: Lag all of a sudden 150-250 ping
Usually my ping is 200-300 and sometime it spike at 1400-1800. Yes, i should quit lol.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Who is your main and why?
{{champion:86}} . I like to be imortal. Aaaaand i'm still quite angry about the rework, i used to be CC prof in the past {{item:3151}}
Avanteen (EUW)
: List your mains
Jungle: {{champion:113}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:75}} Top: {{champion:8}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:75}} Support: {{champion:89}} (sometime {{champion:86}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:60}} for the lulz, but yeah, i should start play more supporter) Mid: {{champion:8}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:45}} ADC: i've serius lag problem, adc is a no-role for me. Thank god none ever leave that role for me. Would probably main draven or kalista with a decent ping...
BigBalls17 (EUNE)
: Still pretty useless against every champion that has got cc or bruisers/tanks. The new meta is promoting bruisers and tanks. Every goddamn game has got at least one garen/skarner/shyvana,jarvan.
They all build mostly armor due to the meta shifted heavely on AD. They would mostly build one MR item, maybe 2 whit the bots, and you negate most of theyr MR whit {{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} . I find hard to believe that they would have more then 54 effective magic resistance.
BigBalls17 (EUNE)
: The point is the passive alone. Not stacking. Every mage can buy items and have that reduction. Fiddle is gonna have 10 magic resist reduction more. Not quite good. Boots and abyssal scepter have got total 35 magic resistance reduction. counting fiddle's passive it gets 45 . WOW.. If he had a different passive it would be 35 magic resistance reduction + a new cool passive. Sounds A LOT better.
> [{quoted}](name=BigBalls17,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V2BuEEmL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-21T13:26:22.707+0000) > > The point is the passive alone. Not stacking. Every mage can buy items and have that reduction. Fiddle is gonna have 10 magic resist reduction more. Not quite good. Boots and abyssal scepter have got total 35 magic resistance reduction. counting fiddle's passive it gets 45 . WOW.. If he had a different passive it would be 35 magic resistance reduction + a new cool passive. Sounds A LOT better. Plus mark and quint that is 60. True damage on adc and assassins.
BigBalls17 (EUNE)
: f(IDLE)sticks
Really? 10 magic reduction is kind of great at any level, just stack it on boots, rune and {{item:3001}} and you should get pure damage or even augmented damage against stuff like the adc and the bruiser...
: > [{quoted}](name=Zirket Was,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WIKfLLHv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-21T09:37:44.129+0000) > > So: > A) what champion you use? > B) in what lane? > C) how much creep score you have usually when you end the game? (how many minion you have last hitted?) it would be much but with the wrong kind of help and the ability to not do anything it's low.
> [{quoted}](name=DevilKIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WIKfLLHv,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-09-21T09:49:26.007+0000) > > it would be much but with the wrong kind of help and the ability to not do anything it's low. ? You means that you don't have much minion creep score?
: enemy always has way more damage.
So: A) what champion you use? B) in what lane? C) how much creep score you have usually when you end the game? (how many minion you have last hitted?)
kslall14 (EUW)
: Aatrox rework concept
The main problem on Aatrox is his insane health price... making them even higer it's just wrong.
: The contest is between Cassiopeia and Yi. Nobody else even comes close to these two. Other heavy dpsers like Tryndamere or Jax are indeed strong, yet they are great at what they do because of their defensive steroids. Jax can build full damage and receive less because of his ult and E dodges. Trynda can build full damage and deal damage because of his W slow and Endless Rage. Yi has the most steroids of all autoattack champions, however his ultimate is not up 24/7. Cassiopeia only uses her ultimate as a burst/stun tool, her main DPS is tied to her spamming E every 0.5 seconds, thus her DPS will be more sustained than of Yi. My vote goes for Cassio.
Beetween the proposed, i agree, but i think that other champion deal way more dps...
: Champion with highest sustained single target damage
6 {{item:3031}} on {{champion:86}} . He shoulod deal ~2000 damage per second.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I kinda feel like Vladimir is a little bit too strong right now.
{{summoner:14}} . And buy magic resistance early, {{item:3155}} if you are a melee or {{item:3165}} for Ap.
Dzsime (EUNE)
: Who is your favoruite devourer jungler?
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: It's harder to counter Attack Speed. Attack Damage, you just build Armour and Health. There are tons of items for that, with varying items to suit each role. Attack Speed? You have Randuin's and Frozen Heart, and that's it. So as an APC / ADC, I'm not really going to buy those unless I'm also the Tank.
You counter atk speed with armor and health, you know... it's that vayne have %health true damage...
Ryukobg (EUW)
: Atrox
Because he lose a 10% of his life just to jump?
xHemH (EUNE)
: I believe that what Aatrox needs are: 1. Put ad scaling ratio on E and R , instead of AP scaling ratio. 2. Make E a bit easier to lane. I believe that, it's pretty easy to dodge if you know how to dodge, and his current E actually throws 2 lines that deal damage, would be better if the whole E made damage, not just the lines, but also the space between the lines. 3. His HP costs are huge.. Q costs like 10% of current hp I think.. which basically , assuming that you get Q at lvl 3 , with an average of 800 hp at that min, if you use Q to engage you lose 80 hp. How is that even worth? 80 hp is too much to lose from just 1 ability, then comes E and his Offensive stance of W. If you agree with my feedback, please upvote :)
I pratically subscrive the 3* point. He actually work better by NOT using his ability.
Tomok2404 (EUW)
: Please note that he build {{item:3071}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3035}} and {{item:3153}}. That means up to 71% reduced Armor (400 x 0.29 -> 116) from BC, LW and masteries. After that, 20 Armor Pen (116 -> 96). So we are down to ~50% DMG-Reduction. Now with his BotrK and his passive he deals (with Armor Calculated) 4% of your currend health with every basic attack, 10% of your max health with the active and one passive aa. Of course, as Tank you think the reduction is too good, but he spent 8000g on the Armor-Pen items (+3200g for BotrK) to deal that kind of damage. Also note, that the more Armor you have, the less effective it becomes. You spent about 9000g only on Armor items and didn't really build much HP (No Sightstone as supp? Why not build Face of the Mountain, with 500 cheap HP and the shield for your carry?) Zed is made to burst down tragets and he was fed. Even as full-Armor Tank-Taric, you can't 1v1 a fed assassin like Zed. Counter him with hard CC, with a full-burst build he is really squishy, don't get caught alone and ward for flanks.
71%? Actually it's 60% (counting mastery) as {{item:3071}} have %armor reduction, but {{item:3035}} have %armor penetration. 400-60%= 160 armor. And there is still the extra damage reduction from one of the talent (2% tough) Then there is the 20 armor penetration from {{item:3142}} (40 with mark and quint) {{summoner:3}} exaust is armor reduction by the way.
: There is no way Vlad is healing to full early game when his Q cooldown 10/8.5 seconds on the first two ranks And he likely don't have any spell vamp that early and his E costs between 30-60 HP per cast at rank 1 and his W costs 20% of current health At rank 1 Q heals 1.5 hp per second (if you have 0% CDR and AP and Q is used as often as possible) At rank 2 Q heals about 3 hp per second
spel vamp quint and cdr gliph?
Malardor (EUNE)
: Armor have dimishing returns in all stage of game (its 100/(x+100) function). And its only because every further 1% of resistance is stonger than one before so without it people with stacked armor/mr could be unkillable. You said that with 100 armor (what will be reduced to 40-60 by items, runes and masteries in all games btw) you need 6k dmg to kill a thing. With 2k HP and 200 armor you have 6k effective health while its easier and cheaper to gain 100 armor than 1k HP.
Yes, but once you reach the 2k armor it's just better to invest on health. Health also protect more from bot magic and physiscal damage. Altough we could say that healing is better with armor.
EmEx (EUW)
: Good point about the items but I disagree with your other points, Taric scales with armor not with health and its more beneficial for my allies, I did have 1450 health from items I think is enough for a champion like Taric.
Yes, but armor have a multiplicative formula on health. So the more health + armor make you more tanky. Also face have the ability to shield and heal the comrade.
: I'm kinda confused about Aatrox's current state.
Terrible damage on ability + health price. He is not Vlad or Mundo that heal a lot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Abysmal Scream,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=efkz6H75,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-18T12:01:08.792+0000) > > Also his top laning isn&#039;t too good unless you know how to play him. Well... Nearly every champ sucks when you dont know how to play him. There are exceptions like Garen... Yeah, I hate this guy at the moment. >.<
Garen is really OP if you know how to really use him... i have destroy my keyboard writing "where the fuck is your Infinity edge?"..
RoyThePro (EUNE)
: as main jungler i HATE WHEN THEY ARE COUNTER JUNGLE ME: {{champion:28}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:107}} . I SH*T MY PANTS WHEN I SEE THAT F*CKING "!" ABOVE MY HEAD!!!!
So, you main {{item:3930}} champ? Try what I do: counter jungle them. Start in theyr raptor camp with {{champion:19}} /{{champion:5}}. (leave one mini) Then take crab, ward blu, wolf, blu.
Azters (EUNE)
: {{item:3035}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3153}} These items is counter.
That stuff on Zed? All three of them?
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Why are there hybrid scalings in irrelevant champions?
Weeeeeel, that is a bad example. {{champion:29}} with a {{item:3115}} +{{item:3091}} +{{item:3085}} is a good APCarry... It does work. Hell, even {{champion:23}} AP work. (as a bruiser/tank) An example is, for example {{champion:59}}, that have the kit synergic with AD but the E that stack AP. For him i don't have reason.
: black cleaver + last whisperer + some armor pen means 400 armor turns into about 120
{{item:3071}} +{{item:3142}} +{{item:3035}} is a rater strange build for zed... Edit: also, 100 armor is a 50% damage reduction. After the 100 armour have diminishing return, and getting to more than 200 is alredy questionable (health is MUCH better lategame for tank). At 100 armour and 3k health you need 6k damage to kill a thing.
EmEx (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=v1rtue,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bGrWEz3A,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-18T21:05:21.073+0000) > > You probably took way too much free damage, like random Q pokes and other damage by standing too far in the frontline. That, or you forgot to build HP as well and popped your W before he went all-in. > With 400 armour, Zed should hardly do any damage to you and even an all-in will only bring you to half. it was a 1v1 and i just tried to slow him down thinking im so tanky he cant do much to me i had 3400hp and over 400 armor ...but i had to run away quickly...
Sooo, you had a 80% physical damage reduction, and 3500 life. Counting {{item:3071}} and {{item:3035}} you had around 66% damage reduction. that is around 8000 AD life. Not counting any other mastery. To be frank that look to me way outside {{champion:238}} possibility. And i'm counting {{item:3071}}. Without you are at 260 (72% reduction) Also i saw 400 armor only on {{champion:54}} .
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: "Oh, no...."
1: {{champion:60}} You know that she put a lot of pressure, nowaday. Most people that play her is really good too, unlike Garen she have a really proficent player base. 2: {{champion:117}} She is incredibly strong and underrated. I have saw her played in anyrole (jungle too) and be still materfull to the game (a friend of my play her). {{item:3710}} nerf actually weakened her jungling ability, but she is still playable in all the other 4 role. And her playerbase, again, is incredibly good. 3: {{champion:19}} Noob prof champ, his kit is godlike under gold elo, maybe even in that elo. None build {{item:3140}} in my elo, and as I can't climb due to my lag problem (i miss all skill shot and can't dodge them) he is a monster. Raped feeded nasus with him at 50 minute in game. Really underrated due to is old kit. I also saw a weak warwick, but only ONCE. And he builded {{item:3725}} . (and it still packed quite the punch, tough) 4: {{champion:8}} Same as the above, really good playerbase (i mained him for a while too). Laning against him is a pain, as much as lategame when he became a bruiser... 5: {{champion:74}} Toxic lane phase. For flavour of the mounth i would say {{champion:72}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:103}} , tough. And i would add the stuff I don't fear at all. 1: {{champion:86}} My main champ since my start. I have to say that 90% of the time i face him I face people that think Q+E+R is how much deep the champion is and get raped by me... 2: {{champion:28}} Even when she counterjungle me at level 1. 3: {{champion:38}} I found good kassadin player, tough. But they always get hammered in lane phase. 4: {{champion:17}} Fall down too hard late game, i suspect that AP build is not efficient anymore after the mushroom buff that was actually a nerf... And i still have to see him build ADC. Also player base composed by noobs and trool. As much as Garen.
: what do you mean by she can't build ie? she really can't or you just shouldn't?
: Knowing is Half The Battle...
Stay behind minion to prevent charm, punish her if she miss it. Focus her hard if her ulti is down. Don't follow her if you aren't a tank. She have only slow moving skill shot that are manually dodgable (it's really easier with riven like dashing champ...). Don't stay near her, ever. if you aren't ranged it's a problem. And again, stay behind that minion!
Sffc (EUW)
: The Noble Poro (the OP) posted regarding trading in Relic Shield for FrostQueen. And that's exactly what I was commenting about, frostqueen isn't as good as it's made to be. Especially not if you're only getting it late game
{{item:3401}} is an orrible item too on veigar. It's 100% something i would not want on him.
: You just contradicted yourself, adc and tanks aren't compatible. One is a squishy dpser the other is a beefy low damage damage sponge. You physically can't get both together. She will be a terrible tank, her base stats are way too low to be a tank (she is extremely squishy), no cc (a single 1 second slow really isn't enough, you need hard cc to make this work) and her % damage only works if you get kills, meaning you need damage to get damage. So just build her like a jungle kalista or jungle vayne.
She take stack even from harvesting enemy jungle (6 stack). 7,5% health damage on AA is a lot, paired with scaling rune she can do that. And it's still not clear if she take stack by assist.
Rioter Comments
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Because 90% of garen players are general noobs (Not just noobs at the garen) Garen players arent as bad as malzahar players though Seriously Malzahar players cant even use 4 abilites fast while they are holding click on 1 place. They just use wr or er AND piss me off so hard that I want to tell them to DELETE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS I swear .. I never saw a great malzahar player And tbh he is overpowerd .. his playerbase is just ridicilusly bad
Agree, his player base is generally horrible, but it took me two month and excel to figure out how to ACTUALLY understand him. And i don't means his QE, nor is old R.
Sffc (EUW)
: Frost Queen is a weak item. Sure it provides a slow, but if you only want to slow people {{item:3116}} is your choice
He asked a starting item for veigar. Beetween {{item:1056}} {{item:1054}} {{item:3301}} {{item:3302}} {{item:1052}} {{item:3303}} the last look the only decent possibility.
: My problem with Spelltheif's is that, while the extra damage on champs is good for getting them out of lane/killing them entirely, it punishes you for picking up the odd minion from your Q. That being said, I'd happily drop a Relic Shield for Frost Queen later on when I don't need the early health it gives.
{{item:3302}} work on non-melee champ? I recall that it work only on them... and it's not synergic with his Q, right? {{item:3301}} coin could work too... but you have 0 supporting spell, so you are sitting on your ass at 80% of the time... {{item:3303}} add something... altough it's still bad and due to your cramped of aoe spell pool, it's passive get disable with every hit...
: Starting items on Veigar Support
LuLippy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TorturedDoll,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FKEgF3Ed,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-09-17T05:51:47.209+0000) > > Dear Person of Bronze, > I carried a game as Shaco AP support once (yes, with gold item and sighstone, and yes it was the first time ever I played shaco in my life). And Missfortune AP vs Graves (with just a Lichbane). And it took me like 5 games to reach silver 5. So please, I beg you people of bronze, stop making threads about people of bronze, ok? So you started bronze 1, got 50LP for two games and won your promos first time. You know nothing of bronze. Or truth.
Except he is a platinum guy and must have started from bronze too in some season...
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Roaming Kindred
It all depend if it get his stack by ally kill, in that case he is a dread. At 4 kill/assist he have the BotRK passive... and ending whit ~ 10 assist is not rare... that would be ~+10%health damage on hit, plus a {{item:3085}} he could be a dread ( yes, i'm counting to miss some kill out of his marking) It all come down on how easy it's to pick up stac on him... if he can put the mark on someone on the other side of the map to have it picked up by an ally, as an example... she may be outright wrong in that way.
Balzano (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Windsteps,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=dhcqHj6h,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-09-15T04:47:36.047+0000) > > ex-shyvana main, I know the feel, I hate Riot for devourer Ex-Garen main here. You could call us LoL-hipsters. Playing the champions before they turned mainstream. {{champion:86}}
I'm too. Now I'm maining {{champion:113}} ... but she is not even near ol'beyblade...
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: "Garen main" Seriously.. I played that once and mastered it-.-
Really? Tell me then of why 90% of the player keep playing him **wrong.**
Eazy AO (EUW)
: good ap junglers
No one is gonna say {{champion:19}} ? Is whole kit deal AP damage. Just go {{item:3930}} ->{{item:3091}} ->{{item:3115}} /{{item:3153}} /{{item:3151}} /{{item:3001}} . Devourer because devourer. Wit end cause 42 damage on hit and up to -25 mr on enemy. Nashor for cooldown. BotRK because he wreak with it. Masc for heal+mp+%health damage. Scepter for mp. With penetration rune you can have even 15 Magic Penetration, +25 of with it's 40 (near true damage on ranged) + scepter it's taking away a {{item:3102}} from the enemy tank. Damage is always high. Also easy to play champ.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Pls, this one specific game argument is pointless.
What i mean with this is that is kit is really hard to use, but is good if played well. Expecially thank to his ultimate. That is another hard to use spell...
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: He's in a weird place, for an assassins his damage is slow and lacking, which is why he's played more as a tank, but even there his cc isnt reliable enough. His kit does have alot, but most of it is unreliable. From what i've seen he didnt look like anything special, it could be that players havent figured him out yet.
And today i've fought an ekko that went 30/9/16... and that 9 death was all thank to my hard stun with a feed yasuo damage...
: Garen was toxic before also.
Because he isn't now? Still, i prefer the old one.
: He was broken before, but nobody played him, so they made him super broken to up his playrate :D See Garen/Morde/Skarner
Garen was played, his pick rate was actually quite good before!The other 2 had below 2% pick rate...
: I WILL TELL YOU THE BUILD HE USED - Rangers Trailblazer (Sated Devourer ofc) Titanic Hydra (Wot? Whyy?) BOTRK (Blade Of The Ruined King) Ninja Tabi Black Cleaver Stareks Gage (The Shield Man...The Shield) And Of Course He Went Jungle...I Feel Bad For You Tho
Titanic hydra does do extra damage on hit, 10+2% max life on target and 80+5% max life on aoe. Ravenous do that too, but only on is aoe that doesn't hit the target. Also that means Black clever give 5 stack (-25% armor) in just one auto attack. Edit: i mean, TH does interact really weel with devourer+BotRK+BC. Being plaing that on all my jungle champ. I tried that even on sejuani, that doesn't interact at all with AD and she was wreaking (but her W does stack with health, so after the match i had the filling i should choose something even more wrong, like fiddlestick to see how OP the new item are. Also downed baron at minute 16 with that build on sejuani, if someone care. Edit2: solo, of curse.
MitiGames (EUW)
: The Coolest Champ in Lol.
Yasuo. In the spaghetti western skin. Only a true man can understand it.
SkyAim (EUW)
: Can we bring singed back into the meta?......
He just got buffed! He now laugh when he trow you.
: SKT T1 Faker Veigar VS Nidalee | Mid | Godlike
Omg nuubz, don't feed nidalee, game ruined. Fakers nuubz lord.
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