard because i just puked all over it.
: When People Claim To Be Platinum and Above. this is a plat player, enjoy~ :^)
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: >This community is the BIGGEST kindergarden of unpleased spoiled children! Best description possible. It is like this because** Riot prefers quantity over quality** . And those spoiled children usually overthrow great ideas. Every time someone comes with a new refreshing idea on those forums they just randomly downvote and use irrational arguments to make it seem that the idea is bad. Riot should let the majority of the community to dictate the outcome of the patches if they really consider them so valuable, just how they let them consider what is toxic and what is not. Just make a poll every time before a new patch has to be released. And let them vote on what to implement and what not, if you really love your children that much . See where that gets you. I know so many smart, friendly and competitive players that got banned just because they just reacted to injustices committed by other players. Of course that kids and introverts, which are the majority of this community are sensitive as hell and consider almost everything toxic and punishable. But if i had my own game I'd prefer to have players that flame each other but are mature enough to not intentionally feed/afk/leave/troll even if they get flamed. Cause flaming is just frustration accumulated during one or more games and it's something normal. I'd rather see competitive games full of players arguing and criticizing each other but at the same time trying to win the game. Of course though that this will never happen because Riot shaped this game around introverts and kids so other people should adapt cause that's Riot's main source of profit. Quantity helps them, not the quality .
>This community is the BIGGEST kindergarden of unpleased spoiled children! >It is like this because Riot prefers quantity over quality this means that league players are not thrustworthy because they follow their low instincts and only care to satiate their obese appetite, also i agree that riot values more quantity over quality but even if they sometimes throw numbers in like the absurd damage brand is dealing right now or the completely unjustified uber-nerf of botrk at the start of the season they understand a little bit more, if you wonder how BAD it is the league community just google "dyrus spectates vlad", that is platinum, 80% of the players are bronze and silver, and i don't consider plat players good enough to be disposable meat, do your math. Also i'm introvert and i find that introverts are the most competitive people you can find since they focus on themselves while extroverts may surrend their will in order to please the social group they're in > And those spoiled children usually overthrow great ideas. Every time someone comes with a new refreshing idea on those forums they just randomly downvote and use irrational arguments to make it seem that the idea is bad. >Riot should let the majority of the community to dictate the outcome of the patches if they really consider them so valuable, just how they let them consider what is toxic and what is not. Sure, sooo... I'd like to buff everything i know/ is easy for me to play/i like. Nerf everything i don't understand/i can't play/i don't like because i got my ass pounded the last game because i have absolutely no idea how to play against/around it. And remember 80% of the votes are in the hand of players that struggle to win against bot intermediates, and also are giant crybabies that will follow anything that pleases them without considering the rest. Gankplank was reworked from a trollish shitty champion that was linear, weak and boring as fuck into an OP champion with an high skillcap and that's actually fun and entertaining to play, besides bringing to the table awesome numbers if you manage to control it, yet every single bronze shitter cried his lungs out when he realized he was so bad he couldn't use him at all when he deluded himself with dreams of glory after seeing what he's capable of >Of course that kids and introverts, which are the majority of this community are sensitive as hell and consider almost everything toxic and punishable. I can speak for myself that i'm the most acid and salty person i know, and i'm still introverted af, don't make your conclusions on what you read on memes found on facebook and 9gag Sounds enough rational for you?
: _OMG RITO GIVE US DYNAMIC QUE !!!!_ Riot Gives Dynamic Que _OMG RITO DYNO QUE SUCKS AS# !!! WE WANT SOLOQ !!!!_ and also the new Drags arent so stronk , i did them solo with {{champion:50}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3098}} {{item:3673}} {{item:1056}}
You mean that awesome matchmaking system that gives you 70% of the times your secondary role? That makes you wait 15-30 mins unless you select a low demand role as adc or support? Matches you with 3-4 premades that will troll the shit out of you? And you can't even defend yourself against that or you'll get 3-4 reports right in your face? That matches you with players 2 divisions lower than the ones in the opponent's team? Oh boy, i do sure love dynamic queue! PS: nice builderino :^)
Almighty (EUNE)
They (purposefully or not) created this toxic community by first making a free to play game to gather the most money possible (call them stupid lmao) by using the DOTA concept, which was a good idea except for the fact that when DOTA allstars was created most of the players were seasoned warcraft players, so they somewhat knew what to do and most important of all at the time videogames were a niche hobby, this means that most of the people who played games actually were interested in their hobby. By making this game accessible to a more casual audience (not that there is anything bad in it because everybody should be free to play whatever they want) they created an environment full of people who 1) don't know what the fuck are they supposed to do in this game 2) don't give a fuck about winning since they could play a game as well they could be watching the most basic show on netflix (the most recent hipster and "am i nerd yet?" trend i suppose): they don't care about what they're doing, they just want to see colors run in front of their eyes. Riot realized too well what was going on so instead of going against it they decided to ride the tide, what happened? First they told players "you will shape your community through the tribunal, so the players will be the ones who will decide what this game will become", by doing that they gave the most crybaby and noob players a way to ease their frustrations on others, especially because what happened then AND IS STILL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE THIS was that new players were just thrown like a baby in the water and got told "swim :)" When a new player (or a retarde...low elo one MingLee ) approaches the game the outcome is entirely decided by luck and by the "the team with less retards wins", not by actual skills and game knowledge, on the long run this is extremely frustrating for everybody so this community grew up being used to endure abuse by "trolls" which are mostly "i can't win/learn the game so i'll troll to get revenge on my teammates who didn't carried me so i won't deal with the fact that i'm bad and i'll keep running from myself forever", now thanks to the Passive Aggressive I-have-a-PHD Report System (which is good that it got updated) people just keep abusing the system and now you're forced more than ever to silently take the abuse and smile while you can't even say "rumble why are you building morellonomicon you don't need mana that's fucking stupid" getting as response "LOL STFU NOOB i fukd ur mum last nite 1v1 me at baron %%%" because if you heavens may have mercy on you reply with "lol you're just a retard" you'll get 4 reports from your premade team and 5 reports from the enemy team because they're pissed with you because you're the only one that is stomping their faces into the ground while your team if they could autoattack their own nexus they would do it. And he'll get away with murder. Because he's just having "a bad game :^)" Where does this leads us? Riot created an environment where being bad and stupid is a desirable quality because if you're bad you'll keep alive a condition like a giant cauldron where everybody will try to get out in order to achieve pleasant and satisfying games where competition and sportmanship get along and if you're stupid (let's be honest here, people who buy cosmetic things in games demonstrate either they have money to spend or they have really poor money management skills, i know people who are broke, struggle to win games in bronze 3 yet they spent like 1200 euros on this game in 4 years...) you'll keep buying their in game products (well they do this for this reason after all, it's their job). Riot Games is here to make money, and this is absolutely honest and alright, but the fact that everything else doesn't matter and they would gladly trade a good player/feature in exchange of 10 teemo players that go bloodthirster and then wonder why they're B5 but they would be willing of spending money on their game is what perpetuates this environment of whiny fools. People subconsciously feel or know that, and this is why they're tense like a violin's chord, ready to snap at the first sign of something that isn't going their way. TL;DR Riot allows the whiny crybabies to exist because it's what fuels their buisness, also they promote the "triggered" culture either because of illuminati reasons and because this stabilizes and allows them to keep going with their schedule. Also nerf/balance brand, i was playing kindred and after we won the teamfight to contest the elder dragon he arrived with a sliver of health, facerolled us, got killed and subsequently he aced the entire team, and even if they were breaking the border "i'm retarded and i don't know how to play/i'm dying on purpose because i like to lose" it was 50 mins so everybody was 5 items or so and everybody got (kinda) to stack their resistances, the burn killed me full health through maw+mercs+locket mres+active and i was lifestealing on scuttle, everything else in the patch is perfectly fine to me. We'll talk about people who refuse to push/don't listen to calls/make retarded decisions like stealing 4 jungle minions from me while there are right next to them 3 waves stacked that are damaging and dying by the turret just to show me how badass they are, later.
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: Can we please ban these people who spam ''easy'' in game and after game?


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