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: führe es immer als administrator aus, wo finde ich denn den Legacy Client?
> [{quoted}](name=Funginator,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=5EtpYUws,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-16T14:12:42.555+0000) > > führe es immer als administrator aus, wo finde ich denn den Legacy Client? Wenn du das spiel startest hast du im neuen launcher unten die option, Launch legacy client: [Legacy client Screenshot](
Łµx (EUW)
: when you reach s2 or s1 then ....
Just Keep going, its hard, its annoying, its Frustating AF, but since theres nothing you can do about it, just carry on, you'll climb eventually, the current season is rather killing me, but i wouldnt give up, i still aiming for my G3 base at the end of each season. So cheer up, you can do it aswell. there will be the luck streak with good teammates. once in a while. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Blackscreen after Starting LOL
Führ das spiel als Administrator aus, versuch das mit dem Legacy client und mit dem aktuellen. war bei mir auch so.
NB Rubix (EUW)
Best Of luck. Upvoted. Gold isn't good enough however.
Gebba (EUW)
: Looking for one player for 3v3 ranked [EUW]
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Barr0ck (EUW)
: The level 6 & 7 mastery sounds doesn't disrespect enought as the level 5 does
Riot Should make any Quote, that is said while showing of the mastery 7 Symbol, Global, Like if you press Ctrl 6 to use your Mastery 7 icon as {{champion:238}} for example, and laugh, then i'd be global to be heard, and in addition an option in the sound options to mute this mastery 7 global taunt, but in addition mute them for yourself aswell, meaning you cant do it yourself :) this way people who like to taunt, have to deal with taunts themselfes, and it gives the icon, the mastery symbol a nice addition. at least thats my opinion :3
: Oh Jesus I forgot about this... doom bots tibbers has a knock back on his auto attacks... and tibbers now will occasionally go berserk and get massively increased attack speed. He is just gonna throwing everyone around like ragdolls... Lol. Riot are gonna be making new doom bots for its return, so I'd imagine they'd look at the current ones as some did get changes.
its riot mate. i guess its avoid annie or get send flying :D
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Dage (EUW)
: Sivir in another lane other than bot?
Shes works in 3v3 in the jungle, if that helps you :P, im pretty sure she cant jungle 5v5 tho
: Still waiting for Shaco's spammable and super long invisibility to have an exclamation mark
You can see a shaco turning invisible even if hes not in direct sight, why do you need an exclamation mark?
: works in summoners rift aswell, just tested it in a custom game, even if i cant get beyond 2 ults at once, ill now test all abilitys with the around the same cast animation as lux's R, for example Jhin W,
only works with lux ult, i tested all champion abilitys with this
: (BUG) Lux can cast up to 8 Visual ults..
works in summoners rift aswell, just tested it in a custom game, even if i cant get beyond 2 ults at once, ill now test all abilitys with the around the same cast animation as lux's R, for example Jhin W,
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: We have friends we can trust. Pranks are childish and not even really funny.
That's Opinion based, If you cant even make jokes with friends and laugh about it, then youre one pathetic beeing, imo.
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9Ey1lfwk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-08T06:29:48.437+0000) > > That's a bug. of course that is a bug, if blitz ult passive can proc yasuo's passive then he should proc malza passive too
Yeah thats why i called the whole Thread " [BUG] " dont you think? XD
: Easyest Way to piss of a player
wow you guys are easily offended, what kind of friends do you have, that they'll Abadon you over a game, thats nothing too bad XD. And ofc its mean, its a prank what do you think.
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: Have you been punished? [poll]
I can only choose one, but i need 2 possibilitys.
Larry (EUNE)
: Am i the only one who hates playing with friends?
: Annie can still 100 - 0 in the stun duration.
Would like to see a change in annies tibbers, imagine if while tibbers is active, annie by herself cant stun people anymore, however Tibbers could with lets say each 4th basic attack since his atk speed is rather low, in addition tibber might deal slightly more dmg, but her own abilitys are just at 75% strenght, this way you could still burst, but not cc stun lock a target and actually have to play it out with tibbers instead of just slamming that bear into your opponets faces.
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: My name
Name Yourself Shaconomy ( economy? O:)
: Yes it is a bad word, pure cancer means that somehow EACH AND EVERY of your cells turned into a tumor
How is it a bad word if it fits into the situation of my opinion, youre ignorant if you ignore or dont allow words because theyre diseases or similar. i can use this word because it fits in my opinion and you cant change that. you can get butthurt if you want, but i honestly dont care what you think about that word.
: Plus I have had several family members die from cancer in the past year
Well thats your problem not mine. if you cant take the word used in this context then its just because of your point of view. im allowed to do so until an admin say its not allowed and then i can still say it irl. and people die, thats how life is, i lost 2 grandmothers and 1 grandfather to cancer, life is short, you shouldnt think about the word or how your life is related to it. thats just making it worse for you
: Can we not use cancer please.....
Its a fitting word in this term, are you one of those who simply wont use the word because of the disease? Ofc, Cancer is bad. But its no reason to not use the word.
: Should some champions be completely banned for the URF game mode?
everyone crys about the same champions, at some point i understand it, in the first or second urf, alistar kassadin ryze sona and i think heca were banned from the gamemode. i hope they do it again for the next one next month, and add lulu to the list, shes pure cancer in urf
: It would be kind of fun, and would benefit the game more.
Would appreciate an upvote so people might now ignore it :)
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: Don't let him hear you say that. XD
*Meanwhile recording youtube video just to say it outloud...*
Eambo (EUW)
: My real name is Eámonn, which is often shortened in social circles to "Eamo" (Irish thing). Welp, when I was a young'un, I was signing up to play RuneScape and found that I need 5 characters in my name, alas. So I then decided to throw random letters in there until I found something that sounded "namelike" and not entirely stupid, which is where Eambo came from. I've since found that it's not a name in use anywhere else normally, so I rarely have problems using it in other games :-P
Since you Explained your name, ill just do so even if youre maybe not interrested: Paradoxolyth, i created this name to have nick on the internet, its split into 2 things Paradox and Lyth the "o" is just to fill in the empty space and combine the words I like the Idea of a Paradoxon, and i love Stones, i Gather them, Split them open, whatever. thats about it for me :3
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: Too many skins not enough servers
Yo EUW Server had Bad lags and massive disconnect for a long time, in the end they made new servers at a new location, you need to realize that it is in fact alot harder to make new Server space on such a big scale, since improving the current ones has a limit by space and savespace. Give it some time, we had to deal with these kinds of lags and we managed you guys in EUNE should be able to do the same :3
: You only need to report a player once for them to be flagged for that game, and I believe system the is weighted by reports across number of games as well as actions in those games, rather than the number of reports per game.
I know. but thats not what this Thread is about.
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: Vel'koz Sauron skin
I dont think they can make a "sauron Vel'koz", but maybe something like Demon Velkoz to get that Eye on fire.. or Fire Emporer Vel'koz Shooting with Firebolts, Opening a Rift into Hell creating screams of the fallen, As E Firebomb/blast and As the lazer A continouus Stream of fire.
KonoKat (EUW)
: Thank you my friend
if its not out for you right now then it should be in about 12 minutes, 13 o'clock
Eveninn (EUW)
: I want the joy to last for a bit. ;)
I watched 335 episodes in around one week..
kokatti76 (EUNE)
: at least you dont have noob team every game only feed
Yo mate, dont want to be mean or anything, But could you quit your Salt Expression - like behavior on other posts, if something happend to you, you dont have to post it on every thread you see. thats just annoying and your comment doesnt even help the Topic in anyway, just keep that in mind.
Silisa (EUNE)
: Made me laugh. Have a diet Poro snack. {{item:2054}}
: what exactly are the unwritten rules of player behavior in-game? here's one i think
It isnt as easy at it seems to be in the first moment, at least in my opinion. You need to remember that Cs / farm is propably the most, or at least one of the most important things on laning phase, if you Adc Goes back to base, and your lane is way up ahead to the enemy lane, i guess farming / LAST hitting should be accepted as long as you dont push out the lane to hard - to keep it in the middle so junglers still be able to easily gank - or stand out in the open if all your wards are gone already. If your lane is behind adcs used to get mad at people for hitting and or killing minions since it costs them money ofc, but in addition for exapmle trying to help killing minions by hitting them to lower health might disturb the tactic, or the usual way of clearing a wave of each adc, when they're knowing their strenght and how many aa's they need in order to slay a minion. I think one Problem is that people forget sometimes, as adc's, the support items of their supports, if one uses the Targon support items, then he needs to take Cs and its not even bad, since both players share the gold, but in the moment you attempt to take a last hit, the adc might going on for that minion in that moment, causing a situation of possible flame. Pingning is a good way to go around that cause. Thats about my thoughts for this rule, i thought i had a little bit more in mind, but i think this is enough already, should keep it as short as possible. - Have a nice day, Hope this helps you.
Silisa (EUNE)
: Bronze players don't flame that much, in comparison. Silver is way more toxic, because they think they are gods for escaping the elo hell (they also think Bronze is elo hell). In Gold, players tend to relax a bit, and the levels of toxicity die down. People in Gold know they are in the middle, not bad but not that great either, and are ok with it. They know what they know and they know that there is still a lot to learn if they want to climb. The only really toxic Gold players are usually ex Platinum players or boosted Silver players. Platinum players think they are practically pros. Diamond is just over the fence, and they really have nothing left to learn (or so they think). Which is why so many of them are so toxic. That, and all the boosted Silver players. I have no ranked games experience with divisions above Platinum, so I can't say what's out there.
> [{quoted}](name=Silisa,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2h9WGVws,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-28T13:21:11.677+0000) > I have no ranked games experience with divisions above Platinum, so I can't say what's out there. Gems!
: You can start thinking about what you want to get in the 6 seconds you're recalling and you can prepare a set of items before the game starts, so that you have all the items you may want to get in one page. Just go in your profile and click the button on the right, I don't know the exact English for it, sorry :/
Eveninn (EUW)
: *maths corrected by Rouwhorst below* Armor Damage modifier Formular (according to wiki) is: 100 / (100+Armor) So if going for that, 2000 Armor would mean: 100 / 2100 and equals to roughly 0.05, which means 99.95% damage reduction. By that Formular you actually cannot achieve 100% reduction, but I guess 99%+ is quite Close. ;) (I don't think it is confirmed that it's the real formular for damage reduction, but the wiki tends to be quite accurate with those thigns)
Thats Quite nice to know, Now all i need is to fill the Rift with an Global iceborn slow. 1000 Armor Iceborn is as big as the Baron pit, a Classic iceborn with 100 armor is from the lenght around 6-8 times tinyer, wich means for the whole map it'd takes around 60k armor, but for just the enemy base maybe round 3-5k.
: with 6 Players it may be faster as every Champion, large Monster and cannon minion is guarantueed to drop a Soul on death when thresh is near. So you'd feed 5 Players to Thresh the entire time. And/Or you may want to have a Taric and Galio on Threshs Team.
the problem with the Souls is that thresh has to be close, so its either all day roam, or farm for some items. i think it should be possible to do both strategies in one game, like farming 15 mins for iceborn and maybe boots of mobility + Coin of anscenion, to get some money from lanes, to stack up the armor, since souls only drop when thresh is inside a given Radius around the dieng creatures. If you, or someone you know, would try to plan this out with me, just write it down here, and ill add you, and start making plans
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