: I'm very disappointed in the LoL support team and Riot Games
you are not alone in this, there are other people who have the same issue, they have had the answer "no" if they suddenly treat you differently how are the thousands of people before you gonna feel? it's not about pleasing 1 individual its about treating everyone the same, and as much as they would like to help you, how would they know for sure that you wouldn't just think "hehe let me just dodge 2 games and then say it was thier fault and ask for promo" there are people out there like this, not to say you are but they cant see the difference of the 2 since all they see is that you didn't lock in. I feel you man, but dont look to selfishly on this they have alot of shit to look into when it comes people being dissatisfied, i hate to say it but yea, you just have to, as nicely as you put it yourself, suck it up the world aint always fair for you as an indiviual but for all of us as a community they do what they can to keep us satisfied with how everything is, only other thing i can say is, if it really is such a bad thing for you to post it here maybe you should stop playing now caus it will happen again everynow and then, or as an alternetive dont play when you know there's an issue with the picks or things alike. I know what you want to hear is someone starting having a go at rito for not doing anything so you can feel that you are not alone, but really just deal man. Otherwise Have a nice day {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Did you dodge a game during your promos ? That counts as a loss too
no i didn't dodge anything, i think? i dont remember dodging
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: > [{quoted}](name=ZeroZaraki,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=MjfOMp9y,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-07-16T03:58:45.196+0000) > > i have a hard time believing that this is the only game that you've been reported on it might be what triggered the ban but i dont think this game alone is what made you get it but this is the only game that made me get the ban. this game alone. nothing has been removed whatsoever.
nothing has been removed, but as it states, in the screenshot you took of your ban, this is just "some of the chatlogs" that made you get banned, this obviously means there is more, wether riot wants to let you see that is up to them though, anyway i understand you're upset and angry but even on this game, you acted highly inappropiate if you do choose to play LoL agian, try muting and not typing when theres people you do not like and that dont like you, i can tell you that i've been reported many times myself but there's a line of what you say to people. I've never been banned but i've been warned by riot a couple of times and that made me change the way i acted in games, if people are attacking me i will defend myself, but i will pretty much never start attacking them back, because the people who attack you are very likely to report you. Now am i a toxic player? YES very much so i tilt very hard sometimes and i just wanna tell my team or enemy that they are a bunch of ********* and a bunch of ***** ******* (trust me you dont wanna see these words), but you know what? instead i keep quiet and play the game out, muting my team if i have to, sometimes i even write the message to them in chat but instead of hitting enter to breadcast it, i hit escape instead, and keep playing, then when the game is over if i feel abused by people i report them, i typicly close LoL for a couple of hours to relax and calm down. Anyway this is just a way to deal with it, the reason why im saying this is because, if i whom used to be a really big ***hole, can control myself when it comes to these things, you should be able to aswell, riot sent me a couple of mails that i had reported for this and that, you should have gotten that aswell, if you didn't check your mail, well then that's your fault then. Anyway to finish off, i believe that a perma ban should not be the end of you playing the game, and if you do start agian, dont let others see that you're toxic, by posting **** in chat. Good luck to you in the future.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I find my Perma Ban unfair.
i have a hard time believing that this is the only game that you've been reported on it might be what triggered the ban but i dont think this game alone is what made you get banned.
: @RIOT Your Banning System is not working good can this happen to me!
you have pretty much just set yourself up for more beef, in the ToS it states that any usage of 3rd party software is gonna give you a permanent ban, be it as it may it didn't work, but dont change the fact that it was installed on your PC, and you said yourself "tried to use" it that is going agianst the ToS and therefore should you in any way be able to prove you didn't hack/bot/script or whatever, you've just given riot a reason to never let you get unbanned (even though they dont undo perma bans), yea i know it sucks that sometimes mistakes happen, but you reap what you sow. Sorry for the harsh response to your post, but these are the rules, you sign them when you make your account.
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