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: [Champion Concept] Sara - The Yordle Journalist
No to be a %%%%, but this is not a good concept at all...
Îngwaz (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Shiru - The Young Lightning
Riot should make this happen, Really cool and good concept by the way!
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: doom bots
Nobody Knows :)
: Find premades to play with Most people are playing with 3 or 4 other friends (including me) and we find a match in less than 1 minute Since most people are playing premades solo players will find it difficult to find matches If you are interested then you can always join me and my friends (If you are in the silver/bronze/gold elo)
The only downside I have with playing with friends when not talking in Teamspeak or skype is that you can't communicate as good. This also means that you will get matched against premades, which are likely to talk to each others.. which gives a big advantage! Sure thing, I would gladly give it a try together!
CMR Sick (EUW)
: no you're not alone i have the same problem
Okay, Thank you for your reply.
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: Dragons spawn in front of the "pink base"? That does't seem balanced at all, you would have to reshape the whole jungle and all lanes.
This is just a easy concept made by someone, it would of course need a change from the picture to work :P
AuugisLTU (EUNE)
: The jungle is f up the mid is too im sure this couldnt work because look at the drakes placement, same with baron, some teams will have a very big op/strong side other like: blue will be tottaly underpowered. this is very unbalanced
> [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=68ucYyyA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-09T10:37:03.292+0000) > > Like it. > I think that you could have a pond in the middle rather than the river. Maybe a little island in it for Baron to live. > Of course, the queue times would be about 3-4 weeks :) Like Wa5abi65 mentioned, they could have one round circle in the middle, containing baron or the drake
: I'm really sorry, but riot don't like the idear of 3 teams on one map. this is becaus they are scared that it will became a 2v1 where 2 teams gank on one team. I 2 wood love it but it will most likely never happen
There are plenty of ways they could get rid off it, and I highly doubt people would team, for what reason? They could implement a system of some-sort. Else they could just turn off the chat.
: Like it. I think that you could have a pond in the middle rather than the river. Maybe a little island in it for Baron to live. Of course, the queue times would be about 3-4 weeks :)
That would be incredible! Yup, the queue times can be a problem sometimes :P
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vladaza123 (EUNE)
: What are you thinking about this champion
INunuBotI (EUNE)
: Magma Chamber
They cancelled the map and remade it in to the map "Crystal scar" (Dominion)
: Looks like a pretty dank game mode :) {{champion:17}}
Thank you! :P Trying to do our best.. you're welcome to give us support or tips (What should we add/delete... and etc)
Vasquez39 (EUW)
: I used to play something in S3 called "Protect the Teemo". Same concept, except it was played in SR, in the red part of the jungle, and the king was a Teemo. Teemo couldn´t use his passive. Pretty fun game. Too bad I never see it around anymore.
Protect the teemo... oh wow! I remeber that gamemode, I played it in season 4 thought i think! Really fun gamemode, agree with you :D Except the trolls.. And we randomly came up with this idea, actually from another game. Glad to see so many enjoys it :D I think we should have a bigger community with custom game modes, it is awesome!
: Maybe in S6.
MasterRP (EUNE)
: Bilgewater can it be a map?
: Would be awesome to have maps for: -Spring Ice Meltdown -Spring -Summer -Hot Summer Beach -Autumn -Autumn Harrowing -Winter -Winter Christmas -Winter Silvester/New Year
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: This idea oddly reminds me of captain mode in S4league hmmm
Never heard of that, actually!
: Good one but tbh Riot should just bring back Ascension. Tbh that was one of the best modes in LoL. Being large and seen by all was scary cos everyone's trying to kill you xD
It was indeed fun xD Hopefully they bring it back... someday :D
ThePompf (EUW)
: Why is Soraka banned O.o
Thouht her heals would be too overpowered? We considered un-banning her! :D
Steel (EUW)
: Add me! I want to play this game. Maybe we can create a chat room if it gets more popular :)
I sent you a Friend Request! <3 And I've created a chatroom "Protect the King" Feel free to join! :D
: sounds nice
KoShaiDan (EUW)
: i rly like this Fun Mode its super funny ! :)
I am glad you enjoy it! :D
candoodle (EUW)
: is there a chatroom for players looking to join a game?
You are welcome to join my chat "Protect the Prince" I try to be online as often as I can, and you can sometimes find other people in the chat room :D
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